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Currently Watching?

So I thought it would be a good idea to discuss what we are currently watching on the WWE Network, similar to the 'currently watching' thread in the TV section.

Feel free to move/close this if necessary, but I thought it would be a good idea since many of us, me included sometimes have a hard choice deciding on something to watch because of its vast archive of content, so this could help people out in that respect.

So, to get the ball rolling, I've just put on WWE Beyond the Ring - Best of WCW Nitro. So far, so good.
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Re: Currently Watching?

Powering through 94 raws, damn savage in 93/94 was on fire at the booth! So intense, wish he got used more in ring tho at the time tho!

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Re: Currently Watching?

Using the Network for Wrestlemania hype and preparation. Got Wrestlemania Today running at the moment, and been running through the last 6 months or so of PPVs, starting at Summerslam. Today brings me up to the Royal Rumble. Re-watching the Rumble match itself will be interesting for the crowd reaction, and Bubba Ray.

I've seen the Brock/Cena/Rollins triple threat a bunch of times, can never get sick of it. Up there with my favourite Brock matches ever, right with Hell in a Cell vs. Taker and Extreme Rules vs. Cena.

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Re: Currently Watching?

Been watching the Rivalries series. Really enjoyed them so far and looking forward to new episodes.

Watched Signature Sounds of the WWE because I thought it'd be cool to gain some insight into the music of WWE. This did not meet my expectations and overall I was disappointed. I was hoping it'd include a short bio of Jim Johnston and have him talk about his creative process when it comes to composing themes and also any interesting stories he has about when he created some of the most memorable themes.

Instead it's a top 25 countdown of themes. They quickly go through the countdown offering little insight on how the themes were created. This ends up giving it a rushed feeling. It would have been nice for them to go into more detail about how certain themes were created.

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Re: Currently Watching?

I'm watching the 2013 Hall of Fame ceremony at the minute.

I could listen to Bruno Sammartino speak and tell stories for the rest of my life.


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Superbrawl 2. Loved Jesse Ventura's dig at Vince, "You cant make money from Body building, everybody knows that". Dangerous Alliance were great too. Not so sure about Vinnie Vegas mind. Fantastic opening match between Pilman and Leiger, and Madusa looked great.

NXT and Monday Night Wars (Steve Austin episode).

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Re: Currently Watching?

2015 Hall of Fame
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Re: Currently Watching?

Skipping through Backlash 2000. I just noticed the tag or whatever for the ending of the 6-Man Hardcore Title match reads: "Crash Holly pins downed opponent."

He pinned Tazz, lol. They won't acknowledge him now?
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Re: Currently Watching?

Don't worry Heff, we can still have a nice Thanksgiving. I bought us a nice big vegetarian turkey. It'll be delicious!
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Re: Currently Watching?

Watched the first couple episodes of RAW. Worth noting that after the first episode, Clash of the Champions XXII takes place just two days later so it's fun checking out if you want a snapshot of WCW at that time. I like watching shows in order. It's just a pity that it will be a while before we see non-Nitro WCW TV seasons on there.

As for RAW, Bartlett is insufferable although I don't really blame him for not knowing anything about the company. Just watched Royal Rumble '93 which I enjoyed and set to watch the RAW that had the Flair/Perfect 'retirement' match.

Just finished the 'Rock 'n' Wrestling' cartoon which I just had to watch. It was an '80s cartoon but I think I would rather watch He-Man or Dungeons & Dragons if I want to go down that road.

As I type the first uploaded episode of Primetime is in the background. Heenan seems very understated for him.

The Network is a fantastic thing. Worth the money as long as I have a job, at least.
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