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Bayley Fan Thread

I know a lot of people don't like Bayley and WWE has really screwed her over with bad booking but I still like her. Any other Bayley fans here?
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Re: Bayley Fan Thread

How well Becky take this! .
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Re: Bayley Fan Thread

Still a fan, dunno if she'll ever get back to where she was in NXT tho unfortunately.

But, to be fair, no women will ever get that over on the main roster, not until Vince passes the torch passes the torch at least.
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Re: Bayley Fan Thread

Was a big fan in NXT of her. Thought that while the gimmick has its negatives, it was helped by the booking down there to work, and she got over huge as a really sympathetic underdog babyface, even after her first initial title win.

She still is a very good wrestler, but she's been booked horrifically for such a long period of time now where I don't know if her current gimmick is salvageable.
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Re: Bayley Fan Thread

I will always be a fan. Just hate to see someone of her in ring talent be so misused.

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Re: Bayley Fan Thread

Wait, there hasn't been a Bayley fan thread yet??


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Re: Bayley Fan Thread

I'm still a fan, and it's a real shame how they just basically buried her with terrible booking. Crazy how she went from getting reactions like this

to getting booed or no reaction in less than a year.
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Re: Bayley Fan Thread

Still fan.

VeryGood in ring worker and one of the most naturally charismatic superstars today.
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Re: Bayley Fan Thread

A day in the life of a hardcore wrestling fan is like a month with a casual fan. It feels like she's been in a buried state forever but she may still very well bounce back somewhere down the road. I'm confident in her.

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Re: Bayley Fan Thread

I thought about making one but didn't bother. Then I saw all the other mopes getting one and figured "why them and not her"? Has her stock fallen that much due to bad booking and writing?

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