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AJ Styles 12 25.53%
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Re: Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles (Universal Championship)

Rollins will go over.
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This will definitely be a MOTN or MOTY caliber so it doesn't matter who wins cause we all win by seeing this match but I'll choose Rollins cause with Anderson and Gallows back on Raw I see AJ Styles turning back to his The Champ that runs the Camp heel ways, with the rumors of Brock Lesnar coming back I won't be surprised if he destroys both of them causing a no contest.
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Re: Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles (Universal Championship)

I'm going with Rollins. I kind of doubt that they had him beat Brock at Mania just to lose it to AJ so quickly. Plus I kind of feel like Drew or, ugh, Corbin, are future opponents for him as well.
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Originally Posted by patpat View Post
There would need to be some next level of fuckery and bad booking to fail this one
Like how can you even fail it? Against nakamura ? Ok the hype was based on their new Japan time but we all know since then naka stopped caring much and want to work healthy.
Against Joe? The fight was good but Joe was never this guy that would deliver classic of wrestling so you can understand why it didn't blew the roof since Joe is more "character" based. But HERE it's can you fail that? Both guys are proven to be able to carry guys less impressive than them in the ring. Seth had a match of the year candidate with fucking miz at backlash. AJ is like
Fucking AJ styles. Both know each others and wrestle the same style.
For this to fail wwe would have to absolutely do their best and hire the worst match agent!
But if they get some guy like Tyson kid? Then it is a match of the decade candidate , because kid is the best match agent they have and they better give him this one.
Except AJ did have a couple of really good matches from the Joe & Nak feuds. The MITB match against Nakamura was great. And he had two good matches vs. Joe. The Summerslam match was solid and their no DQ match at Crown Jewel? was really good.

I’ll agree that them stretching both of those feuds out with terrible finishes and fuckery hurt the overall perception, however.
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Re: Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles (Universal Championship)

Saw this online

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Originally Posted by Dolorian View Post
Styles going heel and winning the title like he did against Ambrose (via low blow) could provide some interesting storytelling given that is exactly how Rollins beat Lesnar.
The fact AJ also did it to Ambrose back in 2016 would make it that much better imo.
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Re: Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles (Universal Championship)

I really hope these guys have an awesome match. I've been waiting for this to happen ever since AJ debuted in 2016 but they have been on separate brands ever since until recently.
If Rollins retains, then I don't mind a screwy finish if it keeps both men protected (perhaps Brock Lesnar interrupts?)

I wouldn't mind AJ winning either.
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Re: Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles (Universal Championship)

Rollins wins then they do a rematch at the Saudi PPV or have a triple threat with Brock where Rollins wins again then he feuds with Corbin i assume.
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Re: Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles (Universal Championship)

WWE really needs to build faith in its babyfaces. For that reason and that reason alone, I think it's probably smarter to put over Rollins. At least give him a shot as champion. I don't think it's going to work, but it definitely hasn't worked if you cut his balls out from under him at this point. Something like that can fuel Styles into getting mad and turning heel to win the belt at a later date. That being said, while I think Styles is a far better heel than Seth is, I think Seth is a far worse babyface than AJ is too. Rollins turning heel to keep the belt, possibly forming his own stable, would make sense.

Ugh, WWE booking is so fucked.

Ideally, they'd unify the rosters soon enough, and Rollins retains with help from Roman Reigns that he says he doesn't want. Roman wins the WWE Title from Kofi in June or July and SummerSlam is them to unify the belts, with Roman officially turning heel. Scrap that, have AJ win the Universal Title from Rollins when he gets a clear shot (maybe a title change on Raw when Roman isn't there) and then AJ vs. Roman is the SummerSlam main event. Roman turns heel and Seth either joins him or teasing trying to win the Rumble to face him at Mania.

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Re: Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles (Universal Championship)

The only way that I see AJ potentially maybe winning this is if he goes full-on heel and cheats to win in some way.

Admittedly AJ winning his first UT the same way he won his first WWE title (via a ball-shot), and how Seth took down Brock as well, would be kind of poetic in a way.
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