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Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

I play games on my phone (mobile), console and PC games.

I like all 3 of them, but I often have a strong favoring for console. There are several reasons. You can play console games on a big screen TV, while sitting on a couch. A controller is nice to have. There's no concern about, nor error messages about, hardware requirements. Consoles are really a plug-and-play type thing.

My next favorite, would likely be mobile. Google Play has practically countless mobile games, many free to play. There's usually no concern about hardware requirements neither, though I've noticed you can raise and lower graphics settings on certain mobile games. But practically all the mobile games I've played, work fine on my phone.

Then there's PC. Certain games definitely work best with a mouse pointer, especially those where precise aiming is critical. PC has countless games, on disc, Steam, browser games, etc. The main downside to PC is an important one: you really have to understand hardware requirements and fiddle with graphics settings a lot... and certain games are simply beyond your hardware to run smoothly. If you're a rich computer expert, I can see how PC might be your favorite... but average people aren't a rich computer expert. So for average people, console or mobile is definitely their best option for gaming.

I know I wouldn't be able to play the latest PC games, especially if they're graphics-intensive. I don't know about the internal parts of computers, nor can I afford a near-thousand dollar graphics card nor processor. So you can understand why PC gaming would be my 3rd favorite.

Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?
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Re: Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

mobile is dreadful and Im not good at operating computers to get them to run correctly nor do I want to fork out the levels of cash to get a computer that is decent enough spec to run games (I simply dont play them enough).

therefore I choose console. I somewhat laugh everytime I see a comparison video between console and PC and there is basically no difference. If youve got the time to worry about graphics not being perfect etc then crack on but I got better stuff to do and worry about.

consoles simply offer easy and quick gaming at more affordable price. If you don't care about getting the absolute best experience then there is no reason to scoff at consoles, its pure snobbery.

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Re: Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

Console guy here. Never had a top level pc in me life and never crave for it. Hate using phones anything other than communicating.

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Re: Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

Console. Switch being portable has made it my favorite though.
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Re: Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

All good in their own ways

PC - best performance, mods, generally offers a better experience than consoles but at a higher price and more work needed on your part.

Mobile - good for travelling, convenient

Console - cheaper and more accessible than PC gaming + exclusives.

Ive been playing Switch most recently. Now the suns out I dont feel like sitting in front of a tv and drawing the curtains to get sucked into a game for hours.
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Re: Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

I consider "Mobile Gaming" the bottom barrel, absolutely most disgusting kind of gaming. If I was on my death bed and the only cure was for me to play a mobile game, I'd die. "Mobile Gaming" exists to be bad and force people to pay more money for a still limited gaming experience. I lose respect every time a developer announces a new version of their hit game for mobile. It's such a mess in the gaming industry and you should avoid it all costs. Even downloading a free game with no catches only encourages someone like EA to make a money grabbing, shitty Tennis 2019 spin off where you smack 2 balls a day or pay $1 for each additional smack.

Then, I consider PC and Console the same. Only, a PC has more modifications, more games, and better specs. At the end of the day, I use a controller to play a game. I put more stock in the game than the system I play it on. PC can be better than most consoles, but I'm still either loading a disc in or downloading and playing the game. The whole "war" between consoles and PC folk makes no sense to me. If you could get a system that plays all the games you want at the quality you want, at the price you want, you wouldn't hesitate to buy that system because it's labeled as a console or PC.
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This post

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Re: Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

Console. Other than me growing up with them, it's more viable for me because if I want to play video games, it's typically maybe 2-3 hours a day to kill time. I'm not too worried about mods and investing extra money and resources for top-notch performance.

There is very satisfying feeling of me turning on my PS4 and hearing the beep, putting a disc in, and playing it. That's how I grew up playing video games with the first Sony, so I'll stick with that.
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Re: Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

I had a PC phase and I'm glad I got to play games like Half Life, Max Payne or Age of Mythology

But console all the way. I especially liek the fact that you don't have to worry about specs and you know the game will work on the console.

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Re: Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

Mobile tbh, only because I can run PUBG in high settings lol.
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Re: Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

I was born into console gaming and that is still my primary way of gaming. I got into some mobile games but I didn't want to get sucked into that shit Pay-to-win model. PC games are at the bottom for me because I just found console gaming way more interesting than PC games and never got into that realm.

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