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re: Why a Hell in a Cell PPV is a terrible idea

I agree, it's an excellent match type but a terrible PPV idea.

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re: Why a Hell in a Cell PPV is a terrible idea

Themed pay-per-views suck. It all started in 2009, the WOAT year.

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re: Why a Hell in a Cell PPV is a terrible idea

The only themed PPVs that make sense are Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber, as they determine the WrestleMania world title challengers, and Money in the Bank which could be placed anywhere on the calendar and still make sense.

All others are just shoehorning storylines into match gimmicks, which is the wrestling booking equivalent of forcing yourself to use mustard in your breakfast recipe.
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re: Why a Hell in a Cell PPV is a terrible idea

call me crazy, but if they ARE going to call a PPV Hell in a Cell, and canceling it is not an option, then go the other way and have every single match be inside the Hell in a Cell.

So stupid to name a PPV and then have 1 match follow the format

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re: Why a Hell in a Cell PPV is a terrible idea

Originally Posted by Adam Cool View Post
In hindsight those spots should have never happened , it led to high expectations not just for the HIAC matches, many bodies were destroyed trying to one up that match

The first spot didn't actually hurt him that badly. Foley is a trained stuntman and knows how to hold his body when taking falls from high places.

It was the second once, which wasn't actually a planned spot, that hurt him. The cell wasn't supposed to give way, and Foley wasn't expecting to fall, so he didn't hold his body right and took the full impact of the fall. The impact caused him to bite a hole in his lip, and knocked out a tooth, which ended up landing in his nose.

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re: Why a Hell in a Cell PPV is a terrible idea

Yes, the match was watered down ever since the first PPV when they had 3 HiaC matches. And as a reminder of how pointless they are now, CM Punk has faced Ryback twice in one.
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Couldn't agree more I feel like they destroyed the legacy of the true meaning of Hell in a Cell, it was designed to end a bitter and intense rivalry also with one coming this year the only matches I see happening in there are Miz/Shane, Charlotte/Becky, or Rollins/McIntyre but out of all of them I definitely see Miz/Shane or Rollins/McIntyre to enter in there.
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Re: Why a Hell in a Cell PPV is a terrible idea

Hell in a Cell is the type of thing that should be used when the feud calls for it, and I would even argue that if WWE is going to be PG, then they should never do HIAC. I'm sorry, but that type of match needs color to really sell it, and without it, it just feels muted and like the guys are holding back (unless you're a lunatic like Shane who dives off the cell).


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