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WWE Network

Unsure if I am even asking this in the right spot, so I apologize in advance if I am cluttering the message board.

Been thinking about subscribing to the WWE Network. Is it worth it or would it be a waste of my money?


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Re: WWE Network

I think it's worth it. For $9.99, you get all the PPV's, RAW's, NXT and specials. The library is incredible.

Personally, I binge watch and forget about the Network for a few weeks at a time. But it's good to have around.

My only real complaint is that their stream is horrible for PPV's. It freezes up and lags. I always seem to be a on a delay.

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Re: WWE Network

It depends on what you like.

but yes, is a waste of money because you can get it for free.
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Re: WWE Network

Its worth it for monthly PPV's and NXT alone. Then you've got new content added all the time as well as archive content such as PPV's, if you're a big WWE fan then the amount of stuff thats been added since it started makes it worth more than ten dollars.
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Re: WWE Network

It wasn't worth it for me. Most notably cause I didnt get it.
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Re: WWE Network

Take the free month dude, make your own mind up.
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Re: WWE Network

For me it's worth it because I watch none of the current product but I am able to go back and watch NWA, WCW, Mid South, etc from back in the day. Also, I do enjoy some of their original programming. Edge and Christian's show is hilarious and I enjoyed Superstar Ink and Culture Shock with Corey Graves
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Re: WWE Network

lesee, 2000+ hours of content for $9.99? That's like half a cent just to watch the premeire of Raw! YES it's worth it.

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Re: WWE Network

It's worth it. Every PPPV, classic wrestling Raw/SD/NXT/ECW/WCW Podcasts (Austin's not Jericho's) The only thing wrong is my PPV stream is always shitty, but 99% of the time it fixes itself. So yeah OP the Network is worth it.
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Re: WWE Network

Yes, it's worth it. And my PPV streams have always been just fine except for the first 3 or 4 months of the network when they were still getting adjusted to traffic.
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