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Re: Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

Playing console games on your PC.

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Re: Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

I've played way more PC games in my life, so I probably have to pick that. I was never allowed to own any consoles or handhelds as a kid, my parents said they cost too much, so I didn't get any until I was about 18 or 19 when I finally got a PS2 and a Nintendo DS. I then moved onto the 3DS and I bought a Nintendo Switch last year.

But my favourite game series ever is Pokemon. I played the first 3 gens on ROMs on my PC, but then I played every gen from 4 onwards on console.

I grew up with PC games, my Dad introduced me to DOS games when I was young. My first game ever was Wolfenstein 3D when I was about 7 or 8, lol yes my Dad let me play a game where you kill Nazis I also grew up playing PC strategy games like Age Of Empires, Dark Reign, Starcraft etc.

The only mobile game I play is Pokemon Go. Every other game I can't be bothered with but I love Go and have been playing it since launch day in 2016.
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Re: Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

I play a couple of mobile games (like Golf Clash and Soccer Kick), but I mostly play console games on my PS 4.
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Re: Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

Depends what I'm in the mood for. If I wanna spend a couple of minutes on an idle game, then i'll play a mobile game (fuck giving them any money, I learned my lesson with that on Facebook way back). If I wanna play TEW or some form of Age of Empires, Tycoon or Sims game I'll put the laptop on, and anything else I fire up a console.
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Re: Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

Hello I have played games on many different systems . I started off with commodore Plus4 the graphics were ok for the time .
Then I got a commodore Amiga 512k with 1 disk drive the graphic were much improved but some games were slow loading /getting started (championship manager 1).

Then I got my 1st PC 386 the games were faster and much better graphics .

I have moved from dos to windows and have noticed that graphics have improved and speed depending on the RAM and graphics cards memory .

I noticed that some old games like championship manager 1 was super quick in setting up when on a which over 1GHZ speed.

I have also played games on PS vita the graphics are good for the screen but the occasional crash makes some games loose save game data .

I do prefer physical copies of the game. DVD/ cartridge , rather than downloads as if there is problem you can reinstall it rather than trying to try and contact the manufacturers and try and another copy form them .


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Console in general for ease, but PC for mods
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Re: Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

I don't care what device to play. I often play computer games and mobile games. The main thing that the game was interesting.
Although lately I like gambling where you can win money. For example, nz online gambling and others. Have you tried these games? What were the maximum wins and losses?

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Re: Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

console cause i can't be bothered with either using a keyboard or mouse for certain things or setting up the controls, nah. i want turok 2 but it's only on xbox so i downloaded on the PC only to find that it lags even though my computer is pretty much good enough to run it. and last, i couldn't figure out which settings is best to turn on or off so i lost interest and turned it off.

so im gonna wait until i can get a xbox one in the future.
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Console by far it's just my thing, I can't stand Mobile games and PC is not for me other than browsing.
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Re: Do you prefer mobile, console or PC gaming?

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
Playing console games on your PC.
Emulation is a real blessing. The fact that I can play any game from basically any previous generation on one system is awesome.

I love consoles. But I grew up around the PC. I love the fact that I assembled it my self chose all the parts that went into it. And that I can play an uncountable amount of games on it. There's no short options as far as controllers go. Moding is crazy fun too. The amount of freedom you have on PC makes it the best for me. Console might be more convenient but PC all the way. And living in China makes that cheaper too
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