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Best and worst WWE games

For me, the best is the original Smackdown! vs RAW, which had a fun challenge mode, decent season mode (great for speedrunning), good controls, relatively few glitches and a nice soundtrack.

The worst that I've played was WWE '12 which had horrible graphics, was almost impossible to play a full match on the PS3 version without it glitching or crashing, a very weak story and stupid gameplay.

Honorable mention which is simultaneously the best AND worst is Just Bring It for its hilariously bad commentary. "i wanna see ... THE UNDERTAKER do a .... THE LAST RIDE!"
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Re: Best and worst WWE games

Best: Here Comes The Pain, SmackDown vs. RAW 2006, WWE 2K16 & 17
Worst: SmackDown vs. RAW 2008
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Re: Best and worst WWE games

Smackdown Here Comes The Pain - GOAT
Smackdown Shut Your Mouth
Smackdown vs RAW 2011 (I think this is the one with the RTWM where you can run backstage)
Smackdown 2
Smackdown vs RAW

Smackdown vs RAW vs ECW sucks
All the WWE 2ks suck ass so they're the worst, if I buy WWE 18 & I run into Barron Blade ima lose my shit

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Re: Best and worst WWE games

Here Comes The Pain, Shut Your Mouth, WWE RAW 2, Smackdown 1 and 2, SVR 06, all of them were great fun.
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Re: Best and worst WWE games

Here Comes The Pain

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Re: Best and worst WWE games

The best is Here Comes The Pain of course. It's incredible and still holds up to this day.
SD 1
SD 2
SD Shut Your Mouth
SD vs RAW 2006
and the most recent good one is WWE 2K16

The worst:
WWF Attitude. It's fucking terrible but I thought is was the best shit ever as a kid.
SD vs RAW 2009 and 2010
WWE 2K15
Dishonorable mentions: WWE '13, 2K14, 2K16, 2K17 just for the terrible character models not the games as a whole.

Holy Shit

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Re: Best and worst WWE games

No Mercy(GOAT)
Day of Reckoning 1&2
WWF Attitude(despite the controls it was still a fun game)
HCTP, 06 & 07(Great for their time, too arcadey for me nowadays
WWE2K17(minus the glitches it's the best WWE thus far)

Original Smackdown games
Wrestlemania x8
Wrestlemania 21
WWE Raw 1 & 2
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Re: Best and worst WWE games

WWE 2K13 (aka WWE: Attitude)

WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game

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Re: Best and worst WWE games

Some of my favourites that stood out;
WWF Smackdown 2 (LOVE THIS!)
WWE Raw 2 (Much improved version of RAW, see below, and it had a great roster.)
Wrestlemania 21 (The gameplay is so-so, but it had a really good story mode, and I still listen to songs from the soundtrack today. I recall it having good unlockables too.)
Smackdown vs Raw 2007 (I played the story mode and GM mode for hours and hours. As above, it had good unlockables and I wish they still had "the room" which you could decoratre. All in all, probably my favourite WWE game.)

WWE Raw (This is somewhat as a guilty pleasure as it was the first wrestling game on XBOX. Looking back, it was just bizzare. Everything was really slow, and there were these crates near the ramp you could break and there would be really random things in you could use as weapons.)
WWF Attitude/WWF Warzone (To be totally honest I think I am getting these mixed but the one I played was absoloute garbage)
WWE All stars (What was this? I somewhat enjoyed the Legends game, but this took the cartoon element too far)

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Re: Best and worst WWE games

WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game. Sick combos.
WWF Smackdown 2.
WWF Attitude (amazing game).
WWF Smackdown: Here comes the pain.
WWE 2k13 (Attitude Era)
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