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Meltzer's WM Star Ratings

Per this week's WON:

Seth Rollins pinned Brock Lesnar to win the Universal title in 2:29. This was your all big moves clearly set up in advance short Lesnar match. Both brawled outside the ring before the match stared. Lesnar gave Rollins an F-5 on the floor and threw him head first into the ring frame and then the barricades. Lesnar also threw him over the German announce table onto announcer Carsten Schaefer who didn’t move fast enough. Lesnar then put Rollins through a table. After the bell rang to officially start the match, Lesnar used three German suplexes. Rollins’ back was all bruised up from the German table. Lesnar went for the F-5 but Rollins escaped and knocked Lesnar into the ref. Rollins gave Lesnar a low blow, a superkick and three curb stomps for the pin. This tore the house down with the title win and explosive match. ***½

A.J. Styles pinned Randy Orton in 16:11. This was a slow, deliberate match. It was technically good but never, perhaps due to the injury, hit the excitement level of a usual Styles match. Styles leaped over the top rope with a forearm to the floor which is believed to be the spot he was hurt. There was a teased phenomenal forearm and Orton teasing an RKO counter, and Orton fell to the floor and Styles hit a 450 for a near fall. A lot of fan reactions had nothing to do with the match, which hurt, as there was glaring lights in the eyes of many in the crowd. Orton hit the RKO, but Styles kicked out. Orton teased an RKO off the top rope, but Styles escaped and hit the Pele kick. Styles did a springboard forearm to the floor and won clean with the phenomenal forearm. ***1/4

Jimmy & Jey Uso retained the Smackdown tag titles in a four-way over Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura, Aleister Black & Ricochet and Sheamus & Cesaro in 10:06. Black & Ricochet became the first team in history to challenge for the NXT, Raw and Smackdown tag titles in a six-day period, and lost all three bouts. This match was very good, second best on the show. Cesaro did a giant swing on Ricochet forever. I don’t know the number of spins but it had to be the all-time WWE record. Lots of pins and break-ups. There was a big tower of doom spot where Ricochet was supposed to take a giant back superplex and land on his feet. He didn’t land perfect, having a slight stumble but it stunned the crowd. Ricochet hit the 630 on Sheamus and everyone saved. Sheamus hit a Brogue kick on Ricochet but the Usos gave Sheamus a double superkick and a double splash off the top rope and Jey pinned him. ***3/4

Shane McMahon pinned The Miz in a falls count anywhere match in 15:25. Shane was doing hit-and-run to establish himself as the chickenshit heel. At one point Shane grabbed George Mizanin, Miz’s 68-year-old father to keep Miz from attacking and then Shane sucker punched Miz. Shane’s punches were awful looking, but he still managed to potato Miz with stiff shots. Shane threw Miz’s shoulder into the post and hit him with a monitor. Shane teased a jump

off the top rope to the announcers table on the floor but George Mizanin ran in and got in the way to protect his son. George got in the ring and put up his dukes in the most ridiculous looking manner. Shane even tried to help him at least make the stance look less horrible. You got the impression Shane wouldn’t hurt him because he was being nice to him, and then Shane threw a knee and put the boots to him. Miz recovered and went crazy, landing some good shots while George was selling like he was dead on the mat. They ended up brawling near a production lighting support structure. Miz slammed him with chairs to the knee and back. Miz used a skull crushing finale on the floor but Shane kicked out. They were fighting on a platform and Shane climbed to an even higher platform. Shane at this point started begging off and saying he was sorry. Miz attacked him and gave him a superplex off the platform onto a crash pad. As they both laid there, in the fall Shane’s arm ended up on top of Miz and the ref counted the pin. The stunt and brawling got over live. Technically the Shane stuff looked so bad, though. *3/4

Billie Kay & Peyton Royce won the women’s tag team title in a four-way over champions Bayley & Sasha Banks, Natalya & Beth Phoenix and Nia Jax & Tamina in 10:46. Bret Hart came out with Natalya & Phoenix, who were both dressed up like the Hart Foundation. Phoenix did a suplex on Kay & Royce at the same time, as well as Phoenix & Natalya doing the Hart attack on Kay for a near fall. Phoenix reversed out of the bank statement. Natalya did a double sharpshooter on Bayley & Banks. Bayley grabbed Banks’ hand to stop her from tapping. . Tamina then superkicked Natalya for the save. Bayley did an elbow off the top on Phoenix and Banks followed with a frog splash, the idea that Bayley honored her hero Randy Savage, and Banks did so for her hero Eddy Guerrero, for a near fall. The finish saw Natalya power bomb Banks, Phoenix gave Bayley the glam slam off the middle rope. Royce broke up Phoenix’s pin and then Kay jumped on top of Bayley form the pin. *1/4

Kofi Kingston pinned Daniel Bryan in 23:44 to win the WWE title. This was clearly the high point of the show, both the wrestling, and the crowd response to the finish. A lot of people thought the show was good regardless of everything else just because they got the Kingston win, let alone in a great match. Kingston did his big dive. Backstage they showed a ton of babyfaces watching the match and cheering Kingston on. The finish was given away before the match ever started as Big E came out with a present before the match at ringside that was clearly a new championship belt. WWE’s Shop web site also released a new Kingston T-shirt well before the match started with him with the belt. They also released a T-shirt of Bryan as champion which they pushed after the match as a collectors item. Bryan worked him over on the mat most of the way with a lion tamer like mover. Kingston did a splash off the top tom the back for a near fall. Bryan’s legs and body were all bruised up. Kingston went for trouble in paradise but Bryan caught him and tried another Boston crab, but Kingston cradled him. Kingston went for a crossbody but Bryan reversed and went for the LeBell lock but Kingston escaped. Kingston went for the SOS and Bryan turned that into the LeBell lock. Bryan did a lot of elbows t the body and back to the LeBell lock and Kingston made the ropes. Rowan threw Xavier Woods over the announcers table and clotheslined Big E. Kingston hit Rowan with trouble in paradise. Woods & E did the double-team midnight hour on Rowan on the floor. Bryan went for a tope but Kingston on the floor nailed him with an elbow. Bryan did get a near fall with his Busaiku knee. Bryan was stomping on Kingston’s head and went back to the LeBell lock. Kingston rolled to the top like in a fight and started throwing punch after punch from the top, then started kicking the hell out of Bryan. Kingston then hit trouble in paradise for the pin. After the match, the New Day dumped Bryan’s hemp title belt and unveiled the new WWE title belt for him as well as the T-shirts with the belt that were being sold well before the match started. Kingston celebrated in the ring with E, Woods and Kingston’s two young sons. ****½

Samoa Joe retained the U.S. title over Rey Mysterio in :59. Mysterio did a tijera, a 619 and then Joe put him in a choke and choked him out. One would assume at first that it was short due to Mysterio’s injury, but we’re told it was more due to the length of the show already and they were the ones who had to do a short match since the feeling was their match was less important than ones that needed more time.

Roman Reigns pinned Drew McIntyre in 10:07. The crowd was quiet here. They didn’t boo Reigns, but didn’t cheer him much either. Really, a lot of it was that the show was long by this point. McIntyre did his sit up in the corner into overhead superplex spot. Reigns made a comeback. The crowd did a wave here which again led to the crowd not paying attention to the match. Reigns did a Samoan drop on the floor. Reigns came back to win clean with a Superman punch and a spear. Reigns was very emotional when it was over, hiding his face as it appeared he was crying in the corner. **

HHH pinned Batista in 24:43 of a no holds barred match with HHH’s career stake. This just never ended. It probably would have been better earlier in the show, and much better in 15:00. People had already seen the weapons stuff in Miz’s match. It was more creative here, but audience had tired of it pretty quickly. HHH hit him with a tool box and whipped him with a chain. He used pliers to break Batista’s hands. He used tweezers to rip the nose ring out of Batista’s nose and Batista was bleeding slightly from that. Batista came back. Shawn Michaels said that until Batista can beat HHH, he’ll never believe he can. Unfortunately, when they actually feuded, Batista beat HHH in their key match and just about every match afterwards. The crowd was dead. HHH backdropped him on the announcers table. He speared HHH through another table. That got over. HHH got the sledge hammer, but before he could use it, Batista speared him for a near fall. Batista got the sledge hammer but HHH kicked him and Batista dropped it. Batista hit the Batista bomb but HHH kicked out. Batista threw the ring steps into the ring. Batista went to the top but HHH pulled him off the ropes and power bombed him on the ring steps. HHH hit the pedigree but Batista kicked out. People did pop for that. Batista hit a DDT on the steps. Ric Flair then came out and gave HHH another sledge hammer. HHH then jumped off the ring steps that were in the ring with a sledge hammer shot on Batista and hit another pedigree for the pin. **

Baron Corbin pinned Kurt Angle in 5:51. Angle used three German suplexes and went for the Angle slam, but Corbin kicked him off. Corbin used the Deep Six but Angle kicked out. Corbin kicked out of an angle slam. Angle went for the ankle lock, but Corbin kicked him off into the turnbuckles. That looked badly timed. Angle did three more German suplexes, but missed a moonsault and Corbin hit the End of Days. Angle did look better than he had in the last few weeks. The usual protocol is that the guy who is retiring loses but if he was going to lose his last match, it should have been with someone that people wanted to see him against. The crowd did pick up thanking Angle after he lost. Angle said that for the last 20 years, I’ve had the time of my life, in addition to tonight, and wanted to thank everyone. He asked fans to chant “You suck” at him for the last time, although he did that again the next night. They chanted it loudly. *

Demon Finn Balor pinned Bobby Lashley in 4:01 to win the IC title. They had to rush through this one. Balor did a woo dropkick and running flip dive right away. Lashley hit the spear on the floor and another spear in the ring but Balor kicked out. Balor won with a power bomb and coup de gras. The idea is the Demon gimmick gave him his strength to execute a power bomb that normally he wouldn’t have been able to do. *1/4

Becky Lynch won a three-way over Raw women’s champion Ronda Rousey and Smackdown champion Charlotte Flair in the winner-take-all title match in 21:27. Joan Jett played “Bad Reputation” as Rousey came to the ring. She looked so happy at this, but then immediately switched to mean intense face Rousey halfway down the ramp. Even factoring in there was no way the crowd would be that hot after midnight, the match wasn’t as good as almost all of Rousey’s prior PPV matches. Rousey went out fast and gave Flair the Piper’s Pit on the floor. Lynch threw Rousey into the post and Flair gave her a fallaway slam into the barricade. Lynch dropkicked Rousey off the apron to the floor. Flair did a double natural selection but it looked like she missed both of them. Flair was throwing chops and Rousey said “You chop like a bitch.” Flair put Rousey in the Boston crab but Lynch bulldogged Flair. Lynch gave Flair an exploder off the top for a near fall. Rousey did a crossbody off the top on both of them, then took both down with judo throws and put armbars on both at the same time. They combined to give Rousey a double-team power bomb. But Rousey clamped down harder on the armbars on both. Finally they broke it with another double-team power bomb. Lynch got Rousey in the disarm her but Rousey made the ropes and then picked Lynch up and slammed her into the turnbuckles. Lynch got the disarm her on Rousey in the ropes but Flair broke it up by kicking Lynch in the face. Flair used a Spanish fly off the top rope on Lynch for a near fall. Flair started working on Rousey’s knee, wrapping it around the post and doing the figure four around the post. Rousey tried a small package off the figure four. Flair then got the figure eight on Rousey. Lynch came off the top rope with a leg drop on Flair to break it up. Not sure where this happened, but Flair had a nasty cut on her right arm, not far from her elbow. Lynch threw a table into the ring. Rousey threw out the table saying that “tables are for bitches.” Flair speared both of them and tired to pin each of them but they both kicked out. Flair then yelled at Rousey for calling it fake and started slamming Rousey’s head into the table. Flair speared Lynch who kicked out. Rousey and Lynch hip tossed Flair into a table in the corner. Rousey went for the Piper’s Pit on Lynch, but Lynch reversed into a backslide. They did moves to where the finish should have peaked, but the crowd was too tired to reach a fever pitch, so between that and Rousey’s shoulder being up, people were flat for the finish. But they loved that Lynch won. Corey Graves took the edge off by pointing out that Rousey had her shoulder up and then they showed a replay confirming it, which only made Lynch’s win even more flat. Luckily the crowd only cared about the fact Lynch won, and not the drama and excitement level of it. The crowd was tired, but they weren’t dead like they had been for most of the period after the Kingston celebration and the Cena cameo. They worked a fast pace. There were fewer spectacular spots than you’d have expected. ***
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Re: Meltzer's WM Star Ratings

I only bothered to assign a rating to one match which was Bryan vs Kofi and I had it at 4.5 stars, so I very much agree with Meltzer. Easily the MOTN.

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Re: Meltzer's WM Star Ratings

The IIconics match wasn't THAT bad, and he underrated a lot of matches here imo.

Rollins/Lesnar getting 3 1/2* for that crap

Becky getting the worst Ronda PPV match

I do agree with the Kofi match


Also supporting

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Re: Meltzer's WM Star Ratings

Only clicked on this thread to say, people should stop caring about this dudes opinion. Ok bye
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Re: Meltzer's WM Star Ratings

brokc rollins 3,5 ? fuck off
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Re: Meltzer's WM Star Ratings

Meltzer rating Rollins/Lesnar higher than Orton/Styles is why I don't take his ratings seriously, nor do I take anyone who rates a wrestler's greatness based on his ratings seriously.

Originally Posted by Ace View Post
WWE ending TNA's decade long year of dominance
Never change
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Re: Meltzer's WM Star Ratings

Originally Posted by YoUAiNtWoRtHiT View Post
Only clicked on this thread to say, people should stop caring about this dudes opinion. Ok bye
They're very much just his opinion, especially these days more than ever. I agree it's hard to take alot of his ratings seriously, especially with what he's done with NJPW over the past couple of years. Just posted it because some folks are interested in them, even if it is just to laugh at them.

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Re: Meltzer's WM Star Ratings

Kingston/Bryan was MOTN can't disagree.

Becky/Charlotte/Rousey rating is too high, it wasn't good. Same goes for Brock/Rollins as i was hoping to see something along the lines of Brock/AJ.
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Re: Meltzer's WM Star Ratings

Main event deserved a 3.5 at least. To think the mania 32 got a 4 and this gets a 3, just nah fam. But whatever.
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Re: Meltzer's WM Star Ratings

3 stars for the divas main event from Big Dave. The experiment was a massive failure.
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