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#BestForBusiness 04-17-2019 09:05 PM

Favorite FPS of all time and why?
Hey all, thought I would start a new and fun thread. FPS games have been around for quite some time with such a huge variety in them, so, as the title asks, what is YOUR favorite FPS shooter of all time?
I have two that are tied and I can't choose one over the other. My first pick:


This game, this game right here is what got me into FPS shooters to begin with. I was 14 when this game came out, and literally everyone and their mother was playing this. It was the IT game at the time, and you were lame and uncool as fuck if you weren't playing this and talking about it at school the next day. If you ever had a problem with someone, you settled it on Rust in a 1v1 quickscoping match to determine who was better. It was also on this game that the majority of gamers joining their first clan, because clans were huge in this game.
Not to mention, it had one of the greatest and funniest launch commercial's ever, it literally got banned after a week of it airing.

My second pick:


This game restored my faith in FPS shooters and got me interested in playing them again. After MW2, MW3, Black Ops 1 and 2, and Ghosts, Call of Duty was on the heavy decline. They started doing what all the other FPS shooters were doing: Futuristic, Sci-fi BS with robots and crazy advanced technology. And this happened for years on end. I was getting very tired and worn out from all the futuristic games that all gaming companies were leaning towards, that I went back to single-player, third person games.

EA and Dice had balls and said "fuck the futuristic trend, we're going to be different" and went all the way back to World War 1. What interested me the most is that I literally couldn't think of ANY games or shooters that went all the way back to that time period, so I was super excited for something different. And it was. The gameplay, graphics, soundtrack, and immersion were out of this world. It wasn't 100% historically accurate like many critics said about the game, but BF1 was immersively accurate. The game FELT like a WW1 game and that's what is important.
All the multiplayer maps have this dark, gritty atmosphere to them to where you the player think "wow, this game is based off the first World War. Was it really that deadly and inhumane back then?" and it gets you interested in history.
I mean, just watch the opening cutscene when you pop the game in:

So, what's yours and why?

Stormbringer 04-17-2019 09:11 PM

re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?
First Person Shooter.... shooter?

#BestForBusiness 04-17-2019 09:13 PM

re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

Originally Posted by Stormbringer (Post 77136980)
First Person Shooter.... shooter?

Sorry, typo :doh

Mango13 04-17-2019 09:14 PM

re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?
Counter Strike 1.6 and pretty much every version of Counter Strike in general


It's what originally got me into PC gaming way back in the day and till this day is still one of the best if not best shooters on PC.

Close second would have to be COD4 that game was fucking amazing

DoolieNoted 04-17-2019 09:14 PM

re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?
Combat Arms (now - classic). before it went a bit batshit it was a hilariously fun game.

I was also extremely good at it which probably helped.

Black Metal 04-17-2019 09:20 PM

re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

I've clocked in 1179 hours (according to Xbox Smartglass app) of playtime since launch in December 2015 (I bought the game in January 2016).

Never grows old and the constant support is phenomenal. I've pretty much played this game every other day (if not daily) every week since I bought it.

Best Friends!! 04-17-2019 09:22 PM

re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?
Overwatch. I know it's recent, if I go back my answer would probably be Bioshock.

But I love Overwatch playing with friends online, with a bunch of characters I enjoy I love it.

Nothing beats flying around an area shooting down other people with a korean girl in a mech suit.

Joe Moore 04-17-2019 09:28 PM

re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?
Have to go with GoldenEye, first cut is always the deepest.

El Grappleador 04-17-2019 09:36 PM

re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?
I've played:
GoldenEye 007
Donkey Kong 64 (It's not FPS... well, a little bit).
Recently, Fortnite.

Unfortunately, FPS drive me dizzy.

nWo4Lyfe420 04-17-2019 10:20 PM

re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

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