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Hey i dont know if im the only one who has ever thought about having a "Wrestlemania moment" or something like that but i have and mine is.

I join WWE just after Backlash (not to sure thats what its called anymore) and i help out the Undertaker some how (back when he was the american bad arse) and he takes me under his wing and trains me and shows me the old ways. We end up tag teaming together winning the belts around summerslam but end up lossing them at TLC after that we dont stay as a tag team but help each other out time to time, as Wrestlemania comes around i challenge him. we have the most epic match at wrestlemania and i win ending the streak cut a promo at the end of the match were he shakes my hand and he passes down the torch.

now has anyone ever had or has a dream with something to do with wrestling i would like to hear them or read them should i say :p
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I ref a Divas battle royal and the way to win is to strip all the other divas naked.
I compete in ASW as comedy/technicalhighflying Marty Jannety Jr.
layla rides my face.
I think walking out into the crowd at Wrestlemania would be a big enough moment.
Kaitlyn, Maryse, Candice Michelle, Layla + me. Naked mud wrestling. Iron-man match. No referees, cameras or crowd.
i should of really expected this :|
The American Bad Arse would be a great gimmick if they were going to push Barrett as a new Fake Undertaker.
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