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Krin's 2k19 Attitude Era diary

using this thread to log my match cards

Attitude Era 2k19
~ECW One Night Stand~ (June 2000, week 1), Anchorage, AK~


X-Pac VS. Rey Mysterio VS.. Dean Malenko VS. Kidman
(fatal 4-way Extreme Rules match for the vacant cruiserweight title)

Result: Dean Malenko via pinfall on Kidman @ 9:04

The finish: X-Pac hits the X-Factor on Kidman but Malekno knocks him out of the way and steals the victory to become the newly crowned cruiserweight champion!


Trish Stratus VS. Francine VS. Sable VS. Lita VS. Madusa (champion) VS. Dawn Marie
(6-women elimination match for the women's title)
Result: Dawn Marie via X-factor on Madusa @ 13:00
Elimination order:
Sable eliminated via half crab from Dawn Marie
Francine eliminated via DDT on the outside from Lita
Trish eliminated via German Suplex from Madusa
Lita eliminated via regal cutter from Dawn Marie
Madusa eliminated via X-Factor on the outside from Dawn Marie to become the new women's champion!


New Age Outlaws VS. Dudley Boyz VS. Steiner & Bagwell
(6-man hell in a cell triple threat for the vacant tag team titles)

Result: Scott Steiner via Steiner recliner on Billy Gunn @ 7:04

The finish: Steiner locks in his camel clutch on Billy Gunn in a short match to win the tag team titles for the NWO!


Justin Credible VS. Jeff Hardy (tables match)

Result: Justin Credible via body toss through a table on Jeff Hardy @ 7:54

The finish: ECW alumni Justin Credible tosses Hardy through the table after a series of reversals in the corner.


DDP VS. Benoit VS. Dreamer VS. Goldust VS. Triple H VS. Lance Storm
(6-man ladder match for vacant Intercontinental title)

Result: HHH grabs the title @ 4:54

The finish: Storm almost gets the title but gets knocked off. Dreamer fails at pulling HHH off when he's pulling the title and HHH becomes the new IC champion in a very short match!


Sunny VS. The Kat

Result: Sunny via stunner @ 5:30

The finish: a brief eye candy style match has Sunny delivering a stunner to The Kat and earning a pinfall.


Hogan VS. RVD VS. Austin VS. HBK VS. Sid VS. Sting VS. Rock VS. Raven
(8-man over the top battle royal for the vacant WWE title)

Result: Hogan eliminates Sid Vicious @ 7:12

Elimination order:
Sting by RVD
Raven by RVD and HBK
Rock by Austin
HBK by Austin
Austin by Sid
RVD by Sid
Sid by Hogan to become the new WWE champion!
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Re: Krin's 2k19 Attitude Era diary

~WCW Monday Nitro~ (June 2000, week 2), Lansing, MI~

Opening promo)

Promo involving Eric Bischoff

Result: Bischoff is happy with Hollywood Hogan becoming champion at the ECW PPV yesterday. He books a triple threat match for tonight's main event to determine the number one contender for Hulk's WWE title. The three who had the most eliminations last night in the over the top battle royal are selected so Sid, RVD and Austin. He expects Sid to win because he had eliminated both RVD and Austin last night.


The Hardy Boyz w/ Lita vs. Lance Storm & Justin Credible w/ Dawn Marie

Result: Jeff Hardy via swanton bomb on Lance Storm @ 10:30

The finish: The women's champion Dawn Marie tries to distract the Hardy's but it doesn't help. Jeff bounces back from his loss last night by pinning Lance Storm.

Middle Card promo)

Promo involving Dean Malenko

Result: Dean comes out for a non title cruiserweight match but not before addressing the manner of his win last night, turning heel in the process.


Dean Malenko vs. Funaki

Result: Dean via Texas cloverleaf @ 1:56

The finish: Dean makes short work of Funaki, making him tap very quickly and showing a more vicious side to him.


The nWo vs. Dudley Boyz

Result: Scott Steiner via Steiner recliner on Spike Dudley @ 8:39

The finish: An even match until Scott destroys Spike Dudley. The nWo celebrate with the WWE and tag team titles.


Macho Man w/ George, Miss Madness & Madusa vs. Cactus Jack

Result: Cactus Jack via pinfall @ 6:32

The finish: Madusa puts a chair into the ring. Cactus hits a piledriver almost on the chair and almost gets a win but Savage kicks out. He gets Cactus down on the chair and goes for the elbow drop but Cactus moves out of the way and Savage lands on the chair! Cactus then pins him for the win.


Kidman w/ Saturn vs. X-Pac w/ HHH
(#1 contender match for the cruiserweight title)

Result: X-Pac via X-factor @ 4:17

The finish: X-Pac once again gets Kidman down for the win but this time is able to get the pinfall and defeat him. He is now number one contender for Dean Malenko's title.

Middle Card Promo)

Promo involving The Kat

Result: The Kat says she will be managing someone special soon and they will be here next week. Sunny comes out and says she will also be managing a future champion soon before grabbing The Kat by the roots of her hair and sends her flying across the ring!


Steve Blackman vs. Alex Wright

Result: Steve Blackman via thrust kick @ 5:29

The finish: Wright tries to use a rope assisted pin and cheat his way to victory in this exhibition match but he's defeated rather easily, picking up some momentum for Blackman.


Sid vs. RVD vs. Steve Austin
(#1 contender match for the WWE title)

Result: Steve Austin via reverse DDT on Sid @ 13:21

The finish: a hot main event with plenty of near falls by each man. When Sid is busy with RVD in the corner, Austin sneaks behind him and bangs his head into the mat for the victory, becoming the number one contender for Hogan's WWE title!
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Re: Krin's 2k19 Attitude Era diary

~Tuesday Night Smackdown~ (June 2000, week 2), Richmond, VA~

(Opening promo)

Promo with Hollywood Hogan

Result: WWE champion Hollywood Hogan comes out and says that per Eric Bischoff, Steve Austin will be forced to compete tonight in a handicap match against the nWo.


HHH w/ X-Pac vs. Perry Saturn w/ Kidman

Result: Saturn via rings of Saturn @ 4:48

The finish: HHH dominates the majority of this match but Saturn shifts the tide after some assists from Kidman. Saturn gained the advantage and actually managed to make the Intercontinental Champion tap out. What an upset! This makes Saturn the number one contender for the IC title.


Steve Blackman vs. Cactus Jack

Result: Randy Savage blindsides Cactus Jack during his entrance. He is still super bitter from his loss on Nitro earlier this week! He lays out Cactus Jack and the match never happens as a result.

The finish: No Contest


Matt Hardyw/ Jeff Hardy & Lita vs. Lance Storm w/ Justin Credible & Dawn Marie

Result: Lance Storm via count out @ 2:28

The finish: The match finds its way to the outside and Lance gets a cheap victory by rushing back in the ring at the last second. He ends up celebrating as if he won the Super Bowl.


RVD vs. Sycho Sid
(Last Man Standing Match)

Result: Sid @ 6:46

The finish: RVD gets a flurry of offense but after taking a choke slam from Sid and later getting his body hung against the ropes, it seems RVD has a bruised ribcage and cannot get up before the ref's ten count.

(Middle Card Promo)

Promo with Stacy Keibler

Result: Stacy is talking about the upcoming women's tag team belts in the WWE. She says the Nitro Girls have their eyes on those titles.


Stacy Keibler & Kimberly Page w/ Tygress vs. Daffney & Luna

Result: Kimberly Page via elbow drop on Luna @ 8:03

The finish: Daffney gets knocked off the apron. Stacy and Kimbery double team Luna and Daffney isn't able to break up the pin for her partner.


Spike Dudley vs. Chris Candido

Result: Chris Candido via diving elbow drop @ 5:06

The finish: Candido hits a superplex to the outside of the ring and then rolls Spike back in to hit a diving elbow in an impressive debut.


Steve Austin vs. Buff Bagwell & Scott Steiner
(handicap match)

Result: Scott Steiner via leaping piledriver @ 8:32

The finish: Austin puts up a big fight and opens a can of whoop ass on the nWo, hitting Steiner with the stunner twice but cannot overcome the odds.
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