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Re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

Are we talking about FPS mechanics or favourite games that happened to be FPSs? Because mechanically my favourite shooter is probably Destiny one or two. For all the billions of problems those games have, you cant deny just how amazing it feels to play those games. If we are talking about games that are our favourites but also happen to be FPSs then it is the original BioShock for me. Not a great shooter by any stretch of the imagination but I can accept the subpar shooting mechanics for how exemplary everything else is in that game.


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Re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

Metroid Prime


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Re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

bioshock was an incredible game at the time, the setting and story of that game is probably one of the best Ive experienced. The concept is perfect for creating a setting where the population has decended into insanity because no-one can just leave, they are trapped within a cage at the bottom of the atlantic, it gave it a real sense of isolation.

Never really got into bioshock 2 so much but the first was just such a great game to play.......really need to revisit it tbh.

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Re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

Halo 3 - loved the multiplayer and the kill.commentary.

COD4 - Infinity Ward at its peak.

Battlefield 4 - still to this day my all time favourite FPS. Proper cooperative multiplayer but also the option to lonewolf if you wanted. Superb vehicle gameplay too and huge maps.

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Re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

Battlefield Bad Company.

Spent months just playing the demo on the oasis map for this game. Loved it.

Either that or COD 3.

The British, Polish and Canadian missions

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Re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

Perfect Dark - the spiritual successor to Goldeneye. I spent countless hours playing this game. I loved the single player story, and the secret missions unlocked. Loved both the co-op and counter-op. Loved its multiplayer and its numerous customization option (just needed to let players edit sim names). The game that came after it in the series though, Perfect Dark Zero, was a step back in pretty much every aspect from graphics to gameplay to multiplayer, with the lone exception being with the new ability to roll at the time. They took the term prequel way too seriously. The irony is that if it had better graphics (I’m not opposed to cartoony graphics or even the cel shaded idea they had for the game before, but it just didn’t fit the series), improved on the multiplayer from the original Perfect Dark, and made a better story, Perfect Daro Zero would have been an ok sequel. However, what was produced instead stopped the Perfect Dark franchise dead in its tracks due to how mediocre it was. A shame Microsoft never produced another one, since there were some cool plans in place for a proper sequel, and there have been some significant advancements in first person gameplay thanks to games like the Mirror’s Edge series.

Half-Life 2 is a very close second.

Others FPS games I’ve liked are Wolfenstein, Doom, Goldeneye, Halo, No One Lives Forever 2 (I liked the 60’s theme), Call of Duty, including the expansion pack United Offensive, COD 3, COD: Ghosts & COD: Black Ops 2.
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Re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

Bad Company 2

The only FPS Iíve ever played and enjoyed from beginning to end.
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Re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

Hello the arcade /Amiga game called Operation Thunderbolt was kid of FPS.

It was a 1 or 2 player game where people your view was only FPS but you had no control of direction the screen moved and you had shoot or grenade the bad guys and vehicles( helicopters Jeep’s etc).

The plot was a plane was hijacked and you had to rescue the hostages . If you shot a hostage in level 4 or 8 you lost energy too manny die and you it is game over.

The last thing was the main bad guy had the pilot hostage by putting his arm around him and shooting at you. If the pilot died it was game over.


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Re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

Half-Life 2

I guess I in general prefer single player fps games where there is a story to support the fps elements. I'm not much for games like Counter Strike and such.
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Re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

BioShock. By far. A pure piece of gaming art in every way.
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