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Re: Menís Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
Every MITB match needs bland spot monkeys. Kofi used to fill that role, but now he's WWE Champion while ratings are at a record low.

Nah, I was big Ziggler and Christian fan. Cody Rhodes was doing good work at the time too. Sandow was a good character. Santino and Tensai while crap, at least had characters. This match is full of bland nobodies and that's on WWE for not giving anyone a defined character anymore. They just expect you to care about a guy who does flips just because he's athletic. The likes of Andrade are talented in the ring, but WWE gives no reason to care about them from a character point of view and all the 50/50 booking in WWE today gets them nowhere. I started watching wrestling and grew to love it because of the characters and storylines, but in present WWE there are so few characters and the booking is trash. 80% of the roster now is bland workrate guys with no personality. I'm not invested in anyone in this match and that is shocking because there is usually one guy every year who I want to win it.
While I agree with you that character development has gotten worse, this years lineup in terms of talent is far far superior and i'm therefore far more excited for it that I was for that one we mentioned.
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After what went down on Raw I maybe see Strowman coming back to screw Corbin, McIntyre or Zayn probably all three so then it leads to Ricochet, Ali, Orton, Andrade, & Balor to battle it out so I'm taking Orton off cause he's already had the briefcase, Ali & Ricochet are there for the big spots so they'll be the highlight of the Men's MITB Ladder match so it comes down to Balor & Andrade. I think both will take each other out then out of nowhere McIntyre secures the MITB briefcase.
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Re: Menís Money in the Bank Ladder Match

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Re: Menís Money in the Bank Ladder Match

It's an odd position for me to be in to be about to watch a Money in the Bank ladder match where I'd be 100% okay with 7 out of 8 of the competitors winning. Thank god for Zayn replacing Strowman or it'd only be 6 out of 8. But, in order of preference of who I'd want to win:

1. Ali
2. Sami Zayn
3. Baron Corbin
4. Drew McIntyre
5. Finn Balor
6. Andrade
7. Ricochet
8. Randy Orton
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Re: Menís Money in the Bank Ladder Match

If they took Corbin and McIntyre out, it would seem like a far better match on paper IMO. I know I’m in the minority of not being on the Drew McIntyre bandwagon.
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Re: Menís Money in the Bank Ladder Match

My order of most likely to least likely:

1. McIntyre
2. Andrade
3. Sami
4. Corbin
5. Ali
6. Ricochet
7. Orton
8. Balor

I know there's the likelihood Braun could interfere and cost Drew, Corbin, and Sami the match. But Drew's been my pick since the beginning and I'm not goign away from that. Andrade's a clear #2 though and apparently there a lot of good things being said about him.

Sami basically being Vince's mouthpiece could lead to a MITB win for him. You can't discount Corbin either, as much as you might want to. And Ali feels like a darkhorse that could pull out the big upset.

Ricochet, Orton, and Balor you can put at any order at the end as none of them have a chance (you would think at least).

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Re: Menís Money in the Bank Ladder Match

My order of who I'd like to see win the MITB match:

1. Sami Zayn
2. Ali
3. Andrade
4. Finn Balor
5. Ricochet
6. Randy Orton
7. Drew McIntyre
8. Baron Corbin

I'd love to see any of the top 5 win the match

I wouldn't mind seeing Orton win again, but he doesn't need the MITB contract for a 2nd time.

I wouldn't dislike McIntyre winning the match, but I'd rather see the 6 other guys win it over him.

Corbin is really the only one that I have no interest in seeing win. He doesn't need a 2nd win anyway.

Order of who's realistically going to win the MITB match:

1. Drew McIntyre
2. Andrade
3. Sami Zayn
4. Baron Corbin
5. Ali
6. Randy Orton
7. Finn Balor
8. Ricochet

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Re: Menís Money in the Bank Ladder Match

I really wanted Andrade to win before Zayn entered, and while I would not be displeased at Andrade winning (or any of them to be honest), I just think it is all set up for Zayn to have the case on the back of his current run. It always suits a heel for me and it just falls into Zayn’s lap with what he is currently doing, and plays off the Strowman stuff too. They love to bury the person with the briefcase and Zayn is strong enough to get over that, I’m not sure Ali, Ricochet and to a lesser extent Andrade (as he has Vega) are. I dismiss McIntyre purely because he is getting a title push regardless of whether he wins this or not, and Corbin has his own role that doesn’t need it. Balor has the IC already and Orton doesn’t need it to justify a title push either.
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Re: Menís Money in the Bank Ladder Match

I wonder if Baron Corbin will win this attire at MITB

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Re: Menís Money in the Bank Ladder Match

I might be in for one hell of a shock and be bold to say that Sami Zayn will win this year's MITB Ladder match because I can see Braun Strowman screw both Baron Corbin and Drew out of the victory. He already got his hands on Sami Zayn and Sami has been hotter than all of the people in the match for the past month and a half. Going with Sami this year.
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