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View Poll Results: Will the women main event Wrestlemania again?
Yes 47 36.72%
No 81 63.28%
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Re: Will the women main event WrestleMania again?

As someone who was in the crowd for the show I can say that the crowd wasn't dead but Kofi and Bryan drained a lot of people emotionally combining that with the fact the angle for the main event was a trainwreck, the show is a million years long, a match that was rough around the edges(while not necessarily bad it had a number of flaws) and a crap finish there was no way it was going to come off as well as it could have.
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Re: Will the women main event WrestleMania again?

Yeah, Charlotte has to get her win. And once Rock's and Trips' daughters make their debut, they will go with this all over again.

But as for the rest? No way. and to those who say Vince is foaming, sorry but I'm pretty positive the dude must have a smug self satisfied grin right now after having sabotaged the whole thing.

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Re: Will the women main event Wrestlemania again?

Originally Posted by SayWhatAgain! View Post

The fuck did you watch? Seriously, did you even watch it? I sense some confirmation bias here, the match wasn't bad at all. It was the second best match on the show and best WM main event in years. Was it amazing? No, was it bad? Hell no. It was a solid 3 and a half star match. The ending was wacky, I don't know if the ref fucked up or it was to protect Ronda or whatever, I don't care either tbh. Her shoulders were down for 2 and 3 anyway, if they didn't draw attention to it barely anybody would have noticed.

Also, told ya, 4 months ago. Nostradamus up in this bitch

2nd best match on the show? I don’t see how you could put it above the smackdown tag title 4 way, hhh vs batista, kofi vs bryan, miz vs shane or even balor vs lashley and that’s only considering the excitement in the match. It was easily the most sloppy match on the card by far the only saving grace is they picked the right winner.

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Yes they will, but it may be a while though. WWE has no one to blame but themselves for what they got. Ronda is still too green to work a complex match like a triple threat. She did good in one on one settings and if it were her one on one with Becky as everyone wanted (or even Charlotte as their Survivor Series match was good), she would have done great.

Ronda threw off the timing and of course the finish. I do have to admit though that Lynch and Flair didn't have their best performances either, but we know if they didn't have to babysit Ronda, they would have had another classic on their own. Becky and Charlotte had a show stealing triple threat with Sasha Banks a few years ago, but they were in there with another wrestler who can wrestle.
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Re: Will the women main event Wrestlemania again?

Originally Posted by Jupiter Jack Daniels View Post
I believe they will, if for no other reason than to add "Wrestlemania main event win" to Charlotte's "impressive list of accolades".

Only reason for her to even be included in this match was to give her a spot in the history books. And since she didn't win, they'll rectify it next year, meaning she wins the Women's Rumble and closes WM with a title victory.

And that's after 2-3 more title wins this year.

As far as who else main events, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they'll be blonde.
You’d have more of a point if she didn’t literally steal the show in every big match she’s in. In fact even in the build she’s shown she’s the biggest star in women’s wrestling. Everything she gets is well deserved.
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Re: Will the women main event WrestleMania again?

Probably, but I think they have to view this as a disappointment. They put almost 6 months worth of build into this and the ratings tanked on the Road to Wrestlemania, the match itself being largely disappointing, and the crowd being relatively dead for most of it. Now, there are also reasons for these problems other than the performers (the company basically being terrible bookers), but I think they will view it as the not getting the returns they put into it, and thus won't push another women's match as hard in the future.
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Re: Will the women main event WrestleMania again?

Yes, and they should be allowed to.

You don’t deny the entire playing field a chance just because of one lukewarm match. Think about it like this: Roman a Reigns was a part of three lackluster WM main events in a row. On top of that, all three were worse than this year’s. But all anyone really said was that Reigns shouldn’t be main eventing WM anymore, not that the women should main event next year because Reigns’ poor performance proved that the men shouldn’t main event anymore.

Likewise, I think the “most reasonable” objection should be towards Charlotte, Becky, or Ronda main eventing again after somewhat dropping the ball here. Even with the length of the show working against them, none of them really stood out in a significant way. The botches and spot calling only made things worse.

But again, that’s the “most reasonable” objection. Seeing as how all three women have proven to be able to deliver in the ring in the past year (especially Charlotte), I don’t think that anyone could’ve seen this match not living up to expectations. I think they deserve another chance, but perhaps not as soon as next year’s show.
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Re: Will the women main event WrestleMania again?

I voted no, however if the storyline leading up to WrestleMania becomes the hottest angle/match then maybe although i really think it's unlikely.

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Re: Will the women main event WrestleMania again?

Probably. Especially if Ronda is around for a few more years.

There match last night wasn't great. Wasn't bad. But for people saying or thinking they needed a 5 star match to get there again....really?

Roman has had 4 Mania main events and how many of them worked? Really the only one was the 31 match against Lesnar. If they want to keep pushing the women hard in that role, they will.

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Re: Will the women main event WrestleMania again?

If they had kept Becky/Ronda as the main event I think the conversation today would be very different. You could tell the crowd got lively every time those 2 interacted without Charlotte involved which still wasn't much.

The women main eventing was the right call, adding Charlotte to the match was not. It would have been like adding HHH or Angle to the main event of Mania 17. Would those guys have belonged in there to make it a great match? Sure, but the story was Austin and Rock. Same thing here.
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