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re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

Not a big gamer in general so like any other filthy casual, the only FPS games I played were COD. And BO1 and BO2 are the ones I really spent time on (my dad hates video games, so it was really hard trying to keep up with all the new games that come out)

Anyway I pretty much played almost every COD, and the one I really enjoyed were WAW, BO1 and BO2, basically all the great Treyarch games. MW2 was the first PS3 game I played but once I actually tried playing online I got absolutely destroyed. The colour palette for that game was just too dull for me I guess. The black ops series was more vibrant and easier on the eyes so I had a lot of fun with that.

So I would say my favorite FPS would be BO2.
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re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

Bioshock: Infinite

This was just unlike any other game I've ever played. The game mechanics are straightforward and satisfying but really it's just a masterpiece of story telling. Strip away all the alternate universe stuff (all of which has a very deep place in my heart as a wayward soul), and the uplifting yet dreadful story of a revolution against racism still meant so much to me. And I mean dreadful as in full of existential dread. Slaughtering sky confederates? Motherfucker - Hell. Yes. The examination of cult mentality, brainwashing, revisionist history. The horror of Songbird. I mean, all the shit in the game around Songbird just has its own unique vibe and it makes my chest swell.

Yeah, just a cool game

This song used to fuck me up. The whole game is like playing through some beyond fucked up nightmare you had while dosing off in church. It's a biblical story. It's the New Testament

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re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

Originally Posted by Dub View Post
Battlefield 3, holy fuck was this a gem. Maps were well balance, customization was on point. It also has one of my favorite maps in a BF game
This, has to be hands down my favorite BF game.

Crysis 2: loved the Assault game mode in MP where you had 2 teams attacking and defending computer nodes, attackers had Nanosuits and hand guns only trying to upload data and defenders had no suits and assault rifles stopping them. Threw so many hours into this.

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re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

My favourite of all time would be a toss between CoD 4 or Battlefield 3.

And atm only fps game i play are either PUBG or Star Wars Battlefront 2.

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re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

Doom, Quake & Wolf 3D
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re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

Unreal Tournament.
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re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

My very first video game

If I cut the nostalgia for a second, it would probably be :

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There's also Quake III Arena/Revolution & Unreal Tournament 3.

Then, there's Crysis 2 & Black Ops 3....

#SpeedDemon #Run&Gun #FUCKCAMPERS

R.I.P. the Crysis 2 online servers. I hated the massive lag though.

And I actually like the maps & general gameplay better in Advanced Warfare. Fuck the exo movements in THAT game though. lol

This song is the one that I've used the most in FPS games online & Twisted Metal (PS3).

The beat & that shotgun....

And speaking of Call of Duty again, Black Ops 2 had 3 of my favorite maps in COD, even though I don't own the game anymore.




I had some fun with Halo too.

Reach was my favorite & the last one I ever played.

Originally Posted by -XERO- View Post

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re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

I used to play cs 1.6 and then cs go - theese are my favorite
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re: Favorite FPS of all time and why?

Spent so many hours on this game.
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