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Best Money In The Bank matches to watch?

What are the best Money In The Bank matches to watch?

You can include either the MITB PPV matches and MITB matches at Wrestlemania.

No need to mention Cena VS Punk at MITB 2011.
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Re: Best Money In The Bank matches to watch?

I haven't watched them back for ages, but the first ones really set the bar high. I remember Wrestlemania 21, 22 and 23 all had good matches. Perhaps my personal favorite though is the "All-Star" match in 2013.

Full match if you want it
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Re: Best Money In The Bank matches to watch?

As far as the original Mania matches go, I would still say the 1st was the best.

Only 6 guys so the match wasn't too bloated. Kane was the monster everyone had to take out. Shelton had some awesome spots. Benoit was the guy trying to survive through the match. And Edge was, well, the ultimate opportunist at the end.

2011 holds a special place in my heart with Bryan winning, and the match was fun too.

2013 had 2 of my favorite MITB matches. The 1st young was full of young heels like Ambrose, Cody, Cesaro, Sandow, etc. And they had a super fun and at times innovative ladder match. And the other one had guys like Punk, Bryan, RVD, etc. and was really fun too.

2014 may be all time favorite for MITB matches. You had Rolllins, Ambrose, RVD, Kofi, Ziggler, and Swagger all in one match. So many great spots and the rivalry between Rollins and Ambrose was a great back drop.

I don't remember much from 2015 in terms of the MITB match, but both Owens vs. Cena and Rollins vs. Ambrose were both great matches.

2016 had a great Triple main event. AJ vs. Cena for the first time ever. A great ladder match between Ambrose, Jericho, Owens, Zayn, Del Rio, and Cesaro. And the main event with Rollins vs. Reigns and the aftermath made for an amazing night.

2017 had a great ladder match including guys like Styles, Nakamura, Owens, Zayn, Ziggler, and Corbin.

And from 2018, AJ and Nakamura had a fun Last Man Standing match.
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Re: Best Money In The Bank matches to watch?

The first 1 from 2005.
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(Meme courtesy of a google image search)
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Yeah WM21 for me easily I loved Edge winning the match and becoming the first ever Mr Money in the Bank, His cash in is GOAT too only Seth Rollins can compare if not surpass that.
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Re: Best Money In The Bank matches to watch?

Honestly, most of them blur together for me. In checking the Wikipedia list, I couldn't even remember half the matches even though I've seen them all. The ones at WrestleMania 21 and 23 stand out- beyond that, none really made that much of an impression on me.

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Re: Best Money In The Bank matches to watch?

The first one, and it should've been the first and ONLY one. It's been 14 years for fuck's sake.
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Re: Best Money In The Bank matches to watch?

The one in WM 23 is great, not only the star power but the how they melted many storylines in the match, is kinda forgotten because Mr Kennedy never cashed the briefcase but the build up for this one was the best one.

Since 2010 and onward the match has lost its appeal, not every year they can come up with an interesting spot or winner to make the match memorable.

I dare anyone here to mention a memorable spot/moment from a MITB that took place after 2010/2011.

Did anyone remember how Braun Strowman won the match? or Corbin? or Sheamus?

Is sad but James Ellsworth "winning" the first ever women MITB match is the only memorable (and shameful) thing that this gimmick match has had in years.

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Re: Best Money In The Bank matches to watch?

I was a big fan of the MITB matches that took place from 2011-2013. After that, I either lost track or just wasn't interested in it.
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Re: Best Money In The Bank matches to watch?

First one was great, probably the greatest.

I actually enjoyed the one in 2016 though.
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