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Originally Posted by Buster Baxter View Post
You don't want them both to lose, but you don't want them both to win either? Just further proof that there is absolutely no pleasing some of you people.
Originally Posted by Strike Force View Post
Does this board have a Fan Quote of the Year award?

If so, we can shut it down. It's over. We have a winner.
Stop nitpicking phrases out of context.

If Rollins wins his match, only Kofy OR Becky should have won their matches.

If Rollins loses his match, then I could have seen both Kofy AND Becky winning both their matches.

I made that pretty clear in the post.

Originally Posted by Jan.S.Gelz View Post
I just love the salt people have about Baron beating Kurt. And I bet Baron's on cloud nine.
Corbin has been dead weight for months now. There is literally nothing interesting about the character.

Angle has been dead weight for YEARS.

The expected result since it was Angle's goodbye (or so that was marketed to us) is that Angle won. He didnt. Life goes on. It isnt Lesnar Undertaker lol
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Re: I don't like this "new" WWE...every fan favorite wins

Wrestlemania should be WWE's "season finale." Traditionally in pro wrestling babyfaces go through an arduous gauntlet to reach the top or make good on what they seek to accomplish, whether in a pursuit of a championship or in a blood feud (or often both simultaneously), etc. Survivor Series, the Royal Rumble, these are places where historically you see earth-shattering events where the face is often at their lowest. Randy Savage turning on Hulk Hogan; Owen Hart turning on Bret Hart, etc., etc. Becky Lynch, Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins all had reasonably long, winding roads to Wrestlemania, and having well-loved babyfaces going over at your biggest event of the year is a tradition that should at least consistently be applied, if for no other reason than for your ability at least occasionally genuinely satisfy your loyal paying customers.

Occasionally going "hog-wild" with faces going over at the periodic Wrestlemania like Wrestlemania 30 and Wrestlemania 35 "does a fan base good," to paraphrase an advertising campaign.

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OP should make his mind up seriously you either didn't want them to win or you did. Pick one.

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Re: I don't like this "new" WWE...every fan favorite wins

Fin,I may have the solution for you. Hear me out.

Wrestlemania 35 results are...

Both battle royals the last two fall out at the same time. No winners.

Miz/Shane and Hunter/Batista all are so hurt they get carted out on stretchers.

Rest of the card ends in double or triple countouts.

Sound good?

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Re: I don't like this "new" WWE...every fan favorite wins

Of course you don't...
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Re: I don't like this "new" WWE...every fan favorite wins

OP I don't get you. Fan Favorites winning is a good thing..Especially all of them. That's kinda what makes people keep on watching and coming back.

This is exactly what I was talking about back in the Sami thread...some people are NEVER going to be happy not matter what WWE does.
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kobe Re: I don't like this "new" WWE...every fan favorite wins

Originally Posted by fin View Post
Stop nitpicking phrases out of context.
Dude, there's a reason everyone's trashing what you had to say, and trust me, the issue is most certainly not taking things out of context. Your sentiment was silly in perfect context.

Some people are just hypocritical. The McMahons strutted those asses out there and proclaimed that they'd listen to the people in December, and people complained and mocked them when nothing changed. When they tell a series of stories that culminate in a bunch of faces winning the big one at WrestleMania, ostensibly doing exactly what they'd promised four months earlier, those same people complain again because now too many faces are winning.

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We are now complaining about wrestlers most people want to see winning their matches...winning their matches, I can't even lol.

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The post is Rated R
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Re: I don't like this "new" WWE...every fan favorite wins

This place is so negative lol

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Originally Posted by Switchblade Club View Post
This place is so negative lol
Yeah, absolutely. It’s rare to read anything positive on here. I actually find humour in how sad and embittered most of these ‘fans’ are. I only visit this site to point and laugh at the miserable freaks, wallowing in their own impotent outrage.
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