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Re: Best racing games you've ever played.

I'm not exactly a big time racing game fan but I was all aboard the Gran Turismo 1+2 train back in the day. Lots of great memories of those games. Its funny seeing either nowadays because they look pretty damn ugly and yet I couldve sworn that back then they looked borderline real.

Burnout 3 was extremely hype and tons of fun. Daytona USA has some brilliant cheesy music although from what I remember the Saturn port was quite stripped down. Sega Rally was great. Virtua Racing for the Mega Drive/Genesis didnt play all that well but for its time the tech was hugely impressive. I cant remember much first hand about the Colin McRae (RIP) games tbh other than they were highly regarded and I liked them back then.

To throw a more obscure one out there - Total Drivin/Grand Tour Racing was hugely overlooked. It had formula racing, rally, buggies etc.

If Wipeout counts they would be up there too. Some of the best soundtracks in gaming history.
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Re: Best racing games you've ever played.

Not to be like a retro hipster or anything, but tbh this game was *very* good.

I've played a lot of games since, but other than Gran Turismo 2, I haven't gotten as much enjoyment out of them as I did from Screamer.

I did enjoy a few NFS games too.

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Re: Best racing games you've ever played?

^I have never thought about a racing game so often as much as I have been thinking about this masterpiece. Nowadays I game a lot of Burnout Paradise, Crash Team Racing and Mario Kart 64 but still to this date Hot Pursuit 2 has that special intimate place in my heart.

Used to (and still do) possess similar sentiments toward OutRun even further back in the day:

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Re: Best racing games you've ever played?

Fuck Nintendo for shelving the franchise.

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Re: Best racing games you've ever played?

NASCAR Dirt to Daytona was my game back in the day. Really really fun and just such a great game.

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Re: Best racing games you've ever played?

I don't remember the name but it was a PS2 game where you would do underground street races going from city to city moving your way up the ranks and circuits. You could get bonus cash to buy new cars get upgrades repaint your car etc. for doing certain stunts or using certain routes or getting from Point A to Point B in less than X amount of time and the police would show up and chase you set up roadblocks and stuff. It was really fun

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Re: Best racing games you've ever played?

NFS Underground 2 (legendary)
Forza 4 (hasn't been the same since)
Gran Turismo 3 (endurance races ftw)
Isle of Man TT (bike racing in the arcades on replica bikes, hard as fuck but great fun).

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Re: Best racing games you've ever played?

modnation racers, wish sony would have made a sequel rather than that lbp racing game


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Re: Best racing games you've ever played?

Put so many hours into that game on XBL and it's 2 sequels PGR3 and 4 over the years. Still the best racing game series I've ever played.

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Re: Best racing games you've ever played?

Crash Team Racing (Original or Remake) if I can include less realistic.

For the more realism sort of racing, probably either V-Rally 2 or Forza Motorsport 2.
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