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WF SummerSlam Draft Cards / Voting

WF SummerSlam Draft Cards and Voting

(copyright @Andre)

Spoiler for Rules:
• You cannot vote for yourself.

• You must write a brief review of sorts for each card in the form of 3 positive and 3 negative comments for each.

• You must also rank the cards 1-11.

• #1 on your list will receive 10 points all the way to zero points for #11.

(copyright @Andre)

Spoiler for Voting Coupon:








MC 16
























Roy Mustang







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Spoiler for DammitC's Card:
I come out, and welcome everyone to my Summerslam show. I thank everyone for coming, and state how I hope they enjoy the ppv tonight.

*Opening pyro blasts at the entrance stage*

Spoiler for Build-Up for Match 1:

Week 1:

Kid Kash loses to Chris Benoit within 30 seconds via Crippler-Crossface.

Nunzio loses to Dolph Ziggler in a match via Zig Zag over who gets to compete in the finals (which will be over who gets to face the WWE Champion at Summerslam). Later that night, Nunzio is walking backstage unhappy about his loss when he sees Kid Kash laughing at him. Kash walks away. Nunzio has a confused look on his face.

Week 2:

Nunzio is being interviewed over what his plans are for Summerslam, and if he will recover from last week's loss. Kash interrupts the interview and decides to make fun of Nunzio some more. Kash claims that he is a loser.

Nunzio ends up saying this to Kash, "I may have lost last week, but at least I didn't tap out under 30 seconds."

This pisses off Kash, so he decides to bitch-slap Nunzio (who falls to the floor due to that vicious slap in the face). Kash walks away.

Week 3:

Nunzio has another backstage interview (but this time in the locker room) this week, and he responds by stating that he didn't appreciate Kash's rude remarks last week. Nunzio admits that he is getting sick and tired of being bullied.

However, the moment Nunzio mentioned that; Kash comes out of nowhere and shoves him hard to his locker. The back of Nuncio's head ends up bouncing off his locker. Nunzio is hurt. Kash states that he can do whatever he wants to Nunzio, and that he can't do shit about it.

Later that night, Kash ends up squashing a local jobber (to blow out some steam). After the match, a pissed Nunzio shows up to the ring, and he waits for Kash to turn around (which he does). Kash ends up getting punched in the face by Nunzio (to the crowd's delighment). Before he's able to lay some more punches in, Kash escapes his way out of the ring. Nunzio angrily stares down at him from the inside of the ring.

Week 4:

Nunzio ends up having a match with Steve Blackman, who decides to push him (literally AND figuratively). Nunzio ends up snapping, so he hits his babyface offense on Blackman and gets the advantage over him in their match. However, the match ends in a no-contest because of Rhyno's interference (so he can beat up Blackman).

While Nunzio is staring at the action, Kash attempts to run down into the ring so he can attack him from behind again. However, Nunzio is able to catch him just in time. Both men end up fighting their way out of the arena while (Rhyno continues to beat down Blackman before finally giving him the Gore onto the table in the corner).

Week 5:

Kash makes his way to the ring, and he decides to call out Nunzio (who ends up answering him). He tells Nunzio to his face that he laughs at the idea of him actually being a "bully." Kash points out how Nunzio takes good care of him being treated badly already because he genuinely believes that he's a loser and that he isn't tough. Kash mentions that he will beat down Nunzio this Sunday at Summerslam and prove to everyone how right he is about him. Nunzio replies back by saying that he's looking forward to facing Kash this Sunday because it finally gives him a chance to kick his ass. He fires back by stating that the whole crowd will finally get to see the bully (Kash) get what he really deserves. Nunzio points out how he's a better cruiserweight on his worst day than Kash ever will be on his best day.

This causes Kash to get pissed off, so he angrily shoves Nunzio in the face. He follows this up by shoving Nunzio in the chest a couple of times questioning him what he's going to do him. Nunzio pauses, and he looks as if his anger is slowly building up inside of him. Kash believes that he won't fight back, so he laughs at Nunzio being pathetic and walks away. Nunzio quickly grabs Kash's arm, and he punches him right in the face. He follows this up with multiple punches on Kash. Nunzio quickly does a couple of Running Dropkicks to Kash to the corner. Before he gets the chance to do anything else, Kash quickly leaves the ring in order to retreat. Nunzio angrily stares down at him from the inside of the ring, while Kash screams "THIS Sunday, I'll have you numbered! THIS Sunday!"

Will Nunzio finally rise above being bullied, or will Kash end up proving to everyone how his opponent is a joke and how he's the dominant cruiserweight?

Spoiler for Match 1:

Match 1: Nunzio vs Kid Kash

- Nunzio makes his entrance to a decent crowd reception, and he ends up having a determined look on his face

- Nunzio enters the ring

- Kash makes his entrance to some vocal boos

- Kash enters the ring

- The bell rings

- Match begins with both men grappling each other, which eventually leads to Kash getting the advantage over Nunzio

- Kash does some vicious shots to Nunzio

- Kash dominates the early portions of this match

- Kash gives Nunzio a Scoop Slam

- When Nunzio is attempting to sit up, Kash does some trash-talking and slaps him right in the face!

- Kash follows this up with a Shining Wizard

- Kash makes the cover, but....

- Nunzio kicks out for a near-fall

- Kash shakes his head, and he decides to climb to the top rope

- Kash goes for the Frog Splash, but....

- Nunzio moves out of the way, and Kash misses completely!

- Nunzio rolls up Kash, but he kicks out at 2

- Nunzio waits for Kash to get on his feet so he can strike him multiple times

- Nunzio does some babyface offense on Kash, and he knocks him down a few times

- Nunzio sets Kash up at the corner, so he can run to the opposite side of the ring in order to give him a Running Dropkick

- He then climbs to the top rope, and gives Kash a Missile Dropkick

- Nunzio makes the cover, but Kash kicks out at 2

- Nunzio quickly climbs to the top rope again, and he goes for a Diving Crossbody on Kash

- He hits it, but Kash is still able to kick out at 2

- Kash signals to the referee that he injured his chest

- The referee tells Nunzio to step back so he can check up on Kash

- While Nunzio is questioning the referee on his health and status, Kash quickly trips him up; which causes his face to hit the bottom rope

- Kash immediately hits a Spiking DDT on Nunzio, which indicates that he was actually playing possum

- The commentary is disgusted by how the bully has to resort to cheap tactics right when the underdog is close to beating him

- Instead of going for the cover, Kash picks him up and hits the Dead Level (Brainbuster) on Nunzio, but he still doesn't go for the pin

- Instead, he lifts up a beaten Nunzio and carries him to the top of the turnbuckle

- Kash ends up doing a 2nd Dead Level from the top rope, and he hits it ()!!

- Kash pins Nunzio for the win at 7:15

Spoiler for Aftermath for Match 1:

Kash eventually rises his way into the midcard scene within the next few months. He also develops more of a vicious streak even more, and he embraces his bully character.

Nunzio takes even longer to make a small presence into the midcard scene, which finally occurs over the course of several months. He shows that he is indeed a valuable asset in the undercard as an underdog babyface. He also proves to everyone how tough he can be, and that he's able to win matches when it counts.

Spoiler for Build-Up for Match 2:

Week 1:

Steve Blackman loses his match to Christian via dirty Roll-Up.

Later that night, Rhyno is shown eating at the cafeteria (at Catering) backstage. A backstage interviewer alerts him that his match against Sami Zayn in order qualify for the finals (which will be who gets to be the #1 Contender for the WWE Champion at Summerslam). Rhyno panics, and he sprints toward the Gorilla Position (backstage area where the wrestlers come out to the entrance ramp). However, Rhyno accidentally bumps into Blackman, who was chugging some beer, and he causes the whole drink to spill on his clothes due to the collision. Blackman is pissed.

Rhyno loses to Sami Zayn later on in that tournament match for a WWE title opportunity.

Week 2:

There is a backstage segment where Rhyno is seen laying on his stomach unconscious. Witnesses (who arrive at the scene) try to call for the medical staff. Rhyno's back is bruised and red (as if a weapon was used on him brutally). It is discovered that there was a Kendo Stick laying nearby Rhyno's unconscious body.

Week 3:

Throughout the night, Rhyno is angrily confronting people backstage on who was guilty of attacking him last week. In the final backstage segment involving Rhyno, he ends up giving up when he finds out that every single individual that he encountered turn out to be innocent. However, right when Rhyno is about to exit the building, a door suddenly opens behind him. It turns out to be Steve Blackman! He quickly hits his Kendo Stick on Rhyno's back (but only once). Rhyno screams in pain. Blackman shouts to a downed Rhyno's face that "NOBODY disrespects him" (since he hasn't forgotten about that incident a couple of weeks ago. Blackman smiles to himself, and walks off leaving Rhyno down in the ground in pain. The attacker is indeed Blackman.

Week 4:

Blackman has a match with Nunzio. Right when Nunzio is finally able to hit his offense and stand up to him, Blackman suddenly gets attacked by Rhyno to cause the DQ. Rhyno sets up a table in the corner, waits for Blackman to get up, and hits the Gore on him onto the table. The table breaks, and Blackman is layed out. (This happening moments after Kid Kash arrives to beat down Nunzio in the ring only for them to fight their way backstage). The segment ends with Rhyno standing tall.

Week 5:

Rhyno squashes a local jobber (to warm up for Summerslam this Sunday) in a match. However, Blackman runs down the ring and tries to attack him. Rhyno fights back, and the brawl escalates to the outside of the ring with both men introducing weapons. Blackman takes out a Kendo Stick while Rhyno brings out a steel chair. I come out to the entrance ramp, and tell both men to save the action for Summerslam because their match will now end up having a Hardcore stipulation. Rhyno and Blackman agree with me, and they end up having an intense staredown.

Will Rhyno end up making the Lethal Weapon think twice before messing with him, or will Steve Blackman end up humbling the Man Beast with what (most likely may be) his Kendo Stick once again?

Spoiler for Match 2:

Match 2: Rhyno vs Steve Blackman Hardcore Match

- Steve Blackman makes his entrance to the ring

- Rhyno makes his entrance before running down the ring

- The match starts with Rhyno and Blackman exchanging fists, which eventually leads to the former getting the advantage over the latter

- Rhyno does a series of kicking and stomping to Blackman once he's knocked down on the mat

- Rhyno takes Blackman to the corner, and sets him up for a Superplex

- Rhyno ends up giving Blackman the Superplex, which gives him a 2 count

- Rhyno exits the ring, and he grabs a steel chair from ringside

- He reenters the ring

- Rhyno sets up the steel chair (at a sitting position)

- Rhyno then decides to give a Scoop Slam to Blackman on the mat in order to soften up his back

- Rhyno waits for Blackman to slowly get to his feet

- Rhyno attempts to do the Spinebuster to him onto the steel chair, but....

- Blackman immediately counters the Spinebuster into a DDT ON the steel chair ()

- Blackman goes for the pin, but Rhyno barely kicks out at 2

- Blackman pulls out a garbage can underneath the ring, and he places it at a corner

- Blackman tries to ram Rhyno's head to it, but he gets shoved away

- Rhyno hits a Running STO to knock Blackman down

- Rhyno gets all fired up, so he exits the ring again

- He decides to lift up the steel steps so he can throw it into the ring

- Rhyno lifts the steel steps again, but this time he tosses it to Blackman's back, who immediately is writhing in pain

- Rhyno goes for the cover, but he gets a 2 count on Blackman

- Rhyno follows this up by lifting him so he can do the Irish Whip on Blackman to the ropes

- Blackman rebounds off the ropes, and Rhyno ends up giving him a Back Drop on TOP of the steel steps; which fucks up Blackman's back even more

- Rhyno goes for the pin again, but Blackman kicks out at 2.5

- Rhyno tries to pick up Blackman again, but....

- Blackman gives Rhyno the Low Blow out of desperation!

- Blackman goes for one of his roundhouse kicks, but Rhyno grabs his foot and shakes his head

- Blackman quickly picks up a steel chair while Rhyno is holding on to his foot

- Blackman tries to swing the steel chair at him, but Rhyno ends up grabbing it with both hands (which means that he let go of Blackman's foot)

- Right when Rhyno attempts to use the weapon on him, Blackman kicks the steel chair to his face; which stuns the big man

- Right when Rhyno turns his back to him while stunned, Blackman hits a Reverse DDT; but it's on the same steel chair that is now lying on the ground

- Blackman makes the cover, but he ends up getting a long 2 count on Rhyno

- Blackman questions the referee if it really was a 2 count and if it wasn't a 3 count, but the match still isn't over

- Blackman sees Rhyno crawling to the ropes, so he waits for him to get up and turn around

- Blackman runs towards him at full speed, but Rhyno counters with a Back Drop; which causes him to land on a table that was already set up outside off-camera!

- The table breaks, and Blackman is hurt

- Rhyno slowly drags (since he's in pain too) Blackman back into the ring to make the cover

- Blackman barely kicks out at 2.6

- Rhyno goes to the opposite side of the ring so he can set up for the Gore

- Rhyno goes for the Gore, but Blackman tosses him to the garbage can that was sitting on the corner

- Rhyno's running momentum causes him to collide hard with the garbage can thanks to Blackman

- Blackman hits a Roundhouse Kick to Rhyno once he slowly gets himself up

- Blackman makes the cover, but....

- Rhyno barely kicks out at 2.7

- Blackman decides to grab a kendo stick, and he hits Rhyno in the back with it several times

- Blackman takes off the tape on his fists, and he decides to climb on the top rope

- For maximum punishment to his injured back using his bare hands, Blackman goes for a Diving Axe Handle to Rhyno....

- However, he gets hit with the Gore in mid-air!

- Rhyno pins Blackman at 8:50 for the victory

Spoiler for Aftermath for Match 2:

Rhyno continues to make his presence felt in the midcard, and he ends up being a potential IC title challenger within the next few months.

Blackman ends up avoiding Rhyno, and he keeps himself from picking fights with bigger opponents. Instead, he chooses to pick his fights. He targets after the smaller wrestlers in the undercard/midcard instead.

Spoiler for Build-Up for Match 3:

The Club have a special contract where they are able to compete in outside tours while they are competing for the Dusty Rhode Tag Team Classic tournament (while representing my brand). However, they're able to appear on Raw every week.

However, Demolition's contract is slightly different. They need to complete their outside tours by finishing up the Dusty Rhode Tag Team Classic tournament (after the semi-finals match) before they even begin to compete on Raw. They're also suddenly in good shape (like they were in the early 90's) because of advanced health care and complex workout exercises.

The Club has recently won the semi-finals in the tag tournament. However, there was a delay with scheduling for the other tag teams due to their different contracts. Demolition's semi-final match takes place in a couple of weeks. However, they still have a Raw contract once they finish that match.

The Club have also been managing AJ Styles and walking out with him weekly on Raw. They are willing to do whatever it takes to help out their best friend. They've also been getting cocky because they won their semi-finals match, so they feel like they should be awarded for being a great tag team.

Week 1:

The Club are seen walking out with AJ Styles to the ring as back-up in the opening segment, which involves the announcement of a WWE title tournament taking place tonight (which will be over who gets to face the world Champion at Summerslam) Everyone will found out who the #1 Contender will be that night.

Later that night, the Club enters my office and asks me if I have something good planned for them at Summerslam. They believe that I should award them something for winning their semi-finals match recently. I tell the Club that I'll keep them posted on my Summerslam plans.

During this backstage segment in my office though, there was a split second where there was an image of an axe flashing on the TV screen (for the viewers watching on TV and for the fans watching live in attendance on the Titantron) while Karl Anderson talked. The Club and I didn't notice this though.

Week 2:

Demolition ends up winning the semi-finals on a live event in a tour.

The Club appears in the opening segment walking out to the ring with AJ Styles. The segment pretty much ends with them blocking Neville from walking to follow Styles once he leaves the ring.

Later that night, the Club are heard having a conversation backstage. They complain that they should be awarded something at Summerslam for making it really far in the Dusty Rhode Tag Team Classic tournament. They think that I'm taking too long making plans for them....

At one point during their conversation, the lights around them suddenly dim. There turns out to be an image of a hammer flashing on the TV screen and on the titantron this time. The Club searches around looking all confused. They end up walking away.

A vignette airs hyping up Demolition later that night. We find out that the images of the axe and hammer symbolize Ax and Smash respectively. It's revealed that they'll finally appear on Raw next week.

Week 3:

The Club enters my office looking all frustrated. They ask me again what the Summerslam plans are for them. The Club points out that they've been proving to everyone for weeks how they deserve to be rewarded for being the best tag team on the show, and for lasting so far in the semi-finals. I tell them that they will be rewarded if they manage to win their finals match at Summerslam. I also reveal that the main-event next week will take place between Club/AJ Styles against Neville and the tag team who won their semi-finals match last week. Unaware of who won that semi-finals match, the Club questions me who will be their opponents (besides Neville) for next week I point my index finger behind them. The Club turns around to see.....

DEMOLITION!!!! The camera focuses on Ax and Smash, who are looking really intense. Both tag teams end up having a tense staredown before the Club eventually walks out of my office. The crowd is losing it since Demolition have finally appeared on Raw

Week 4:

Neville ends up pinning Karl Anderson via Red Arrow in order to win the main-event (along with Demolition). After the match, Luke Gallows blindsides Smash from behind by smashing a large hammer behind his back. Ax realizes what happened to his partner, so he attempts to fight off Gallows. However, Anderson is able to recover in time to help his partner. The Club ends up dominating Ax, and this eventually leads to them giving him the Magic Killer on the outside. Demolition ends up being layed out by the Club. Styles and Neville aren’t there during this chaos because they’ve already left ringside by this point.

Week 5:

The Club are seen walking out to the ring with AJ Styles in the opening segment. They are just there as his back-up.

Later that night, the Club arrives to my office looking even more frustrated than they were 2 weeks ago. They threaten to me that there will be no finals match because they've just about had it since I've yet to reward them for their work as being the best tag team on the show. They don't believe facing Demolition at Summerslam in the finals match is worth it if that doesn't lead to anything for them. I end up telling them that it'd be a shame if I end up awarding Demolition the tag titles since the Club seems to be interested in losing the finals match by default instead. The Club quickly changes my mind, and accepts the finals match at Summerslam.

I tell them that there is more news too. Because the new chairman of the WWE (looking at you @Kenny Omega ; ) wants the finals match at Summerslam to be exciting and memorable for everyone getting to see the inaugural tag champs, there will be a summer-themed gimmick match for both tag teams to compete in. I remind the Club that the stadium is located a few miles away from the beach. There just happens to be a tiny island that has enough room to hold a squared ring for them to wrestle in. That island is located about a several dozens of feet away from the shore. I also reveal that this has been the plan for 2 months now, and that the 2 entrance ramps connected to that small island have already been built. I tell them that they could do whatever they want to Demolition in this match (and vice-versa). This segment ends with the Club exchanging glances to each other looking anxious about this new summer-themed match.

AJ Styles tells the Club (who's ready to escort him to the ring again for the closing segment) backstage that he appreciates them having his back, but he thinks that they should go back to the hotel and have the rest of the night off. The Club are promised that they will eat out at a restaurant nearby once the night is over though.

The Club walks down to their car later that night. However, they suddenly stop. The camera reveals that Demolition is blocking their way to the car. It turns out that Axe is carrying an axe (). However, he hands over the axe to Smash so he can use it to smash their car () as revenge for being blindsided by the Club last week. The Club watches helplessly as their Summerslam opponents destroy their car with an axe.

The closing segment ends with the Club (who's still in the arena since their ride is destroyed) saving AJ Styles from a beating from Neville. However, Demolition arrives moments later to save Neville and to fight off the Club. Both tag teams end up fighting their way out into the crowd (while Neville continues to attack Styles in the ring).

Will the Club finally win the Tag titles that they believe they deserve, or will Demolition shatter their dreams of capturing the gold that they believe should be awarded to them?

Spoiler for Match 3:

Match 3: The Club vs Demolition Sandbox Match (at a Tiny Island) for the Tag titles

This match takes place at a tiny island outside of the arena, which means that the live crowd in attendance are going to be watching this take place via live hologram in the ring (so it's as if they are watching the match at the island take place in the arena). Yes, we are actually able to afford live holograms in this arena.

The tiny island is located several dozens of feet away from the shore. The island is so small that there is enough room to fit a ring only. There will be 2 ramps connected to the ring over the ocean so both tag teams can make their entrances on each ramp. There is a huge TV screen located at the beach where the people there can see a better view of this match taking place live literally dozens of feet away on an island.

- The Club makes their way on an entrance ramp over the ocean, and they enter the ring on the tiny island

- Demolition makes their way on the other entrance ramp over the ocean, and they enter the ring on the tiny island

- All 4 men are wearing lightweight gear, so that their wrestling performance won't be affected by the water should they fall into the ocean.

- Both teams have completed their respective entrances, and now both of them are in the ring that is covered with sand!

- Ax and Gallows leave the ring to stand on the apron, which means that Smash and Anderson will start out the match

- Smash and Anderson have a little staredown once the bell rings

- Unbeknownst to Anderson (and Gallows too), Ax reaches down underwater in order to retrieve fish eggs

- Ax quickly gets up on the apron, and he calls out Smash saying that he wants to make the tag in order to start the match

- Smash tags in Ax

- Ax tries to make peace with Anderson, and wants him to shake his hand

- After several seconds, Anderson reluctantly shakes hands with Ax

- Ax decides to hand the fish eggs (that he just picked up a few moments ago) to Anderson as a "show of respect"

- Anderson looks confused

- Ax convinces Anderson that they're "grapes" and that he (along with Smash) ate them before they made their entrance

- After a little while, Anderson makes his decision and eats the "grapes" (which are actually fish eggs)

- Once Anderson swallows them all, his face immediately makes a disgusted grimace

- Ax shouts this out to Anderson; "they're fish eggs, you moron"

- Anderson gets pissed, and he suddenly attempts to hit Ax with a wild swing....

- However, Ax ducks the punch and he outsmarts Anderson again by doing a quick Roll-Up to him

- Anderson barely kicks out at 2 for a near-fall already

- Gallows reaches towards Anderson and tags himself in

- After both men exchange some fists and punches, Gallows eventually gets the upper hand

- Gallows does a Back Suplex to Ax, which sends him down to the sand!

- Gallows makes the cover, and Ax kicks out at 2

- Gallows decides to go to Ax's corner, and he gives Smash a Big Boot; which sends him into the ocean!

- Gallows returns to Ax, but he gets kicked in the abdomen and gets DDTed into the sand!

- Ax makes the cover, and Gallows kicks out at 2

- Gallows elbows Ax away, and he quickly stumbles his way to Anderson for a tag since he needs to get rid of the sand that is covering parts of his face

- However, Anderson reveals to have a big clam shell that was concealed in his fist (meaning that he must have pulled this weapon out from the water off-camera)

- Anderson ends up hitting Ax in the head with the clam shell multiple times

- Anderson climbs up to the top rope, and does a Diving Axe Handle; but this time he uses the clam shell on Ax instead of using his own hands for this maneuver

- Anderson quickly makes the cover

- Ax kicks out for a close near-fall

- Anderson decides to tag in Gallows

- After a minute of Gallows striking him with hard shots to his head and body, Ax reverses one of his punches by doing a Belly-to-Belly Suplex in order to get some breathing room for a tag

- Ax crawls over and makes the hot tag to Smash, while Gallows makes the tag to Anderson simultaneously

- Smash gets all fired up; he hits a couple of Clotheslines to Anderson and then some more babyface offense

- Smash does an uppercut, and then hits a Rolling Powerslam to Anderson, but he gets a 2.4 count on him

- Smash gets Anderson up to his feet

- He does the Irish Whip on Anderson, but he also immediately does the same to Smash; who runs to the ropes

- Smash stops himself at the ropes just in time to avoid Anderson's Spinebuster, so he responds by kicking him right in the face

- Gallows gets up on the apron behind Smash, but he's holding something in his hand....

- It turns out to be a big shark tooth!

- Gallows throws the shark tooth at Smash when he turns around....

- However, Smash ducks the big shark tooth and it ends up hitting Anderson right in the face by mistake!!

- Smash immediately picks up a stunned Anderson for the Spinebuster

- He ends up hitting the Spinebuster on Anderson (as a taste of his own medicine), and goes for the pin

- While Smash is about to go for the cover, Gallows desperately tries to enter the ring so he can break up the pin and save his partner from taking the fall for his recent mistake

- However, Ax quickly reenters the ring and Clotheslines Gallows back out of the ring the moment he enters the ring, which sends him back into the ocean (while Smash is attempting to make the cover!

- Anderson barely kicks out at 2.8, which means that the Club is still alive!

- Ax gets back to his corner

- Smash tags Ax in to set up for their tag finisher

- Ax holds Anderson into the Backbreaker position, while Smash climbs to the top rope in order to set up for the DD (Demolition Decapitation)

- However, Gallows (who snuck his way to Demolition's corner) leaps out of the water outta nowhere and throws a jellyfish into Smash's face ()

- The jellyfish stings Smash's face, which causes him to fall back into the ocean

- While this sequence of events at that corner of the ring is almost finished, Anderson grabs bits of sand from the mat and tosses it into Ax's eyes (who was distracted from his partner's situation thanks to Gallows) to blind him

- Ax immediately lets go of the Backbreaker hold to wipe the bits of sand out of his eyes

- Gallows re-enters the ring, and lifts Ax up in the Samoan Drop position in order for him and Anderson to do the Boot of Doom

- Gallows pins a blinded Ax for the 3 count at 9:58, which means that the Club is now the inaugural Tag Team Champions!

Spoiler for Aftermath for Match 3:

The Club end up having a nice reign with the titles, and they dominate the tag division afterwards. They continue supporting AJ Styles before their inevitable issues occur.

Demolition take a couple of weeks off afterwards, so that Smash can recover from the minor jellyfish sting. They eventually end up winning the tag titles a couple of months later.

Spoiler for Build-Up for Match 4:

Week 1:

Alberto Del Rio beats Chad Gable via Cross-Armbreaker in a match in order to qualify for the finals for the WWE title tournament taking place in the main-event.

Later that night, Del Rio is seen backstage warming up for the main-event (which involves the winner taking on the WWE Champion at Summerslam). Carlito encounters him, and wishes Del Rio good luck tonight. Carlitos even suggests that maybe Del Rio and him would be great competitors to wrestle for the WWE title after Summerslam since they are the greatest exports of the Spanish. Del Rio laughs at Carlito's face. He tells Carlito that he won't be getting any title shot once he wins the main-event along with the WWE Championship match at Summerslam. Del Rio also questions Carlito being worthy enough to be a good opponent for him in a title match since he's yet to qualify for the main-event finals later on tonight. Del Rio walks away, and Carlito has a blank expression on his face. He needs to focus on his upcoming match later that night.

Neville beats Carlito via Red Arrow in order to qualify for the main-event finals.

The main-event ends with Del Rio getting pinned by a Red Arrow, which means that he loses the opportunity to get a WWE title shot at Summerslam.

Week 2:

Carlito warms up backstage before he competes in the Gauntlet match (where the winner gets a title shot against the Intercontinental Champion at Summerslam). Alberto Del Rio arrives during his warm-up. Carlito tries to make peace with him, and claims that he'll give Del Rio a title shot for the IC title after Summerslam since he's sure that he'll win the Gauntlet match. He states that this is a cool idea. Del Rio points out that all this just means is that Carlito will fail like he did last week again. Del Rio tells him that the day Carlito wins the IC title again is the day that the belt loses prestige. Del Rio walks away, and Carlito is seen frowning.

Carlito ends up losing the Gauntlet match early on after being pinned by Christian via Killswitch.

Del Rio is seen smiling backstage once the Gauntlet match is finally over. He is asked by an interviewer what his plans will be for Summerslam. Del Rio promises to everyone that he will make his presence felt on the ppv, and that he will have a match on Summerslam.

Week 3:

Carlito invites Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez to his Carlito's Cabana segment. Carlito initially asks him some light questions about what his plans are for Summerslam. He brings up how he isn't doing anything either, so he believes that it'd be a good idea if both of them wrestled each other on the ppv. Del Rio declines the offer, and is seconds away from getting up to leave the ring before it eventually leads to Carlito questioning him on why he's been so disrespectful ately. Del Rio gets up on Carlito's face, and states that he's too much of a perro for him to have as a Summerslam opponent. Carlito starts eating his apple, and he's moments away from spitting it on his face before Del Rio ends up pulling Ricardo towards him. Ricardo's face ends up being spat on by Carlito. The segment ends with Del Rio knocking Carlito down with an Enziguri. Del Rio walks away with a disgusted Ricardo.

Week 4:

Carlito is seen walking around backstage looking for Del Rio. He wants revenge for what he did to him last week. However, I end up encountering Carlito. I let him know that he'll get his revenge on Del Rio at Summerslam, and that he has a match to prepare for.

Sami Zayn ends up beating Carlito via Helluva Kick after Del Rio suddenly appears at ringside (behind a corner of the ring) to cause a distraction. Carlito is layed out cold. Del Rio pulls out an apple out of his jacket's pocket. He eats the apple, and spits it on Carlito's face. He ends up embarrassing Carlito with a smug smirk on his face. (This takes place in the ring after Chris Benoit's entrance music plays, which caused Zayn to run out of the arena).

Week 5:

Del Rio reveals backstage that he's going to throw a Mexican celebration in the arena for embarrassing Carlito last week, and for possibly making him quit Summerslam.

Later that night, a limousine makes its way into the arena. Ricardo is in the ring getting ready to announce Del Rio for his entrance. The driver comes out. He heads over to the back of the limo. and opens the door for Del Rio right before Ricardo announces "ALBERTOOOOO DE RI...," the driver suddenly attacks Del Rio! Ricardo immediately runs down the entrance ramp in order to save his buddy. It turns out to be Carlito (who was incognito) who ruins the celebraton!Carlito takes out an apple, and he angrily chews it. Right before he gets to spit the apple on Del Rio's face, Ricardo pushes his buddy just in time to get spat on the face again! Del Rio quickly runs away, and Ricardo eventually follows him looking all disgusted. Carlito screams "I WILL EMBARRASS YOU, DEL RIO!! YOU WON'T LOOK SO COOL THEN!! I'LL PROMISE EVERYONE THAT!!!!"

Will Carlito finally get the chance to spit on his opponent's face, or will Alberto Del Rio continue to embarrass him?

Spoiler for Match 4:

Match 4: Carlito vs Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez)

- Ricardo is in the ring, while he announces Del Rio for his entrance

- Del Rio enters the ring to some chorus of boos

- Carlito makes his way out to the ring first to a good positive crowd response

- The bell rings, and the match starts with Carlito quickly heading over to Del Rio to punch his head multiple times aggressively

- Del Rio tries to fight back, but Carlito is getting the advantage over him with his punches

- Del Rio quickly exits the ring in order to escape and get a breather

- Carlito exits the ring to follow Del Rio

- Carlito chases Del Rio around on the outside of the ring

- Del Rio runs back and reenters the ring....

- However, Ricardo gets in Carlito's way and he blocks him from reentering the ring

- Carlito gets annoyed with him, so he tells Ricardo to get out of his way

- After approximately 6 seconds, Ricardo reluctantly steps aside for Carlito

- Carlito is about to head over to the ring to reenter, but....

- Del Rio suddenly kicks Carlito in the face by doing a vicious Baseball Slide

- Suddenly, Del Rio is in control of the match

- Del Rio throws Carlito back in the ring, and he goes for the cover

- Carlito ends up kicking out around the 2 count

- Del Rio immediately stomps on Carlito's arm multiple times

- Del Rio then puts Carlito in a sitting position so he can give him a hard kick to his back

- Del Rio goes for the cover, but Carlito kicks out at 2

- Del Rio lifts Carlito up to his feet with his back to the ropes

- Del Rio gives Carlito a loud chop to his chest before giving him the Irish Whip to the opposite side of the ring

- Carlito rebounds off those ropes before moving back to Del Rio

- Del Rio is going for the Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker on Carlito

- Del Rio lifts up Carlito for the Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker....

- However, Carlito manages to counter the Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker into an Arm Drag!

- Carlito immediately follows this up with a nice Dropkick to Del Rio's face

- Carlito quickly hits the Russian Leg Sweep once Del Rio attempts to get up after that Dropkick

- Carlito goes for the cover, but Del Rio kicks out at 2

- Carlito heads over near the ropes while he waits for Del Rio to get back up to his feet

- Once Del Rio gets back up on his feet, Carlito hits him with a Springboard Moonsault

- Carlito goes for the cover....

- However, Del Rio kicks out at 2.5

- Carlito picks up Del Rio so he can lay some stiff chops to his chest

- Del Rio quickly shoves Del Rio back to the ropes

- Carlito rebounds off those ropes and heads over to Del Rio

- Del Rio suddenly does the Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker on Carlito outta nowhere!

- Del Rio goes for the cover....

- Carlito manages to kick out at 2.6

- Del Rio gets frustrated, so he angrily punches Carlito multiple times in the head

- Del Rio lifts up Carlito, and places him to sit on the top rope

- Del Rio heads over to the opposite corner

- Del Rio is going for the Top Rope Enziguri on a seated Carlito

- However, Carlito quickly dodges the Top Rope Enziguri at the last moment by leaping out of the way to the apron; while Del Rio misses the kick completely

- Carlito stands on the apron, and he waits for Del Rio to get back up into position

- Carlito goes for the Springboard Crossbody from the outside on the apron to the inside of the ring to Del Rio...

- However, Del Rio counters the Springboard Crossbody into a vicious Snap Powerslam!!

- Del Rio makes the cover; 1, 2....

- Carlito barely manages to kick out at 2.7

- Del Rio waits for Carlito to get on his knees

- Del Rio hits a nasty Superkick to a kneeling Carlito

- Del Rio makes the cover....

- However, Carlito barely gets the shoulder up at 2.8

- Del Rio starts to get pissed off, so he can grabs Carlito's arm

- Del Rio is about ready to lock in his Cross Armbreaker submission hold

- However, Carlito quickly counters the Cross Armbreaker attempt into a variant of a Roll-Up!

- Del Rio barely manages to roll his way out of the pin at 2.7

- Carlito quickly hits the Enziguri on Del Rio the moment he gets back to his feet

- However, Carlito doesn't go for the cover....

- Instead, he chooses to wait for Del Rio to get up so he can finish him by doing the Backstabber

- Del Rio uses the ropes to get on his feet while his back is turned to Carlito

- Carlito goes for the Backstabber on Del Rio....

- However, Del Rio hangs on to the ropes to avoid the Backstabber; which causes Carlito to land on the back of his head!

- This allows Del Rio to get behind Carlito so he can wait for him to get back up

- Carlito slowly gets up to his feet....

- Del Rio suddenly ends up doing the Backstabber on Carlito (which causes the crowd to boo him for stealing his opponent's finisher)

- Del Rio taunts for a couple of seconds and laughs to himself since he just embarrassed Carlito by stealing the Backstabber along with the fact that he's moments away from winning the match

- Del Rio goes for the cover; 1, 2....

- Carlito barely manages to kick out at 2.9!!

- Del Rio angrily kicks the bottom rope out of frustration, and he begins to argue with the referee claiming that it was a 3 count (but the match is still going)

- He heads back over to Carlito, who's slowly using Del Rio's legs in order to get himself back up to his feet

- Del Rio viciously shoves Carlito in the face, and he shouts this out to him; "STAY DOWN, PERRO!"

- After a few moments later, Carlito suddenly does a Roll-Up on Del Rio....

- However, Del Rio still kicks out at 2.7

- Del Rio gets pissed because he got out-smarted, so he tries to run at Carlito....

- However, Carlito hits Del Rio with a Snap DDT!

- Carlito makes the cover; 1, 2....

- Del Rio barely gets his shoulder up at 2.8!

- Carlito lifts up Del Rio

- Carlito decides to go outside-the-box by attempting a Playmaker on Del Rio....

- However, Del Rio counters the Playmaker into the Cross Armbreaker on Carlito; and he locks it in!!

- Carlito is locked into the hold for approximately 20 seconds, but he eventually reaches the bottom rope

- Del Rio drags an injured Carlito towards a corner (with Ricardo encouraging him to finish it)

- Del Rio positions Carlito to sit upside down on the middle rope so he can go for his Top Rope Double Stomp

- Del Rio gets on the turnbuckle, and he jumps in order to go for the Top Rope Double Stomp; but....

- Carlito NOT only was able to move out of the way, but he ALSO managed to counter Del Rio's Top Rope Double Stomp in mid-air into the Small Package by catching his feet

- Del Rio BARELY kicked out of the Small Package at 2.8

- Carlito attempts to do the Backstabber on Del Rio, but he's shoved to the ropes (which is where Ricardo is positioned on the apron in order to distract Carlito)

- Ricardo shouts at Carlito to his face the moment he's been pushed by Del Rio towards him

- Carlito stares down at Ricardo for a moment and gives him a threatening glare

- Within a few seconds later, Del Rio runs towards Carlito from behind....

- Only for Del Rio to hit Ricardo and accidentally knock him off the apron because Carlito dodged his sneaky attack

- Carlito quickly rolls him up for a School Boy Roll-Up but Del Rio rolls his way up to his feet after a 2 count

- Del Rio goes for a wild swing to Carlito, but he dodges the punch

- Carlito immediately hits the Backstabber the moment he's behind Del Rio

- Carlito pins Del Rio for the 3 count at 12:15

- Carlito celebrates his victory

Spoiler for Aftermath for Match 4:

Carlito finally gets the pay-off and his revenge on Del Rio by spitting on his face, which only gets him to be even more over with the crowds. He proves to be a valuable name in the midcard division, and he turns out to be one of the more over babyfaces on the roster. He challenges for the IC title (and eventually wins it plenty of months later), and occasionally challenges for the WWE title eventually.

Alberto Del Rio continues to be a name that can move up to the main-event scene when he's needed, and someone who can be a valuable name in the midcard scene. He eventually becomes obsessed with winning gold months later.

Spoiler for Build-Up for Match 5:

Steve Blackman makes his entrance and enters the ring. He awaits his mysterious opponent. It turns out to be THIS MAN....

Christian makes his entrance, and the crowd initially pops for him!! It turns out that he was able to recover from his injuries involving concussions, and that the doctors medically cleared him after. The match between Christian and Blackman is on.

Christian ends up beating Blackman by using his feet on the middle ropes via dirty Roll-Up, which ends up giving him some boos due to his dirty tactics to win.

Alberto Del Rio ends up beating Chad Gable via Cross Armbreaker in order to qualify for the main-event finals.

Week 2:

Christian invites Chad Gable as his guest to the Peep Show. They greet each other, and get along just fine on the show at the start. Gable tells Christian that he (and Edge) are the part of the reasons why he wanted to become a wrestle growing up. Christian's tag run with his best friend is what inspired Gable to form American Alpha with Jason Jordan years ago. Christian ends up thanking Gable for looking up to him as a young man.

Christian asks Gable if his setbacks on the previous week (since he lost out on a WWE title opportunity) kills his motivation for his Summerslam plans. Gable replies that he always has some decent options for Summerslam, such as competing in the Gauntlet match for an Intercontinental title opportunity later on tonight. Christian reveals that he's in that Gauntlet match too. Gable asks him if he isn't going to cheat like he did last week against Steve Blackman because he believes that Christian is better than that. Christian ends up agreeing with Gable, and apologizes to him (along with the crowd) for playing dirty last week.

The Peep Show ends with Gable telling the crowd to give it up to Christian for being a great host tonight. The fans live in attendance end up cheering for Christian. Gable raises Christian's arm as a show of respect. Both of their arms are raised since they both mutually respect each other. Both of their arms are raised down. Gable turns around, but Christian is still grabbing his arm. He turns Gable around for a Killswitch outta nowhere, which causes the crowd to boo Christian heavily for his heel turn. Christian grabs the mic, and screams to him that he can do whatever he wants to win. He also tells Gable that he'll see him again later tonight in the Gauntlet match (or not).

Once Christian beats Carlito, Gable turns out to be Christian's next opponent! The finish to their portion of the Gauntlet match ends with Christian going for the Killswitch on him, but Gable ends up countering it into a Backslide for the 3 count. Christian loses his IC title opportunity, while Gable advances on to the next and final opponent.

Gable ends up losing that final portion of the Gauntlet match to Mr. Perfect. However, Christian reappears and beats up Gable right after the Gauntlet match finally ends. He hits him with a Reverse DDT as revenge for Gable costing him an IC title opportunity. (This happens while Dolph Ziggler gives Perfect a Zig Zag in the ring while he's distracted by the beating going on the outside of the ring)

Week 3:

Gable is given the chance to blow off some steam on a local jobber, who he ends up squashing. He immediately gets the mic, and challenges Christian to take him on in the ring right now. Gable calls him out for losing like a bitch to him despite being blindsided and Killswitched last week after the Peep Show. Christian suddenly arrives to the ring behind Gable in order to blindside him again. However, Gable quickly ducks (since he was expecting this) and Clotheslines Christian out of the ring. He ends up retreating from Gable, who is all fired up in the ring. I come out to the entrance ramp, and announce that both men will face each other at Summerslam.

Week 4:

Gable has a backstage interview, and he's asked about his thoughts on facing Christian at Summerslam. He replies by stating that he is looking forward to defeating Christian once again. At one point of the interview again, Christian comes outta nowhere and attacks Gable from behind. He knocks down Gable, laughs, and taunts at his downed Summerslam opponent.

Christian ends up squashing a local jobber later that night. Right after the match, Gable attacks Christian. He gets the advantage over Christian. They exit the ring, and fight each other on the outside. This eventually ends with Gable giving Christian a nasty German Suplex on the outside of the ring, which ends up hurting him. Gable ends up standing tall in this segment, while Christian's head appears to be hurt.

Week 5:

Gable makes his way to the ring. He cuts a promo about Christian being nothing more than a coward who tries to blindside him from behind every week on TV. Gable used to look up to Christian as an idol of his, but now he finds him to be a coward of a man. He has had enough of Christian, and he states that he doesn't have to wait until this Sundy to get his hands on him again.

Christian ends up showing up to the entrance ramp. He walks a little gingerly though since the back of his head is still hurt from that nasty German Suplex on the outside of the ring last week. Gable laughs, and claims that it is sad that he did more damage to Christian without ever having to blindside him. Christian points out that he will be fully recovered by this Sunday, but yet he reminds Gable that his career will never fully recover when he kicks his ass again at Summerslam. Gable tells him that he never had a problem with Christian before, but he sure has made an enemy out of him in recent weeks; so he orders him to enter the ring (since he doesn't believe that his head injury is not really for real.

Christian declines Gable's offer, but he says this: "Well now that you mention your problems, I sure have my own way of solving mine."

Gable ends up being suddenly attacked from behind. However, it isn't Christian this time since he's still on the entrance ramp. Instead, it's Tyson Tomko! He ends up laying out Gable, and he is seen wearing a leather jacket. Christian gives a smirk while he watches from the entrance ramp.

Will Chad Gable be able to beat Captain Charisma once again, or will Christian continue to solve his own problems?

Spoiler for Match 5:

Match 5: Chad Gable vs Christian (with Tyson Tomko) Winner Gets a Future Title Shot

- I quickly come out just in time to reveal that this match now has some stakes to it; which is that the winner will end up getting a future title opportunity of his own choice

- Gable makes his entrance, and enters the ring

- Christian's entrance music hits; but this theme plays....

- Christian comes out in his classic shiny hoodie gear!

- Tomko comes out in his nice black jacket

- Both men walk down the ring with Christian entering

- Christian gets up in the corner, takes off his hoodie, and salutes the crowd

- Christian turns around, and the bell rings

- The match starts with both men grappling each other

- This grappling exchange ends with Gable getting the advantage over Christian

- Gable eventually gets behind him, and he hits the Back Suplex on Christian

- Gable makes the cover, but Christian kicks out at 2

- Gable waits for Christian to get up, and he attempts to go for a Running Bulldog

- However, Christian pushes Gable forward away from him so he can escape from the Running Bulldog

- Gable rebounds off the ropes, and he rebounds towards Christian

- Christian ends up hitting a Back Drop to Gable

- Christian follows this up by immediately lifting Gable to set up for the Inverted Facelock Backbreaker, which he hits successfully

- Christian goes for the cover, but Gable kicks out at 2

- Christian stomps on Gable dozens of times aggressively to soften him up

- Christian quickly goes to the top rope

- Christian goes for the Diving Body Splash, and he hits it on Gable

- Christian goes for the cover again

- Gable kicks out at 2.5

- Christian slaps Gable's face, stomps his chest a couple of times, and he goes to the top rope again

- Gable quickly rises up to his feet (before Christian even climbs up to the top rope)....

- However, Christian ends up hitting Gable with the Pendulum Kick from out of the corner; which knocks him down to the ground

- Christian mocks the crowd before going to the top rope again

- Christian goes for a Diving Headbutt....

- Gable moves out of the way, which causes Christian to crash and burn on the mat!

- Gable immediately does a variant of a Roll-Up while Christian is on the ground

- Christian is able to kick out at 2.6

- Gable pulls Christian to his feet, and he lifts him up above the top turnbuckle on the corner

- Gable grabs Christian's arm, and he ends up doing an aggressive Cross Armbreaker while hanging upside down at the top rope

- Christian screams in pain, while Gable lands on the outside of the ring

- The referee counts to 4 until Gable lets go of the Cross Armbreaker before the 5 count

- Christian is grabbing his arm while he's near the top of the turnbuckle

- Gable reenters the ring, and goes to the top rope again where Christian is

- Gable ends up hitting a super-Alpha Plex (super Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex) OFF the top rope on Christian

- Gable goes for the cover....

- However, Christian kicks out at 2.7

- Gable waits for Christian to get up, and he ends up hitting a vicious Enziguri (to the crowd's delightment)

- Gable goes for the cover....

- However, Christian still kicks out at 2.7

- After several seconds, Gable tries to pick Christian up....

- However, Christian pokes him right in the eye, and he hits Gable with a DDT

- Christian goes for the cover

- Gable kicks out at 2.6

- Christian goes to the corner to set up for the Spear

- Gable gets up to his feet (with his back turned to Christian), and he turns around....

- Christian hits Gable with the Spear!

- Christian goes for the pin; 1, 2....

- Gable barely manages to reach the ropes at 2.8!

- Christian is getting frustrated, so he punches Gable multiples times in the head

- Christian gets Gable up to his feet

- Christian grabs Gable, and he places his head over the middle rope

- Christian then runs back to the opposite side of the ring so he can rebound off those ropes

- He runs to back to the side of the ring where Gable's head is hanging over the middle rope

- Christian leaps his way OVER the top rope so he can slap Gable viciously in the face upon landing on his feet

- This only angers Gable though

- Gable has a pissed-off look to his face (which concerns his opponent), so he grabs Christian from the inside of the ring

- Gable gives Christian (who's standing outside of the ring) a Deadlift Suplex back into the inside of the ring

- Gable makes the cover

- Christian barely manages to kick out at 2.7

- Gable picks up Christian, and moves him to a corner of the ring

- Gable rams Christian's head hard onto the middle turnbuckle

- Gable quickly does the Bankroll German Suplex on Christian, and bridges it for the cover!!

- Christian barely manages to get the shoulder up at 2.8!

- Gable heads over to the top rope so he can go for his Moonsault on Christian....

- However, Tomko steps up the apron and distracts Gable by having a staredown with him

- This gives Christian the opportunity to get back up to his feet, and he gives Gable the Reverse DDT from the top rope!!

- Christian goes for the cover; 1, 2....

- Gable barely manages to kick out at 2.7!

- Christian sets up at the corner, and he waits for Gable to get back to his feet (which takes approximately 20 seconds) so he can try ending the match already in order to earn his potential title opportunity

- Christian goes for the maneuver where he springboards off the middle turnbuckle on the corner in order to do a Sunset Flip on Gable....

- However, Gable counters that Springboard Roll-Up by catching Christian's leg in mid-air in order to counter it into the Ankle Lock!!

- Christian screams in pain

- Gable moves his way back to the middle of the ring so that Christian won't reach the ropes, and he grapevines the Ankle Lock

- Christian desperately tries to crawl his way to the bottom rope....

- After approximately 25 seconds of being stuck in the Ankle Lock, Christian is finally within 5 inches of reaching the bottom rope; but....

- Gable moves back to the middle of the ring again RIGHT when Christian was a finger's length away from the bottom rope, which means that the Ankle Lock is now locked in with no ropes nearby

- Christian is screaming in pain, and he begins to raise his hand....

- Christian uses that hand to reach back and hit Gable on the leg hoping to escape out of the Ankle Lock

- After an agonizing 55 seconds of being trapped in the Ankle Lock, Christian finally crawls over to the bottom rope and reaches it in order to break up the submission hold

- Christian crawls his way out of the ring over the bottom rope to get on the apron

- Gable joins him on the apron, and he attempts to do the German Suplex on Christian OFF of the apron on to the outside floor

- However, Christian hangs on to the ropes so that he won't get German Suplexed from the apron to the outside floor

- Christian elbows him right in the face to avoid getting German Suplexed from the apron to the outside floor (which would've been worse than that incident he experienced a couple of weeks ago), which causes Gable to let go of him

- Tomko helps Christian get away from Gable, and he checks up on his friend to see if he's okay

- Gable stays up on the apron, and he decides to go for the Springboard Moonsault on both Christian and Tomko

- Gable ends up hitting the Springboard Moonsault, but he only ends up hitting Tomko because Christian moved out of the way!

- Gable notices that he only landed on Tomko

- Before Gable even gets the chance to face him, Christian hits the Reverse DDT on him from behind on the outside floor (which is probably revenge for how he did the German Suplex on him to the outside floor a couple of weeks ago!!

- Christian gives a smug smirk, and he lifts up a groggy Gable back to his feet

- Christian heads back a few feet...

- Christian runs, leaps off the steel steps (which is located between him and his opponent), and gives Gable a Tornado DDT on the outside floor!!

- Gable is hurt and out of it

- Christian rolls an injured Gable back into the ring

- Christian makes the cover....

- However, Gable manages to kick out at 2.7

- Christian can't believe it

- Christian climbs to the top rope so he can punish Gable even more

- Christian goes for the Frog Splash on Chad Gable....

- However, Gable quickly moves out of the way just in time to see Christian crash and burn on the mat!

- Instead of going for the pin, Gable quickly chooses to climb up to the top rope (while Christian is lying on his stomach in pain from the Frog Splash he just missed moments ago)

- Gable goes for the Moonsault....

- Gable successfully ends up hitting his beautiful Moonsault on Christian's back

- Gable goes for the cover on Christian (who is now feeling pain on both sides of his body)....

- Christian barely manages to kick out at 2.7

- Gable picks up Christian

- Gable throws Christian hard into the corner so that his shoulder hits the steel post

- Gable goes for the Backrolling German Suplex on Christian again, but....

- Christian rolls his way out of the Backrolling German Suplex quickly so he can attempt to do the Killswitch on Gable the moment he rolls over back to his feet

- However, Gable counters the Killswitch into the Backslide pin once Christian turns around (the same way that Gable beat him in that Gauntlet match a few weeks ago); 1, 2....

- Christian barely kicks out of the pin at 2.8 this time

- Gable uppercuts Christian the moment he gets right back on his feet

- Gable positions Christian up to the middle rope so he can do his vicious German Suplex from there

- However, Christian realizes what Gable is about to do to him; so he tries to escape the German Suplex by attempting to crawl his way out of the ring through the middle ropes

- Gable has a tight grip on Christian though, and he refuses to let go of him

- While Gable was busy setting up for the German Suplex off the middle ropes to Christian, it turns out that Tomko took off his jacket and tossed it to the inside of the ring (unbeknownst to Gable)

- The referee questions Tomko's decision, and he decides to pick up the jacket so he can toss it out of the ring

- While the referee is dealing with the jacket situation, Tomko immediately reveals that he has a singapore cane strapped to the back of his tanktop (which he wore underneath his jacket)

- Tomko quickly runs towards the competitors and hits Gable in the head with a singapore cane RIGHT when he lifts Christian up for the German Suplex off the middle ropes (while the referee is distracted with getting rid of the jacket)

- Christian quickly lands on his feet, and hits the Killswitch to a wounded Gable

- Christian pins Gable for the 3 count at 13:30 once the referee turns around

Spoiler for Aftermath for Match 5:

Christian becomes an even bigger threat in the roster since not only does he now have a guaranteed championship opportunity, but he also has Tyson Tomko too on his side. He eventually chooses the Intercontinental title to challenge for (because he KNOWS that he'll eventually win the WWE title due to his confidence, so he just wants to prove his doubters wrong by becoming the workhorse champion). Christian eventually wins the WWE title a year after this event, and becomes an established main-eventer in the future.

Chad Gable eventually gets a win over Christian in a tag match a few weeks later. He ends up becoming a major presence in the midcard as one of the more over babyfaces in that scene. Gable eventually beats Christian for the IC title several months later.

Spoiler for Build-Up for Match 6:

Dolph Ziggler is having a lengthy run as the Intercontinental Champion. He tends to win his matches on TV in dirty fashion. However, he manages to retain the IC title cleanly on ppvs. However, he's been able to retain his title by the skin of his teeth in recent ppvs. Ziggler has been cutting promos that he's the perfect champion because he's willing to defend the title on every live house event, and on every ppv while being successful on those defenses too. He's held the IC title for several months, and there is no sign of anybody beating him for it.

Many individuals at this point have decided that it'd be a great idea to have defibrillators resting on corpses lying in cemeteries while having them be connected to metal wires; so that any electric current can revive the dead. There turns out to be a heavy lightning storm that takes place one weekend. There ends up being numerous cases of lightning strikes that hit some cemeteries.

Week 1:

Dolph Ziggler beats Nunzio via Zig Zag for an easy victory in order to qualify for the main-event finals later that night. He smirks earlier on in the match because he doesn't take Nunzio seriously as an opponent under these stakes.

Ziggler is unsuccessful on winning the main-event finals since Alberto Del Rio took the fall in that match.

Week 2:

Ziggler comes out to the ring, and cuts a promo reminding everyone how long he's held the IC title. Despite the fact that he wasn't pinned in the main-event finals match last week, he is STILL the workhorse champion. Nobody was able to beat him for the title before, and it looks like it'll stay that way too. Ziggler goes on to claim that he is indeed the perfect champion. He is so confident in his abilities that he's willing to give out an open challenge for the IC title. He awaits his challenger. Right when Ziggler waits awhile and is seconds away from giving up his offer for an open challenge, this entrance music hits....

Mr. Perfect is finally back after a decade, and now he's making his way to the ring!!!! He is still in phenomenal shape! The whole crowd loses it

Perfect answers the open challenge, and he tells Ziggler on the mic that he's been hearing about him being the perfect champion. However, he's mistaken because Ziggler is looking at him. Perfect is ready for the IC title open challenge before Ziggler reveals that he wasn't talking about tonight, which causes the crowd to boo him heavily. Ziggler was referring to Summerslam where he'll be willing to openly challenge the man who wins the Gauntlet match later tonight. Perfect gets the last word in by stating that he might make it in that match.

Ziggler shows up for commentary during the Gauntlet match.

Perfect ends up being the final competitor to come out last for the Gauntlet match. Perfect ends up beating Chad Gable via Perfect Plex in order to win an IC title opportunity. However, Christian shows up to pull out a downed Gable and attacks him on the outside of the ring. Perfect looks confused by this. Perfect tries to head over to Gable (as an attempt to help him out), but he gets hit by a Zig Zag from Ziggler from behind!

Week 3:

Ziggler is shown backstage doing a photo shoot (featuring the IC title) before he's pulled aside for a backstage interview. He is asked thoughts about facing Perfect for the IC title at Summerslam. However, he is suddenly attacked by Perfect. He knocks him down, holds his IC title, and he claims that this belt ALWAYS belonged to his (no matter how long Ziggler reigns as champion)

Week 4:

Ziggler comes out to the ring, and announces to everyone that Perfect finally has his attention. He accuses Perfect of being a coward for attacking him during his photo shoot last week when he wasn't prepared for any confrontation. Ziggler follows this up by stating that he will still remain as IC Champ in spite of the recent attacks. Perfect comes out, and labels him for being a hypocrite. Ziggler Zig Zagged him from behind when he wasn't expecting it, but at least Perfect himself attacked him face-to-face. Ziggler starts getting pissed and labels Perfect as a has-been, and that he can beat him more than once a night because that is how good he is as a champion. Perfect scoffs at Ziggler's idea. I come out to the entrance ramp, and agree with where Ziggler is going. I end up announcing a 2/3 Falls match for the IC title between Ziggler and Perfect.

Week 5:

Ziggler and Perfect end up having a contract signing for their segment. Ziggler claims that it doesn't matter what Perfect will do to him this Sunday because the results will remain the same as they've been over the last several months, which is with him still being the IC Champion. Perfect points out that Ziggler has never faced an iconic legend like him before, and that he's completely different from his past opponents with he retained the IC title over. Ziggler believes how he wouldn't be surprised if he was the first one to get the fall in their match, or even if he does a clean sweep because he's that damn good! Perfect pipes back by saying that Ziggler will find out that he is the perfect champion (hence his name). Ziggler claims that he isn't even a perfect champion anymore. Matter of fact, he's BETTER than perfect.

After both men sign the contract, Perfect walks away and he's about to exit the ring. However, Ziggler tries to do the Zig Zag on Perfect! However, Perfect holds on to the ropes. He tries to give Ziggler the Perfect Plex, but he quickly rolls his way out of the ring. Ziggler retreats, while Perfect trash talks him from the inside of the ring.

Is Dolph Ziggler really better than perfect, or will Mr. Perfect finally win the Intercontinental Champion for the first time in 2 decades?

Spoiler for Match 6:

Match 6: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Mr. Perfect 2/3 Falls match for the Intercontinental title

- Ziggler comes out to this entrance theme!!

- Ziggler is seen carrying a white rag

- He tosses the white rag up in the air, and catches it in various ways (as a way to mock Perfect)

- He even uses the white tag to rub his crotch before throwing it to a fan's face

- Ziggler enters the ring with the biggest smirk on his face

- That sickening move gets Ziggler plenty of boos

- Perfect makes his way to the ring

- Perfect looks pissed off, so he doesn't feel like throwing a white rag

- Perfect enters the ring

- Before the bell even rings, Perfect tosses his white rag to Ziggler's face as a way to humble his attitude

- Ziggler immediately loses it (since he feels extremely disrespected when he's a long-reigning IC Champion), so he tries to run at Perfect; but the referee holds him back

- Once the bell rings, Ziggler takes a wild swing at Perfect....

- However, Perfect dodges the punch and he rolls up Ziggler for a pin once his back is turned

- Perfect ends up getting a close 2 count on Ziggler

- Perfect moves his middle finger towards his thumb, which is a taunt to his opponent showing that he was THIS close to winning the match 1-0 simply because Ziggler lost his temper

- Ziggler eventually calms down

- Both men decide to grapple each other, but this ends with Perfect getting the advantage by overpowering Ziggler (who gets knocked into the ground) since he's the stronger man

- Ziggler immediately gets right back up, and he decides to challenge Perfect to grapple him again

- Perfect reluctantly accepts the grappling challenge with Ziggler, but....

- Ziggler ends up kicking him in the abdomen, and he quickly ends up doing the Neckbreaker on Perfect

- Ziggler goes for the cover, but Perfect kicks out at 2

- Ziggler quickly kicks Perfect in the face, and in the stomach repeatedly

- Ziggler does his 10 consecutive Elbow Drops (Heart Stopper) to Perfect's chest

- However, Ziggler does a Jumping Elbow Drop to Perfect's chest for his 10th and final one

- Ziggler goes for the cover, but Perfect kicks out at 2.5

- Ziggler goes for his Jumping DDT, but....

- Perfect is able to catch Ziggler in mid-air, so he shoves him all the way back

- Ziggler rebounds off the ropes and he runs back towards Perfect....

- Ziggler runs into a Bridged Northern Lights Suplex from Perfect!

- Perfect makes the cover

- Ziggler is able to kick out at 2.5

- Perfect lifts Ziggler up for a Scoop Slam

- Perfect positions Ziggler in a sitting position, so he gets behind him....

- Perfect hits a Rolling Neck Snap to seated Ziggler

- Perfect makes the cover, but Ziggler kicks out at 2.5 again

- Perfect quickly elbows Ziggler in the back of his neck to soften him up

- Perfect positions Ziggler in a sitting position again

- Perfect turns around and he tries to climb to the top rope

- It turns out that Perfect is attempting to go for the Rolling Neck Snap OFF the top rope

- However, Ziggler quickly rises to his feet and he sprints up the top rope in order to hit a Top Rope Facebuster on Perfect!!

- Ziggler makes the cover, but....

- Perfect barely manages to kick out at 2.7

- Ziggler immediately puts Perfect in a Grounded Side Headlock....

- However, Ziggler ends up doing a headstand for his Grounded Side Headlock similar to this one

- The crowd claps for Perfect to get up, and to make a comeback

- Perfect is able to rise back to his feet while he's locked in Ziggler's Headlock after approximately 20 seconds after being put into the hold

- Perfect elbows Ziggler a few times in the ribs in order to break up the Headlock

- Perfect quickly runs back to the ropes

- Perfect rebounds off those ropes so he can run towards Ziggler....

- However, Ziggler hits a beautiful Dropkick to Perfect's face

- Ziggler makes the cover....

- However, Perfect is still able to kick out at 2.6

- Ziggler's face looks a bit frustrated

- Ziggler then decides to wait for Perfect to get back to his feet

- Ziggler is waiting behind Perfect (who's using the ropes to pick himself up), which means that he is setting up for the Zig Zag....

- However, Perfect hangs on to the ropes in order to avoid the Zig Zag

- Perfect pushes Ziggler far away from him

- Ziggler decided to run at Perfect (who's standing in front of the ropes)....

- However, Perfect counters with a Back Drop to Ziggler over the ropes to the outside!

- Ziggler crashes and burns to the hard floor on the outside

- Perfect exits the ring

- Perfect picks up a hurt Ziggler, and he Irish Whips him hard into the steel steps!

- Perfect rolls Ziggler back in the ring

- Ziggler is crawling on his knees since he's feeling hurt

- Perfect reenters the ring, but....

- Ziggler quickly hits Perfect with a Superkick outta nowhere!!

- Ziggler falls back on top of Perfect for the cover; 1, 2....

- Ziggler pins Perfect for the 3 count at 10:05 while using his feet on the ropes for leverage (which the referee doesn't see)

- Ziggler grins and celebrates in victory since he's now 1-0 on Perfect

- After about 10 seconds later, Ziggler quickly runs and does a sliding kick on a downed Perfect (who's trying to get up; who rolls out of the ring due to that momentum from the sudden move

- Ziggler tells the referee to count up Perfect!

- The commentary points out how this is a brilliant move from Ziggler since he's 1-0 on Perfect (who is already hurt from the Superkick), and now he's attempting to get an easy 2nd victory to retain the IC title with a count-out

- The referee counts to 5, but Perfect is still lying on the outside on his back

- Perfect doesn't start to move up until 6.4

- The referee counts to 8, but Perfect is still on his knees on the outside desperately trying to get back into the ring

- The referee counts to 9....

- Ziggler gets pissed because Perfect barely manages to reenter the ring at 9.8!!

- The crowd pops for Perfect for surviving this match

- Perfect tries to get on his knees in order to get back....

- However, Ziggler quickly hits the Famouser on Perfect before he gets the chance to get up!

- Ziggler goes for the pin; 1, 2....

- Perfect manages to kick out at 2.7

- Ziggler quickly punches Perfect in the head some more

- Ziggler picks up Perfect and puts him to a corner

- Ziggler immediately moves back to the opposite end of a corner

- Ziggler runs back to Perfect's corner so he can go for his Stinger Splash....

- However, Perfect moves out of the way just in time to see Ziggler's head bounce off the top turnbuckle harshly

- Perfect follows that up with an Enziguri to Ziggler's head

- Perfect goes for the cover....

- Ziggler kick out at 2.6

- Perfect waits for Ziggler to get up....

- Perfect then does his babyface offense on Ziggler, which involves hitting him with a pair of clotheslines

- At one point, Perfect eventually Irish Whips Ziggler to the ropes

- Ziggler rebounds off those ropes and he can runs towards Perfect, who's attempting to hit the Reverse Atomic Drop....

- However, Ziggler quickly counters the Reverse Atomic Drop into the Sleeper Hold outta nowhere!

- Perfect begins to fade after being locked in the Sleeper Hold for 12 seconds

- It seems like Perfect has passed out to the Sleeper Hold around the 20-second mark

- The referee raises Perfect's arm and he lets it fall for the 1 count

- The referee raises Perfect's arm and he lets it fall for the 2 count.....

- Ziggler starts getting cocky and he starts laughing at Perfect

- The referee raises Perfect's arm and he lets it fall....

- However, Perfect keeps his arm from falling before the 3 count; and he quickly begins to lift up Ziggler (a few seconds later) while he's locked in the Sleeper Hold

- Perfect eventually escapes out of the Sleeper Hold by countering it into the Electric Chair to Ziggler

- Perfect goes for the cover....

- Ziggler kicks out at 2.6!

- Perfect waits for Ziggler to get up so he can go for his Perfect Plex

- Ziggler turns around, and Perfect goes for the Perfect Plex....

- However, Ziggler kicks Perfect in the abdomen to escape the Perfect Plex attempt

- Ziggler moves back a bit and he runs towards Perfect so he can hit the Jumping DDT on him....

- However, Perfect catches Ziggler in mid-air; so he counters the Jumping DDT into a Flapjack on the top turnbuckle

- Ziggler's head bounces off the top turnbuckle, and he turns around towards Perfect....

- Perfect follows this up with a Perfect Plex on a stunned Ziggler!!

- The referee starts counting; 1, 2....

- Perfect pins Ziggler for the 3 count at 14:45 to even the score at 1-1

- Both men are down on the mat (to rest up)

- After approximately 20 seconds for Perfect and approximately 35 seconds for Ziggler; both men eventually rise up to their feet to engage in a back-and-forth slugfest

- This eventually leads to Ziggler shoving Perfect back to the ropes

- Perfect rebounds off those ropes....

- Ziggler ends up hitting a Snap Powerslam to Perfect!

- Ziggler makes the cover....

- Perfect ends up kicking out at 2.6!

- Ziggler quickly punches Perfect in the head, and he puts him in a sitting position

- Ziggler does the taunt where he grabs his own hair, and flicks the sweat/grease onto Perfect's face

- Ziggler quickly runs behind Perfect so he can go for the Rolling Neck Snap as a way to embarrass and one-up him!!

- However, Perfect reverses the Rolling Neck Snap just in time by leaning all the way to grab Ziggler's legs and counters it into a variant of a Roll-Up!

- Ziggler barely manages to kick out at 2.8!

- Both men immediately get right back to their feet

- Perfect runs at him for a Clothesline, but Ziggler quickly counters it into a Jumping DDT

- Ziggler goes for the pin; 1, 2.....

- However, Perfect barely manages to get the shoulder up at 2.8

- Ziggler immediately grabs Perfect's legs so he can do the Catapult to the top turnbuckle

- Ziggler hits the Catapult, and Perfect's head bounces off the top turnbuckle

- Ziggler quickly capitalizes off this maneuver by hitting the Zig Zag while Perfect is stunned!

- Ziggler makes the cover; 1, 2....

- Perfect amazingly gets the shoulder up at 2.9!!

- The crowd pops for Perfect!

- Ziggler looks visibly annoyed and he's heard mumbling "I'm BETTER than Perfect"

- Ziggler goes to the corner, and he starts to tune up the band; which causes the crowd to boo him heavily

- Ziggler is setting up for another Superkick

- Perfect ends up ducking the Superkick, and he immediately goes for the Perfect Plex on Ziggler the moment his opponent turns around

- However, Ziggler quickly escapes from the Perfect Plex by kicking Perfect in his abdomen; and he starts running back to the ropes

- Ziggler rebounds from the ropes to run back at Perfect in order to do his Jumping DDT again

- However, Perfect catches Ziggler in mid-air just in time to counter the Jumping DDT into a 2nd Perfect Plex!

- Perfect pins Ziggler for the 3 count again at 17:30, which makes him the NEW Intercontinental Champion!

Spoiler for Aftermath for Match 6:

Mr. Perfect ends up having a nice Intercontinental title reign, which he holds for a few months before losing it to Christian. He ends up becoming a valuable upper-midcarder who can occasionally challenge for the WWE title, but he's also a credible name to challenge for the IC title (after he loses it).

Dolph Ziggler brags about being "better than perfect" the first month after this event since he can claim that he beat Perfect in the first fall, which is all that matters to him (besides the fact that he's unhappy about his IC title being stolen from him). Ziggler continues to be a valuable name in the midcard, especially since he just came off a lengthy IC title reign. He can also challenge for the WWE title occasionally.

Spoiler for Build-Up for Match 7:

In recent weeks, Owens has been getting more favorable reactions. He's paired with Sami Zayn in their alliance as best friends. However, Owens is acting more like a tweener; while Zayn behaves like a pure heel. The roles of this pair is equivalent to Owens being the Chris Jericho (tweener who eventually turned face) and Zayn being the Christian (pure heel) between late-2003 and early-2004. Owens has been more hesitant to do dirty and despicable tactics, while Zayn is willing to do so at any cost no matter what.

Week 1:

Kevin Owens is seen listening to Sami Zayn backstage with his arms crossed. It seems like he isn't fond of what Zayn is saying to him. However, the camera doesn't pick up the audio; so we don't get to hear what they're saying.

Tommaso Ciampa and Chris Benoit end up competing over who could potentially enter the main-event finals (which would turn it from a Fatal 4 Way into a Fatal 5 Way with the winner being added in). This match was made because Ciampa demanded to me by claiming that he deserves to compete for a world title opportunity, and he chose Benoit as his opponent knowing that he already wrestled earlier tonight. The match ends with a no-contest since Kevin Owens attacked both men at the same time, but mostly focusing on Benoit; which means that neither men get added to the main-event. It turns out that the plan was just to keep Zayn from having to face another opponent in the main-event finals, which means that he wants to win the match with slightly better odds. Ciampa looks visibly pissed once Owens walks away from a beaten Benoit.

Week 2:

After Kevin Owens has a confrontation with Chris Benoit over what happened last week, they end up agreeing to a match together later that night. Tommaso Ciampa eventually shows up and questions Owens about his decision last week to cost him a WWE title opportunity. Owens explains that it was nothing personal, and that he was just looking out for Sami Zayn. Ciampa questions him by saying this statement, "since when did you become Sami's bitch?" Owens suddenly snaps, and bitch-slaps Ciampa right in the face. He walks away from Ciampa, who just shakes his head.

The match between Kevin Owens and Chris Benoit turns out to be a no-contest because of Sami Zayn's interference. Right when Owens breaks up the Crippler Crossface to rescue Zayn, Tommaso Ciampa arrives just in time to pull Owens's feet out of the ring to pick a fight with him. Both men end up brawling outside of the ring. Ciampa ends up getting the advantage, and he ends up hitting the Knee Trembler to Owens's head that's resting on the barricade. Owens is out cold. Ciampa walks away in satisfaction. (This happens while Zayn escapes through the crowd) from a pissed-off Benoit.

Week 3:

Ciampa arrives at the arena (after exiting his car) with a huge smile in his face. However, Owens quickly comes outta nowhere and attacks him in the parking lot! Owens eventually picks him up, and hits Ciampa with the Pop-Up Powerbomb on his own car. Owens screams "now STAY DOWN from THAT!!" Ciampa is layed out in pain, and he's unable to get himself up. Owens walks away.

Week 4:

Owens is seen exiting a car with Sami Zayn once they arrive into the arena. He looks cautiously around in case Ciampa wants to ambush him in the parking lot too. Ciampa doesn't appear though.

Not too long after Owens and Zayn split up backstage, Ciampa immediately comes out of nowhere to attack the Prizefighter. Both men end up brawling backstage.

Not too longer after that, they both arrive to ringside still fighting each other! Ciampa shoves Owens down hard, and he quickly peels off the outside mat to reveal the concrete down below. Owens escapes out of Ciampa's Over-the-Shoulder Piledriver on to the concrete. Both men end up clotheslining each other on the concrete, which knocks both of them out and neither of them are able to get back up. I make my way to the entrance ramp, and announce that there will be a Last Man Standing Match at Summerslam; except the fans will actually get to see a clear victory.

Week 5:

Owens and Ciampa end up having a segment where they are separated by several security guards. Ciampa tries to tell
Owens that they are alot alike since both of them have turned on their partners before, and since both of them benefit from ditching their best friends in order to go solo. Owens points out that he is nothing like Ciampa because he at least realizes how wrong it was for him to break up a strong friendship with Sami Zayn. Ciampa states that he doesn't give a shit if leaving his partner behind was wrong or not because he's been more successful since them. Owens questions Ciampa on how he can be so successful if he's yet to win a world title on Raw yet. Ciampa shrugs it off by saying that he hasn't been on the roster look enough to get a title shot. However, he points out Owens has been less successful ever since he reunited with Sami Zayn a few years ago (back in late-2017) since he's yet to hold another world title (which he won without Zayn at all). Ciampa follows this up by saying that it won't matter whether Owens will win another world title or not in the future because his last match will take place this Sunday. Because of that, Ciampa will have no other choice but to replace Owens's spot in his family (since he'll be in the hospital permanently) and fill in for his wife and kids.

This pisses Owens off so much that a fight breaks out between the 2 men in the ring, which is full of security guards. They escort both men out of the arena.

Will Kevin Owens be able to finish off the Psycho Killer, or will Tommaso Ciampa end up putting another victim of his to the hospital?

Spoiler for Match 7:

Match 7: Kevin Owens vs Tommaso Ciampa Last Man Standing Match

- Owens comes out to the ring to make his entrance to a good pop

- Owens enters the ring

- Ciampa makes his entrance with no music and he walks his way to the ring to a chorus of boos

- Ciampa enters the ring

- The match begins with Owens and Ciampa exchanging fists towards each other

- The brawl between both men eventually leads to Owens getting the better of the exchange

- Owens gives Ciampa a clothesline to the outside of the ring

- Ciampa walks towards the barricade at the corner

- Owens runs towards Ciampa and gives him a Clothesline, which sends both men into the crowd

- Both men continue to brawl their way into the crowd

- At one point, Owens gives Ciampa a Scoop Slam while they're both in the crowd

- Owens tries to follow this up by going for a Running Senton, but....

- Ciampa moves out of the way, which causes Owens to land back-first into the hard floor

- Owens gets up to his feet around the 4 count

- Ciampa lays some hard shots to Owens while they head over back to ringside

- Ciampa tries to give Owens a taste of his own medicine by giving him a Clothesline back to ringside, but....

- Owens counters with a Back Drop over to ringside, which causes Ciampa to land on his back on the hard floor

- Ciampa gets back to his feet around the 4 count while Owens rests up

- Owens grabs a steel chair underneath the ring, and he heads over to Ciampa

- Ciampa sees that he has a weapon, so he immediately gets down on his knees and begs Owens not to hit him with the steel chair

- Owens pauses for a moment in shock

- He looks around the crowd to see if he should swing the chair to Ciampa or not, which the fans answer with "yes" chants

- After a few seconds, Owens quickly makes up his mind (after remembering recent weeks where he was layed out by him along with the fact that he insulted his family along with his best friend in Sami Zayn) and swings the chair to a kneeling Ciampa; but....

- Ciampa gives Owens the Low Blow!!

- The crowd boos Ciampa for this dirty move

- Ciampa immediately follows this up by giving Owens a vicious DDT onto the steel chair, which was laying on the floor

- Owens slowly makes his way up to his feet around the 6 count

- Ciampa gets frustrated, so he quickly punches Owens in the head a few times; which knocks him down to his knees

- Ciampa heads over to one of the 3 announce tables in order to remove the monitors so he can punish Owens some more

- Ciampa turns around to retrieve Owens, but....

- He immediately eats a Super Kick from Owens

- Ciampa slowly gets back to his feet around the 5 count while Owens gets more time to rest up

- Owens quickly capitalizes on a groggy Ciampa by ramming his head into the steel pole on the corner of the ring

- Owens isn't finished though....

- He decides to ram Ciampa's head into the steel pole a 2nd time before he eventually makes him sit on the barricade corner

- Owens screams this to Ciampa, "THIS IS FOR OWEN" (his son) before he does the Cannonball to his face on the barricade corner

- He screams this to Ciampa, "THIS IS FOR ELODIE" (his daughter) before he does the 2nd Cannonball to his face on the barricade corner

- Owens screams this to Ciampa "THIS IS FOR KARINA" (his wife) before he moves back EVEN FURTHER to get more distance and more speed so he can hit the 3rd Cannonball to his face on the barricade corner....

- The barricade corner ends up BREAKING the moment Owens hits his 3rd Cannonball to a sitting Ciampa, which causes both men to be down and out on the ground!!

- The crowd chants "holy shit"

- Owens gets up around the 5 count, but Ciampa barely gets on his feet at the 8 count

- Owens lays some hard shots to him, so he moves him near the ring apron to set up for the Powerbomb onto it

- Owens lifts Ciampa up for the Powerbomb onto the ring apron....

- However, Ciampa escapes the Powerbomb grip by climbing onto the apron so he can reenter the ring in order to run away from Owens

- Owens tries to follow Ciampa by entering the ring over the middle rope, but....

- Ciampa quickly kicks him in the face, and gives Owens the Hanging Flat Liner over the middle rope

- Owens slowly makes his way to his feet at the 6.9 count

- Ciampa immediately exits the ring, and grabs the steel chair from earlier on

- Ciampa reenters the ring, places Owens in a sitting position on a corner, and he places the steel chair to his face

- Ciampa heads over to the adjacent corner to Owens's, and he gives him the Knee Trembler with the chair still placed on his face

- Ciampa isn't finished with Owens though....

- He shouts this out to Owens, "YOU MADE ME do this" before placing the steel chair back on his face

- Ciampa quickly heads over to the opposite side of the ring, and....

- Ciampa ends up doing the Cannonball to Owens with the steel chair still placed on his face!!

- The crowd boos Ciampa for stealing Owens's signature move

- Owens rolls his way out of the ring in order to land on his feet on the outside at the 8 count

- The commentary points out how this was a smart move on Owens's part, and puts him over on how he's a great in-ring veteran

- It turns out that Owens's head has been busted open a bit after taking those tough maneuvers from Ciampa with that steel chair placed on him

- Ciampa raises his foot to the camera, and he reveals to the whole world that he's actually wearing spiky cleats underneath

- Ciampa then goes to the outside of the ring, and climbs on the middle rope

- Ciampa goes for a Missile Dropkick to the outside of the ring (so he can damage Owens's face more by using his cleats)....

- However, Owens catches Ciampa's legs in mid-air....

- Owens deadlifts Ciampa up, he turns around, and he hits him with the Powerbomb onto one of the 3 announce tables!!

- Owens makes it to his feet at the 5.5 count, but....

- Ciampa barely manages to make it to his feet at the 8.1 count by using the support of the barricade

- Owens grabs something underneath the ring and....

- It turns out to be one set of crutches!!

- Ciampa (who is still trying to recover from the Powerbomb on the announce table from moments ago) has his back turned to Owens and....

- Owens hits Ciampa in the back with the crutch

- Owens shouts "you deserve this" to Ciampa before he ends up hitting him in the back with the crutch several more times (which means that he is getting a taste of his own medicine for striking Johnny Gargano in the back with that weapon years ago)

- Owens then follows this up by lifting Ciampa, and putting his own arm around his shoulder, but then....

- Owens turns Ciampa around, and he rams his head to the steel post really hard (the same way he turned on his partner)

- Owens isn't finished with Ciampa yet...

- Owens drags Ciampa to the barricade corner (which is the one opposite to the destroyed barricade corner from earlier on) and makes him sit up there

- Owens goes really far away in order to get greater distance and speed before running towards him again so he can go for one more Cannonball on Ciampa to the barricade corner, but.....

- Ciampa quickly gets on his feet a few moments before Owens starts to flip, catches him, and counters his attempted Cannonball into a Spinebuster onto a second announce table (which was located a few feet away from the barricade corner)!!

- Ciampa makes it to his feet at the 5.8 count, while Owens barely gets himself up at 8.2

- Owens then collapses down to his knees the moment he stands up

- Ciampa has a sudden change of expression on his face (going from pure satisfaction to sympathy)

- Ciampa begins to help Owens get back to his feet

- Ciampa puts his arm around Owens's waist and he walks around with him for a bit

- However, Ciampa immediately shows his true intentions by placing a hand on Owens's chest so he can shove him hard to the ground (which may sound familiar in Owens's NXT history )

- Ciampa quickly picks up Owens, and he gives him a Powerbomb onto the apron (which is shades of him turning on Sami Zayn many years ago)

- Ciampa calmly blurts out "you're no better than me, Owens"

- The referee starts counting....

- Owens barely makes it to his feet to survive around the 9 count, but he's in serious pain

- Ciampa gets pissed, so he immediately begins to search under the ring for more weapons....

- Ciampa ends up finding a bag, and he places it to a corner of the ring inside

- He quickly turns around to beat up on a weakened Owens some more

- The crowd boos Ciampa even more, which causes him to mouth off to those live fans in attendance

- Ciampa turns around, and he takes a steel chair shot to the head from Owens outta nowhere (which he grabbed underneath the ring off-screen)

- Owens throws Ciampa back into the ring, places that steel chair onto his body, and he climbs to the top rope so he can go for the Frog Splash

- Owens dives for the Frog Splash....

- However, Ciampa moves his foot up to Owens's head during his Frog Splash attempt right in the last moment; which means that his cleats nailed Owens right on the face

- Owens immediately rolls his way out of the ring onto the apron in pain

- Ciampa follows Owens

- He lifts Owens up, and he hits the Over-the-Shoulder Piledriver on him right on the apron!!!

- Owens remains lying down on the apron motionless after this painful maneuver

- The referee starts to count

- Owens doesn't begin to sit up until the 6.8 count

- Unfortunately for him, Owens is unable to sit up because his back is feeling fucked up and his neck is sore

- The referee counts to 8

- Owens ends up rolling out of the ring apron, and lands on his feet at the 9.4 count

- The crowd applauds Owens for his toughness

- Ciampa isn't as impressed; instead, he gets frustrated, which causes him to tear down the outside floor to reveal the concrete since he's officially lost his temper

- Ciampa rolls Owens back into the ring aggressively

- Ciampa lifts him up, and he hits Owens with the Project Ciampa

- Owens barely manages to make it to his feet at the 8.7 count by using the ropes for support

- Ciampa loses it, so he lays dozens of stiff punches to a bloody Owens in the face

- Ciampa grabs the bag at the corner from earlier on, and he reveals to everyone that there are hundreds of thumbtacks that were inside of it

- Ciampa pours the bag of thumbtacks all over the ring

- Ciampa lifts Owens up to the top rope so he can try punishing him some more

- Ciampa hits the Superplex to Owens, and they both land on the mat that is now covered with thumbtacks!!

- Both men are immediately writhing in pain

- Owens starts to crawl and reach for the ropes around the referee's 4 count

- Ciampa gets up around the 8 count

- Owens BARELY gets himself up around 9.5

- The commentary points out how the pain from the thumbtacks might have saved Owens from losing (strangely enough) since the terrible sensation might have woken up his fighting spirit ()

- Ciampa is in total disbelief, so he pulls a bloody Owens to the corner and brings him to the top rope

- This time, Ciampa sets up for a Superplex to the OUTSIDE of the ring where the concrete is EXPOSED from earlier on () when suddenly....

- Owens quickly counters the Superplex into a Fisherman Buster Suplex to the OUTSIDE, and both men end up falling onto the exposed concrete!!!!

- The crowd erupts with "holy shit" chants

- Owens gets up at 9.2, but Ciampa still hasn't moved

- Ciampa is unable to get up for the 10 count at 20:05, so Owens ends up winning the match

- The crowd pops for tweener Owens's victory

Spoiler for Aftermath for Match 7:

Kevin Owens continues slowly transitioning his way from a tweener to a babyface. His crowd reactions continue to get more positive and louder than they were before. He eventually has his inevitable issues with Sami Zayn a few months later. He feuds with both upper-midcard/main-event babyfaces and heels while he's in his tweener role for a couple of more months.

This match puts Tommaso Ciampa out of the shelf for a month. He avoids Kevin Owens from then on, and he ends up beating the WWE Champion in order to win the title a few months later after this event. Ciampa then chooses to target the upper-midcard/main-event babyfaces on the roster so he can torture them. Someone has to give those guys a hard time after all

Spoiler for Build-Up for Match 8:

Many individuals at this point have decided that it'd be a great idea to have defibrillators resting on corpses lying in cemeteries while having them be connected to metal wires; so that any electric current can revive the dead. There turns out to be a heavy lightning storm that takes place one weekend. There ends up being numerous cases of lightning strikes that hit some cemeteries.

In recent weeks, Owens has been getting more favorable reactions. He's paired with Sami Zayn in their alliance as best friends. However, Owens is acting more like a tweener; while Zayn behaves like a pure heel. The roles of this pair is equivalent to Owens being the Chris Jericho (tweener who eventually turned face) and Zayn being the Christian (pure heel) between late-2003 and early-2004. Owens has been more hesitant to do dirty and despicable tactics, while Zayn is willing to do so at any cost no matter what.

Week 1:

Kid Kash is scheduled to compete tonight. However, he doesn't know who his opponent is. I come out to the entrance ramp, and announce this: "Ladies and gentlemen, I come out here to take great pleasure in welcoming back someone who you haven't seen in a very long time, and someone who can shake up the show even more; THIS MAN...."

It turns out to be Chris Benoit!!!! The crowd gives a thunderous positive response, and the fans are losing their mind over Benoit returning (who's been revived from the dead due to those lightning storms)

Benoit ends up beating Kid Kash within 30 seconds via Crippler-Crossface.

Sami Zayn ends up beating Rhyno via Helluva Kick.

Tommaso Ciampa demands that I add him to the main-event finals since he believes that he's deserving enough to contend for the WWE title. As a result, I end up making a match between him and Benoit (since Ciampa was cheap enough to pick someone who's already slightly worn out from having a match earlier on). The winner of this contest gets added to the Fatal-4-Way for the main-event finals (which would ultimately turn into a Fatal-5-Way.

Kevin Owens is seen listening to Sami Zayn backstage with his arms crossed. It seems like he isn't fond of what Zayn is saying to him. However, the camera doesn't pick up the audio; so we don't get to hear what they're saying.

The match between Benoit and Ciampa ends in a no-contest because Owens attacked both men simultaneously. The plan was so that Zayn didn't have to worry about getting another opponent in the main-event finals (which gives him a slightly better chance of winning a WWE title opportunity).

Sami Zayn is unsuccessful on winning the main-event finals since Alberto Del Rio took the fall.

Week 2:

Chris Benoit confronts Kevin Owens over what the hell that interference was all about last week. Owens tells him that he was just looking out for Sami Zayn. Benoit figured that Zayn had something to do with Owens's interference since he was still competing in the main-event finals last week. Benoit challenges Owens to a match later on tonight so he can blow off some steam for being screwed out of a world title opportunity. Owens agrees to the challenge.

Later that night, Zayn comes out to the ring and cuts a promo about explaining that the reason he was unsuccessful in the main-event finals last week is because he couldn't concentrate in that match since it turns out that a murderer is not only among the living again, but it also turns out he is allowed to wrestle again. He is talking about Chris Benoit. Zayn questions the intelligence of the fans for cheering a man who is the complete opposite of a role model for kids. He also mentions how Benoit is a disgrace to his own family, and that's it's been that way for over a decade. Zayn admits that he hates his fucking guts.

Benoit's music hits, and he immediately walks his way angrily down the ring to confront Zayn to his face. Benoit dares him to do something about it, and he tells Zayn to hit him. Zayn backs down after a while, and he retreats his way back down the entrance ramp. Zayn tells Benoit that he should focus his energy on Kevin Owens in his match coming up.

The match between Benoit and Owens ends in a no-contest because Zayn interferes to attack the former. Zayn tries to beat up Benoit, but he ends up being trapped in the Crippler Crossface. Zayn quickly escaped and exits the ring with an angry look on his face. Benoit stares him down looking frustrated too. (While this is happening, Tommaso Ciampa attacks Owens on the outside of the ring, and he ends up taking him out on the barricade via Knee Trembler. Zayn checks up on Owens after a while while keeping his eye on Benoit (who’s in the ring).

Week 3:

Benoit comes out to the ring to cut a promo. He explains to everyone that he made a terrible mistake over a decade ago due to his head injuries in his he past, and that this one problem costed him his life along with his family. He points out how he now has a second chance to live his life again, and how he isn’t the only one being given this opportunity again. Benoit sincerely apologizes to the fans, and that he missed performing for them every week. The crowd gives Benoit a standing ovation after this inspiring speech.

The Titantron plays a clip after his speech is over. Benoit’s home is shown. It turns out that Zayn invaded his house, and that he snuck into one of his kid’s bedrooms. Zayn is seen smashing every Benoit action figure and ripping up every poster of his from the children’s bedrooms. Zayn ends up laughing once he’s finished with his evil act. The clip finishes playing on the Titantron.

The crowd boos heavily because of Zayn being cruel. Benoit is staring angrily at the Titantron. It turns out that the clip was from recorded earlier that day because Zayn suddenly attacks him from behind in the ring. Zayn tries to beat him up, but Benoit ends up fighting him back. Benoit Clotheslines him out of the ring. He sets up and goes for the Suicide Dive on Zayn. However, Zayn ends up hitting Benoit in the head with a steel chair in mid-air for his Suicide Dive attempt. Zayn lays him out, and he gives Benoit a Helluva Kick on the steel steps. The crowd boos Zayn heavily for standing tall over a beaten Benoit.

Week 4:

Zayn exits out of his car along with Kevin Owens. He walks his way backstage, but Owens stays behind so he can fix his parking (which ends up leaving Zayn by himself).

Zayn is backstage looking around cautiously for Benoit since he knows that he’s probably pissed off at him. Zayn eventually encounters me backstage. I tell him that he’s going to be facing Chris Benoit in a Street Fight at Summerslam because of their heated tensions recently. I also tell Zayn that he should focus on his upcoming match against Carlito.

Zayn ends up beating Carlito via Helluva Kick thanks to an outside distraction by Alberto Del Rio. After the match, Chris Benoit’s music plays. Zayn immediately runs his way out of the arena (probably trying to avoid him since he just had a tiring and competitive match).

Zayn runs back to his car, and he enters inside so he can drive his way out of the arena. However, it turns out that Benoit was waiting for him inside the passenger seat. (). This probably means that Owens must have forgotten to take the keys out of the ignition. He ends up beating up Zayn harshly inside the car to get even on him for what happpend last week.

Week 5:

Benoit and Zayn have a live-satellite interview with both men located in 2 different cities so that they won’t tear each other apart this close before Summerslam. Zayn tells Benoit that he shouldn’t even be alive right now, and that he’s going to wish he was dead once he finishes him this Sunday. Zayn makes a promise that he’ll end Benoit’s career this Sunday, and that he’ll put him in the hospital permanently. Zayn also mentions how his family will be fortunate enough to see the killer get tortured live at Summerslam. Benoit snaps back by saying that if Zayn doesn’t shut up about his family, that he’ll put him 6 feet under this Sunday. Benoit makes a promise to everyone that he’ll make Zayn tap out at Summerslam, but not before he tears him apart. Benoit mentions that Zayn will not walk out of the arena the same man he was when he walks into the ring. Benoit states that he’ll rip Zayn’s face apart in the end.

Will Chris Benoit avenge his family and his own name by slaying the Underdog from the Underground, or will Sami Zayn end the career of the Rabid Wolverine for the 2nd time in his career?

Spoiler for Match 8:

Match 8: Chris Benoit vs Sami Zayn Street Fight

- Zayn makes his entrance with a cold and determined look on his face

- Zayn enters the ring

- Benoit makes his entrance, and he comes out to a loud pop

- Benoit enters the ring, and walks around inside looking all intense

- Benoit stares at the crowd, who cheers and supports him

- Zayn tries to attack Benoit from behind (while he's busy facing the crowd) before the bell even rings....

- However, Benoit sees this attack coming; so he elbows Zayn in the face in order to defend himself

- The bell rings

- Benoit immediately grapples Zayn, and pushes him all the way to the corner

- Benoit does dozens of intense rapid chops to Zayn's chest, which begins to turn red a few minutes later

- Benoit grabs Zayn's head and immediately sprints to the opposite corner so he can ram it into the turnbuckle

- However, Zayn stops this by putting his foot on the bottom of the turnbuckle; and he rams Benoit's head into the top turnbuckle instead

- While Benoit is stunned, Zayn exposes the top turnbuckle

- Zayn tries to ram Benoit's head into the exposed turnbuckle....

- However, Benoit immediately counters this attempt by doing a German Suplex on Zayn

- Benoit doesn't let go of his grip on Zayn though since he's going for his 3 Rolling German Suplexes

- Zayn immediately holds on to the top rope after the 1st German Suplex in order to block the other 2 upcoming attempts

- Instead, Benoit turns Zayn around so he can Clothesline him out of the ring

- Benoit runs at full speed to the opposite side of the ring so he can rebound off those ropes

- Benoit hits the Baseball Slide to Zayn (who was standing on the outside of the ring); which causes his back to land on the barricade harshly

- Benoit waits for Zayn to get up, which takes approximately 20 seconds

- Benoit runs at full speed to the opposite side of the ring to rebound off those ropes again....

- Benoit is going for the Suicide Dive....

- However, Zayn moves out of the way just in time to see Benoit wipe out similar to this

- Except this time, Benoit's back hits the barricade harshly

- Zayn follows this up by doing a Snap Suplex on Benoit on the steel steps

- Benoit immediately screams in pain after taking this maneuver

- Zayn rolls Benoit back into the ring in order to make the cover

- Benoit kicks out at 2

- Zayn quickly kicks Benoit in the face afterwards

- Zayn exits the ring and pulls out 2 tables

- Zayn sets up 1 table on the outside of the ring, while he carries the other table in order to bring it inside the ring

- However, Benoit hits the Baseball Slide onto the table, which ends up hitting Zayn in the face

- Benoit brings the table to the inside of the ring, sets it up, and drags Zayn back inside as well

- Benoit pulls out a steel chair under the ring, and he brings it with him inside the ring

- Benoit does the 3 Rolling German Suplexes on Zayn

- However, Benoit hits the 3rd consecutive German Suplex (4th one total) to Zayn on the steel chair that's lying on the mat

- Benoit goes for the cover, but Zayn kicks out at 2

- Benoit slowly builds up his anger even more (thinking about all those instances where Zayn personally insulted his family, and how he tried to end his career permanently again)

- Benoit grabs the steel chair, and he raises it up so he can smack Zayn in the head once he gets up....

- However, Zayn counters the chair attack by hitting the Exploder Suplex on Benoit into the turnbuckle

- Zayn goes for the cover; 1, 2....

- Benoit kicks out at 2.5

- This causes Zayn to get frustrated, so he immediately grabs the steel chair (that Benoit just had moments ago)

- Zayn waits for Benoit to get to his feet and turn around for a steel chair shot....

- Zayn ends up hitting Benoit in the head with a steel chair, which opens up a small cut

- Zayn goes for the cover

- Benoit still manages to kick out at 2.6

- This pisses off Zayn even more, and he decides to beat the shit out of Benoit's head with hard punches; which opens up the bloody cut even more

- At this point of the match, Zayn is actually trying to end Benoit's career (as he promised before)

- Zayn helps up a wounded Benoit, and he gives him a Spike DDT onto the steel chair

- Zayn goes for the pin again on Benoit, but he still manages to kick out at 2.7

- This causes Zayn to snap, and he beats Benoit in the head with several more rapid punches

- Zayn lifts up him to his feet, and he drags Benoit to the corner with the exposed turnbuckle

- Zayn rams Benoit's head into the exposed turnbuckle

- Zayn then goes to the opposite side of the ring, which means that he is setting up for the Helluva Kick so he can finish off Benoit for good

- Zayn runs towards Benoit, who's head is lying on the exposed turnbuckle....

- However, Benoit catches Zayn's foot

- Benoit immediately counters the attempted Helluva Kick into a Sharpshooter (which causes the crowd to pop for him), and he leans as far back as he possibly can

- Zayn screams in pain, but he refuses to tap out

- After an agonizing 40 seconds being stuck in the Sharpshooter, Zayn crawls his way forward and he's able to reach the bottom rope

- Benoit chooses to break up the hold, and he immediately sets Zayn up for his Crippler Crossface....

- However, Zayn quickly escapes the attempted hold before Benoit even locks in the Crippler Crossface

- Zayn crawls his way to the outside of the ring, and he's kneeling on the apron

- Benoit limps his way towards Zayn, but....

- Zayn pokes him right in the eye!

- Zayn attempts to do a Suplex from the inside of the ring to the outside of the ring onto the table (which was set up earlier on)....

- Zayn lifts up Benoit for the Suplex to the table on the outside....

- However, Benoit lands on the apron and punches Zayn a couple of times in the face

- Benoit suddenly hits a Snap DDT to Zayn on the apron, which causes his head to be busted open too!

- Benoit rolls Zayn back into the ring and goes for the cover

- Zayn kicks out at 2.7

- Benoit lays some stiff punches to Zayn's bloody cut on his forehead

- Benoit then decides to do the Catapult to Zayn towards the exposed turnbuckle, which causes his face to bounce off the exposed metal wire

- Benoit follows this up by doing the Rollup to Zayn, but he barely kicks out at 2.5

- Benoit then decides to lift Zayn up and puts him on the table (which was set up in the ring earlier on)

- Benoit punches Zayn in the head a few times to soften him up

- Benoit does the taunt where he "cuts" his throat to signal for the Diving Headbutt, which causes the crowd to pop for him even more

- Benoit climbs to the top rope so he can do the Diving Headbutt onto Zayn, who's lying on top of the table....

- However, Zayn (with a sudden burst of energy after getting some rest by lying down on the table) quickly rushes to Benoit's head and gives him a Helluva Kick (while he's trying to climb all the way to the top); which causes Benoit to fall to the outside where the table from earlier on was set up

- Benoit lands hard on the table (which breaks on the impact of the fall) on the outside, and he's out cold!

- Zayn is also out of it though because he's still beaten up and feeling dizzy since he's also busted open; plus, that Helluva Kick took alot of energy out of him too

- Zayn slowly rolls his way out of the ring, picks up a lifeless Benoit, and drags him back into the ring in this 40-second process

- Zayn slowly crawls his way into a cover on Benoit; 1, 2....

- Benoit gets the shoulder up at 2.9 (to the crowd's delightment)!!

- Zayn looks visibly upset, so he argues with the referee and complains to him that it was a 3 count (but the match is still continuing)

- Zayn goes back to Benoit, and he decides to do the Crippler Crossface on him (an attempt to not only cripple him, but ALSO to embarrass him too)

- The crowd is booing heavily at Zayn for stealing Benoit's submission finisher

- Benoit screams at first, but he slowly begins to lose consciousness....

- However, Benoit eventually snaps out of it and attempts to reach for the bottom rope

- After a brutal 50 seconds later (since Zayn locked in the submission hold), Benoit finally reaches the bottom rope

- Zayn chooses to let go of the hold, and he exits the ring in order to pull out a weapon underneath it

- It turns out to be a 2x4 barbed wire!

- The bloody Zayn reenters the ring, and he makes it clear that he wants to torture Benoit

- Zayn attempts to do a 2nd Crippler Crossface hold on Benoit, but this time while USING the 2x4 barbed wire

- However, Benoit counters the submission hold into a pin RIGHT before Zayn was able to lock it in with the 2x4 barbed wire

- Zayn kicks out at a long 2 count

- Benoit immediately hits Zayn in the abdomen with the 2x4 barbed wire, and then he brushes that weapon to his face to make him bleed even more

- Zayn shoves Benoit away while he's torturing him with the 2x4 barbed wire

- Benoit quickly runs towards Zayn since he's not finished with him yet....

- However, Zayn counters with a Flapjack on Benoit to the top rope; which end up stunning him

- Zayn immediately does the Blue Thunder Bomb on him onto the table (which was set up in the ring earlier on) the moment Benoit rebounds off the top rope

- The table breaks once Benoit lands on it courtesy to the Blue Thunder Bomb

- After several seconds, Zayn crawls his way to make the cover on Benoit; 1, 2....

- Amazingly, Benoit is STILL able to raise his shoulder up at 2.9 (which causes the crowd to pop for him)!!

- The commentary points out that Benoit must have raised his shoulder out of pure instinct

- Zayn is fucking shocked, and his face looks similar to this

- Zayn carries Benoit to a corner

- Zayn lifts Benoit to the top rope

- He attempts to finish Benoit off by doing the Blue Thunder Bomb off the top rope, which would be approximately 12 feet high; but....

- Benoit ends up countering Zayn's super-Blue Thunder Bomb into the Crippler Crossface in mid-air!!

- Benoit pulls Zayn's bleeding face/head (which is basically a complete bloody mess at this point) as far back as he possibly can

- Zayn ends up tapping out to the Crippler Crossface at 21:45 after being locked in this hold for approximately 17 seconds

- Benoit doesn't let go of the Crippler Crossface on Zayn's bloody face until 10 seconds after the bell rang (to the crowd's delightment)!

- Benoit finally lets go of the submission hold

- Zayn's face continues to bleed, and the EMTs come out to give medical help while Benoit celebrates his victory

Spoiler for Aftermath for Match 8:

Chris Benoit gets even more over by proving to everyone that he is indeed a good man, and that he does care about his family positively. As a result of this match, Benoit is established as a babyface main-eventer. He mostly avoids the WWE title scene, so he can add more star power to future ppv cards in a role similar to Shawn Michaels was in the previous decade. He eventually wins the WWE title in the following year against Christian (a few months after next year's Summerslam event).

Sami Zayn ends up having a busted face after this violent match, so he wrestles as El Generico while wearing a mask until he recovers from his injury. He eventually ends up turning on his best friend, Kevin Owens, a few months as a way to get even with me after what he did to him on NXT years ago. This causes Owens to turn face while Zayn ends up being even more hated as a heel. Zayn continues to make his presence felt around the main-event scene and as an upper-midcarder.

Spoiler for Build-Up for Main Event:

AJ Styles is in the middle of a lengthy WWE title reign. He comes out with the Club each week, who walk with him around as back-up. His early ppv title defenses ended up with him using the Club to help him retain his WWE title. However, Styles began to win more ppv matches to retain his world title independently (without having to use the Club).

Week 1:

AJ Styles walks out to the ring with the Club to find out who his next Summerslam opponent will be. I come out, and announce that there will be a WWE title tournament that will end by the end of tonight. I also announce that there will be an IC title tournament to superstars with impressive performances in recent weeks.

Carlito makes his entrance for his match (which is over who gets to compete in the main-event finals later tonight). I come out and alert Carlito that he better be prepared because he's now going to face this cool opponent that we haven't seen compete in years, which turns out to be THIS MAN.....

Neville makes his return to an extremely loud ovation!! He enters the ring, and it looks like he's re-signed with the company after all. The match between him and Carlito is on.

Neville beats Carlito via Red Arrow in order to compete for the main-event finals.

In a backstage segment later tonight, Styles is seen backstage with the Club and a backstage interviewer over who his possible 4 opponents for Summerslam could be (which are Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, Sami Zayn, and Neville). Styles puts over Ziggler by saying that he's also a long-reigning champion, and that he'd be a worthy opponent for the ppv. He puts over Del Rio by mentioning how he's Mexico's Greatest Export, and how he had one of the most successful years for a new superstar in history back in 2011. Styles puts over Zayn by claiming that he's one of the best wrestlers he's ever faced, and that he can be dangerous. However, Styles scoffs at Neville's name being mentioned. He doesn't even consider him to worthy opponent for his titles. Styles and the Club walk away.

Neville beats Alberto Del Rio via Red Arrow after taking out Sami Zayn (after he misses the Helluva Kick before getting tossed out of the ring ) and Dolph Ziggler (after giving him the Enziguri after he accidentally gave Del Rio the Superkick moments before the Red Arrow) beforehand.

Week 2:

Neville comes out to the ring for the opening segment to a loud ovation from the crowd. He starts out his promo by saying that it’s finally good to be back wrestling on TV again after being gone for a few years already. He mentions how he dominated the Cruiserweight division on 205 Live years ago, and finally he’s stepped his way up on Raw for a world title shot against AJ Styles at Summerslam. He ends the promo by saying he’s happy to be performing for the fans once again. The crowd cheers Neville on.

However, AJ Styles’s music hits and he comes out with the Club. They enter the ring. Styles tells Neville that he’s sorry to say that he won’t be getting a title shot against him for the WWE title because he got lucky. That victory last week was a fluke. Styles exits the ring after he tells Neville that he’s canceling his title shot. Neville tries to follow Styles, but the Club blocks his way at the apron. Neville stares them all down looking frustrated about not getting a WWE title shot after earning it fairly last week. The crowd boos Styles and the Club.

Week 3:

Neville comes out for the opening segment, and he decides to call out Styles for being afraid of facing him like a man for the WWE title at Summerslam. Styles comes out to the entrance ramp, and he states that Neville isn’t deserving enough to compete for his world title; so he’s cancelling their match at Summerslam. Neville calls him out by saying, “for someone who calls himself ‘phenomenal,’ you’re sure doing a good job proving yourself to be a pussy.” I announce on the Titantron that I make the matches around here, and that Styles WILL defend his WWE title against Neville at Summerslam, especially since he won the finals match to become the #1 Contender fair and square. Styles gives in angrily, and accepts Neville as his opponent on the ppv. Styles ends the promo by saying that he will embarrass Neville at Summerslam by beating him, that he was just doing him a favor before by attempting to cancel the title match for him, and that he doesn’t respect him as a competitor. Styles drops the mic while Neville is looking all intense in the ring.

I announce later in my office that AJ Styles will team up with the Club to face Neville and Demolition for the main-event next week on Raw.

Week 4:

Neville ends up pinning Karl Anderson via Red Arrow to win the main-event (alon with Demolition). He ends up leaving the arena as he celebrates in victory. However, Styles looks all frustrated, so he follows Neville off-camera. They end up leaving behind Demolition and the Club, which allows the latter to beat up the former because they are angry over losing the match to them.

Neville is about to enter his car at the parking lot before he ends up getting an interview about his thoughts over winning the main-event. Neville states that it feels great to get a victory over the WWE Champion along with his cronies this close before Summerslam. However, Styles appears outta nowhere and he assaults Neville from behind! He is pissed off over losing the main-event, so he beats down Neville. The show ends with Styles giving Neville the Styles Clash on top of his car.

Week 5:

Styles and the Club walk out to the ring together for the opening segment with smug smiles on their faces because they beat up their Summerslam opponents the previous week. Styles starts the promo by mentioning how he is supposed to have a confrontational segment with Neville later on tonight. However, he hasn't seen Neville since the previous week when he layed him out. Styles believes that he might not even show up for the confrontation tonight because he's feeling scared now. Hell, he wouldn't even be surprised if Neville has second thoughts about facing him this Sunday for Summerslam (which makes the Club laugh along). I make my way to the entrance ramp, and announce how Neville isn't afraid to confront Styles later on tonight, and that he isn't scared to face him at Summerslam. I also point out that Neville will be here eventually tonight. Styles ends the segment by stating that tonight will be no different from the way last week ended.

Later on that night, the Club tells Styles backstage that they'll walk along with him for the confrontational segment as his protection, and that they'll always have his back. The WWE Champion tells them how much he appreciates them for being there for him, but he's going to show up along because he isn't afraid of Neville and because he's able to take care of business by himself. Styles also wants to prove to everyone again that he can get the job done independently, so he's also going to face Neville solo this Sunday so he can retain the world title. Styles suggests that the Club can end their night only by going back to the hotel, relax there, and wait for him so they can eat out together at a fancy restaurant around midnight. After a short while, the Club agrees with his request.

Neville eventually shows up (looking pissed off) to the ring to confront AJ Styles in the confrontational segment. However, there are some security guards that are separating him from Styles. They eventually get out of his way and surround the ring once Neville calms down.

The confrontation starts with Styles stating how Neville doesn't deserve to be the #1 Contender for his world title because he hasn't beaten many important names since he's came back. He believes Neville is unworthy of challenging for the WWE title this Sunday, and that he's better off going back to 205 Live so he can dominate the cruiserweights there. Styles points out how Neville isn't cut out to be competing in the big leagues. Styles also questions him how is everyone supposed to know that he isn't going to walk out on the company once again IF Neville does beat him for the championship at Summerslam. Neville points out that he's busted his ass for over a decade to be in this position and earn a world title opportunity. He also questions Styles on the idea of him walking out on the company again because he's spent YEARS trying to get the opportunity to get back on Raw competing again live on TV since he didn't want to be stuck on 205 Live. Neville promises that there will be a different champion this Sunday at Summerslam, and that he'll walk out victorious. Styles replies back and warns Neville to not be too disappointed when he loses this Sunday. He also fires back by saying that Neville might have earned a WWE title opportunity 4 weeks ago, but he's yet to earn his respect. In 6 days, Styles will retain the WWE title and there's little that Neville can do about that.

Styles starts to walk out, but he pauses. He says this line to his opponent, "hey Neville, you remember No Mercy 2017 when he lost to that clown, Enzo Amore? Well, you're going to be remembered as a choke artist then just like you will be when you choke again this Sunday. Better yet, you're always going to be remembered as a loser; and I HATE losers like you."

This pisses off Neville, so he runs towards Styles so he can attack him. However, he ends up getting hit by the Pele Kick by Styles, which ends up knocking him down. Styles gives a smug smile, exits the ring, and walks away back to the entrance ramp. After a short while, Neville knocks down a few security guards on his way and runs after Styles to tackle him down. They end up brawling on the outside. The security guards try to separate them both, but the 2 men end up punching them down. Neville ends up getting the advantage over Styles. However, the Club (who's still in the building since Demolition destroyed their car) attacks Neville. A few moments later, Demolition shows up to rescue Neville. They fight off the Club, which ultimately leads to both teams fighting their way into the crowd. Styles sends Neville back into the ring, and he punches down some more security guards. However, Neville hits Styles with the Enziguri by the time he tries to enter the ring. Neville quickly climbs up to the top rope, and he ends up hitting Styles with the Red Arrow. Neville grabs the WWE championship belt afterwards, and he raises it to Styles's face. He yells out "THIS IS MINE IN 6 DAYS!!! DO YOU HEAR ME?? THIS WILL BE MINE!!!!" The segment ends with Neville on top.

Will AJ Styles retain the WWE title to continue his lengthy title reign, or will Neville finally earn his respect by beating him for the world title to prove that he does belong on the big leagues?

Spoiler for Main Event:

Main Event: AJ Styles (c) vs Neville for the WWE title

- Neville makes his entrance, and walks his way down the ring with an intense look on his face

- The crowd gives Neville a loud pop

- Styles makes his entrance, and walks his way down the ring.

- Styles enters the ring, and he is about to do this taunt

- However, Styles decides to give Neville (who happens to be in his way) an intentional Clothesline while he's doing his phenomenal taunt towards the ropes where he uses his chest and arms ()

- Neville immediately gets back to his feet, and he tackles down Styles to give him some hard shots to the face (which is right when the bell rings)

- Styles tries to fight back, but Neville still has the advantage since he is viciously punching him

- Styles tries to block some of those punches, and he quickly moves out of the ring to get a breather while the referee tries to separate Neville from him

- Styles reenters the ring, and he shouts this out to Neville, "I can STILL outwrestle you!"

- Neville quickly decides to grapple Styles in order to prove that he is the better man

- Both men do some fast-paced chain wrestling, which eventually leads to Neville getting the advantage over Styles

- The chain wrestling sequence ends with Neville slapping Styles in the back of his head repeatedly (while he's lying down on his stomach) in order to humble his attitude

- The crowd cheers for Neville

- Styles gets back to his feet, challenges Neville to chain wrestle him again, and dares him to get the advantage again

- Neville accepts the challenge

- Both men have an intense wrestling sequence that eventually leads to Styles getting the advantage over Neville

- However, the wrestling sequence ends with Styles slapping Neville right in the face as revenge for embarrassing him a few moments ago

- Styles then celebrates his little victory, which causes him to get boos from the crowd

- Neville looks extremely pissed off, so he hits a vicious Superkick to Styles once he turns around

- Neville makes the cover, but Styles kicks out at 2

- Neville gets him up to his feet, and he continues to lay some stiff shots to Styles

- At one point, Styles Irish Whips him to the ropes....

- Once Neville rebounds from the ropes, he ducks a clothesline from Styles; and he continues to run to the opposite side of the ring

- Neville rebounds off those ropes, and this exchange ends with both men hitting each other with the Crossbody simultaneously; which knocks them both down

- After approximately 25 seconds, both men eventually get up to their feet; which leads to a slugfest between the two

- After they both trade some punches, Styles ends up doing his Striking Combination....

- However, Neville counters Styles's final strike (which is the Lariat) by quickly kicking him in the abdomen

- Neville then attempts his Multi Kick Combo....

- Neville runs back to the ropes in order to go for a running kick to the face, which is the final part of his Multi Kick Combo; but....

- Styles is able to hit him with his Lariat (the final part of his Striking Combination) RIGHT as Neville strikes him with his running kick to the face (the final part of his Multi Kick Combo) simultaneously; which causes both men to get knocked down once again ()

- The crowd is losing it with excitement over the match ()

- After some time, Styles is the first man to get back up since Neville got the worst out of that exchange

- Styles tosses Neville through the ropes to the outside

- Styles waits for Neville to get up since he's setting up for the Springboard Crossbody from the inside of the ring to the outside

- Styles leaps for the Springboard Crossbody....

- However, Neville ends up moving out of the way; which causes Styles to crash and burn on the third announce table (the only one that wasn't broken out of the three)

- Neville quickly throws Styles back into the ring in order to make the cover

- However, Styles kicks out of the pin at a long 2 count

- Neville starts getting frustrated, so he brings Styles to the turnbuckle

- Neville tries to set him up for a vicious Superplex, but Styles slithers his way to the apron

- Styles punches him in the ribs, and he lifts Neville up (while standing on the apron)

- Styles ends up doing a nasty Ushigoroshi on Neville at the apron; but instead of using his knee to damage Neville's back, he uses the ring apron (aka the hardest part of the ring) to do the work on the back

- Styles brings Neville back in the ring

- However, Styles doesn't want to make the cover because he wants to continue punishing him some more; so he lifts Neville up to the turnbuckle

- Styles sets him up in a Superplex position, but Neville shoves him down to the mat

- Styles quickly lands on his feet, and he immediately hits the Pele Kick on Neville (who's still perched on the top rope) the moment he turns around

- Styles then does the Top Rope Hurricanrana on Neville, which punishes his back even more!

- He gets a close 2 count on Neville

- Styles stomps his opponent's body out of frustration, and he yells "try kicking out of this" to Neville

- Styles exits the ring, and he positions himself on the apron

- Styles goes for the Springboard 450 Splash....

- Neville moves out of the way just in time for Styles to crash and burn on the mat

- Neville immediately puts Styles into the Rings of Saturn the moment he misses his Springboard 450 Splash

- Styles desperately tries to reach for the ropes

- After an agonizing minute of Styles struggling and wriggling his body around with Neville locking him in the hold still, he finally reaches the bottom rope in order to break up the Rings of Saturn

- Styles is in pain now

- Neville gives Styles a Scoop Slam

- Neville climbs to the top rope so he can go for the Red Arrow

- Neville dives for the Red Arrow...

- However, Styles moves out of the way; which causes Neville to land on the mat with nobody home!

- Styles struggles to get on his feet

- He quickly does the taunt where he moves his arms to opposite sides, which means that he is signaling for the Styles Clash

- Styles attempts to do the Styles Clash on Neville and....

- Styles hits it!!

- Styles turns the both of them around....

- However, Neville is able to roll himself out of the ring because Styles was in too much pain to get a tight grip on him for the cover

- The commentary points out that this was a smart move by Neville, and praised him for his in-ring awareness

- Styles is visibly upset because he thought that this could have been the end for Neville

- Styles exits the ring so he can throw a lifeless Nevlle back inside

- Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm so he can use his final chance to finish off Neville....

- But Neville catches Styles with a beautiful Dropkick to stop him in mid-air!

- Neville goes for the pin, but he gets a near-fall

- Neville stomps at a worn-down Styles to soften him up

- Neville climbs to the top rope, and....

- He hits Styles with the Red Arrow!

- He goes for the pin; 1, 2, ....

- However, Styles's foot manages to touch the bottom rope at 2.7, which means that he barely survives!

- Neville is in total shock

- Neville lifts a weakened Styles up to the top rope, punches him dozens of times in the face, and puts him into a Superplex position

- He's about to do his vicious Superplex on Styles, but....

- Neville decides against it because instead....

- He shouts to Styles's face "I'M THE BETTER MAN! WATCH THIS!!"

- Neville attempts to do a Top Rope Hurricanrana (the same maneuver that Styles did earlier on, which indicates that he wants to one-up him in order to be the superior competitor) instead

- However, Styles does a sick counter where he immediately reverses the Top-Rope Hurricanrana into a Styles Clash (off the top rope) by holding onto Neville's legs!!

- Styles pins Neville for the 3 count at 23:05 to retain the WWE title

- Styles celebrates his victory

- Afterwards, Styles lightly taps Neville (who's trying to get back up to his feet) on the back for a split second, which pleasantly surprises some of the fans in attendance.

- Styles walks his way back to the entrance ramp

- He turns around to Neville (who's trying to get back up in the ring), and he nods at him; which indicates that he has finally earned Styles's respect

Spoiler for Aftermath for Main-Event:

AJ Styles proves to the fans once again that he's able to retain the WWE title without needing help from the Club. Not long after Summerslam, Styles and the Club reign together as champs for a few weeks. However, Styles eventually breaks away from them because he believes that he can succeed on his own. The Club are obviously not thrilled about this, so they reluctantly accept Styles's decision. Styles ends up separating from the Club peacefully. Summerslam was also the night where Styles began his slow burn face turn due to the fact that the fans appreciate him showing Neville respect after their match. Styles eventually loses his WWE title to Tommaso Ciampa a few months later after reigning as world champion for several months. Styles continues to be relevant as a babyface in the main-event, and ends up having a similar run around the top of the card (similar to the run Shawn Michaels had in the previous decade) without having to challenge for the WWE title.

Neville proves to the whole world that he's able to deliver in the main-event scene. He proceeds to feud with upper-midcard/main-event heels; such as Tommaso Ciampa, Sami Zayn (as El Generico), Alberto Del Rio, Christian, the Club, and even Kevin Owens (as a tweener before he eventually turns babyface). He eventually wins the WWE title, and beats Ciampa for the WWE title several months later in order to get his big victory at last. He proceeds to drop the title a few months later to Christian (who wins the WWE title a year later at Summerslam).

The show ends, and the fans live in attendance look like this

The crowd end ups leaving the arena with satisfied looks on their faces

Spoiler for Curry's Card:
Curry Wrestling Promotions Presents:

Jushin "Thunder" Liger(C) vs Tomohiro Ishii

Two of Japan's finest meet in singles competition for the first time in their careers having faced eachother in a series of tag matches spanning 13 years
Spoiler for :
In a gripping opener Ishii triumphs over Liger, winning with the Vertical Drop Brainbuster

Winner: Tomohiro Ishii via pinfall in 19:38

Pat Patterson vs Kongo Kong

A match widely described as "on this card"
Spoiler for :
Kong wins handily, dispatching Patterson with the Helldriver

Winner: Kongo Kong via pinfall in 5:27

CWP Cruiserweight Championship Match
Zack Sabre Jr. vs Matt Sydal vs Justin Gabriel vs Petey Williams

As things hot up in the CWP cruiserweight division, general manager Vickie Guerrero has the show opening with a fatal-4-way to crown CWP's first ever Cruiserweight Champion
Spoiler for :
Gabriel looks all set to claim his place in history as the inaugral CWP cruiserweight champion as he leaps from the top rope and lands a perfect 450 splash on Williams but before he can crawl back to get the pin, Sabre slides into the ring and locks him in the cross armbreaker, forcing the tap just before Sydal can make it back to break the hold.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr via submission in 18:23

Goldust vs Santino Marella

In a match sure to be utterly hilarious to Vince McMahon and mildly entertaining to the rest of us the the Bizarre one and the Milan miracle in a bout that would be lauded for it's technical execution if it didn't all look quite so ridiculous
Spoiler for :
Santino picks up the win, striking Goldust with the Cobra

Winner: Santino via Pinfall in 9:27

CWP Tag Team Championsip Match
Tornado Tag Coconut Match
Motor City Machine Guns(C) vs Londrick

This match can only be won by striking an opponent over the head with a coconut retrieved from the palm trees towering above the teams in each corner of the CWP ring
Spoiler for :
In a confusing and wildly overbooked match of intermingled wrestling and climbing the Motor City Machine Guns finally win after isolating London and knocking him out with the ASCS Rush and overpowering Kendrick with the numbers advantage, Sabin conking him on the head with one of the half dozen coconuts littering the canvas

Winner: Motor City Machine Guns via coconut in 13:28

CWP United States Championship Match

Dusty Rhodes(C) vs John Bradshaw Layfield

The common man defends the honor of his country against the dastardly Bradshaw
Spoiler for :
Dusty Rhodes holds on to both his honor and his title as JBL falls victim to his own removal the padding from the top turnbuckle of the CWP ring, inadvertently knocking himself for a loop and allowing Dusty to deliver the bionic elbow

Winner: Dusty Rhodes via pinfall in 16:51

Extreme Rules Match
The Sandman vs Nicholas

Put together by CWP General Manager Vickie Guerrero to punish Nicholas for stealing cookies from catering

Spoiler for :
As Sandman gestures to the timekeeper for his 6th beer of the match cockily assuming that his Singapore cane still hits like it used to, a bloodied but resilient Nicholas strikes him from behind with a comically small steel chair. The dazed Sandman Russian leg sweeps himself out of the ring and can't locate the ring in time to stop Nicholas picking up the win.

Winner: Nicholas via countout in 7:18

Last Man Standing Match
Braun Strowman vs Goldberg

Undefeated since his arrival in CWP over a year ago, the unstopppable Goldberg comes face to face with the monster among men for the first time ever
Spoiler for :
After a hellacious brawl, the towering Strowman body slams Goldberg from the entrance ramp into the stage rigging before making it back to his feet at the count of 8 to be declared the winner

Winner: Braun Strowman via 10-count in 16:04

*Backstage, Brent Banks and Phil Atlas are seen setting up their own wikipedia page, determined to provide the CWP bookers with a way to find out who they are*

CWP World Championship Match
Eddie Guerrero(C) vs Shawn Michaels

The realisation of one of the great dream matches in wrestling history as two of the best to ever do it finally meet in the ring with Guerrero's CWP World Championship on the line
Spoiler for :
A winding back and forth war finally comes to an end as the Champion struggles to reach the top rope to deliver a 5-star frog splash giving his challenge time to come to his senses and meet Guerrero's face with Sweet Chin Music on his way down

Winner and NEW CWP World Champion: Shawn Michaels via pinfall: 28:41

Spoiler for MC 16's Card:
Tenryu Project Rival Present: SummerBash

Juventud Guerrera vs Frankie Kazarian

We are at a beach and both have challenged each other to a short exhibition. The only way to win is to throw each other into the sea.

This doesn't last long at all. Kazarian attempts to throw sand in the eyes of Guerrera but can’t with the mask in the way, so he runs at Guerrera who throws him in the sea to win the match.

Eddie Edwards vs Kassius Ohno

This could be described as a sprint in many ways. Both wasted no time in goin at it, Ohno laying in the different variations of the below, Edwards hitting some kicks. Both trying to get something on with the other. Ohno catches Edwards with the cyclone kill (discuss boot). Ohno goes for Hero’s Welcome but Edwards hits a head kick and a brainbuster for a two count. Edwards hits a thrust kick followed by the the die hard driver for the win!!!

Chavo Guerrero Jr vs El Dandy - Luchas de Apuestas

Chavo Jr coming from the famous Guerrero family has been strutting around, acting like royalty and El Dandy took exception to this. They had a few good matches but never a decisive winner and they wanted to end it all, challenging each other to a lucha de apuestas (matches with wagers). The wagers will be their hair in this very personal feud. This will follow traditional lucha rules, being two out of three falls.

The first caídas (fall) was a calm match where they are trying to match each other with holds, slowly getting more aggressive and aggressive before Chavo hits a piledriver for the DQ loss. As the rules of Lucha state, a pilderver is a DQ loss. The second caídas is mostly Chavo making El Dandy bleed and starts to attack the leg on El Dandy. El Dandy makes his comeback though and hits a Dandina (titer-whirl headscissors armbreaker) for the submission win. The third caídas is a brutal affair, where they began brawling with each other, throwing each other into the ring posts and even starting to pull each others hair off. They both are bleeding by this point and you can see the blood flying off with every strike. Chavo attempts to submit El Dandy with the glory special but El Dandy fought out of it and DDT followed up by the Dandina and gets the win!!!!

WALTER vs Antonio Inoki
Antonio Inoki in many ways is a complex man. Someone who has always loved a fight, a challenge, something new and to push the boundaries. And when he first saw the 300 plus pounder Austrian, WALTER, he thought he must find out more about him. The more he watched and learned, the more determined he was on proving his might against the Austrian. He could match his grapplying skills, he thought. He can chop just as hard, he thought. Inoki not one to shy away from giving out challenges, made one to WALTER. WALTER was hesitant at first, voicing his respect towards the legend. WALTER agreed, but under certain conditions. The match would have a 10 minute time limit, and they were unable to leave the ring. Inoki accepts and the match was officially made.

The match started out very technical. Both equalling each other in the grappying aspect in the beginning. Then they started to pick up the pace, getting more and more intensity with each hold, WALTER eventually got the better of Inoki, who quickly got up and seemed livid. When he went for another hold, WALTER tossed him with a judo throw and began hitting his chops. Inoki replied with a kick to the legs but on a second attempt, he got caught by WALTER, who threw him over head and began jumping on the lower back of Inoki. Inoki seems in pain but still goes after WALTER who still hitting his chops. Inoki mages to move away from one and replied with a SLAP. Nothing happens for a brief moment but then Inoki taunts WALTER with his famous “fight” taunt, WATLER run towards, drop toe hold by Inoki and again. Inoki attempts to lock in the octopus stretch, but WALTER counters and lies on top of Inoki, 1…..2…...Inoki starts to lift WALTER up by doing a bridge with nothing but his neck holding him and his shoulders up! They battle to get to their feets with strikes before WALTER locks in the gora clutch (rear naked choke), Inoki claws his way to the ropes but gets caught with a german suplex by WALTER but Inoki pops up and hits an enziguri!!! And another, and another. Inoki screams and locks in the octopus stretch!!! WALTER screams in agony, Inoki shouts tap in english. WALTER reaches for the ropes but he is too far away and……..DING DING DING. The referee breaks the hold and tells the wrestlers that the ten minute time limit has expired.

The crowd boo at the time limit but soon settle down when WALTER and Inoki square off face to face. A chop by WALTER!! A slap by Inoki!! The stare at each other again before nodding in respect towards one another and WALTER leaves the ring. The crowd cheers as Inoki boos towards them and leaves the ring himself.

Ricky Steamboat vs The Great Muta

Two of the wrestlers famed for their ingenuity in and out of the ring and their athleticism. The Great Muta and Ricky Steamboat made their fame in different parts of the wrestling world and rarely came across with each other. The Great Muta faced everyone in his historic excursion to 1989 WCW, seemingly everyone except The Dragon Ricky Steamboat. Muta sent out the feeders, determined to face Ricky Steamboat who accepted the challenge.

They have a quick start, Steamboat outpacing Muta, hitting a few deep arm drags. Steamboat controls the early potions of the match, causing Muta to began to cheat. Muta then took control, dragging Steamboat to the outside on threw him into the crowd. Muta than unloaded on Steamboats with chokes and hard strikes to the throat. Steamboat begins having trouble to breath, causing the ref to briefly stop the match to check on Steamboat but Muta doesn’t listen to the ref and targets the throat. Stomping, chopping, draping his neck on the ropes etc. Muta dominated the rest of the match also attacking the upper body/neck region. The ref starts to get concerned when Steamboat starts passing out whilst making a comeback. The fans began chanting Steamboat in hopes of a recovery but Muta then hits a shining wizard and sets up for a moonsault BUT MISSES. Steamboat struggles to make it to his feet and begins to chop Muta. After a few chops, Muta begins to fatigue. The crowd gets louder and Steamboat starts to get his wind back. CHOP, CHOP, deep armdrag. Steamboat goes up to the top but Muta catches him and blows the mist into his face!!! Muta goes for a superplex but Steamboat counters mid air and lands on top of Muta. 1….2……..3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steamboat gets the win!

Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson vs The British Bulldogs (Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith)

Two famous tag teams of the 1980’s. Both in separate companies for most of the time, unable to test their abilities against each other and when they were in the same company for a brief period of time, they only had one encounter, a tag team match at the Survivor Series 1988. Now both sick about hearing who is better than the other, both wanting to test their skills and background training against each other. With the Bulldogs and their training in the mines and pits that is the british wrestling scene against the rugged, tough non stop schedules of the southern wrestling scene. Who is the better tag team?

Both go into the match very determined, filled with aggression. Determined to prove they are the best. They have a great back and forth battle where momentum is constantly switching between the two teams. The crowd are at their hottest when Dynamite Kid is beating the piss out of Tully Blanchard, who is looking for every advantage he can. Eye pokes, grabbing the ref, fake calls for hari pulls. Every trick in the book. When he does, he tags out immediately to the dismay of the crowd., Soon enough DK gets bloody and is in terrible pain on the outside and Davey Boy Smith gets overwhelmed by Tully and Arn. Tully and Arn beat on Davey Boy for the majority of the match, targeting his back and working on it for the entirety. The crowd gets on the side of the Bulldogs chanting for the Dynamite Kid. After a few false hot tags, DK finally gets in and backs his comeback, still visible in pain, he hits a headbut to Arn who staggers. He hits him again, knocking him down. Tully tries to get a cheap shot but DK blocks it and unloads with nasty punches to the skull. He attempts go for a tombstone piledriver but falls in pain. Tully realises the opportunity and goes for a running punch but Dynamite Kid pucks and Tully hits Arn Anderson instead, sending him flying out of the ring!!!! Tully is in shock and backs away from Dynamite Kid but backs into Davey Boy Smith who is right behind him. CHEERS!!!!!!!! Davey Boy picks up Tully Blanchard and hits a running powerslam. Dynamite Kid heads up to the top rope and hits a diving head butt and covers Blanchard for the three count.

Gedo vs Taka Michinoku

Both wrestlers not really known for serious wrestling despite being good wrestlers (great in Taka Mochinoku’s standpoint) but they are mostly known for their niches whether that’s cheating or comedy. They both wanted to prove who was the better at being a scumbag.

Quick rolls ups the to start the match. They do a few comedy spots before Taka pokes Gedo in the eyes and rolls up Gedo for the three. Gedo is distraught by this and wants a rematch, Taka laugh but seemingly accepts. The match restarts and they seem to have a serious match for around 5 minutes before Taka hits the Michinoku driver out of nowhere for the second win!!

Kazuchika Okada vs Mitsuharu Misawa

Quite obviously a big match. Kazuchika Okada is the current ace (top guy) in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Mitsuharu Misawa, a legend of Japanese pro wrestling and former ace of New Japan’s rivals, All Japan Pro Wrestling back in the 90’s. Both were highly considered the one best of their generations, if not THE best. A true once in a lifetime meeting.

Kazuchika Okada starts of being brash, cocky and very dismissive, playing off Misawa’s stoic glares as jokes. The crowd is split 60/40 for Misawa, Okada makes very clear he isn’t happy with the crowd and quickly attacks Misawa. Okada attempts to end it early hitting the drop kick and attempts the tombstone piledriver but Misawa gets out of it. The match turns into a back and forth battle where Okada uses his smarts and athletic ability to control Misawa but constantly falls when hit with the elbows of Misawa. The crowd starts to boo Okada a lot during the match, mostly when Okada disrespects Misawa and even taunts him by doing a signature stretch his (Misawa’s) rival, Toshiaki Kawada use to do. At the end, when it looks like Okada is going to hit the rainmaker, Misawa counters into a tiger suplex. Misawa goes for the Tiger Driver but Okada espaces but is hit with a flurry of elbows and followed up by a nasty running lariat which sends the crowd into a frenzy. Misawa hits the Tiger Driver ‘91 but only gets the two! Misawa is incensed by this. Misawa then hits a rainmaker of his own but instead of a lariat, he hits a elbow instead, weakening Okada’s knees and goes for Emerald Flowsion but another counter by Okada who hits a tombstone and a Rainmaker for the three count!!!! Both men are exhausted and struggle to stand for a while after. The crowd starts chanting Okada once he is on to his feet. Misawa looks dejected but eventually nods his head in approval at Okada and leaves the ring.

Okada then grabs the microphone and says he has three things to say. The first thing is that he jokingly admonishes the crowd for being more supportive of Misawa but says he gets it. The second thing is that he just beat the Great Mitsuharu Misawa. Someone that he idolised growing up and he is glad to be given the chance to face someone like him and actually beat him. The third thing he says is…………………..“Nothing In Particular”

Ric Flair vs Terry Funk - First Blood Match

Two legends of the sport once again colliding for the last time every. Both notorious for their love for blood. Both making people bleed and bleeding themselves.

The match starts of slow but filled with tension. They unload with chops and closed fists, aiming for the head looking for the win. Funk wins the exchange and Flair looks for a different strategy and starts using his old tricks. Funk brings the weapons and they start beating the heck out each other. Funk leathers Flair with his belt and gets the plastic bag, a call back to their 89 feud, and tries to suffocate Flair. Flair desperately scrambles away and grabs a broken piece of chair and goes for Funk’s eyes and then digs the broken metal into the forehead of Funk attempting to draw blood but Funk just escapes. In the ending spot, the referee is knocked down after getting hit with a lariat by Funk which was meant for Flair. The two exchange hard strikes and Funk scraps the eyes and reaches for the piece of metal that Flair used but before he could use it, Flair stuck the plastic bag on Flunk head and stabbed at this forehead with the metal DRAWING BLOOD but the referee is still down. Flair attempts to revive the ref and as one more act of revenge, locks in the figure four leg lock on a bloody and now screaming Terry Funk. The ref sees the blood and calls for the bell. FLAIR WINS!!!!!

Spoiler for A-C-P's Card:
Broken Universe Wrestling Presents:

Live from the Garden of Madison Square AND the Hardy Beach Compound


Spoiler for Start of the Show:
SUMMERFEST opens with the #1 Contender for the BUW World Title Daniel Bryan and The Benevolent Leader of BUW, King Maxel's appointed General Manager Dixie Carter in the ring to address the audience

Dixie Welcomes everyone to Summerfest and explains that King Maxel is ruling over the show tonight from the Hardy Beach compound and has left his GM Dixie Carter in charge of the action at the arena. Dixie then explains King Maxel's decree that Brock Lesnar must show up to defend his championship tonight against

Daniel Bryan, or he will be stripped of the title. Daniel Bryan takes the mic and cuts a promo about Lesnar being a HUGE challenge but one he can and will overcome and one way or another he will be leaving tonight as the BUW World Champion.

Dixie takes the mic back from Bryan and explains that IF Mr. Lesnar chooses not to show up and be stripped of the title, there will still be a World Title match tonight, and a new champion will be crowned at the end of the night in a match between Daniel Bryan and the winner of the opening match Chris Jericho vs Shinsuke Nakamura!

#1 Contenders Match
Chris Jericho w/ Ralphus vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Spoiler for match:
A great back and forth 17 minute match with some great wrestling and some heel tactics from Jericho and Ralphus. The Ending occurs as Nakamura has Jericho set-up for the Kinshasa with the referee down Ralphus climbs into the ring and puts himself inbetween himself and Jericho taking the mighty blow of the Kinshasa for his boss. Nakamura then turns around into a Codebreaker from Jericho, followed up by a lionsault, wit the referee recovering for the 3 count.

Winner and #1 Contender - Chris Jericho

Spoiler for Lesnar segment:
After the match we are taken to footage of Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar in Brock's Hotel Room

Heyman (seemingly excited and worried) "Brock did you hear what King Maxel has declared for tonight's show?

Paul explains the situation that Brock must show up and defend his World Title or he will be stripped of it. Brock is not at all pleased and tell's Heyman that they are going over to the Hardy Beach Compound to have a chat with King Maxel

Then we are taken to the Hardy Beach Compound where we see King Maxel on his throne (a lifeguard tower) and standing next to him Broken Matt Hardy.

Matt explains to the audience that King Maxel that Senor Benjamin has prepared the Battle Field (a mud pit) and that the BUW Women's Title will now be defended on that battle field in a Pit of Mud Fight w. Bikinis

BUW Women's Title Match
Mudpit Bikini Match

Molly Holly(c) vs Naomi

Spoiler for match:
Molly Holly makes it clear she is against this type of match happening but finally gives in and strips down to her bikini and climbs in the Pit of Mud b/c she does not want to lose her Women's title. Typical Mudpit fight with the 2 women rolling around in the mud in their bikinis for 6 minutes. Ending happens when Naomi misses her attempt ad the rear view resulting in Molly hitting a brutal cross body block for the win

Winner and still BUW Women's Champion Molly Holly

Spoiler for Post Match Segment:
Due to her loss King Maxel decrees Naomi be cast into the Sea of Reincarnation. Also Molly Holly feeling dirty and over exposed rushes in the Sea of Reincarnation to wash the mud off herself

We go back to the Arena again with Dixie in the ring announcing that since she is in charge in the arena tonight she has made the following match for the BUW Tag Team Titles. The champions, The Road Warriors, will defend against Her Nephew Ethan Carter III and his bodyguard Brodus Clay and the Special Referee for the match will be Rockstard Spudd!

BUW Tag Team Title Match
Rock Star Spudd Special Referee
Road Warriors Hawk & Animal(c) vs EC3 & Brodus Clay

Spoiler for match:
12 minute tag team match mainly of heel tactics from EC3 and Spudd, with some great big man brawling between Hawk/Animal and Brodus Clay. Ending happens when The Road Warriors had finally had enough of Spudd's antics as the referee, they have EC3 and Brodus down and pick Spudd up and give him the Doomsday Device. Brodus attempts to take advantage with a chair but swings and misses at Animal and then is hit with the chair himself by Hawk. They then grab EC3 and deliver a Doomsday Device to him for the pinfall

Winners and still BUW Tag Team Champions - The Road Warriors

After the Match EC3 and Brodus leave the arena and head to the Hardy Beach Compound to drown their sorrows.

Next Match in the arena:

Mark Henry vs Scott Norton

Spoiler for match:
Henry and Norton have been feuding over who is really the strongest man in BUW. 8 minute match of the typical big strong man vs big strong man match. Ending happens when Norton fails to keep Henry up for the Shoulder Breaker and Henry instead turns it into a World's Strongest Slam for the pin

Winner - Mark Henry

After the Match Mark Henry leaves the arena and heads to the Hardy Beach Compound to celebrate his victory

We are now taken back to the Hardy Beach Compound and once again Matt Hardy is announcing the next EEPIC Battle that will take place on a beach battle field prepared by Senor Benjamin (just cleared the people out of a large area on the beach)

The Disasters of Nature, Earthquake and Typhoon will take on the Alleged Heavyweights of Super Proportions, The Holly Cousins, both whom are not happy and want to ruin the fun of the Beach Compound. Matt then announces that the Great King Maxel has also declared that this EEPIC Battle with now include a 3rd Team, BROKEN MATT HARDY and Senor Benjamin, In an Ultimate Beach Deletion Match!

Ultimate Beach Deletion Match
Natural Disasters vs Hardcore & Crash Holly vs Broken Matt Hardy & Senor Benjamin

Spoiler for match:
The Earth starts to shake and the wind starts to blow, It must be that Earthquake and Typhoon;

Disasters of Nature, I Knew You'd Come

The distinct sound of a scale jangling is heard, The Alleged Heavyweights of Super Proportions, The Holly Cousins;

Cousins of Holly, I Knew You'd Come

The Natural Disasters and Holly Cousins rush at eachother, Hardy and Benjamin get Roman Candles delivered by Vanguard 1 and begin by shooting fireballs and the the other two teams causing them to scatter a bit.

Then the battle really ensues with beating with beach chair shots and beach umbrellas happening slams into life guard towers and cabana tables and fighting taking place all over the compound.

Typhoon has Crash Holly down and is about to obliterate him with a big splash when out of the Sea of Reincarnation comes MIGHTY MOLLY

Mighty Molly flies in and knocks out Typhoon and throws him in the pile of Obsolete Men, and goes back to pull her cousin Crash out of Danger. Sensing that Mighty Molly could be danger Vanguard 1 goes into seek and destroy mode and chases off Mighty Molly and Crash

Hardcore holly thinks he had Senor Benjamin cornered but loses him in the maze of Umbrellas, turns a corner is is smashed in the face with a shovel by Senor Benjamin and is dragged to the pile of Obsolete Men.

Earthquake had Matt Hardy down and was setting up for the Earthquake drop but showing up next to Matt is Skarsgard, The Dilapidated Boat. Skarsgard covers Matt and Earthquake drops crotch first onto the boat. Hardy gets up and delivers a Twist of Fate to Earthquake onto the boat and deposits him also in the pile of Obsolete Men.

With Earthquake, Typhoon, and Hardcore Holly in the pile of Obsolete Men, Senior Benjamin drives out in the Dozer of Bulls and pushes all 3 into the Sea of Reincarnation, DELETING all three men

Winners!? - Matt Hardy and Senor Benjamin

Back in the arena Ernest "The Cat" Miller is in the ring with Norman Smiley making his entrance as they have had a beef going over the last while over dancing.

Ernest "The Cat" Miller vs Screamin' Norman Smiley

Spoiler for match:
Typical Cat stalling tactics and him getting on the mic outside the ring threatening to "Whoop Everybody" . 3 minutes in The Cat challenges Smiley to change the match to a "Dance Off"

The Cat got to go first:

After Norman busts out the BIG WIGGLE:

While Norman is dancing The Cat loads up his show and kicks Smiley in the head and gets the pinfall

Winner - Ernest "The Cat" Miller

As The Cat Celebrates "Being the Greatest" we are taken back to Hardy Beach Compound as World Champion Brock Lesnar arrives to have his discussion with King Maxel.

Spoiler for Lesnar/King Maxel segment:
Lesnar climbs up to King Maxel's throne to give him a piece of his mind but as soon as Brock sees King Maxel's icy stare he immediately backs down, realizes he was wrong and agrees to defend his title tonight against Daniel Bryan.

But before leaving Lesnar demands a steak, baked potato and steamed broccoli. As Senor Benjamin is bringing out Lesnar his meal, a Giant Man Eating Shark arises from the Sea of Incarnation (and also from some reason a Tugboat also rises out of the Sea of Reincarnation) almost causing Senor Benjamin to drop Lesnar's steak.

Brock is very upset about almost losing his Steak Dinner grabs The Shark and F5s him through The Tugboat and sinks it and both float back into the Sea of Reincarnation

As Lesnar now eats his steak dinner Paul Heyman again approaches Lesnar very excited and worried that they no longer can make it to the arena on time for his match and he will be stripped of the title. But the the roar of an engine and a race care and driver Spark Plug Holly emerge from the Sea of Reincarnation and offers Lesnar and Heyman a ride to the arena.

Brock finishes up his Steak Dinner, him and Paul climb into the car and speed off towards the arena.

Back to the arena we see Chris Jericho along with his Personal Security Man, Ralphus putting in place guards to keep Lesnar out of the arena, so he is stripped of the title and Jericho will then get to face Daniel Bryan for the title to end tonight's show.

Next Match:

BUW United States Title Triple Threat Match
Jeff Jarrett w/ Debra(c) vs Jack Swagger w/ Swagger Soaring Eagle vs Konnan

Spoiler for match:
12 minute typical triple threat match with offense in from all 3. Ending happens when the referee is distracted by Debra after she give JJ his guitar. Jarrett smashes the guitar over Konnan's head knocking him out. The Swagger Soaring Eagle chases Debra away and Swagger dumps Jarrett out of the ring, and puts the KOed Konnan in the ankle lock and the ref calls for the bell

Winner and NEW BUW United States Champion - Jack Swagger

Our next Match in the arena is a battle over the affection of Woman. This time around it is Vampiro who has drawn the eye of Woman and Kevin Sullivan and Vampiro have agreed to have Woman locked in a cage and have an anything goes fight where in the first one to unlock and open the cage "wins" Woman.

Hardcore Match

Vampiro vs Kevin Sullivan

Spoiler for match:
20 minutes of a super violent hardcore war, with chairs, kendo sticks, tables, fighting all over the arena. The ending comes when Sullivan thinks he finally has Vampiro down with a chairshot and throwing Vampiro down a flight of the arena stairs. As Sullivan takes his time and taunts Woman in the cage Vampiro crawls his way back to ringside by the cage that has Woman locked in. As Sullivan goes to finally unlock cage, Woman pulls out mace and sprays Sullivan right in the face, but Sullivan then reacts and flings the key into the crowd. Woman then reveals she has a set of bolt cutters in the cage with her and hands them to Vampiro who has made his way back to his feet. Vampiro knocks out Sullivan with the bolt cutters, cuts the lock and frees Woman from the cage

Winner - Vampiro

As they clean up in the arena after the carnage we are taken back to the Hardy Beach Compound, where King Maxel and Broken Matt are preparing to crown Ms. Summerfest 2018!

Spoiler for Ms Summerfest Beach Compound Segment:
Cameron has been pulled from the crowd at the Beach Compound in a very sexy bikini and is ready to be crowned as Ms Summerfest 2018. Just as it about to be announced and made official Mae Young runs out in her bikini (making the entire crowd at the Beach Compound ill) and tries to proclaim herself, Ms Summerfest. King Maxel is very upset about this and orders cast into the Sea of Reincarnation. Mark Henry is very upset by this and rushes into the sea to save Mae Young.

Then out of the Sea of Reincarnation comes Sexual Chocolate carrying Youthful Mae Young

Upon seeing this King Maxel's mind is changed and he awards Ms Summerfest 2018 to Mae Young!. Extremely upset by this Cameron begins to scream and cry. King Maxel orders her to be thrown into the Sea of Reincarnation.

Then arising from the Sea of Reincarnation is just a plain man, John Tenta, but behind him THE SHOCKMASTER. The Shockmaster emerges from the Sea and charges at EC3. Seeing this his bodyguard Brodus Clay runs in to intercept The Shockmaster, but the Shockmaster trips and falls. Broduc Clay is unable to stop his charge and trips over The downed Shockmaster and tumbles into the Sea of Reincarnation himself. The Shockmaster then runs off in embarrassment.

While King Maxel, Matt Hardy and Senor Benjamin try to calm down the crowd after all the happenings, we hear the roar of a dinosaur. Emerging from the Sea of Reincarnation is a living breathing FUNKASAURUS along with his FUNKADACTYLS!

As the music plays and everyone dances, Matt Hardy proclaims that the Fest of Summer has been simply

Back at the arena we see Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman arrive to MSG in the race car

Spoiler for Brock/Jericho Segment:
Guarding the door with his Personal Security Guy, Ralphus, Jericho is trying to keep Lesnar out until Dixie announces he has officially been stripped of the Title.

Not amused by this Lesnar shoves Jericho down and grabs Ralphus and F5s him into a near by dumpster. Jericho retreats in fear and Lesnar enters the arena for this title match.

Its time for the Summerfest Main Event!

BUW World Championship Match
Brock Lesnar(c) vs Daniel Bryan

Spoiler for match:
An epic 25 minute Battle with German and many variations of Suplexes, kicks, submission holds, dives, etc. Back and forth with each man kicking out of the others finisher (the F5 and the Running Knee) The Ending happens when Bryan has Lesnar down in the YES! Lock, but Lesnar fights up and turns in into having Bryan up for another F5, Bryan swings around lands on his feet avoiding the F5, hits Lesnar with another running knee and puts him back in the YES! Lock, Lesnar eventually taps out.

Winner and NEW BUW World Champion - Daniel Bryan

After the match as Bryan celebrates in the ring we see Lesnar and Heyman arguing with Dixie. We then can see Lesnar yell I quit and I am out of here. Dixie fearing the King Maxel will blame her for losing one of his best talents she does whatever she can to try and keep him there.

We then go off the air with the sight of Daniel Bryan Celebrating his title win with the crowd!


Spoiler for Pez's Card:

Tommy Dreamer vs The Boogeyman

Spoiler for History:
After weeks of vignettes showing a harrowing figure cloaked mostly in shadow and whispering haunting messages of fear and desolation; stating that he is targeting Timeless Championship Wrestling because it is a beacon of creativity and courage, The Boogeyman appeared on a taping of Tuesday Night Throwdown to attack Tommy Dreamer. This led to him haunting Tommy's dreams, attacking the man intimately and mentally before forcing him to accept a match at SUMMER SHOWDOWN.

Spoiler for Introductions:

Spoiler for Results:
The Boogeyman defeats Tommy Dreamer after a Two-Handed Chokebomb from the middle rope onto a pile of steel chairs in the middle of the ring for a three-count in a match that goes 7:06.

Shane Helms (c) vs Shannon Moore vs Evan Karagias

Spoiler for History:
Shane Helms won the Cruiserweight Title from Dean Malenko months ago with the assist from Moore and Karagias. After defending the title against all comers, Helms has declared he will put the title on the line against someone he hasn't faced yet: Moore or Karagias. On an episode of Throwdown, both men were declared #1 Contender after a double pin where both men's shoulders were on the mat leading to a triple threat at SUMMER SHOWDOWN.

Spoiler for Introductions:

Spoiler for Result:
Shane Helms retains the Cruiserweight Title after hitting a Vertebreaker on Shannon Moore while Karagias is incapacitated outside of the ring, but 3-Count appear to remain together as they hug it out in the middle of the ring after the match. Match time 14:32.

Al Snow vs "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

Spoiler for History:
These two men have been at each other for a few weeks now arguing which one has the better ring accoutrement: a 2x4 of wood or Head. In the weeks leading up the SUMMER SHOWDOWN were segments involving contests between Head and the 2x4 like obstacle courses and spelling bees, both failed spectacularly on all accounts because they're inanimate objects that can't move, think or do a damn thing. This lead to both men bitter and ready to show that isn't the case.

Spoiler for Introductions:

Spoiler for Result:
Al Snow wins via roll-up after Jim Duggan shatters Head with a savage swing of his 2x4. After the match, Al Snow takes the 2x4 and draws a face on it and begins to talk to it while he makes his way to the back. Match time 8:12.

Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart vs Tank Abbott

Spoiler for History:
After laughing at a performance by 3-Count, their biggest fan Tank Abbott took to their defense and had some words for The Anvil. The Anvil accused Tank of being a poor man's version of him. The two men agreed to a contest at SUMMER SHOWDOWN, each man's beard on the line to make it clear the loser is nothing like the winner.

Spoiler for Introductions:

Spoiler for Result:
Both men bring their power game, meeting each other clothesline for clothesline and shoulderblock for shoulderblock. Both men have some time on offense but Jim Neidhart gets the pin over Tank Abbott unexpectly after hitting a big powerslam due to accidental interference from 3-Count who were trying to help Tank. After the match they watch in horror and sadness as Abbott loses his beard, Anvil laughing gleefully as the beard is buzzed away. Total segment time 15:19.

American Alpha (Juice Robinson & Jason Jordan) w/ Major Gunns vs Team Canada (Lance Storm & Elix Skipper)

Spoiler for History:
Both teams seemed to have rightful claims to be #1 Contender, so a match was made between them to determine who would challenge next for the straps. The teams exchanged singles pinfall victories in the preceeding weeks leading to SUMMER SHOWDOWN.

Spoiler for Introductions:

Spoiler for Result:
Lance Storm and Elix Skipper dominate the majority of this matchup, keeping Juice Robinson in the corner while working his arm to try and keep Juice from using Pulp Friction. Juice eventually makes the hot tag to Jordan who comes in and cleans house before getting into an extended mat sequence with Storm. Eventually chaos ensues with all four men in the ring after both teams make a tag. Storm goes for Juice but gets hung up over the ropes and tumbles outside while Jordan gets Skipper up in a wheelbarrow to help Juice hit Pulp Friction. American Alpha get the win off of the Assisted Killswitch (Jordan holding the legs up in a wheelbarrow) in a great back and forth tag classic that goes 14:22.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Dean Malenko

Spoiler for History:
Dissension arose between a new incarnation of the Triple Threat featuring Shane Douglas, Bam Bam Bigelow and Dean Malenko. When Bam Bam began boasting that he was the best wrestler from New Jersey, Malenko spoke up to let Bam Bam know Malenko was from New Jersey. When Bam Bam shrugged and said what he spoke was still true, the two got in a brawl. Our commissioner has set a match for SUMMER SHOWDOWN where the winner will earn the right to officially be known as KING OF NEW JERSEY.

Spoiler for Introductions:

Spoiler for Result:
A fantastically paced bout that allows time to focus both on Malenko's technical ability and Bam Bam's power game. After taking several high impact moves, Malenko eventually counters a Greetings from Asbury park attempt into a chop block to start working the leg. He puts hold after hold on the Beast from the East until Bam Bam finally kicks him off and through the ropes to the outside, giving Bam Bam time to pull himself up and recover. He nails Malenko with a big clothesline, also falling to the mat but managing to slowly get himself to the top rope even with his gimpy leg. His diving headbutt attempt misses with Malenko rolling out of the way and up to apply the cloverleaf. Bam Bam taps in 11:49.

The Blue World Order (Stevie Richards & Super Nova) w/ The Blue Meanie vs Breezango (Tyler Breeze & Fandango)

Spoiler for History:
Tyler Breeze and Fandango were hosting a party at one of Breeze's seasonal residences when the Blue World Order crashed it. Infuriated by this display of disrespect, Breezy and Dango took it to the BWO with everything in the beach house! After retaliation by the BWO the following week, the Fashion Police have challenged the BWO to a "Cabana Rules" match - a hardcore match where Beach House and Pool Party themed weapons are allowed.

Spoiler for Introductions:

Spoiler for Result:
The BWO pick up the win after a distraction from Meanie in a speedo disgusts Breeze, allowing Richards to pick up the win with a Stevie Kick. Match time 14:14.

Shane Douglas vs Kanyon

Spoiler for History:
Kanyon has been going around hitting people with Kanyon Cutters and asking "WHO BETTA THAN KANYON?". Taking exception to both Kanyon's reckless antics as a traditional wrestler and Kanyon's constant question of WHO BETTA as a man who considers himself The Franchise, Shane Douglas hit the ramp to cut a promo on Kanyon while Kanyon was in the ring to tell him exactly who was better than Kanyon. Kanyon, taking exception to being called out, challenged the Franchise to prove it at SUMMER SHOWDOWN.

Spoiler for Introductions:

Spoiler for Result:
Kanyon wins this one after a match that lasts just over 12 minutes, hitting a Kanyon Cutter to pick up the clean win over The Franchise.

Rob Van Dam (c) w/ Bill Alfonso vs Diamond Dallas Page

Spoiler for History:
Rob Van Dam, with Bill Alfonso by his side, has dominated the Television Title scene for over a year. While in the ring cutting a promo after his last title defense a few weeks ago, Diamond Dallas Page appeared to let Van Dam know that DDP was coming for RVD - evening doing RVD's signature thumb pose with each letter of DDP.

Spoiler for Introductions:

Spoiler for Result:
An incredible match filled with impact moves and tremendous selling. Despite constant interference and annoyance from Bill Alfonso, Diamond Dallas picks up the victory and is crowned the NEW Television Champion after countering the Five Star Frog Splash with a Diamond Cutter. Match time 17:56.

Adam Cole vs "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

Spoiler for History:
A year ago these men were on top of the world as tag team champions, but since losing the titles they have been engaged in a bitter feud of oneupsmanship in attempts that have gotten more desperate and more cruel to prove they are better than the other. The Commissioner has stepped in to say that so long as both are around, the other is no good to him. A match has been made for SUMMER SHOWDOWN where the LOSER LEAVES TOWN!

Spoiler for Introductions:

Spoiler for Result:
After an incredible match in perhaps the most surprising upset of the night, Christopher Daniels sneaks one out over Adam Cole after hitting him with back-to-back Angel's Wings. Adam Cole is stunned, horrified and angry all at once while he is dragged out by security. While he is being pulled up the ramp, Daniels gets on the mic and says all he ever wanted was to prove he was better than Cole and that tonight he did. He says he has proven he is the better man once and will do so again, saying that one of them has to leave the promotion tonight and he will leave in Cole's place. The crowd is left stunned as Daniels leaves, escorted quietly by the security while Cole remains just as flabergasted as the crowd. Match time 18:52.

Masters of the Power Bomb (Big Van Vader & "The Gladiator" Mike Awesome) vs Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray) (c)

Spoiler for History:
Big Van Vader and Mike Awesome came together in order to accomplish one goal: dominance. Their first targets were the tag team champions, who they layed out several weeks in a row until Harlem Heat agreed to a match where if the Masters won, they would get to challenge for the titles. They won, handily, nearly squashing the champions and earning the match.

Spoiler for Introductions:

Spoiler for Result:
In a much better showing for themselves, the tag champs put up a tremendous fight against the power and brutality of the Vader/Awesome duo. In the end it was just too much. Stevie taking a power bomb from Big Van while Booker eats a running Awesome bomb out of the ring and all the way to and through the announce table while Vader makes the cover for the three count. Match time 10:25.

Kurt Angle vs Bret "Hitman" Hart (c)

Spoiler for History:
Former champion Kurt Angle had to relinquish the Heavyweight Title in order to take time off for surgery to repair nagging injuries. In the interim, Bret Hart won a tournament to become the new Heavyweight Champion. When Angle returned to a huge ovation he immediately attacked the Hitman, bitter that the Excellence of Execution has stolen his time and his title and robbed him of his spotlight; informing Bret that he will be invoking his guaranteed rematch at SUMMER SHOWDOWN.

Spoiler for Introductions:

Spoiler for Result:
This is the likely the best pure wrestling match of all time (in this guy's opinion) you could get. I don't think I could put anything here that would do it justice. In the end, though, Bret counters an O'Connor Roll off the ropes, turning into a Sharpshooter where Angle eventually has to relent and tap to the Hitman. Bret Hart retains in an epic match that goes 32:36.

Spoiler for Rugrat's Card:
RUGRAT PRESENTS - RUG WILD - Live from the KC Stadium

“Hello hello hello and welcome to the biggest party of the summer. I am your host of the evening Arachnaman presenting Rug Wild live for one and all - live from the KC Stadium in Hull, England. I have a SPIDEY sense *thumbs up* that it will be a great evening of ‘rasslin for one and all.”

Ronda Rousey vs Barry Horowitz

Barry Horowitz is curtain jerking and having received the jobber’s entrance is already in the ring.

“I don’t give a damn about my reputation….” plays and out comes Ronda Rousey.

Arachnaman pops out “Here out Rug Wild, we don’t give a fuck about PG we’re gonna watch my ol’ drinking partner give this femoid a beatin’ of a lifetime.”

*Ronda wins by submission in five seconds from an Armbar*

Tag Team Turmoil Elimination Match - Palumbo/O’Haire vs Team Angle vs Davey/Tajiri - Live from the sandy beaches of the Humber Bridge

The teams start off with some geeky ROH-esque multiple team handshake. This is until Devil’s Advocate Sean O’Haire nicks some little girls sun cream and squirts it into Shelton’s eye. A dazed Shelton is than shoved in the ocean by Palumbo - as you all know black people can't swim, so Shelton drowns. This leaves the match as a 2 vs 2 vs 1 match. Davey Richards and Tajiri take the lead by kicking the Natural Born Thrillers and Charlie Haas really hard. They end up eventually pinning all three wrestlers to eliminate them, but Shelton must have been playing possum and comes out of the water on a jet ski and mows down Davey and Tajiri. He pins Davey but Tajiri kicks out. Shelton drives over his head one more time for the three count. Team Angle get the win.

Beth Phoenix vs Sara Del Ray

Beth uses her size to dominate much of the early going of the match. Sara Del Rey uses her technical skills to have a few shine spots. Just as Beth is about to hit the Glam Slam, Cesaro appears. Beth is temporarily distracted until Edge spears Cesaro. This is not enough to stop Sara hitting the Royal Butterfly for the win.

James Storm vs Val Venis

Val slipped a viagra into Cowboy’s beer before the match, so wins very easily with a school boy due to the drug giving Storm a “high”.

Dirty Heels vs Aces and Eights (Bully and Anderson)

Aries and Roode dominate the early going as the babyfaces, Aries does a lot of crisp agile moves. Lots of double team moves between Roode and Aries. Bully gains an illegal advantage for Aces and Eights to get the advantage. Roode gets a GLORIOUS hot tag from Aries. He takes the fight on A&8s until Anderson slyly whacks Aries on the apron with the hammer while the referee is in the ring. Aces and 8s hit the 3D for the win.

Edge vs Shaun Ricker

I’m low on time so you can use your imagination for the match

There are vidya packages of Cesaro and Kobashi before the match, with the two of them training hard in preparation for the match. Cesaro’s compilation has him illustrating his strength with some Rocky IV esque montage. Kobashi’s compilation shows him doing hack squats in the New Japan Dojo and being kicked multiple times in the abdomen by some NJPW trainee.

Cesaro vs Kenta Kobashi (2 out of 3 falls)

The two men shake hands before the match. This is one match that won’t be spoiled by distractions and gimmicks. They lock up before trading headlocks and armlocks with neither really being able to gain an early advantage. Kobashi Irish whips Cesaro in preparation for one of his trademark dropkicks, Cesaro wisely catches himself in the ropes and launches himself at Kobashi with an uppercut after KK’s dropkick only finds thin air. Cesaro dominates the early going with all kinds of slams and such. Kobashi eventually reverses a vertical suplex into a German Suplex of his own and gets Cesaro into the corner to chop his chest red raw. The match picks up several gears, until Kobashi counters a Neutraliser into an Orange Crush for a 1-2-3. Advantage Kobashi.

Kobashi limps up and pumps himself up to the crowd for around thirty seconds. Kenta takes too long celebrating and Cesaro plays possum for a small package which gets a very near fall. Kobashi after kicking out hits a monster lariat on Cesaro for a near fall. Both men are grounded and selling the effects to catch their breath for the next few sequences. Cesaro eventually hits a Ricola Bomb to even up the scores.

The two men go all at it for the third fall with the two men going at it with slams and stiff strikes. Eventually Kobashi hits a Burning Hammer/Moonsault combination for the eventual win in a hellacious match.

Arachnaman shows the video for the promo on the go home show between Punk and Austin on the screen

Spoiler for promo:

*Punk is in the ring by himself cutting a shoot promo on Stone Cold on the go home Raw*

Punk: I think it’s time to lay some home truths to some of the jealous MARKS out there. Hey Colt Cabana, how you doing?”

Here’s the truth not just about the WWE, or wrestling - but in life. There are no friends in the business and certainly not in the SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT business. It’s a harsh lesson I learned when a guy named Mike Brooks stole $7000 from me twenty years ago. I’ve been used multiple times by a parasite throughout my career.

I worked in this business through a fractured skull and a life threatening staph infection. Good ol’ Stone Cold fucked off because he was scared off Brock Lesnar. Here’s the thing Steve, you’re just a good for nothing bully who runs when things get tough. Let me tell you a personal story about Steven Williams the man to show you the kind of bullying redneck he is, I was on the phone to his ex-wife and Debra and…

*glass shatters - Austin’s theme plays, out walks Stone Cold*

Austin: Well Punk, you can’t go talkin’ about a man and his wife like that. You got some should we say skeletons in that ol’ closet of yours. You’re a quitter Punk, you ran like a little bitch because you couldn’t have what you wanted. You drew the lowest ratings ever and you couldn’t draw a dollar if I shoved a green crayon up your ass.

When I got fired by WCW, I put them out of business. When you got fired by WWE, you cried to Colt and got your ass handed to you twice on Pay-Per-View, then nearly got sued. I’ll see you Sunday, “Best In The World”.

CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

Punk mockingly offers a handshake to Austin, but of course Stone Cold replies with the two finger salute. Austin goes immediately on the offence and starts stomping a mudhole into Punk. Eventually Punk gets a bit of offense in, but his running knee to the face is countered with a Thesz Press. Austin exits the ring and gets a chair from ringside before re-entering the ring. Punk nails the chair into Stone Cold with a roundhouse. Punk lamps Austin multiple times with the chair and even to the head for which Austin and Mr Blade make a sharp connection leading to him donning the proverbial crimson mask. An irate and defiant gets up with a second wind, he flips the bird to Punk and nails him with a stunner. Punk kicks out at two and seven eights. Punk hits the GTS, Austin kicks out at two and nine tenths. Austin sneaks out the ring for a weapon - but so does Punk. Austin hits Punk with a beer bottle and Punk hit Austin with a Pepsi. Punk falls on Austin for the three count.

Spoiler for emerald-fire's Card:

1. Singles Match – Winner gets added to the WWE Women’s Championship match later that night

Bayley vs Stephanie McMahon

The evil boss Stephanie McMahon has thwarted the dreams of the lovable underdog, Bayley because of her personal dislike for Bayley. Despite numerous failures which were orchestrated by Stephanie McMahon, Bayley remains steadfast in her goal to become champion. Will Bayley overcome the Authority to be inserted into the title match later that night as Stephanie McMahon stands in her way of success once more?

2. Singles Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Funaki (c) vs Kaz Hayashi

Two of the greatest cruiserweights in pro-wrestling history collide on a grand stage. Funaki has been a great champion, having defended his title against multiple opponents in the past months but will Kaz Hayashi be the man to dethrone him?

3. Elias’ segment. Elias is in the middle of the ring with guitar in hand. He pumps up the crowd by asking them to walk with Elias and the crowd is looking forward to hearing him sing. Elias begins to sing to the delight of the crowd but soon starts insulting the town he’s currently in and its people much to the irate of the crowd. Before Elias can finish his masterpiece, he is rudely interrupted by R-Truth, who sings his theme song on his way to the ring along with Little Jimmy. Before something can escalate between Elias and R-Truth, the rest of the participants begin to make their entrances for the next match on the card.

4. Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Elias vs R-Truth vs Baron Corbin vs Jinder Mahal vs Heath Slater vs Matt Cross

Six men fight for the chance to achieve a guaranteed shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship anytime, anywhere.

5. Singles Match for the NXT Championship

Tyson Kidd (c) vs Johnny Gargano

Tyson Kidd has been a fighting champion throughout his reign and has taken the NXT Championship to new heights. Tyson looks to embark on a new challenge as he takes on the young and hungry Johnny Gargano whose passionate and innovative style of wrestling could pose a serious threat to Tyson Kidd’s title reign. Whoever wins, this match is bound to be a great one with lots of back and forth action.

6. Summer-themed Tag Team Match for the vacant WWE Tag Team Championships

Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas vs Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews (with Dana Brooke)

Summer-themed stipulation – Whenever a tag is made, the legal participant of the opposite team is supposed to dump a bucket of ice water over their head (à la The Ice Bucket Challenge). Only then will the match resume. Failure to do so would result in disqualification.

7. Singles Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Wade Barrett (c) vs Drew McIntyre

After winning a battle royal, Drew McIntyre has earned the right to challenge Wade Barrett for the prestigious Intercontinental Championship. It is sure to be a hard-hitting contest as The Bare Knuckle Brawler and The Celtic Colossus clash. Will Drew McIntyre win the title or has Wade Barrett got some bad news for him?

8.Last Man Standing Match for Control of the WWE

Shane McMahon vs Triple H (with Stephanie McMahon)

This has been a match years in the making. It was inevitable that these two would one day fight each other and it is no wonder that the stakes are so high – the sole control of the WWE. Will Shane McMahon’s never-say-die attitude and daredevilry be enough to overthrow the tyranny of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon or will the reign of the King of Kings continue for longer?

9. Triple Threat Match for the WWE Women’s Championship

Charlotte Flair (c) vs Sasha Banks vs Winner between Bayley and Stephanie McMahon

For weeks, Charlotte Flair was preparing to defend her title against Sasha Banks in what was set to be yet another classic match in their long and storied rivalry but Stephanie McMahon’s shocking announcement has added yet another twist in the tale. With the match now set to be a triple threat, the complexion of the match has taken a completely different turn. Who will emerge victorious in what is set to be an unpredictable match?

10. Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The Undertaker (c) vs Randy Orton

Two of the most decorated wrestlers in the history of the sport are set to fight each other for the most coveted prize in professional wrestling. Both The Undertaker and Randy Orton have tormented each other during the past few weeks with their mind games. It is now time for them to do battle and that too inside The Undertaker’s favourite playground, Hell in a Cell.


At the Royal Rumble, Randy Orton outlasted 29 other men to earn the right to challenge The Undertaker at WrestleMania for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship but an injury soon after forced Orton out of action for an indefinite period of time and therefore, he was unable to compete at WrestleMania. The Undertaker then went on to successfully defend his title multiple times, taking his reign to 250+ days. After his most recent PPV defence, The Undertaker was attacked by an RKO out of nowhere. Orton returned from injury and immediately demanded that he receive the title shot which he had earned at the Royal Rumble. The match was soon made official for the biggest event of the summer, SummerSlam. Over the following weeks, the two men engaged in a series of mind games. Orton was attacked several times during his matches with the lights going out and The Undertaker appearing to attack him. Orton responded by attacking The Undertaker’s manager, Paul Bearer with a Punt Kick. Things got extremely personal and violent between the two and it was decided that this match for the most coveted prize in professional wrestling would take place inside the most dangerous and unforgiving structure, Hell in a Cell.

A few months ago, Stephanie McMahon approached the Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair to join The Authority. When Flair refused her offer, McMahon vowed to get the title off of Flair. Bayley, who won a tournament to become the No. 1 Contender for Flair’s title at SummerSlam, was approached by McMahon with the same offer to exact revenge on Flair. Bayley refused the offer, stating that she wanted to win the title by fair means. Infuriated by being spurned again, Stephanie McMahon forced Bayley to give up her title shot by threatening to fire her best friend, Sasha Banks. Bayley relinquished her opportunity for her best friend without hesitation but soon it would be revealed that it was all a ploy as Banks attacked and turned on Bayley and joined hands with The Authority. So, the match was then changed to Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks. Frustrated, Bayley tried to attack Stephanie McMahon the following week but Banks soon entered and started a 2 on 1 assault on Bayley along with McMahon before Charlotte Flair made the save. Bayley, now with a new found aggression, challenged Stephanie McMahon to a match at SummerSlam, which was accepted. It was announced by McMahon that the winner of the match would be added to the title match later that night to make it a triple threat match.

Earlier in the year, Shane McMahon was the subject of a brutal and vicious attack by an unknown person. Shane was hospitalized with severe injuries and it was believed that it was highly unlikely that he would ever be able to return to a WWE ring again. In the following weeks, it was revealed that his sister Stephanie and brother-in-law Triple H were the ones who orchestrated the attack. After finding out the truth, Shane McMahon addressed the fans via a live video and vowed to return and put an end to the corrupt Authority once and for all. After several months of recovery and rehabilitation, Shane McMahon returned and challenged Triple H to a Last Man Standing Match for the sole control of the WWE. Stephanie initially rejected the challenge but Shane was successful in goading Triple H into accepting the fight.

Drew McIntyre was determined as the No. 1 Contender for Wade Barrett’s Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam after winning a battle royal. During the contract signing, Barrett insulted McIntyre for his past failures in the WWE and said that it is going to be no different in the future because McIntyre was destined for failure and that McIntyre’s ambitions would always result in broken dreams. McIntyre responded by saying that he was no longer the same man and that his time away from the WWE changed him. Barrett praised McIntyre for his optimism but said that at SummerSlam, he had some bad news for him and that Barrett was going to be his end of days. McIntyre responded by saying that he had some bad news of his own for Barrett before going on to put him through the table. McIntyre then signed the contract before picking up the mic to say to Barrett, “Here’s the pen, Wade. When you wake up, sign the contract”.

NXT Champion Tyson Kidd issued an open challenge, which was answered by Johnny Gargano. Kidd went on to retain his title and later said that his victory was never in doubt because Gargano always failed when it mattered. He went on to say that Gargano could never reach the top because he was too soft and too nice. Gargano, frustrated by a series of past failures, demanded a rematch from Tyson Kidd, desperate to prove his critics wrong. Tyson Kidd accepted the challenge and the match was made official for SummerSlam by NXT GM Michelle McCool.

It was announced that at SummerSlam, a 6 man ladder match would take place for the Money in the Bank briefcase. In the weeks leading up to the event, a series of qualification matches took place through which the participants Baron Corbin, Elias, Jinder Mahal, R-Truth, Heath Slater and Matt Cross booked their places in the ladder match.

A tag team tournament was held with the two finalists set to compete for the vacant WWE Tag Team Championships at SummerSlam. The B-Team and Titus Worldwide emerged as the two tag teams that reached the final of the tournament. It was also announced that the match would involve a summer-themed stipulation. The stipulation was that whenever a tag was made, the legal member of the opposite team would have a bucket of ice water dumped over their head (à la The Ice Bucket Challenge).

Another championship match was set to take place at SummerSlam involving the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. The champion Funaki handpicked his own challenger as Kaz Hayashi for the title match. Funaki explained the reason behind his decision by saying that the two men had never faced each other in a one on one match before and that Hayashi was a worthy opponent.


1. Bayley defeated Stephanie McMahon

The match started with Bayley on the offensive. Stephanie McMahon eventually got back into the match by raking Bayley’s eyes when the referee was not watching. The COO Triple H came out to ringside to support his wife. At one moment in the match, the referee was knocked down accidentally. Triple H then handed McMahon a steel chair with which she hit Bayley multiple times and got rid of the chair as the ref was recovering. McMahon then delivered a Pedigree to Bayley and went for the cover. 1…2…kickout! McMahon then tried several submission holds but Bayley would not relent. Bayley then recovered and at one point, delivered an Elbow Drop, followed by a Bayley to Belly. She went for the pin but the referee was dragged out of the ring by Triple H before he could make the 3 count. The action then moved to ringside where both women fought. Bayley slammed McMahon into the steel steps and went inside the ring and performed a Suicide Dive. McMahon got out of the way which led to Triple H being hit by the move in the process. When Bayley went back into the ring, McMahon attempted another Pedigree but Bayley countered into a Bayley to Belly. Not happy enough with that, Bayley went to the top rope and delivered 5 Diving Elbows before going for the pin and the win and a spot in the triple threat title match later that night.

2. Funaki defeated Kaz Hayashi (c) – WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

The match involved several back and forth action between the two participants. Both men performed many high-risk moves which showcased their athleticism. Hayashi hit the Deadlift Final Cut on Funaki, but Funaki broke the pinfall attempt by placing his foot on the bottom rope. Funaki later performed The Rising Sun to win the match and retain the title.

3. Elias defeated Baron Corbin, Jinder Mahal, R-Truth, Heath Slater & Matt Cross – Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Before the match began, Elias was set to perform a song. Before he could finish his song, he was interrupted by R-Truth. Soon, the rest of the participants followed. When the bell rang, all of the participants teamed up to take out Baron Corbin. When Corbin was dealt with, everything was chaos. The men attacked each other with ladders, tables, chairs and anything and everything they could find. All the superstars at separate points in the match climbed up the ladder and were close to winning the briefcase but each time, it was prevented by someone else. At one point in the match, when everyone was else was incapacitated, R-Truth climbed up the ladder but before he could grab the briefcase, he hallucinated that Little Jimmy was climbing up from the opposite side of the ladder. R-Truth then imagined Little Jimmy turning on him and hitting him and knocked himself off the ladder, thus taking himself out of the equation. Soon, everyone recovered and fought again. Baron Corbin then returned to action and eliminated everyone from the equation. Corbin climbed up the ladder and was about to retrieve the case when Elias climbed up the opposite side and smashed Corbin with his guitar. Elias then proceeded to retrieve the briefcase and became Mr. Money in the Bank.

4. Johnny Gargano defeated Tyson Kidd (c) by submission – NXT Championship Match

The match started evenly with both superstars getting offense on the other. Kidd applied the Sharpshooter on Gargano but Gargano escaped. Both men then performed several moves and counters with some great back and forth action. Kidd got in most of the offense with various kicks – the Roundhouse kick, Spinning Heel kick, Enzuigiri. Gargano recovered and after a while, took control of the match. Gargano locked the Crosston Crab submission but Kidd was able to escape. Kidd then hit the Swinging Fisherman’s Neckbreaker but Gargano kicked out at 2 and a half. When Kidd attempted the move again, Gargano countered it into a Garga-No-Escape. After struggling to escape, Kidd tried to reach the ropes but Gargano pulled him back to the middle of the ring and applied the hold once again. Kidd tapped out and Gargano won the match and the title by submission. Both men shook hands after the match.

5. Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas defeated Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews (with Dana Brooke) – WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The summer-themed stipulation of the match was announced. When the bell rang, Bo Dallas immediately made the tag, resulting in Titus O’Neil having to dump a bucket of ice water over his head. The B-Team dominated O’Neil in their corner and tagged each other in multiple times, making O’Neil’s suffering worse and worse with each tag. Titus was able to counter one of the moves and went on to tag Apollo Crews. Crews fought with Curtis Axel for a long time before both men were down. Crews tagged in O’Neil who prevented Axel tagging in Dallas by emptying a bucket over Axel. It was now Titus Worldwide’s turn to make The B-Team suffer. The match went back and forth before Curtis Axel was able to win the match for his team via a roll-up pinfall. After the match, The B-Team celebrated their title victory by dumping ice buckets over the defeated team and also their manager, Dana Brooke.

6. Drew McIntyre defeated Wade Barrett (c) – WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

The match started with both men testing each other’s strength. Soon, it turned into a brawl at ringside. Both men performed heavy moves on the other but it was not enough to put away the other. Wade Barrett then began to taunt Drew McIntyre and was successful in distracting McIntyre. Barrett dominated the match before McIntyre recovered and fought back. Barrett hit the Wasteland and McIntyre hit the Future Shock DDT but neither was successful in pinning their opponent. Barrett went on to hit McIntyre with his finishing move Bull Hammer but McIntyre was able to place his foot on the bottom rope to break the count. Barrett went for the Bull Hammer again but McIntyre dodged it and hit Barrett with the Claymore Kick to win the match and the IC Title.

7. Shane McMahon defeated Triple H (with Stephanie McMahon) – Last Man Standing Match

As soon as the bell rang, Triple H began to dominate most of the match. He hit Shane McMahon with various power moves, several shots with a steel chair but it was not enough to keep Shane down for the 10 count. Triple H also delivered a Pedigree in the ring but Shane answered the 10 count. Stephanie McMahon then handed the sledgehammer to her husband who went on to hit Shane with it. Triple H then tried to execute the Pedigree on the announce table but Shane escaped and hit Triple H with his own sledgehammer. With Triple H down on the announce table, Shane climbed on top of the ropes and performed a Leap of Faith on the announce table. Triple H was able to make it to his feet on time. The two men then continued to brawl each other all over ringside with the fight even taking place in the crowd. The action then returned to the ring where Shane McMahon countered a Pedigree attempt by Triple H with a vicious headbutt, which made both men bleed. Shane McMahon then proceeded to hit multiple chair shots before placing Triple H in a corner. Shane also placed a steel chair between the ropes beside Triple H. Shane then climbed up the ropes of the adjacent corner and performed a Coast to Coast. Before the referee could begin the 10 count, Shane climbed up the ropes again and delivered a Coast to Coast one more time and then one more time. The referee began the 10 count and this time, Triple H was not able to answer it. Shane McMahon won the match and obtained the sole control of the WWE. It was a day to forget for The Authority and especially for Stephanie McMahon, as she had already lost to Bayley in the opening match of the night and this match just made things worse for her.

8. Bayley defeated Charlotte Flair (c) and Sasha Banks – Triple Threat Match for the WWE Women’s Championship

When the bell rang, Flair and Bayley worked together to take out Banks. The two then proceeded to wrestle each other. Bayley, not a 100% due to having another match earlier, tried to end the match quickly by trying a number of pinfall combinations but was unsuccessful. At one point, Flair locked in the Figure Eight on Bayley but Banks returned to break the hold. Several pinfall attempts were made by all three wrestlers throughout the match but all of them were broken by the third competitor. Bayley then reluctantly teamed up with Banks to take out Flair. Banks immediately put Bayley in the Bank Statement but Flair returned to the action and performed Natural Selection on Banks but the pinfall attempt was broken by Bayley. Bayley and Banks fought each other outside the ring and Flair attacked them with a Moonsault from the top rope. The match continued in the ring where Flair tried to put Bayley in a submission hold but Bayley countered and performed the Bayley to Belly Suplex. Flair immediately rolled out of the ring before Bayley could attempt a pin. Banks sneaked up on Bayley and put her in the Bank Statement once again but Bayley was able to escape and performed the Bayley to Belly Suplex on Banks. Bayley covered Banks for the pinfall. Flair tried to enter the ring to break it but it was too late as the ref’s hand had already hit the floor for the third time. Bayley won the match and the championship by overcoming Stephanie McMahon, Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair on the same night.

9. Randy Orton defeated The Undertaker (c) – Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The two men attacked each other with everything they had in their tanks. Undertaker performed several moves including Old School and The Last Ride while Orton executed the Inverted Headlock Backbreaker and a Superplex. The action continued to outside the ring where the two men slammed each other into the steel steps, ring posts and the cage. They also used several weapons to beat each other. Back in the ring, Orton executed a Scoop Powerslam, followed by a Hangman DDT from the middle rope. Orton then proceeded to deliver an RKO but The Undertaker kicked out at 2 and a half. When Orton tried to pick up Undertaker for another RKO, Undertaker grabbed Orton’s throat and delivered a Chokeslam followed by a Tombstone Piledriver. Undertaker went for the pin but Orton kicked out at 2 and a half, much to The Undertaker’s shock. Undertaker then broke the cell door and took things to the outside. He tried to deliver The Last Ride to Orton on the announce table but Orton was able to escape by climbing the cell when The Undertaker hoisted him in the air. Undertaker followed Orton to the top of the cell where both men fought each other. Undertaker locked Orton in Hell’s Gate. Orton tapped out but the match could only end in the middle of the ring. Undertaker then tried to Chokeslam Orton but Orton countered it into an RKO. Orton then tried to push Undertaker off the top of the cell but stopped just at the edge. He took a few steps back and delivered a Punt Kick to Undertaker, who fell down the cell, crashing through the announce table. Orton then climbed down and dragged motionless body of Undertaker to the ring. The Undertaker was incapacitated but instead of going for the pin, Orton gave in to his sadistic pleasures. He took a few steps back again and delivered another Punt Kick just as The Undertaker was finally trying to get back to his feet. Orton then pinned Undertaker for the 3 count, thus winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and closing the show.

Spoiler for Fringe's Card:

Team Fringe and UWF Present
Bloodbath At The Beach 2018

Sponsored by Pools 4 U, Porn Hub, Makers Mark, and Mountain Dew. A UWF Network exclusive, available for only 9.99!

Flash Funk and Hardwork Bobby Walker


The Truth Commission Kurrgan & The Jackyl

Spoiler for match:
The David Koresh of UWF, The Jackyl, leads the beast Kurrgan to dominate both Flash and Walker. Kurrgan holds Funk in the Cranium Crush until the ref calls for a DQ-in Funk’s favor. Jackyl then calls Kurrgan off and cuts a sick promo-against Raven. There’s only room for one charismatic cult leader in the UWF...and the Flock’s days are numbered...

Old School Throwback Match
For the Intercontinental Championship
CHAMPION Honky Tonk Man

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

Spoiler for match:
The match that was MEANT to be at Summer Slam 88! 3 atomic drops in a row and the Honky Tonk Man is reeling in pain! Brutus hits the slingshot, pummels away then locks in the Sleeper! HTM fights out of it and rolls to ringside to grab his guitar. As he swings the six string at the Barber, Brutus slams his mirror over HTM’s skull! Blood is spurting all over the ring! The ref calls it a draw as the HTM retains!

Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins


Psicosis & Silver King

Spoiler for match:
Hard hitting tag team action, with the Edge Heads and the Latin legends putting on a crusierweight match for the ages. Silver King pins Hawkins for the win.

Mideon, Big Daddy V, Droz (in the Ripchair 3.0)

vs. Raven (with the Flock)

Spoiler for story and match:
The UWF is the place where many pro wrestlers come to let their freak flag fly, and to push the envelope where traditional federations would blush. Raven and his Flock are just such wrestlers, and they have dominated the Hardcore scene upon arrival. The challenge they did not expect however, came from Mideon and Big Daddy V, and another surprise opponent-Droz! Wheeling his way into action, along with the Ministers of Darkness, the Flock are faced with their biggest challenge yet!

The action begins fast and furious, Big Daddy V splashes Reese and sends him out on a stretcher with broken ribs and internal injuries. Droz runs over Riggs’ legs with the Ripchair 3.0. Sick Boy jumps onto the rig and starts tinkering with the mechanics...sparks start flying and smoke begins to spew...suddenly the Ripchair bursts into flames, and Sick Boy and Lodi are engulfed along with Droz into the explosion and shrapnel. All 3 men are hit with fire extinguishers from personell and dragged out of the arena. This leaves Raven and Saturn against Mideon and Big Daddy V. The match is a blood bath as chairs and broken glass come into play. Big Daddy V puts Raven through a table. Saturn wrecks Mideon with Moppy and starts mopping up his blood. Big Daddy V slides into the ring to stare down Saturn when all of a sudden-Kurrgan and the Jackyl arrive, Kurrgan chokeslams Daddy V and then puts Saturn in the Cranium Crush. Jackyl drags Raven into the ring and as he helps Kurrgan stomp Raven into the ground. The ref calls the match as a draw and rings the bell but it’s too late. The Truth Commission drags Raven and Saturn backstage, a bloody heap, and ripe for the re-education process.

For the Womens’ Title
CHAMPION Alexa Bliss


As the match starts, out comes
Spoiler for match:
Brad Maddox :focus "Paige, you've been a very naughty now all your fans know about our extra curricular activities...but you decided to play outside the lines...I can't believe how bad you cucked me, Paige...I mean, is there ANY wrestler in this federation you haven't fucked!!! Now I know where this burning sensation and pus came from!!!!" Maddox proceeds to play a compilation on the Titan Tron (sponsored by Porn Hub) featuring the Godfather, Hulk Hogan, Dennis Rodman, Big Poppa Pump, Randy Savage and more!!! Paige even takes a ride on the Ripchair 3.0!!!)

Paige starts laughing at Maddox and starts mocking his manhood. Alexa takes advantage and hits the Twisted Bliss and scores the pin to retain.

World Champion Randy Savage with Elizabeth

Vs. Jay Lethal

Spoiler for match:
Jay Lethal gives the Macho King a run for his money! The match starts to seem like a legit passing of the torch! Eventually Lethal hits a suicide dive and both him and Mach are laid out at ringside. Queen Elizabeth takes advantage and shoves painkillers down Lethal's throat! Mach waits for the drugs to kick in before hitting a super elbow off the top for the win.

BEAT THE HEAT Tag Team Elimination RETIREMENT MATCH (Sponsored by Pools R Us and Maker’s Mark)

NWO Holly Wood-Hogan, Dennis Rodman, Eric Bischoff, The Disciple, Horace Hogan, Big Poppa Pump (with Midijah) and Rick Steiner

VS. The Rock, D’Lo, The Godfather, and King Mabel

Spoiler for storyline and match:
Hogan is on his apology tour to each federation, and has arrived at UWF. Instead of the Black wrestlers hearing him out, he gets jumped as soon as he steps into the locker room. The Rock, D’Lo, Godfather, and even King Mabel beat him within an inch of his life and leave him lying unconscious on the concrete.
Weeks pass and no one hears from Hogan, until one night where The Rock is defending his UWF World Championship against the Macho Man Randy Savage. The Rock and Savage tear the house down, and The Great One is about to hit the People’s Elbow and take out the Macho King. Instead, a familiar guitar riff plays overhead: Hollywood Hogan is back, and he’s got company: Eric Bischoff, Rodman, The Disciple, Horace Hogan, and the Steiner Brothers! The distraction is enough for Savage to recover, hit the Rock with an Atomic Drop, a clothesline, and then the Flying Elbow to secure the victory! Before Savage can finish celebrating, the New Nation and the NWO are in all out warfare!

A few more weeks pass and lead to this moment: Hogan and the Rock are putting it all on the line. The loser must retire, and their stable must leave the UWF-Forever! And to please the sponsors of our humble little wrestling federation, Pools 4 U have provided 3 different pools at ringside, containing the following: 1) filled with piranha fish 2) filled with good old H2O and bikini-clad Hoes (courtesy of the Godfather) and 3) one filled with whiskey (sponsored by Maker’s Mark). There is also a slip and slide down the walk way covered with broken glass and barbed wire.

The match: Brawl for all with all competitors inside (and outside) the ring. Falls count anywhere. D’Lo quickly botches a piledriver on Horace Hogan and breaks his neck. Horace is the first eliminated and does a stretcher job. Hogan hits D’Lo with a Big Boot and sends him flying into the Piranha pool, where he is quickly feasted upon. He is dragged out by refs before he is completely eaten alive. He too is tossed into an Ambulance. The Steiner Bros take it to King Mabel, while Rock and Hogan slug it out in a true slobber knocker. This leaves the Godfather to fend for himself against The Disciple, Bischoff, Rodman. Instead of fighting, Godfather directs them to his Ho Train in Pool #2; Rodman quickly strips down and jumps in, as does Bischoff. Only the Disciple remains focused on the task at hand as he takes it to the Godfather, who returns the favor with vigor. Disciple is taken out with the Pimp Drop and a quick pin. At this point King Mabel picks up the Dog Faced Gremlin and launches him into the pool of Maker’s Mark. Big Poppa Pump hits the Purple One with a Flatliner. Steiner gets the pin as Godfather takes out a zippo lighter-and tosses it into the pool of liquor! The Maker’s Mark sets ablaze and Rick is engulfed in flames! Big Poppa Pump rushes to his brother’s aid and drags him out of the pool, and tosses him into the next one to douse the flames. The Godfather takes advantage and goes for The Pimp Drop. Steiner reverses into a DDT on the concrete. Rock is dragging Hogan through the walkway of barbed wire and glass. Steiner hits a Steiner Line on the Rock. Rock retaliates with a Rock Bottom on Steiner, onto the broken glass. The Hulkster starts to hulk out, blood is flowing everywhere. He nails Rock with a big boot onto the wreckage and hits the 1-2-3. The Jimi Hendrix music hits and Hogan crawls from the debris. He is carried out onto a stretcher. Sure, he'll likely never walk again but at least he got his win back. The Rock recovers and hits the ring to say goodbye to the fans. As he leaves the Titan Tron shows a preview for Skyscraper 2: No Holds Barred starring Dwayne Johnson.

Spoiler for MoxleyMoxx's Card:
Pro-Wrestling Federation & the House of Saud proudly presents:

In Your House (of Saud): WWE vs. NJPW (feat. WCW)

LIVE from King Abdullah International Stadium, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Capacity: 60.000 (SOLD OUT)

Commentary: Mauro Ranallo & Don Callis

Match #1: Singles Match
Buff Bagwell vs. General Hugh G. Rection (w/ Sgt. AWOL)

Spoiler for Match:
- Before the bell rings, General Hugh G. Rection orders Sgt. AWOL to perform 100 Jumping jacks, 100 situps and 100 squats at ringside while the match goes on.
- Your usual PPV opener between two semi-popular midcarders.
- Buff Daddy gets the victory via a roll-up, when Hugh G. Rection gets distracted by Sgt. AWOL's improper situp form at ringside.
- RESULT: Buff Bagwell def. Hugh G. Rection by pinfall at 6:48

Match #2: Singles Match
Glacier vs. Wrath

Spoiler for Match:
- Saudi's wanted Mortis but he wasn't available so he got replaced by the next best thing - Wrath.
- A grudge match between two rivals.
- Very martial arts-like match; lots of submissions, kicks, punches etc.
- Wrath goes for the Meltdown, but Glacier reverses it, hits him with the Cryonic Kick and picks up the W via pinfall.
- RESULT: Glacier def. Wrath by pinfall at 9:15

Match #3: Four-Way Gauntlet Match for the PWF Cruiserweight Championship
Ultimo Dragon (c) vs Alex Wright vs Disco Inferno vs. Cpl. Cajun

Spoiler for Match:
- Time for some 4-way Cruiserweight action.
- To win the match, you must pin or submit each of the 3 opponents. However, this is NOT an elimination match, so even if someone gets pinned or submitted, he stays in the match.

- 1st Fall: Cpl. Cajun gets the pinfall on Wright after hitting him with the Whiplash at 4:56. (Cajun 1, Dragon 0, Wright 0, Disco 0)

- 2nd Fall: Cpl. Cajun gets the pinfall on Inferno at 7:32 via the roll-up. (Cajun 2, Dragon 0, Wright 0, Disco 0)

- Once bitter enemies, then partners, turned singles competitors again, Disco and Wright regroup and decide to form an alliance once more!

- 3rd Fall: Disco Inferno pins Cpl. Cajun after a German Suplex-Stunner combination by him and Wright at 8:05. (Cajun 2, Dragon 0, Wright 0, Disco 1)

- 4th Fall: Right after Disco's pin, Wright hits Cajun with a moonsault to also get a fall to his name at 8:10. (Cajun 2, Dragon 0, Wright 1, Disco 1)

- Inferno and Wright celebrate together, but get interrupted when Ultimo Dragon hits them with a springboard double DDT.
- 5th Fall: Ultimo pins both Wright and Inferno after the double DDT and an Asai Moonsault at 8:22. (Cajun 2, Dragon 2, Wright 1, Disco 1)

- General Hugh G. Rection and Sgt. AWOL run-in to save their wounded brother Cpl. Cajun. They try and evacuate Cpl. Cajun backstage,
but he still has fight left in him. Cajun can however barely stand on his own feet, and his M.I.A brothers convince him to leave so he can live to fight another day.
- The match is now essentially a 2-on-1 handicap match as Wright and Inferno punish Dragon.
- 6th Fall: After a few minutes of punishment, Alex Wright gets the pin on Ultimo after a bridging German Suplex at 11:32 (Cajun 2, Dragon 2, Wright 2, Disco 1)

- 7th Fall: Disco then hits Ultimo with a piledriver to pick up his 2nd fall of the match at 11:42. (Cajun 2, Dragon 2, Wright 2, Disco 2)
- Disco and Wright then realise that both of them need a pin on eachother. The two start arguing, when out of the blue Cpl. Cajun returns!
- Cajun hits them with the springboard clothesline and a pair of suplex's and DDT's before throwing them out of the ring. Cajun climbs the top turnbuckle and is about to hit them with a crossbody,
but gets interrupted when Ultimo Dragon gets up and hits him with a springboard Frankensteiner.

- 8th Fall: Ultimo gets the pin and his 3rd and final fall on Cajun at 13:22 to retain his PWF Cruiserweight championship (Cajun 2, Ultimo 3, Wright 2, Disco 2)

- RESULT: Ultimo Dragon def. Cpl. Cajun, Alex Wright & Disco Inferno at 13:22 via pinfall

Match #4: Singles Match
Katsuyori Shibata vs Finlay (w/ Hornswoggle)

Spoiler for Match:
- Two hard-hitting warriors face off against eachother in this match.
- Match starts off slow as Shibata and Finlay trade wrestling holds but eventually things heat up as Finlay hits Shibata with a stiff chop to the chest. Shibata answers and we're off to the races.
- Shibata and Finlay eventually move outside the ring, where Hornswoggle tries to interfere by hitting Shibata with the Shillelagh, but Shibata no sells it and proceeds to behead poor Hornswoggle with the Goal Kick.
- Shibata gets the win at 19:14 after choking Finlay to the brink of conciousness with the Sleeper hold and then knocking him out with the Penalty Kick.
- RESULT: Katsuyori Shibata def. Finlay by pinfall at 19:14

Match #5: Sunny Days Match: Four Corners In A Pole Intergender Tag Team Match
X-Pac & Chyna vs Chris Candido & Sunny

Spoiler for Match:
- As we all know, women aren't allowed to wrestle in Saudi-Arabia, and because of that, the House of Saud and the executives of the PWF
met before the event and came to an agreement that Chyna looks manly enough to not be considered a woman,
and that Sunny has had so many dicks inside her that she's basically a man. Therefore they we're allowed to wrestle in tonights event.

- Match rules: There are four corners. In each of the four corners, there's a forklift holding a box with something inside of it.
To win the match, you must find the right box containing the mystery item to cool you down in this SUMMER HEAT.

- Early part of the match consists of X-Pac and Candido going at it while Chyna is chasing Sunny outside the ring.

- Sunny is afraid to step into the ring so Chyna and X-Pac team up on Candido, double teaming him while keeping Sunny out.

- 1st Corner: At the 4:14 mark X-Pac goes for the 1st box. He opens it and finds a Collector's Edition Blu-Ray of "1 Night in China"

- Chyna has Candido sat down in the corner in position for X-Pac to hit the Bronco Buster, but X-Pac tries to sneak his way back backstage to enjoy the film.

- He gets caught by Chyna who drags him back in. As they argue, Candido sneakily removes the padding from the corner.

- X-Pac reluctantly agrees to continue the match and goes for the Bronco Buster, but Candido moves out of the way just in time.

- As a result, X-Pac hits the unprotected corner and tears his ass wide open, blood erupting out of his anus like Mount Vesuvius.



- X-Pac runs to the back with the "1 Night in China"-Blu Ray in the other hand, and his torn asshole in the other, leaving Chyna all alone.

- Candido and Sunny double team Chyna for a while, before Sunny goes for the 2nd corner.

- 2nd Corner: Sunny open's the massive box (almost as massive as Sunny's box ) and finds... professional gigolo, the BUFF DADDY, BUFF BAGWELL

- The two talk for a minute before Sunny grabs a stack of dollars out of her snatch, gives them to Buff, and jumps on his arms as he carries Sunny towards the backstage area.

- Candido runs after them and begs Sunny to return but his pleas fall on deaf ears as she's too busy feeling up The Stuff to notice or hear him.

- With tears in his eyes, Candido returns to the ring, hits Chyna with a brainbuster and goes for the 3rd corner.

- 3rd Corner: In the third box, Candido finds a $10 voucher for a special Skype session with none other than Sunny.

- Candido, now even more devastated, runs backstage while screaming Sunny's name.

- Eventually, Chyna gets up, notices that she's the only one left and goes for the 4th and final corner.

- 4th Corner: The 4th corner's box is another massive one, and inside it Chyna finds... GLACIER with a pair of Squirt Gun's.

- Glacier starts shooting Chyna with the Squirt Gun's in order to make her wet and award her the win, but Chyna retaliates by squirting her bodily fluids at Glacier.

- This anger's Glacier, who hits Chyna with the Sub-Zero fatality move pictured below


- Technically Chyna did beat the summer heat by getting frozen and then torn apart so at 12:25, the winner's are X-Pac and Chyna

- RESULT: X-Pac & Chyna def. Chris Candido & Sunny

* * * * * I N T E R M I S S I O N * * * * *

- A 20-minute intermission is held to give the fan's a breather, to clean up the ring, to recap what has happened and to hype the matches still to come.

Match #6: Singles Match
Owen Hart vs Andrade "Cien" Almas

Spoiler for Match:
- Owen makes his way into the ring accompanied by massive boo's from the Saudi crowd, who are not fond of the Canadian star.
- The match starts slow with both men sizing eachother up, trying to get a feel for eachother.
- The pace picks up eventually as Almas and Hart keep exchanging blows, moving into bigger and more high-risk moves as time goes on.
- Momentum swings back and forth between them as the match continues.
- Almas picks up the win at 25:39 via pinfall after hitting Owen with the double knee smash and the Hammerlock DDT.
- RESULT: Andrade "Cien" Almas def. Owen Hart at 25:39 via pinfall

Match #7: Relaxed Rules Singles Match
Samoa Joe vs. Minoru Suzuki

Spoiler for Match:
- This match is not for the faint of heart, as two of the hardest hitters in pro-wrestling collide in this Relaxed Rules match,
meaning NO Disqualifications, NO Countouts and NO Timelimits.
- Intense pre-match staredown
- The match starts and things get ugly very quickly as both men hit eachother with everything they've got
- Both men get almost knocked out or submitted multiple times during the match.
- Suzuki reverses Joe's Coquina Clutch into a sleeper. Just as Joe is about to pass out, Suzuki turns him around and tries to hit him with the Gotch Style Piledriver.
Suzuki takes too long though, as Joe reverses it into a Muscle Buster and picks up the pinfall victory over the legendary Minoru Suzuki at 25:22.
- RESULT: Samoa Joe def. Minoru Suzuki at 25:22 via pinfall.

Match #8: Co-Main Event: Singles Match
Brian Pillman vs. Tetsuya Naito

Spoiler for Match:
- The Unhinged, unpredictable and uncontrollable "Loose Cannon" Brian Pillman squares off against the man who walks to the beat of his own drum and doesn't give a fuck about anything, Tetsuya Naito.

- Pillman is the first of the two to make his way into the ring. Naito comes in, but takes forever, which really gets on Pillman's nerves.
It takes Naito even longer to strip down to his wrestling gear, which really infuriates Pillman.
He gets in Naito's face yelling at him, but Naito tells him to "TRANQUILLO"

- Pillman has had enough and attacks him to start the match.

- It's a closely contested match, but the calm, cool and collected Naito manages to take advantage of Pillman's aggressive style and short temper throughout the match and gain the upperhand.
However, Pillman's unpredictability and never-say-die attitude do cause Naito problems as well.

- After nearly half an hour of wrestling, Naito's resourcefulness proves to be too much for Pillman to handle, as Naito gets the win by pinfall at 29:31 after hitting Pillman with the Destino.

- RESULT: Tetsuya Naito def. Brian Pillman by pinfall at 29:31

Match #9: Main Event: 2/3 Falls Match: for the vacant PWF World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

Spoiler for Match:
- Two Ace's of their respective companies go head-to-head for the first time ever.
In order to truly prove their superiority over the other, the match will be a 2 Out of 3 Falls Match,
with a twist - you must pin AND submit your opponent to win the match.
For example, if you've already pinned your opponent, you must force him to submit and vice versa.

- Cena and Tanahashi both make their way to the ring, and after the lengthy introductions, stare eachother down.
The bell rings after a tremendous show of mutual respect and sportsmanship, a handshake.
Big match feel is in the air as the crowd is 50/50 between both Cena and Tanahashi.

- The match starts slow like any big match with both men testing eachother out via collar-and-elbow tie ups, wristlocks etc.
Neither Cena or Tanahashi is able to gain a clear cut advantage over one another.
- Cena whips Tanahashi into the ropes, Tanahashi goes for a clothesline on Cena but misses as Cena moves out of the way and taunts Tanahashi with the "You Can't See Me"-taunt as Tana looks on.
Tana gets up and whips Cena into the ropes. Cena goes for a clothesline but misses as this time it's Tana who moves out of the way and taunts Cena with the Air Guitar-taunt.

- Pace starts to pick up as both Cena and Tanahashi start going for bigger and bigger moves, even hitting eachother with their finishers.
- 1st Fall: Cena is the first to gain an advantage on the scoreboard as he pins Tanahashi after the 5 Moves of Doom and a top-rope Attitude Adjustment at 26:38.
- Cena retains control of the match and starts going for the submission on Tanahashi, but that proves to be a difficult task as Tanahashi either refuses to quit or manages to break the hold by reaching the ropes.

- After a few minutes of taking damage from Cena, Tanahashi swings the momentum in his favor.
- 2nd Fall: Tana keeps gaining momentum and hits Cena with a pair of Dragon Suplex's, the Sling Blade and finally the High Fly Flow to gain his first fall over Cena at 37:04.
- Match continues as momentum swings back and forth, both men trying to make the other quit, but to no avail.

- 3rd Fall: In the end, it's Cena who breaks down first as he passes out from pain to Tanahashi's Texas Cloverleaf at 45:58.
- RESULT: Hiroshi Tanahashi def. John Cena to become the NEW PWF World Heavyweight Champion

Spoiler for SHIRLEY's Card:
LIVE from The Isle of Samoa
Sponsored by:
Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Originally Posted by SEG #1
Video package for ongoing, bitter, Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Grand Master Sexay hip hop rivalry blood feud; set to 'Hate Me Now' by Nas
*A mysterious black car arrives...*

Originally Posted by SEG #2
Here is your host VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON...

Originally Posted by Vince
"Tonight, WWE Universe, I'll get to book my DREAM main event match but we start with international TRIPLE THREAT action..."

Originally Posted by MATCH #1
Sabu vs. Tazz vs. KENTA

- Sabu roll-up win
Originally Posted by SEG #3
Prestigious Graphic/VT:

"Introducing The Anoa'i Classic..."

Shows Anoa'i Family members:
Meng, Barb, Rikishi, Yokozuna, Jimmy & Jey Uso
Anoa'i Students:
Kidman and Batista
*Rikishi in KISHIWEAR tracksuit rubs his son's shoulders backstage*

Originally Posted by MATCHES #2 + 3
Rd 1: Batista vs. Jimmy Uso

- Jimmy upset win via Superfly Splash

Rd 1: Rikishi vs. Kidman

- Rikishi decisive squash via StinkFace/Pass Out
*Haku smashes up backstage area*

Originally Posted by SEG #4
- Vince intros special guest "at this time"
- Nattie out to pay tribute to her father
- Bellas jump her and strip her down
- Vince bails out of ring
- Torrie with the save
Originally Posted by MATCH #4
"Beat The Summer Meat" Divas Tag
Bella Twins vs. Torrie W. & Natalya

- Twin magic foiled
- Bellas end up stripped
- Torrie strips anyway
*Vince raises babyfaces' hands and walks to the back arm-in-arm with them*

Originally Posted by MATCHES #5 + 6
Rd 1: Meng vs. Jey Uso

- Meng refuses to release hold
- Pls no Uncle Haku
- Rikishi out to tend to son

Rd 1: Yokozuna vs. Barbarian

- Decisive win via Banzai Drop
*Big fight in-ring intros*

Originally Posted by MATCH #7
Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Grand Master Sexay
Buried Alive Match
for Brian's WAGON OF BELTS

- Scotty wins (via Meng drive-by shooting) but ultimately places the belts on top of the casket, repentent
*Vince admonishes Meng*

Originally Posted by MATCHES #8 + 9
Semi: Meng vs. Jimmy Uso

- Death Grip not released again
- Rikishi FUMING

Semi: Rikishi vs. Yokozuna w/Mr. Fuji

- Sumo Match
- Fuji throws salt
- Rikishi eats the delicious salt and gains strength
- Rikishi wins via HUGE Island Driver
Originally Posted by Vince McMahon
*Vince hands over to Joey Janela*
"I have a phonecall to make..."
Originally Posted by MATCH #10
Joey Janela's Piss Break: Battle Royale

Janela, Dibiase, Virgil, IRS, PCO, Nick Gage, New Jack, David Flair, Crowbar, Daffney, Garza, D-Von, Bossman, Kwee Wee and Craig Pittman etc.
- Janela promo to open
- #2 is PCO
- New Jack and D-Von face off
- Dibiase's Plans A&B w/IRS and Virgil foiled
- Dibiase offers bribe to Joey
- Janela accepts and hops out of ring
- Dibiase about to celebrate win
Originally Posted by SEG #5
Vince interviews Rikishi on how Meng has "disgraced The Anoa'i Clan"
*Meng enters in car*

Originally Posted by MATCH #11
The Anoa'i Classic Final
Meng vs. Rikishi
Island Deathmatch

- Meng loses after being run over
- A mysterious individual leans out of Meng's car window, says "I did it for Rikishi" and raises his eyebrow
Originally Posted by Vince
"Rikishi, ma nagger, your trophy will be presented at the end of the night's festivities but first I have a DREAM match to attend to"
Originally Posted by SEG #6
Replay of SamoaSlam MOMENTS

- Jimmy upsets Batista
- Torrie strips
- Scotty places belts on casket
- Tongan Death Grips
- HUGE Island Driver
- Invisible Man eliminates Dibiase
- Eyebrow
*CarterUK is shown at ringside*

Originally Posted by MATCH #12
Vincent Kennedy McMahon vs. Nia Jax

- Jax wins by sitting on Vince's face, thus pinning him
Originally Posted by SEG #7

Rikishi and Scotty celebratory dance, around trophy, w/ hologram of Grand Master Sexay

Whole Anoa'i Family flood the ring to join in

Ring collapses

*NEXT MONTH: Exclusively on WWE Network, Mike Tyson vs. Linda McMahon*

Spoiler for Roy Mustang's Card:

US title 5 man elimination match: Marc Mero vs Ezekiel Jackson vs Mason Ryan vs Jaime Noble vs Desperado Joe Gomez

Marc Mero. The most famous cuck in wrestling. Well I am misusing that term but so do most people on the internet these days so fuck it. However in this timeline he has managed to sneak his way to the US title using Sable as a distraction. However as the weeks progressed it seemed Sable's attention was elsewhere. However as Marc kept getting himself counted out the challengers piled up. Joe Gomez, Mason Ryan, Ezkiel Jackson and Jaime Noble all earned themselves title shots due to the antics of Marc Mero and now it will be a 5 man elimination match to start off Summerslam for the US title!

Match highlights:

The match starts off as all 5 men are in the ring when we can see a video playing on the titantron as Sable is making out with John Morrison. Marc Mero cannot believe what he is seeing when suddenly he gets spun round by Mason Ryan who hits him with a BATISTA BOMB! I mean the House of Pain before he covers Marc Mero eliminating him from this match!

Eliminated by Mason Ryan via pinfall: Marc Mero (0:20)

At this point the match turns into what is effectively a tornado tag as Ezekiel Jackson and Mason Ryan work together as the authority goons look to pick apart the smaller foes Gomez and Jaime Noble. Both men though use their speed to out pace the bigger foes trying to keep in this match and work against the tag team effort of the bigger foes. However the longer the match goes on the harder this becomes. The power is too much and Mason Ryan is able to beat down Joe Gomez whilst Jackson is taking care of Noble on the outside. Mason Ryan connects with the Hall of Pain eliminating Joe Gomez!

Eliminated by Mason Ryan via pinfall: Desperado Joe Gomez (8:17)

Jaime Noble though realises he is in trouble as he is placed back in the ring and fights like the pit-bull he is doing his best as he tries to survive against the two beasts. However Ezekiel Jackson gets greedy as he rolls up Ryan from behind! Ryan kicks out at 2. Ryan looks furious as he charges at his partner and they go to town on each other with big power moves whilst Jaime Noble recovers outside of the ring. Noble waits in the corner as Ryan lifts up Jackson connecting with the House of pain as he picks up the third elimination!

Eliminated by Mason Ryan via pinfall: Ezekiel Jackson (13:23)

However as Mason Ryan stands up he gets spun round by Jaime Noble who hits Paydirt! Mason Ryan kicks out at 2! Jaime Noble makes his way to the top rope however he is joined up there by Mason Ryan who hits a massive superplex! Noble though kicks out at 2! Ryan furious lifts him up as he looks for the Batista bomb when Noble counters locking in a Guillotine choke! He holds it on refusing to let go until Mason Ryan passes out! Noble has done it!

Eliminated by Jaime Noble via submission: Mason Ryan (17:57)

Winner and NEW US CHAMPION: Jaime Noble (17:57)

Rey Mysterio vs Kalisto

Rey Mysterio is an icon. A legend. One of the greatest of his generation. One of the best cruiserweights of all time if not the best. A true icon of Mexican wrestling. Someone you want to prove yourself against. Kalisto is one of the most exciting talents on the roster. 4 weeks before the show Kalisto laid out the challenge wanting to prove he does the best lucha things. Rey Mysterio never one to turn down a challenge agreed to the match ready to face the young Cruiserweight. Both men try to one up each other in the weeks leading to the match however as time goes on Kalisto gets more and more angry. On the last week before Summerslam Kalisto sneak attacks Rey Mysterio, even hitting him with a 619 for good measure.

Match highlights:

Both men start off as they look to match each other move for move as they look to prove who is the better luchador. In the early stages though you can see Kalisto getting more and more wound up as he struggles to match the legend who is turning back the clock in this encounter! However Kalisto after about 7 minutes chooses to stop trying to out do Rey and instead goes for a different approach.

He starts to make his way towards the knee of Rey targeting it with a number of dropkicks and other moves as he looks to take the legend off his feet. Once Rey is slowed down Kalisto looks to step it up a gear once again as he starts pulling out as many tricks as possible trying anything to keep the legend down. He even connects with a leg trap sunset flip powerbomb but Rey is able to just about survive. Kalisto is then able to connect with a 450 splash but Rey kicks out again! There is no one with as much heart as Rey Mysterio!

Kalisto though has had enough at this point as he once again hits a standing hurricanrana sending Rey Mysterio into the ropes as he looks hit a 619! However as he is going for it Rey is able to dodge the move rolling backwards towards the centre of the ring! Kalisto tries springboarding off the ropes but Rey dodges again before hitting a standing hurricanrana sending Kalisto into the ropes!

Rey Mysterio then runs off the ropes as he hits the 619! Rey Mysterio drops the dime before making the cover as Kalisto kicks out! Rey wonders what he has to do as he makes his way to the top rope. He waits for Kalisto to rise before he flies off the top rope and connects with a CANDIAN DESTORYER (think Lucha underground). Rey makes the cover 1 2 3 Rey Mysterio has seen off the challenge that Kalisto has brought here!

Winner via pinfall: Rey Mysterio (16:53)

WWE tag team titles match: G.O.D vs Big Cass and Enzo Amore

Can you teach war? We know you can't teach being 7 feet tall but when it comes to a battle and winning the tag team titles can Big Cass and Enzo ever learn how to win titles? The guerrillas of destiny do whatever it takes to get the job done and whilst they may also be foul mouthed they are one of the toughest most violent teams we have ever seen. They took to new heights when Tama Tonga saw Enzo flirt with his girl and offered her his consensual penis. Tama and his friend Toa Longa beat the piss out of Enzo sending him to the hospital. For weeks and weeks G.O.D boasted until we heard the return of a man who had been fired. Big Cass made his return and chased off the pair telling us the only one who gets to destroy Enzo is him and promised that at Summerslam they were coming for the tag team titles because they are the realest guys in the room and you can't teach that. However the show before the pay per view Big Cass was backstage talking about the return of Enzo at Summerslam when G.O.D attacked the big man from behind as they attacked the ankle leaving Big Cass laying backstage after his interview with Renee Young struggling to stand.

Match highlights:

This is not a technical classic by any means. Big Cass starts the match but it is clear he is not 100% as the G.O.D looks to pick him apart. However Cass does survive the opening moments and tags in Enzo. From that point we witness a prison beatdown. Enzo gets destroyed as the G.O.D pick apart the smaller foe as they batter him using every trick in the book to keep up the assault. Big Cass tries to get the hot tag but it is no use as the G.O.D are too strong and finish off Enzo with Guerrilla Warefare as Tonga cuts off Big Cass with a chop block to the leg as the G.O.D stay champions once again!

Winners via pinfall and still WWE tag team champions: G.O.D (6:25)

However they are not done as after the match they make their way under the ring as they grab a pair of steel chairs and a kendo stick. They beat down the pair with chair shots to each before they both head towards the injured ankle of Cass. They slide the chair onto the ankle of Big Cass and bring the second chair crashing down onto the ankle of Big Cass shattering it! They then turn to Enzo as Tonga spreads his legs. Tama Tonga then tells Enzo FUCK YOUR CONSUAL PENIS!! Tama then SMASHES THE KENDO STICKS INTO HIS CROTCH MULTIPLE TIMES!! The G.O.D happy with their work leave the pair lying in the ring destroyed by the G.O.D.

William Regal vs Pete Dunne

William Regal has hated Pete Dunne since he stepped foot in the WWE. His antics during the UK tournament made the legend angry as hell. However he was retired and did not want to fight him personally. That was in the past. He was a general manager and his job was to keep the show under control not fight the talent. However more and more Dunne's antics would bother the villain and he knew someone would have to teach him a lesson. However try as he might everyone he would send would fail.

You name them Dunne would beat them. He was unstoppable as champion. Dunne cut a promo in the lead up to Summerslam there was no one to stop him no matter who Regal found. This arrogance was making Dunne more violent and viscous. One night before Summerslam him and Regal had a heated discussion when Dunne attacked the GM. He beat him down and left him laying in his office. How did Dunne act the next week? He came out and mocked the fans. He told them that Regal would never have been the great he was if I was around. He taught the “villain” who the real villain from the UK was.

Weeks and weeks of taunting until the last Raw before Summerslam when Dunne was in the ring Regal returned. However he was not in a suit and he was not here to run the show. No he was here for a fight. He jumped in the ring and attacked Dunne laying him out with the help of a pair of Brass knuckles. Regal signals for a microphone before telling Dunne it is time I teach you a lesson at Summerslam. Will the old legend put Dunne in his place?

Match highlights:

Both men spend the early stages locking up and battling for control. William Regal knows he is in for one of the hardest matches of his life so looks to wear down the youngster as quickly as possible in this encounter. Regal whilst not able to keep up with the pace of the younger foe is able to hold his own and even take control when it comes to the grappling. Regal is even able to lock in the Regal stretch early on but Dunne fights out of it!

Dunne at this point knows that Regal can match him hold for hold so starts to lay into the veteran as he hits him with multiple kicks strikes as Regal struggles to survive against the power that Dunne has. Regal though keeps on kicking out of everything that Dunne throws at him! Dunne can be seen getting more and more frustrated as he start stomping on Regal however in his anger Regal is able to roll up the young champion for a 2 count!

This makes Dunne even more furious if possible as he starts laying into Regal forcing him back into the corner. The ref has to pull Dunne away nearly DQing him for not stopping his assault! However as Dunne comes back looking to finish this, Regal hits him with the power of the punch! Regal disposes off the evidence before he makes the cover! 1 2 Pete Dunne just kicks out!

Regal though quickly transitions it as he locks in the Regal stretch! He makes sure it is locked in super tight on Pete Dunne who tries to get to the ropes but Regal uses the last of his energy as he pulls him back towards the centre of the ring!

However instead of tapping Dunne bites the fingers of Regal forcing him to break the hold! The ref gives Dunne a warning but he does not care as he lifts Regal up connecting with the Bitter End! Dunne makes the cover but Regal some how kicks out at 2.9! Regal seems out of it and can barely survive. Dunne shows no mercy as he starts stomping on his head for a good 30 seconds! The ref drags him off but Dunne goes back on the attack as the ref can see Regal in unconscious and calls for the bell!

Winner via stoppage: Pete Dunne (21:15)

Rusev vs John Morrison

Rusev had become one of the top stars in the company. Ever since Rusev Day started Rusev had become a fan favourite and become one of the top guys. He had even earned himself a chance at the IC title with his wife at ringside to negate Miz's wife Maryse. However there was one factor that Rusev did not expect. A returning John Morrison! John Morrison made his return to the WWE aligning himself with his former ally and former rival to cost Rusev the match. When asked for the reason for his actions Morrison said these fans forgot about him and will latch onto whatever fad they can find. Morrison says like the Miz he is a star and will beat Rusev at Summerslam ending Rusev day for good. Rusev meanwhile promised to make it a happy Rusev day.

Match highlights:

Rusve charges at Morrison right out of the gate as he looks to batter John Morrison. Morrison realises he is in trouble from the start and tries to get some breathing room from the Bulgarian brute. Morrison once he has some space starts going for his high flying offence as he looks to take Rusev down but no matter what Morrison is able to fire off Rusev is able to counter. The finish comes when Morrison goes for starship pain but Rusev gets the knees up. Rusev locks in the accolade! Morrison tries to fight out of it but is forced to tap out!

Winner via submission: Rusev (9:05)

Summer bathing suit match: Renee Young and Lana vs Sable and Maryse

This will not be any usual bathing suit match but it will take place inside a “shark” cage. There will be weapons based on the summer inside the cage. The partner who get pinned or submits will get fed to the sharks. This match came about when Sable and Maryse attacked Renee and Lana during an interview. Sable and Maryse declared that their partners should have their own day not Rusev. Meanwhile Renee was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the build up Dean and Rusev had been telling them how to fight. Meanwhile Sable asked Marc Mero for help to train and he said piss off. She would have asked Brock but he would have said piss off you bitch. I don't do anything on Raw. Meanwhile Miz helped Maryse train up again. Coming into the match it is clear that Sable is not ready whilst the others are looking good to go.

Match highlights:

The match is a very odd match contended within the cage and is in no way a technical masterpiece. Sable starts the match picking up a beach umbrella however Renee counters with a block using a surfboard! Sable looks shocked whilst Lana lays into Maryse before she starts choking her with a towel in an accolade like manoeuvrer. Sable realising she is in trouble tries to head up the cage but falls down when Renee chucks a dead shark at her back!

Meanwhile Maryse just about escapes from the hold as she picks up some sand in a bucket in the corner of the ring throwing it into the eyes of Lana! Lana looks in shock before Maryse starts whipping Lana with the towel. Renee though spins Maryse before hitting with the shark. She then grabs Sable who slaps her but it does nothing before Renee hits a dirty deeds onto the surfboard making the cover meaning Renee and Lana win!

Winners via pinfall: Lana and Renee Young (2:29)

After the match Sable knows she is in trouble due to the stipulation. She begs off Young and Lana fleeing past them whilst Maryse does not care about her partner's fate. However Sable looks like she is going to escape when Marc Mero makes his way out stopping Sable in her tracks dragging her back to the pool. He lifts her up and throws her to the sharks. SABLE IS NO MORE!

Ladder Cruiserweight title match: Ricochet vs Will Ospreay

These two men have faced off around the world. Two men who have fought time and time again. Two of the best high fliers in the world. However only one can be the best Cruiserweight in the world. Ricochet has been damn near unstoppable since joining 205 live bringing the show to new heights. However the Aerial Assassin is coming for the gold. To raise the stakes both men for the first time (that I know of don't @ me) face off in a ladder match.

Match highlights:

The ref rings the bell as both men look at each other as the two old foes circle the ring very familiar with each other at this point. However once the initial stare down is done both men start flying around like ninjas! Both men try to one up each other in high-flying moves but neither man can seem to gain an edge here as they are evenly matched. Neither man has gone for a ladder yet though knowing how long they will need to keep the other down for.

Both men though start to make use of the ladder as well as not only flying off them but trying to weaken each others legs looking to take the main part of each others arsenal away. Highlights of the match are:
630 senton off the ladder by Ricochet
Oscutter to Ricochet whilst he is halfway up the ladder
Ricochet jumps from a ladder on the outside to the ladder in the ring before hitting a tornado DDT to the mat!
Ospreay hitting the burning star press as Ricochet is hanging in the top rope
Both men connecting with a standing shooting star press

Both men show why they are known for their insane highflying in this match. However as the end of the match comes both men slowly climb the ladder in the centre of the ring. Both men start to do battle on top of the ladder at they look to end this match. However as both men do battle Will gains the upper hand before sending Ricochet flying through the air connecting with the STORMBREAKER! Both men lay on the mat but Ospreay rises up slowly but surely climbing the ladder and becoming Cruiserweight champion!

Winner and NEW CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION: Will Ospreay (22:08)

IC title match: The Miz vs Matt Riddle

The Miz has been near unstoppable as IC champion. No matter who stepped up the Miz found a way to escape with his title. No matter what the situation Miz found a way to cling onto the his title which he claims to have made the most prestigious in the WWE. With Maryse by his side he has always walked out as champion. However another man has been on form as well. Matt Riddle. Since debuting on Monday Night Raw he has been on a tear.

Whether it was by pinfall, submission or TKO Matt Riddle was on a tear like nothing we had seen in the WWE before. Taking apart everyone in his path he was proving himself to be a once in a lifetime talent with his rampage through the Monday night raw roster. Matt though has had enough of just taking names. He now wants the gold. The Miz would act cocky in the lead up to this match saying he was a true star and called Matt Riddle a failure in MMA.

However Matt Riddle who is normally very chilled out did not react well to those comments and chased after Miz who fled in terror. No matter what happened in the lead up to the match the Miz was able to escape with Riddle desperate to get his hands on the IC champion. Now at Summerslam Miz has to finally step into the ring with Matt Riddle and there is nowhere to hide!

Match highlights:

The bell rings and as soon as it does Miz charges at Matt Riddle who smashes him in the face with a brutal kick to the jaw. Miz immediately rolls under the ropes and goes to the timekeeper area as he looks to flee wanting none of this. However as he is heading up the ramp Riddle gives chase grabbing hold of the Miz stopping him with a massive suplex on the ramp before he hurls Miz back towards the ring rolling him back in.

Matt goes after Miz as he lifts him up looking to finish him when Miz rakes the eyes of Riddle causing him to stumble back! Miz wastes no time trying to take advantage as he connects with the Mizard of Oz! He makes the cover but Riddle kicks out at 1! Miz looks in shock as he tries to grab hold of him from behind for the skull crushing finale but Riddle powers him off!

Riddle runs at Miz taking his head off with a running knee to the skull! Miz is dazed! Riddle though grabs hold of him as he connects with a powerbomb to the mat! Riddle is not done as he lays into Miz with a number of brutal knee strikes wearing down the A-lister here! Miz is out for the count as Riddle climbs to the top rope before he flies off the top rope going for the Bro senton! However Miz rolls out of the way dodging before he grabs Riddle and connects with the skull crushing finale! Miz makes the cover 1 2 Riddle powers out sending Miz flying back! Miz tries to charges in but Riddle kicks him head off! Miz is out for the count but Riddle wants to finish this in style as he finishes him off with a tombstone piledriver!

Winner via pinfall and New IC champion: Matt Riddle (5:19)

WWE title match: The SHIELD triple threat

Roman Reigns. Dean Ambrose. Seth Rollins. 3 men who have made their way to the top of the WWE. All 3 men have held the WWE title even holding it in one night. They have been one of the most dominant factions of the modern era and now at Summerslam they will collide as they fight for the WWE title. However all 3 men have gone through a number of changes since the last triple threat. Seth Rollins has slowly morphed into the face of the company and became one of the fan favourites winning the WWE title sending off the previous champion who showed up once in a blue moon. He would however end up facing off against Roman Reigns who had finally snapped and had enough of the hate he got from the fans. He turned heel on his former brother battering him so bad he had to be taken to hospital. At Mania Reigns won the title using a pair of Brass knuckles hitting a superman punch to steal the title and become WWE champion once again! Reigns would spends the next few months insulting the fans telling them they can hate all they want but he is the top guy in this company and he will crush their dreams beating their favourites. However Dean Ambrose would soon return from injury looking for revenge for his brotha and wanted to become WWE champion once again.

However no matter what Reigns would sneak out with the title causing Ambrose to get more and more unhinged. At the PPV before Summerslam Reigns cheated thanks to help from the authority goons Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson! As Ambrose was being beaten down Seth Rollins runs out to save Ambrose from a beatdown by Roman Reigns. In the lead up to Summerslam both men would team up and fight off the authority thought the week before the show as Rollins and Ambrose stood in the ring Ambrose hits dirty deeds to Rollins making it clear that at Summerslam it will be every man for themselves.

Match highlights:

All 3 men circle the ring to start this encounter off as Reigns slides out of the ring at the start of the match to boos from the crowd leaving Rollins and Dean to fight each other at the start of this match. However Dean and Rollins smile as Rollins runs off the ropes and hits a suicide dive wiping out Reigns here! Dean though follows up after it as he connects with a suicide dive to both men as Ambrose stands tall for the moment!

As the match goes on it is clear to see the tension between all 3 though is seems Rollins is focused on taking down Reigns whilst the other two seems more focused on getting the win no matter how it is done. Part way through the match whilst Rollins and Ambrose are battling in the ring Reigns makes his way to the ringside area as he looks to grab a steel chair!

Rollins and Ambrose are laying into each other. Reigns slides in with a steel chair both he starts hitting both men with the chair as Reigns will do whatever to keep the title he has become obsessed with! However it does not put either man away. At this point Reigns is in control as he lays into Rollins getting a few near falls until Ambrose makes the save stopping Reigns from picking up the win.

Ambrose though does hit Reigns with a bunch of wild punches before he makes his own way to the outside now looking to bring a weapon into this encounter as he grabs hold of a kendo stick however as he is doing this Reigns spears him on the outside through the ropes to boos from the crowd as Reigns seems near unstoppable. Reigns stays in control once again as we head towards the closing stages of this match.

Reigns places Ambrose in the ring as he sets up the steel chair upright whilst Rollins is down on the outside as he lifts up Ambrose connecting with a crucifix powerbomb onto the chair breaking it! Reigns makes the cover! 1 2 Rollins saves the match! Ambrose rolls out of the ring as Reigns and Rollins stare each other down once again. Both men start throwing fists however Reigns overpowers Rollins hitting him with the superman punch! Reigns heads to the corner as he gets ready for the Spear! He charges at Seth Rollins who counters the Spear into a Pedigree! He makes the cover 1 2 Reigns kicks out! Rollins though knows how to finish this! He shouts to Reigns do you remember this? He slams the chair over and over his back! However before he can finish him off Ambrose slides into the ring and kicks Rollins in the dick! Rollins falls down before Ambrose says he remembers hitting a Dirty Deeds onto the steel making the cover! 1 2 3!! Ambrose is WWE champion once again!

Winner via pinfall and NEW WWE CHAMPION: Dean Ambrose (24:48)

Spoiler for Zombo's Card:
Zombo Professional Wrestling presents:


Live from the Georgia Dome, Atlanta

Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

*Pyro and ballyhoo*

Ross welcomes fans to a sold out show down south in the heart of "Dubya Cee Dubya" territory in Atlanta. JR promises that tonight will be a night filled with never-seen-before dream matches, picked from the discarded pile of 30 names deemed undraftable by 240 prior picks. The King laments the lack of Puppies on the show, but shows his southern pride (as a boy from the bordering state of Tennessee) stating that he is looking forward to the show assembled for the wonderful fans down here. JR notes that the show will begin with a tag tournament, culminating in a match for the vacant ZPW tag team titles later on tonight! Not only that, but each of the tag matches will have actual fire blazing on the ring apron in the middle sections of the ropes!

~ Match #1 - "Beat the Heat" Tag Tournament Semi-Final #1 ~


The Outsiders vs. The Bludgeon Brothers

- Hall and Harper do the heavy lifting
- Hall playing babyface in peril, frequent tags between Rowan and Harper
- Big Sexy hot tag
- The Outsiders win via pinfall after Nash hits the Jackknife Powerbomb on Harper at 8:32.
JR states that the nWo members used their veteran experience to carry them through to the finals. Let's see who they'll face.

~ Match #2 - "Beat the Heat" Tag Tournament Semi-Final #2 ~


New Age Outlaws vs. Sgt Slaughter & Col Mustafa

- Outlaws come out first with usual entrance, fans are hot; Slaughter and Sheik cut anti-USA promo
- Lots of brawling and chinlocks, playing to the crowd
- U-S-A chants throughout
- The Outlaws win via pinfall after Sheik's war-clothing catches fire, forcing him to evacuate while Gunn hits the Fame-asser on Slaughter at 7:14.
JR notes that the tag finals are set, and it'll be Degeneration X vs. the NWO. Lawler begins hyping the next match, stating that both men are former stable leaders, both men are former world champions and both men have "something to prove" in this match.

~ Match #3 - Singles Match ~

Ron Simmons vs. Bray Wyatt

- Power moves vs power moves here
- Bray throwing his weight around
- Bray gets cocky, does the spider walk, Simmons takes advantage
- Simmons setting up for the Dominator
- Harper and Rowan appear in sheep masks, JR exclaims "The Wyatts are back! The Wyatts are back!"
- Following distraction, Bray hits Sister Abigail on Simmons for the pinfall at 7:45
- Wyatt family leaves together
Lawler speculates what the future holds in ZPW with a newly reunited Wyatt Family. In the meantime, JR informs us that there will be a pose-off coming up between two of the biggest egos in ZPW.

- Rick Rude and Rick Martel both come to the ring
- Baby oil everywhere
- Lots of high-pitched shrieking from the audience's female population
- Before it goes to the judges, Rude gets on the mic and begins insulting everyone present
- Martel slaps mic away from Rude, and a brawl ensues
- After being broken up by officials, a previously unscheduled match is scheduled

~ Match #4 - Singles Match ~

"The Model" Rick Martel vs. "Ravishing" Rick Rude

- Somehow, first-time ever match
- Martel wrestling clean as babyface, breaks out some high-flying moves while working the legs / back
- Rude taking shortcuts and jawing with front row fans
- Back and forth, high-workrate match
- Martel eventually locks Rude up in the Boston Crab to take the victory by submission at 12:54!
JR puts over The Model's victory, saying he'll be looking to build on this forward momentum. Lawler cuts him off excitedly, as it's time for the WOMEN to take the ring.

~ Match #5 - Singles Match for the ZPW Women's Championship~

Mickie James (c) vs. Lita

- Familiar foes going at it again, with high stakes on the line
- Lita throwing her full aerial arsenal at Mickie, Mickie trying to control the action on the ground
- Lita goes up for the Litasault - MISSES!
- Mickie capitalizes on Lita's first major mistake
- Mickie hits the Mick Kick and wins via pinfall at 9:51
Lawler excitedly hopping around, loving what he just saw. However, SHEAMUS comes out to the ring with a mic saying, "It's time you lasses hit the bricks so that the real men the people came here to see can foight!" Sheamus gets physical, pushing Mickie out of the ring. Lawler can't take anymore, and jumps into the ring as a white knight to defend the ladies' honour. Thanks to the power of FANTASY CARDS, Lawler transforms into his prime wrestling self. JR notes that we have another impromptu match!

~ Match #6 - Singles' Match ~

Sheamus vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler

- Sheamus the clear heel
- Sheamus landing clubbing blows, while Lawler throwing the best punches in the game
- Both guys aren't afraid to land some stiff shots
- Sheamus' greatest hits, then setting up Brogue Kick
- Mickie James returns to the ring, holding Sheamus' leg, delaying the Brogue Kick run-up
- Lawler takes advantage, hits a Piledriver and takes the win via pinfall at 12:21
Lawler celebrates with Mickie, before realizing she's too old and returns to the desk. Once he sits down, he transforms back into older commentator Lawler. JR welcomes him back, and begins hyping the next match, which is a "No Holds Barred" MMA matchup.

~ Match #7 - No Holds Barred MMA Match ~

Bobby Lashley vs. Ken Shamrock

- Lashley confident moving around the ring, looking to impose his size
- Shamrock hits leg kicks, as Lashley begins losing mobility early
- Lashley can't take Shamrock down, and losing explosiveness with each kick
- Shamrock eventually with the take-down
- Shamrock locks in a heel-hook and Lashley taps immediately at 4:43!
A fine display of MMA there from the World's Most Dangerous Man, who was never in danger against the amateur Lashley. JR notes we are now heading to crown the ZPW Tag Team Champions with our tournament finals!

~ Match #8 - "Beat the Heat" Tag Tournament Final ~


The Outsiders vs. The New Age Outlaws

- NWO vs. DX angle is played up
- Outsiders are babyfaces down south, control much of the match
- Outlaws gain advantages through nefarious means, but Hall and Nash keep coming
- Outlaws trying to light Nash and Hall's long hair on fire throughout
- The Outsiders win via pinfall after Hall hits the Outsider's Edge on James at 9:22 to become the new ZPW Tag Team Champions!
Hall and Nash Too Sweet in the ring and celebrate with fans. After two matches surrounded by fire, Nash decides it's time to cool off, stripping out of his wrestling gear to reveal a swimsuit underneath. After borrowing a cruise-shirt from a fan, Nash hops into the Georgia Dome's newly-installed moat!

Following the celebration, the intensity increases as JR hypes the next feud. A brief video package plays, with snippets of promos and VIOLENCE from both Cactus Jack and Jake Roberts.

~ Match #9 - Steel Cage Singles Match for the ZPW Intercontinental Championship ~

Jake "The Snake" Roberts (c) vs. Cactus Jack

- Jake forced to leave Damien outside of the cage
- Both men use every inch of the cage as a means to hurt the other
- Both guys have colour early, both tease DDT
- Damien slithers into cage through opening, but Cactus is ready and BRAINS THE SNAKE with his barb-wire baseball bat!
- Jake stunned by the loss of his snake flies into a blind rage, but Jack withstands the beating and counters
- Cactus Jack hits the Double Arm DDT and wins the bloody match via pinfall at 15:51, becoming your new ZPW Intercontinental Champion!
JR is breathless as Jack leaves the ring under his own power, victorious and with a new belt. Jake meanwhile is a mess of blood and tears as he carries Damien's lifeless body out of the ring to the back, with a look of murderous vengeance in his eyes. Lawler hauntingly notes that this isn't over between these two, not by a long shot.

Originally Posted by Video Package Airs
- Promo video hyping the main event
- Details Bruno's dominant reign as ZPW Champion
- Piper reflects on how he had a great career but his one regret was never winning "The Big One"
- Thanks to the fantasy realm, Piper gets to go back into his prime to see if he can finally win The Big One off of one of the biggest legends in wrestling history
~ Match #10 - Singles Match for the ZPW Heavyweight Championship~

Bruno Sammartino (c) vs. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

- Piper with a look of steely determination and quiet intensity
- Piper working as a heel, but fans behind him as Bruno's fanbase is up north
- Slow-paced, psychology based as both men have time to hit a move and react
- Bruno escapes a Sleeper Hold after about 45 seconds in one, takes the fight back to Piper
- Piper locks in the Sleeper once more, Bruno doesn't tap but passes out at 18:58! Roddy Piper is the new ZPW Heavyweight Champion!
*Piper celebrates in the ring, confetti raining down around him and pyro going off in the rafters of the Georgia Dome. Sammartino eventually comes to, shakes Piper's hand and hands him the coveted title belt. The fans are going wild celebrating with Piper as JR and King sign off.*

@Pez E. Dangerously ;
@A-C-P ;
@MC 16 ; @DammitC ;
@Curry ;
@emerald-fire ;
@Roy Mustang ;
@Bret “Hitman” Hart ;
@MoxleyMoxx ;
@Sol Katti ;
@Fringe ;
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Re: WF SummerSlam Draft Cards / Voting

NOTE: PM your voting coupons to me. I will make them public when all of the votes are in and tallied, but otherwise we will have some suspense for the final results this way

Voting is due by Tuesday, September 4.
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Re: WF SummerSlam Draft Cards / Voting

#1. Rugrat
#2. Zombo
#3. Moxx
#4. emerald-fire
#5. MC16
#6. Fringe
#7. Pez
#8. Curry
#9. Roy Mustang
#10. ACP
#11. DammitC


P1: Carlito vs. ADR would probably draw
P2: "The show ends, and the fans live in attendance look like this "
P3: Got the commitment bit right

N1: Too many spoiler tabs
N2: 4wk builds for Kash, Blackman etc. Don't like many of these matches any way.
N3: It takes more skill to write less tbqh


P1: Berrying NJPW undercards with Liger-Ishii Tag comment
P2: Patterson-Kongo fav match so far
P3: Coconut Match

N1: Don't like CW clusterfucks
N2: Bad use of DUSTIN
N3: No Sandman entrance

MC 16

P1: Long awaited Gedo vs. TAKA
P2: Funk vs. Flair
P3: Kept it simple

N1: Bunch of matches I don't like
N2: Bunch of matches I don't like
N3: Bunch of matches I don't like


P1: Brock not watching
P2: Henry vs. Norton : notbadsmiley
P3: Lesnar-Bryan dream match

N1: tl;dr
N2: Mudpit bikini in front of a child
N3: Waste of LOD/didn't like most matches


P1: RVD-DDP would probably be great
P2: 3 Count 3-Way is my fav match of the DRAFT
P3: Anvil vs. Tank is ME material / Bret-KA two true champs

N1: Anvil's death being ignored / No Anvil-Bret interaction
N2: Bodged together tag teams
N3: Malenko's from Florida


P1: Rug Wild
P2: Horowitz jerkin' Ronda's curtains
P3: Like the Tag Turmoil/Phoenix-Death Rey/Utero bait ME matches

N1: I actually don't have any negatives
N2: Used the tried and tested method of the less you do the less fuck-ups you make
N3: False modesty in cb


P1: Bayley vs. Steph (Think I did that once before)
P2: Kidd vs. Gargano/Shane vs. HHH add to a massive overperformance from em-f
P3: Nice Wiki reference guide format, that could catch on

N1: Funaki vs. Kaz is racist
N2: Wut da hell is that 6-man?
N3: Someone will get hurt in that wimminz 3-way


P1: Kurrgan & Jackyl teaming / Sav vs. Lethal
P2: Greg Valentine's former partners collide
P3: Droz in the #RIPCHAIR

N1: Flash Funk & Bobby Walker is racist and a waste of 2 Cold Scorpio
N2: Major Bros vs. Urgh / General clusterfuck of a roster
N3: Should be shot for not teaming Mideon with VISCERA


P1: In Your House of Saud
P2: Most good matches of any card (Shibata vs. Finlay/Joe vs. Suzuki/Pillman vs. Naito/Cena vs. Tana)
P3: Gave the fans the X-Pac/Chyna vs. Sunny/Candido match they craved

N1: Everyone doing 4-way CWs
N2: Blatantly plagiarised an actual WCW card (yet to be determined which)
N3: DQ'd for use of Jackyl




Roy Mustang

P1: Regal-Dunne
P2: Nudey Renee
P3: Riddle killing Miz would actually be fun

N1: Marc Mero vs Ezekiel Jackson vs Mason Ryan vs Jaime Noble vs Desperado Joe Gomez - Crikey O'Reilly!
N2: Long write-ups / Some hackneyed match-ups
N3: Wasting Rusev on JoMo when he could have been wrestling Meng on my card


P1: Outsiders vs. Bludgeons is legit great booking / DX vs. nWo would still draw to this day
P2: Iraqi Slaughter the GOAT gimmick / Jake vs. Jack / Bruno would hate Piper lol
P3: Could see Bellator doing Shamrock vs. Lashley irl

N1: Simmons vs. Wyatt
N2: Martel vs. Rude is a bit gay
N3: Sheamus vs. Lawler = vomit

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Re: WF SummerSlam Draft Cards / Voting

Originally Posted by SHIRLEY View Post
#1. Rugrat
#2. Zombo
#3. Moxx
#4. emerald-fire
#5. MC16
#6. Fringe
#7. Pez
#8. Curry
#9. Roy Mustang
#10. ACP
#11. DammitC
Zombo asks to submit voting cards via PM and SHIRLEY posts it in the thread. So much for building some suspense.
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Re: WF SummerSlam Draft Cards / Voting

As Zombo didn't cover it in his original post, I asked him to clarify if he wanted them via PM or publically in the cb, and received no response.

Zombo then proceeded to post here as I was making my post, as you may be able to ascertain by looking at the times.
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It's all good Brother SHIRLEY. Mostly just yanking your chain, mate.

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Re: WF SummerSlam Draft Cards / Voting

If nothing else, SHIRLEY provided the template for a filled out voting coupon as an instructional tool for any first time voters.

I also thank Roy Mustang for submitting his voting coupon via PM!
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Re: WF SummerSlam Draft Cards / Voting

Originally Posted by Kenny Omega View Post
If nothing else, SHIRLEY provided the template for a filled out voting coupon as an instructional tool for any first time voters.
Also who to vote for

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Re: WF SummerSlam Draft Cards / Voting

Shout out to emerald-fire who is the third individual to have votes in. If I get a couple more coupons in, I'll update the OP to show the ANONYMOUS points total.

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Re: WF SummerSlam Draft Cards / Voting

We have 6 voters submitted now, so here's a little snapshot at the overall point totals thus far...


The race in the upper half is tight, and a good vote for one and a bad vote for another can lead to immediate swings. Thanks to those who have submitted so far!

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