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Games that need ported/re released/remade

Real talk.

I decided to do this thread when they other day I remembered how freaking fun this game was, one of the best RPGs of the time, too many other good and big ones passed it by (FF, SMT, Persona, the big boys and even Rogue Galaxy and Front Mission) and I am not sure if a lot of people got around to playing it, I kept waiting for it to pop up when games like Rogue Galaxy made it to PS4, but it was not to be.

Other games I would love to see re done would be Skies of Arcadia, it was remade once but at least would love to see it on Nintendo Switch. Same goes for the hit JRPG for Wii U Tokyo Mirage Sessions, that one needs to be on Switch soon too.

The OG Pokémon Stadium games would be great additions to Switch if they ever do a proper Virtual Console feature. They should port the entire Pokémon Gens 1-7 to Switch too, even remakes and such, just a definitive library would be awesome to have.

Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 6 of course full remakes in about 20 years

Like, I am fine with emulators but there is a certain satisfaction in owning actual copies of these games and not to mention graphically and gameplay wise, re releases and ports can improve upon things like that.

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Re: Games that need ported/re released/remade

1) Pokemon Snap on 3DS. But, time had passed and SWITCH is their priority now. And, Pokemon Go is the next best thing.

2) I was just telling my roommate about Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. I'm upset the remake wasn't Xbone compatible.

3) I'd like a WWE v WCW again. Maybe just DLC, but add in some extra game modes, characters, big heads, etc.

4) Skyrim

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Re: Games that need ported/re released/remade

Silent Hill needs to be remade. It would be awesome to see it using today's technology.

Half-Life remake would be great, for the same reason.
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Re: Games that need ported/re released/remade

Front mission....damn that brings back memories!

I'd love to see valkyrie profile get a remake. But if I could only choose one game, it would be final fantasy tactics. Orlandu or tg CID was the man! Felt like a cheat code getting to play him. Maybe in the remake we could play as gafgarion this time???
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Re: Games that need ported/re released/remade

Tekken 3 with HD graphics would be dope and I think it should be remade with the PS2 graphics.
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Re: Games that need ported/re released/remade

would love a half life 1 and 2 remake, upgraded graphics etc.

the proper goldeneye remaster that got cancelled (though a straight up remake would be even better......not the one that got released).

No mercy N64 (never gonna happen given the roster problems)

tbh there is any amount of games that I would love to see remade with modern technology.

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Re: Games that need ported/re released/remade

X-Men Legends
X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse

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Re: Games that need ported/re released/remade

WWF No Mercy
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Re: Games that need ported/re released/remade

EA can fuck off for refusing to port this to PS4.

I would pay $500 for a PS5 remaster. I'm not kidding.
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Re: Games that need ported/re released/remade

FF8 - Curretly replaying this on my modded ps-classic, under rated a.f , would love HD remake.
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edit : katamari
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