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Classic games that were remade which were good and not so good.

I thought this could be quite a good topic, but I wanted to see what games were remade, from the original game, not a follow up, that they re-did for recent consoles such as Xbox, Playstation etc... and did a good job with it, and one's not so much, I thought this could be quite a good discussion and would love to see what you guys thought here in regards to this.



This was actually quite good, didn't lose any of it's game play, kept it true to the original I felt as well as added some extra's, plus the bonus of online was great fun, such a good game and can have fun with anyone really.

Pac Man

I know that this is just Pac Man, but the effort they put into this was pretty good, so many modes, different speeds, kept the game true to it's original, nice graphics or retro graphics, they just smashed it really and did a really good job with it in my opinion.


Again, like Pac Man, so many different modes, nice graphics, true to the original, retro graphics if needed and game play, as well as all the extra's of the fancy versions too, if that's what you like, again, good job.

Not so good.

Rainbow Islands

Now, this may be unfair from me in regards to this because I've never played it, however I have seen the video's and I have heard so many reviews about this how it's just not great, that I think this is one that I've wanted to not play, kinda disappointing really cause the original game was good and has been around through different generations, so could have potentially been great.


I debated this for ages on the PS4 when I saw it in the store, it wasn't overly expensive but for the game that it is, it was actually a bit expensive really, however I saw it on sale for a couple of quid and I thought, you know what, I'll just grab it, but it's awful, the direction you try to put Q-Bert in, doesn't go the way you wanted it to, so you end up dying or jumping off the edge, the controls on it are just very bad, and had these have been ok, it would have been alright but it's barely playable and will just get you angry more than anything.

So what classic games that were remade did you think were great, I have a few more in mind such as Resident Evil, Tomb Raider etc... however I wanted you guys to come up with a few things also, so just wanted to mention these for now.
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Re: Classic games that were remade which were good and not so good.

I absolutely goddamn despise Mega Man Maverick Hunter X on PSP. It's somehow makes my third favourite game a displeasure to play to me. What I adore first and foremost about the original Mega Man X is how the game flows and teahces you without telling you, and how incredible it feels to control in the first place. It doesn't feel too bad to control in MHX, but the progression is out of whack because they hide the DASH in a different location - the dash being half of what gave MMX it's awesome controls. And yeah it's in a spot where a different thing used to be in the original so it shouldn't be too hard to get but still, it's not even a remix mode or anything, it's the base bloody game.

The game looks visually hideous because PSP 3D models are mostly fuzzy dogshit,

Here's Chill Penguin's stage in MMX. Look at the awesome sprite work done of the stalactites with the metal thingys in them, and the flooring. And notice how the background actually looks distanced from the foreground, like the level really has some unexplored depth to it.

Spoiler for yaaaaaaay:

Here's Chill Penguin's stage on MHX. Notice how...nothing stands out. It's too bland looking, and if someone told you it was the backdrop to a movie tie-in cash grab from Activision you'd probably believe it.

Spoiler for boooo:

The dumb, campy personalities they gave the bosses, the horrendous voice acting, and the remixed music are collectively the tip of the iceberg made of frozen feces and dead flies. I know some MMX fans dig it as a remake and I don't begrudge anyone for it, but I hated every moment of this remake.

A remake I have to shout out is Dragon Quest III on SNES (Japan-only but patches exist). I've not even played the original NES game but from the amount of differences I've read about it, it seems like I don't even have to. The SNES version is *gorgeous* in its animation fluidity. Every enemy has a couple different attack animations and they run so bloody smoothly it's a joy to watch yourself get beat to death. They also added a lot of features from DQ VI like medals, wells, spells to memorize NPC dialogue and find treasures on the ground, and they made it so whips attack whole rows of enemies instead of just a single one. One of the most fun times I've ever had with an RPG.

Not really a REMAKE remake, but Tetris DS is awesome. Few different modes which are themed on Nintendo franchises like Zelda and Metroid. My favourite one is Puzzle mode, where you select from a specific group of Tetriminoes to fit into the placing, it's harder than it sounds later on. Touch mode is great as well (it's like a tower you have the break away by sliding the bottom), but there aren't that many levels for it.

That version of Rainbow Islands does look pretty shitty.

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