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Re: Rebook Any PPV Past or Present

How am I just finding this topic? I love stuff like this!

There's an issue somewhere with the layout, though. My set-up is telling me there's 65 pages, but when I try to go to the last one, I'm on page 56. Weird.

Anyway, I'm going to have a go at re-booking the WCW/ECW Invasion Era. It's tricky but I'm going to try and stick with who was available to work and go from there.

WWE Invasion 2001

Booker T, DDP, Rhyno & The Dudleyz (WCW/ECW) def. Stone Cold, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Kane & Chris Jericho (WWE) (at 29:00)

Bra & Panties- Trish & Lita (WWE) def. Stacy & Torrie (WCW/ECW) (at 5:00)

Hardcore Match- Rob Van Dam (WCW/ECW) def. Jeff Hardy (WWE) (at 12:30)

Tazz (WCW/ECW) def. Scotty 2 Hotty (WWE) (at 3:00)

Kanyon, Hugh Morrus & Raven (WCW/ECW) def. Albert, Billy Gunn & Big Show (WWE) (at 8:00)

Spike Dudley (WWE) def. William Regal (WCW/ECW) (at 5:30)

Billy Kidman (WCW/ECW) def. X-Pac (WWE) (at 7:10)

APA (WWE) def. Palumbo & O'Haire (at 7:00)

Mike Awesome (WCW/ECW) def. Tajiri (WWE) in a Tables Match (at 4:00)

Edge/Christian def. The Impact Players (Lance Storm & Justin Credible) (WCW/ECW)

Changes: Not a ton to this one. Invasion was honestly a pretty great PPV to kick things off. Just got rid of the awful referees match, and decided to present Mike Awesome as more of his ECW Champion presentation, destroying Tajiri. Also moved Regal to the Alliance sooner because he had no business staying on the WWF side for a minute. Also making Tazz more of a factor by killing Scotty. The rest basically stays as is.

WWF Summerslam 2001

Kurt Angle (WWF) def. Stone Cold (Alliance) to win the WWF Championship (22:30)

Booker T (w/ Shane) (Alliance) def. The Rock to retain the WCW Championship (15:19)

Kane & Taker (WWF) def. The Dudleyz (Alliance) in a Tag Team Street Fight to win the WCW & WWF Tag Team Championship (10:15)

Rob Van Dam (Alliance) def. Jeff Hardy (WWF) in a Ladder Match to retain the Hardcore Championship (16:33)

Chris Jericho (WWF) def. Tazz (Alliance) (w/ Stephanie McMahon) (12:34)

X-Pac (WWF) def. Tajiri (WWF) for the WWF Light Heavyweight and WCW Cruiserweight Championships (7:33)

DDP, Kanyon & Rhyno (Alliance) def. APA & Spike Dudley (WWF) (7:19)

Edge (WWF) def. Lance Storm (Alliance) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship (11:16)

Changes: Booker beats Rock to look like a threat instead of the jabroni that gets breezed through, Angle gets the heroic victory in the main event. Tazz gets a featured singles spot with Jericho, DDP avoids getting squashed by Taker and instead wins earlier in the card to set him up for a big singles match at an upcoming PPV. RVD/Jeff and Edge/Storm stay intact. The goal of this is to make the Alliance look stronger.

WWF Unforgiven 2001

Stone Cold (Alliance) def. Kurt Angle (WWF) to win the WWF Championship (23:12)

The Rock (WWF) def. Shane McMahon & Booker T (Alliance) to win the WCW Championship (15:23)

DDP (Alliance) def. Undertaker (WWF) in a Street Fight (12:22)

Tazz (Alliance) def. Tajiri w/ Torrie Wilson (WWF) (5:34)

Chris Jericho (WWF) def. Rob Van Dam (Alliance) to win the Hardcore Championship (16:33)

Christian (WWF) def. Edge (WWF) to win the Intercontinental Championship

Rhyno (Alliance) def. Spike Dudley (WWF) (5:07)

Hardyz (WWF) def. Dudleyz (Alliance), Impact Players (Alliance) and Big Show & Billy Gunn (WWF) in a Four Corners Elimination Match for the WWF Tag Team Championship (14:21)

Changes: WWF start making dents in the strong Alliance faction. Rock claims the WCW Championship, but does so by pinning Shane. Jericho hands RVD his first loss, and the Hardyz bring back tag team gold to the WWF. However, the man that defected to the Alliance, Stone Cold, has taken the WWF Championship thanks to assistance from former WWF Commissioner William Regal and Tazz. DDP and Tazz are key players in the Invasion angle.

WWF No Mercy 2001

Stone Cold (Alliance) def. Kurt Angle (WWF) and Rob Van Dam (Alliance) to retain the WWF Championship (15:15)

Chris Jericho (WWF) def. The Rock (WWF) to win the WCW Championship (23:44)

Undertaker (WWF) def. Booker T (Alliance) (13:12)

The Dudleyz (Alliance) def. Hardyz (WWF) and The Impact Players (Alliance) in a Tag Team Triple Threat match to win the WWF and WCW Tag Team Championship (14:56)

Christian (Alliance) def. Edge (WWF) in a Ladder Match to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship (22:16)

DDP (Alliance) def. Big Show (WWF) following interference by Test, who defects to the Alliance (8:22)

Torrie Wilson (WWF) def. Stacy Keibler (Alliance) in a Lingerie Match (3:08)

Tazz (Alliance) def. Spike Dudley (WWF), Tommy Dreamer (Alliance), Raven (Alliance), Scotty 2 Hotty (WWF), Albert (WWF), Billy Gunn (WWF), Bradshaw (WWF), Faarooq (WWF), Kanyon (Alliance), Mike Awesome (Alliance), Chuck Palumbo (Alliance), Stevie Richards (Alliance) in a Hardcore Battle Royal to win the WWF Hardcore Championship (7:42)

Hurricane (Alliance) def. Billy Kidman (Alliance), X-Pac (WWF) and Tajiri (WWF) in a Fatal 4 Way to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship (10:09)

Changes: Top of the card stays similar. DDP gets an important but tainted victory over the Big Show. The opening of the card is hot action with cruiserweights, then the Hardcore Battle Royal where Tazz gets to fuck up everyone. And speaking of hot action, the Lingerie match stays intact.

WWF Survivor Series 2001

Team WWF (The Rock, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Kane & Undertaker) def. Team Alliance (Stone Cold, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Tazz & DDP) (44:57)

Trish Stratus (WWF) def. Ivory (Alliance), Jazz (Alliance), Jacqueline (WWF), Lita (WWF) and Mighty Molly (Alliance) in a Six-Pack Challenge for the WWF Women's Championship (8:45)

Test (Alliance) wins the Immunity Battle Royal (5:50)

Dudleyz w/ Stacy Keibler (Alliance) def. Hardyz (WWF) in a Steel Cage Match to unify the WWF & WCW Tag Team Championships (12:44)

Edge (WWF) def. Christian (Alliance) in a Street Fight to unify the IC and US Championships (11:19)

William Regal (Alliance) def. Tajiri (WWF) w/ Torrie Wilson (3:10)

Rhyno def. Al Snow to win the Hardcore Championship (6:30)

Changes: Much of it the same, with the significant change being the main event. The Alliance guys are actual WCW/ECW guys with the exception of Stone Cold. The women also get a bit extra time to re-introduce their division.

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Rebook the road to wrestlemania 32 part 1
Royal rumble 2016
Pre show
Winners qualify to royal rumble match
Dudley boyz vs vs Kane and big show vs asencions vs Los matadores
A good match to have on the pre show where winner qualifies to the royal rumble match I have big show and Kane win to qualify to the match
Falls count anywhere I. C title
Dean Ambrose (c) vs kevin Owens
Keep the same but Owens wins I. C title
U. S title
Alberto del Rio (c) vs Neville
After del Rio defeats swagger At tlc John Cena returns and was set to be del Rio s challenger at royal rumble but after cena is injured a #1 contender battle royal is set where Neville wins and gets a shot at the u. s title at royal rumble we have a great match between del Rio tactics and Neville high flying skills where del Rio retains after Barret and rusev screw Neville
Tag team match for tag titles
Lucha dragons vs new day(c)
I would have lucha dragons instead of the usos in this match it would be a good match where new day retain there title
Fatal 4 way match for wwe title
Roman reigns vs Brock lesnar vs Dolph ziggler vs shemuas (c)
After being screwed at TLC reigns demands a rematch against shemuas but Stephanie anounces to get title shot reigns would be in a tag match alongside ziggler against shemuas and barret where ziggler pins shmeuas to win the match as it would be anlunced that as reigns and ziggler team won reigns would face shemuas and ziggler for a triple threat match for wwe title at royal rumble but suddenly Brock lesnar returns and f5s all of them and claims he wants a wwe title shot he was screwed off at battleground 2015 as the next Monday night raw it is announced that Brock lesnar would be added to the match making it a fatal 4 way match we have a strong fatal 4 way match where all competitors right to get the title where shemhas retains after pining ziggler as
30 man royal rumble match
Bray Wyatt wins to get a wwe title shot at wrestlemania
Surprise returns
Sami Zayn
Aj styles
Chris Jericho
Triple h
X PAC (one night appereance )
Some notes from the match
Reigns enter the royal rumble match as he and triple h elimante each other
Lesnar also enters rumble match and is elimnated By Wyatt family
Zayn elimantes Owens
Bray Wyatt elimnates Ambrose to win rumble match
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How to rebook wrestlemania 27 without changing much of it
Pre show
U. S title
Daniel Bryan vs shemuas
This match was about to be in the pre show but after interference from superstars including Santino and Kofi Kingston it is anounced that this match will take place at the opener as it will be a fatal 4 way match

Fatal 4 way match for u.s title
Shemuas vs Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan vs santino
The show starts in a fast paced match where all 4 have a good match in the
Winner Kofi Kingston wins and is crowned as a new u. s champ.

Singles match
Rey mysterio vs Cody Rhodes
Keep the same
Winner Cody Rhodes

Tag team match for tag titles
Kane and big show vs the core
A better match than the 8 man tag that happened originally at mania 27 at least tag titles are on the line
Winners big show and Kane are new tag champs

I. C title match
Ziggler vs Morrison
Instead of the 6 man tag team match I will have Morrison challenge ziggler for the I. C title and both would have a good match-up
Winner Dolph ziggler retains and still u. S champ
I scrapped the Lawler vs Cole match as instead I replaced with the u. S title match in the opener

Now the 4 main events.
Singles match
Randy Orton vs cm punk
Keep the same
Winner Orton.

No holds barred streak match
Undertaker vs triple h
Keep the same
Winner undertaker streak continues

World heavyweight championship match
Edge (c) w/Christian vs Alberto del Rio w/brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez
I will this match before the main event instead of it being in the opener it would Be an amazing match where edge would retain and then would anounce his retirement in an emotional moment alongside his long-time friend Christian
Winner: edge

Main event
The miz cash in match
Stone cold Steve Austin as special guest refree
Wwe Championship
The miz vs John Cena (c)
Actually the miz looks strong in this match and we have a strong match in the
the miz declares this match as his cash in
Winner : the miz after Riley distracts Cena
Post match stone cold Steve Austin deleveirs stunners to both Cena and the miz and everyone goes home happy
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Rebook no way out 2012:
6 man tag team match
Ziggler swagger Alberto del rio vs kofi Kingston r truth sin cara
After losing the match at over the limit ziggler and swagger continue their rivalry against kofi kingston and r truth as want anothier shot at the title they keep attacking some superstars in order to force kofi and truth to defend thier titles at no way out as they injure truth and kofi ally Rey mysterio also distracting kof in his match against del rio in which Ziegler swagger del rio attack Kofi and r truth sin cara comes to make the save and the match is announced
Winners del rio ziggler swagger

U.s title
Santino vs otunga
As an asistant of John laurinties otunga earns himself a match against santino as we have solid match with a comedy feud where santino retains
Winner santino

Divas match
Layla vs Beth Phoeniex
Keep the same
Winner Layla

Fatal 4 way match # 1 contedership for tag titles
Ptp vs Tyson Kidd gabriel vs Usos vs primo and
Keep the same
Winners ptp

Singles match
Ryback vs local competitor.
Winner Ryback.

I. C title match
Christian Vs Cody Rhodes
Keep the same
Winner Christian.

World heavyweight title
Jericho vs shemauas
After over the limit Jericho demands a rematch this match would be the match of the night and steal the show Shemaus wins as del rio attacks him post match
Winner shemuas

Steel cage match
Big show vs John cena.
Keep the same
Winner cena
Instead this match is before the main event unlike the original

Main event
Triple threat match for wwe title
Cm punk vs Daniel Bryan Vs Kane
Winner cm punk
Keep the same instead this match main events the Ppv
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Rebook Nxt takeover Dallas 2016
The revival vs American Alpha
Keep the same
Winners American Alpha

Singles match
Nakamura vs Baron Corbin
As william regal comes out and announces nxt's new signing shinsuke nakamura Baron Corbin comes out and assualts nakamura by declaring that nobody culd steal the spotlight from him in nxt we have a really good match where nakamura gets his reveng by wininng in his debut match.
Winner nakamura

6 man tag team match
Enzo amore and Cass and
Crews vs Elias and vaudvelliens.
As Elias and Crews where feuding at the time why not add Enzo Cass and the vaudvellins into the match as they can continue thier feud in the main roster post wrestlemania
Winners Elias and vaudvellins
As crews Enzo Cass and vaudvellins head to the main roster

Singles match for nxt womens title
Bayley vs asuka
Keep the same
Winner asuka

Submission match
Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries
Samoa Joe was close to pin Baron Corbin and earn title shot but suddenly Austin Aries music hits as he debuts by costing Samoa Joe his title shot and attacking him Aries goes on to win a series of matches to look strong as they would renew their rivalry that they had at tna as it will be a submission match in watch they would have a hard hitting submission match in which Samoa Joe wins and then moves on to get his rematch against fin balor at nxt the end
Winner Samoa Joe

Main event
For nxt title
Past vs present
Fin balor vs sami Zayn
Since sami Zayn has been injured fin balor has proven himself as a great champ defeating Kevin Owens appolo Crews and Samoa Joe as he had come close to neville's record of nxt titles sami Zayn has returned from injury and debuted in the main roster also he won a #1 contendership match against Corbin and Joe to get a title shot at nxt take-over Dallas where would go to face the demon fin balor in match similar to Neville vs sami Zayn match at take-over but instead this is the time for sami Zayn to pass the torch to fin balor as they would have a nearly 5 star match and steal the show In a phenomenal main event where fin balor emerge victorious as post match both men shake hands and have a hug as sami Zayn would have his farewell from the nxt crowd as he would go and continue his journey in the main roster.
Winner demon Finn balor
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Rebook Roman reigns U. S title Run how to make it better :
At summerslam 2016 would have an actual match against rusev which would go to 16 minutes as rusev reatans his title by DQ after hitting reigns with steel chair

At night of champions 2016 : reigns would have a rematch against rusev where rusev would win by cheating after Lana distracts reigns

Next night on raw reigns would declare another rematch as it would be inside hell in a cell to make sure Lana doesn't get on rusev behalf

Hell in a cell 2016: after a brutal match reigns would finally win the u. s title after pining rusev as both men had a great and extreme match inside the cell

Roadblock end of the line 2016: after tensions rose between reigns and Jericho reigns defends the u. s title against Chris Jericho where after a good match reigns retains the u.s title and gets revenge on Jericho.

Royal rumble 2017 : reigns enters the rumble match but is eliminated by strowman as strowman puts his sights on u. s title

Fastlane 2017 a match is set between reigns and strowman for the u. s title where Roman reigns where we have a great match between them in the main event as reigns gets the win but post match samoa Joe attacks reigns putting him on coquilina clutch

Wrestlemania 33 : Roman reigns defends his u. s title against Samoa Joe as both samoans delevier a great back and forth match where reigns gets the win. After Rollins distracts Samoa Joe

Raw after mania reigns would be forced to defend his u. s title on raw in a fatal 4 way match featuring sami Zayn rusev and jericho where reigns losses his title to sami Zayn after strowman attacks reigns allowing sami Zayn to pin rusev and get the u. s. Title. In which Zayn and u. s title would transfer to smackdown as reigns would continue his feud with strowman.
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Rebook triple h new evolution stable :back in 2017 when Samoa Joe debuted and attacked Rollins he then reformed an alliance along with triple h and owens as everyone predicted that it's a dominant stable similar to evolution as triple h is acting as Ric flair in 2004 where he was a part timer and a leading manager as owens is acting as triple h in 2004 where he was the leading guy and a world champion as Samoa Joe was acting as Batista the monsterous guy and the powerhouse of the stable as what's missing was to have any superstars play the role that Randy Orton had in 2004 which was the young and most talented guy in the stable so who from the raw roster in 2017 could have played that role here are some candidates :
Neville : somehow similar to Orton as back in 2004 Orton was the intercontinental champ as neville is the cruiserweight champ and he could perfectly adapt the role that Orton played in evolution.
Sami Zayn : as It looks somehow immpossible as sami was a a babyface in early 2017 but it could have really worked as sami Zayn could perfectly adapted the role Randy Orton played in 2004 as we would be the young and talented guy in the stable
Fin balor : this one looks perfect as fin balor was ready to return from injury so why not make him return by attacking seth Rollins and joining owens Joe and hhh.
As after having some candidates I choose fin balor as forth member of the stable as he would return to get reveng on Rollins aligning himself with the stable but after the draft where Owens is transferred to smackdown I will have balor and Joe being top credible heels in the roster feuding with the. Likes of Rollins, Ambrose, reigns, lesnar, Kurt angle, Jason Jordan and the Hardy boyz as this would lead to a feud between triple h and Kurt angle as surprisingly Kevin owens replacment would be revealed as Bobby roode who really has the momentum to act as triple h in evolution which this would lead to neville joining the stable which would lead to a 5 on 5 elimnation match at survivor series 2017 as team evolution 2.0( triple h neville booby roode Samoa Joe and fin balor) vs team Kurt angle ( Rollins Ambrose reigns Jason Jordan and Kurt angle) as this stable would dominate raw in 2017 as at TLC 2017 I will have a moment similar to a moment at armagedon 2003 where evolution held all titles in the raw roster I will have a similar moment at TLC 2017 where Bobby roode is intercontinental Champion Joe and balor are tag champs neville as a cruiserweight champ all standing tall
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Rebook Kurt angle second run in wwe (2017-2019) how to make it better part 1 : the night after mania 33 triple h strowman samoa Joe owens all seperate Rollins and jericho and Roman reigns they get to attack him until Kurt angle music surprisingly hits and he is announced as the new general manager of raw as he suspemds both triple h and Stephanie have him make some important decisions such as making titles being defended on weekly episodes giving young superstars opportunities to prove themselves post summerslam Stephanie McMahon returns and challenges Kurt Angel to a match where Stephanie chooses a superstar to represent her (Samoa Joe) as Kurt Angel chosees Jason Jordan forget about illegal son crap but this is all about that Kurt angle is impressed by Jordan as Jordan reminds him of himself back In 2002 when he was young as samoa Joe wins by submitting Jordan triple returns and pedigrees Kurt angle marking the return of the authority Kurt angle makes his first return to in ring action since 2006 at suvrivor series 2017 where he forms a team to face to a face a team captained by tripe h as team triple h win after cheating their feud continues after triple h manipulates Jordan to betray angle which lead to a match between jordna and angle where angle wins the match as post match triple h attacks angle which sets a match between them at mania 34 as winner would get full control of Monday night raw (just exclude Ronda Rousey and stpehanei of the match and make it personal) at mania 34 angle face triple h in a 1 on 1 match where he gets his victory and revenge on triple h as angle gets full control on Monday night raw as they have a phenomenal match at mania 34
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Rebooking Kurt angle wwe run (2017-2019) part 2
After angle gets control of Monday night raw he gets into a new feud with Corbin who the McMahon family has appointed him the Constable of Monday night raw in order to survive angle puts Corbin in a match against Chad Gable in which if Corbin losess he would resign from controlling Monday night Raw Corbin wins after interference by Elias and mcyntire as it's corbins time to choose Kurt angle's oponent as if Kurt angle losess he would lose his job as when it's time for Corbin to choose the oponent of Kurt angle he anounces a huge surprise by anouncing that angle would face brock lesnar for the universal title at summerslam 2018 and if angle lost he would lose his job and leave Monday night Raw this returns us to 2003 days where both men feuded back at smackdown for the wwe title as it's somehow kind of nostalgic match as at summerslam 2018 angle was about to win by submitting lesnar until Corbin interferes and distracts angle as Brock lesnar hits f5 pins angle and wins the match which means that Kurt angle would be forced to leave Monday night raw
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Rebook Kurt angle wwe run (2017-2019) part 3
he loses his job Corbin would take full control of raw until 2 weeks before survivor series where Corbin was having a match against Rollins for I. C title until A masked man gets down and attacks Corbin to reveal himself as Kurt angle who returns to get revenge after a 3 months absence it is announced that Kurt angle would have a match against Baron Corbin at survivor series 2018 where Kurt angle wins the match but gets attacked by Corbin allies mcyntire and Elias then he would get some partners to face mcyntire Corbin and Elias until post fastlane 2019 where would anounce that he would be having a retirement match at mania 35 after that anouncment a tournament would be held to choose who would have the honour to face Kurt angle at wrestlemania 35 drew mcynitre wins the tournament last defeating Rey mysterio to get a match against Kurt angle where he promises to make mcyntire tap for the angle lock as we go to wrestlemania 35 we have a really strong 15 minute match where mcyntire win be defeating Kurt angle after making him tapout in his retirement match as Kurt angle says good-bye to The wwe universe after delivering a strong match-up
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