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Youth Movement is the trend WWE is doing to create future stars for WWE, I'll lay out some names later and why I am putting my money on them.

But first, let us view the current situation and why should the old era give birth to a new one, and why I am even making a trend like this.

1)Klique reunion and Klique retirement. Yes guys, for old fans, I know you know when I say that I am smelling this one. Sean Waltman threw a party for watching RR, Nash homecomnig to WWE, HBK retirement, possible last HHH run, and Scott Hall's successful rehab. These are all signs that they will soon be inducted to HOF (HBK is already), and this is also a sign of a nice "passing of the torch" for the next generation.

WHY? As old fans knew it, the Klique are a non wrestling stable but is a group behind the scene that controls who will be the face and the heel of the brand, they have such bad reputation that they do not believe in new blood and did a very long title hog during the nWO and DX era, In short, they control the storyline itself before.

THEN? As Miz said, the locker room is now much better without the oldies gone, the locker room is now free of that "oldies" feel, giving more room to the new blood.

2)Return of the Rock. Rock is a part of the attitude era so why am I even saying this. The Rock also said he finally returned home and he will not go away. (!)

WHY? We all know the Rock cannot survive in the PG era(tell me if I am wrong),the Rock era lives because of his funny antics and word stunts that needs lots of "@$$" word. WWE cannot even make an aggressive character now because PG era target are kids who love the orange and purple shirt, a role model. But how did WWE let the Cena fans down by letting Rock insult the "you cant see me" era? and how in earth can WWE let those "@$$" word on a PG slot?

THEN? Possible return of attitude era(PG gone) and possible heel turn for Cena because of Rock, I know for some fans it could be weird, but I am telling you this will be very interesting.

3)Some oldies going for gold. This includes HOF King Lawler pitted against MIZ, and Edge (not really oldie, but talks abuot retirement) going against Ziggler, and many more to be expected after WM 27 like Booker or Nash.

WHY? These matches are getting lots of pop and hype lately, RR's Edge vs Ziggler, Nexus Wade vs Cena (until WWE destroyed the very nice storyline), And of course the Miz and all his rivals.

THEN? It is like how Undertaker makes big names during Wrestlemania. We all remember how he made Mark Henry a big name. This is how WWE should do it, and I think they are on the right track. (Except for Nexus)

4) Macmahons stepping out from WWE. This is where HHH takes over as the hier to the throne of the WWE kingdom.

WHY? HHH is a klique member, would you not agree that the Monday night wars became interesting because of the Klique? That means they know how to make businees in terms of wrestling language(often in the expense of others).

THEN? It is like NXT with the whole rookie locker room and HHH as mentor, it is also rumored that Nash will do a backstage role.

5)2-21-11 / return of oldies and legends. OK I am maybe contradicting myself a bit here, 2-21-11 maybe sting or undertaker, but certainly a big name that can draw out money for WWE.

WHY? Drawing money and fans means business is totally alive. The good thing is, they are more likely to be pitted against each other without going for any title. Big, without title hog. example can be Sting vs Undertaker(dream on kid), Big Show vs Kevin Nash (staredown anyone?), or maybe Rock vs Cena (based on the "you cant see me me" insult).

THEN? This could mean that the title matches will stick to the rookies, still making a big fuss without having an oldie on the background. (please WWE, I hope THIS is what you're thinking.)

--HAVING those mentioned, It is now time to recognize the future stars of WWE.

**Wade Barrett - Good mic skills, villainous anti hero attitude, but sloppy wrestling, reminds me of the wall street JBL.

Because he is a sloppy wrestler with good mic skills, he is best with having a faction, to be honest, I prefer him to be in the Nexus, but I still thank WWE brainchild for creating the Corre. I also do not see him making a face turn anytime soon, and I prefer him to always win because of the interference of his Corre fellows.

**Dolph Ziggler - Ok he is currently fired (kayfabe), and although he recieved huge good bye pop, in our hearts, we all ask WHY???

Do not worry guys, he is fired but not out of contract, he will be back soon, hopefully as a main eventer. I see the "loose cannon" persona in him, good mic skills but not great, He have that Mr. Perfect look on him(sorry Mcguillycutty), and it is a total genius for him to make the sleeper hold a mainstream main event submission hold.

If anyone would disagree with Dolph he must be a close minded "you cant see me"era phony.

**The Miz - He is already raking it, the moment he got Alex on his side I can tell he is going to make it. The thing is, his mic skills are really great it is just begging to be in the Attitude era(so we can allow those rudeness more). His in ring charisma is also oozing that every move he does really counts, especially when pitted against seasoned wrestlers its like "How the hell he was able to win that?"

I am already smelling a face turn because of positive feedback from the crowd lately, and with Michael Cole around, I guess he will go straight to Wrestlemania 27(dont ask why).

**Alex Riley - Alex can be a long shot. The plot is pretty obvious like how Orton and Batista became start by feuding with their fellow Evolution members, and we cannot really say that Alex is not that charismatic at all, he just needs time to stay with the mainstream.

**Ted Dibiase Jr. - Really now, a wasted talent I say, being partnered and dominated by Maryse can be a sad thing. I guess all will agree if he will turn to the next million dollar man and become the next wall street guy. His mic skills are great and something not to be wasted with.

His physique and charisma is not at all bad, and he does not need to have that distinct laugh to win a perfect heel, he just needs a BIG feud and the million dollar title back.

**Alberto del rio - I knew it at first glance, his top rope Enziguri is just so spectacular to watch and the way he delivers that arm bar is just way too impressive. His winking antics after slapping Big show on his head was also way too funny, I can see him as Miz of the smackdown brand, his cowardice reminds me of the heel Rock, attacking out of the blue.

He just needs to improve his presence(mic skills already good), I dunno. maybe adding a bodyguard who looks so bad you'll never expect him to make a face turn? Anything that could give him more boo boos.

**R-truth - He has been around for a while now(not really a rookie), but not really getting the type of push he deserves. He often becomes cannon fodder for other superstars to excel.

I see him as the next Booker T, without the mic skills, although good with audience control, he deserves to be in the attitude environment rather than PG.

**John Morrison - I also agree if someone says nobody cares about what he says because his mic skills are really bad. His Starship pain is good but lacks precision as he ditches it more often rather than hitting the target. But I say the time is about right, and if he is going against someone it should be the Miz or King Sheamus.

He needs some bully to take him down to let him win the sympathy of the audience and go for him big time. This is the same concept they did for Rey Mysterio going against the bully JBL, except that Rey is not that charismatic now compared before due to the lack of bully on smackdown brand.

That pretty much sums up everything, this Youth movement deserves a large discussion than anything else. I will welcome any comment or if you feel that its Hornswoggle's time to be champion then post it here(hell yeah?)
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