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Bring It To The Table

I found it was a bit more bearable this time.

Rather than Paul E. and JBL ganging up on the host and burying the IWC, this time it was Corey and JBL with Rosenberg. Although they still kept up kayfabe and towed the company line to some extent, there were a few interesting nuggets

- Corey said he wasn't excited about the prospect of AJ vs Shane at Mania.
- Both JBL and Corey critical of the goofy storylines on 205 live....want more wrasslin'
- Showed a clip of Corey interviewing Kurt Angle, whole thing to be shown at a later date.
- JBL quasi shoot on Legends With JBL being booted to make way for more reality shows and cartoons.
- They talked about Montreal Screwjob being made into porno.

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Re: Bring It To The Table

I thought it was pretty cool for Corey Graves to interview his hometown hero, Kurt Angle.

- Vic
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Re: Bring It To The Table

The Montreal Screwjob is a porno now? LMAO I gotta see this.....for the lolz of course... <.<

Insert suggestive pic of teets here.
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Re: Bring It To The Table

I enjoyed the show. Liked it when Corey said he was not excited for Styles & Shane at Wrestlemania.
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Re: Bring It To The Table

I wonder if we will see the set properly during tonights episode. It is airing from the site of Wrestlemania 33.

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Re: Bring It To The Table

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Re: Bring It To The Table

Originally Posted by MMMMD View Post
Well JBL is right, but he's telling a half truth. Yes we did choose Roman Reigns. Hell I wanted Roman to be the face of the company after Cena, The man looked like bad ass when he was in the Shield, he was the groups monster. But I don't think its generally Roman we are turning on, (at least not me) its WWE's booking on him

I cannot like a guy who is being inconsistently badly booked. I want to like him, apart of me does like him, I even think people give him way too much hate than he deserves, him but its WWE's lack of connection from Roman to us that makes me not want to like him.

There was one time when Roman Reigns won me over and that was around TLC 2015? I think? (someone correct me) When Sheamus was the WWE title holder and Triple H screwed Roman, the fans were really into the later half of that match and after it was over Roman then snapped on the authority and just went balls the the walls insane, the man got the biggest pop of his career and I was like "Yes finally they did it".

I was excited to see what they would do next. What did they do the next week? They made him crack jokes and be all smiles and pander? And people slowly lost interest again. Its that sort of bullshit inconsistency that I am talking about.

Now I see they are kind of giving him that attitude again and I am kind of warming to Reigns again, but I been burned so many times by WWE creative, its hard to draw a bead on what they are doing with Roman. So I understand where JBL's frustration lies (as sickening as that is considering how much I hate the man) but he cannot blame the fans for WWE's shitty booking.
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Re: Bring It To The Table

Corey Graves said that Raw after Mania 29 when Ziggler cashed in is the loudest he has heard WWE crowd be. I was there
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