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I see that the WWE has a dvd out naming their "Top 50" stars of all time. Well, if you were to put together a Top 10 list just for TNA stars, who would be on it, and how would you rank them? Use whatever criteria you want.

Here's my list:

1. A.J. Styles (the obvious choice)
2. Samoa Joe
3. Kurt Angle
4. Christopher Daniels
5. Jerry Lynn
6. Beer Money
7. Motor City Machine Guns
8. Jeff Jarrett
9. AMW
10. Senshi (Low-Ki)

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1 - The Instant Classic Christian Cage (featuring Tyson Tomko)
2 - AJ Styles
3 - Kurt Angle
4 - Samoa Joe
5 - MCMG
6 - Beer Money
7 - The Beautiful People
8 - Christopher Daniels
9 - Low Ki
10 - Mr Anderson

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1) AJ Styles = Pretty much goes without saying. He's Mr. Reliable. The Poster Boy of TNA. The Sting to TNA, if you will. Not always the top guy, but usually one of the top performers and works in just about any role he's given. He has succeeded at every level. I'm usually not the type to talk about championships & how many somebody was "won" because nobody in wrestling EVER wins anything, but I think for AJ, the diversity in the amount of titles he's held shows great faith that he can make anything work. Need the X Division to get off the ground? Put it on AJ's shoulders. Need a strong tag title feud? Put AJ in the mix. Want great main event World Title matches? AJ. Want a TV Title to have regular title matches on Impact? AJ. AJ is just an all around great performer and like most fans, he's who I think of first when I think of TNA.

2) Kurt Angle = Added so much credibility to TNA & really elevated the main event picture. And at this stage of his career, its amazing how good he still is. OK, there were periods where I got annoyed with him because they showcased him TOO MUCH, but the sheer excellence of Kurt Angle can't be denied.

3) Jeff Jarrett = The founder of TNA and their top main eventer for a long time. Many would argue that he used his position of power backstage to stay on top on camera, but I thought he performed very well and was a damn good heel champion.

4) Samoa Joe = One of the most unique talents that TNA has produced and always fun to watch. He's also really believable as a bad ass monster that can hang with the X Division type of talents.

5) Christian Cage = In his three years with TNA, Christian achieved the level of success that fans thought he would never get in the WWE. I think in that time, he proved that he was certainly capable of carrying a main event push & proving that he belongs among the best in any company. Great mic work, great athlete, & great presence, Christian doesn't have to take a backseat to anybody.

6) Christopher Daniels = Never quite able to break through and find the same success of AJ & Joe, but he was damn good in other places. In the X Division, he was one of the best, particularly during that run with AJ & Joe. And in the Tag team Division, I think Triple X & his pairing with Styles have to be considered among some of the best teams in the company. Since 2006 however, he really lost his footing, which is a shame, because he's a damn fine performer.

7) James Storm = Gotta give this man props. He was a part of the two most successful tag teams in company history. America's Most Wanted & Beer Money Inc are probably my two favorite tag teams since the WWF Tag Team Renaissance in the early 00s, and Storm was a major reason why.

8) Chris Sabin = A TNA stand by, I think people forget how good he's really been to TNA. He was a major icon of the X Division and for a while, he was kind of becoming the new AJ Styles of the Division and sort of became the King of the Ultimate X. And the recent big time success of The Machine Guns really puts him over the top in my eyes.

9) Abyss = I know the guy isn't well liked around these parts anymore, but Abyss was really TNA's only true big man for a long while & that really helped to set him apart from the rest. Also, in a day & age where over the top characters are almost lost, its amazing how convincing he is in his role of psychopathic monster. And if we want to talk about contributions, he helped bring the extreme Hardcore element to TNA. Whether or not that's a good thing, I'll leave up to you.

10) Jerry Lynn = In the earliest days of TNA, the X Division was really all they had. Tag Division wasn't quite off the ground yet, and the Main Event picture...Ron Killings as World Champ. Nuff said. So The X Division was the only true highlight of the show and Jerry brought a lot of credibility to the Division and really helped to make guys like AJ Styles that could eventually carry on and grow as talents for the future.

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Samoa Joe
Christopher Daniels
Alex Shelley
Kurt Angle
Desmond Wolfe
Chris Sabin
James Storm
7 posts until someone actually picked TEN wrestlers, brilliant.

Those are the same ten names that would be on my list. I'd maybe replace Storm with Doug Williams, but to be honest that'd be taking into account his indy work.

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In no order. Alpha Male, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Hamada, Daffney, Homicide, (tentative) Matt Morgan, Brian Kendrick, Robert Roode, Madison Rayne (purely visual, can't even stand her voice. good job, heel?)

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1. AJ Styles - The Face of TNA. Put on some classic matches over the past decade.
2. Kurt Angle - Put TNA on the map, and quite possibly remains their biggest acquisition yet.
3. Sting - A living legend in the business. Definitely one of the key players.
4. Samoa Joe - One of TNA's homegrown stars. Put on some classics with Styles, Angle and others.
5. Jeff Jarrett - He is TNA's Triple H. You just can't leave him off lists like this.
6. Abyss - Been there from the beginning. One of TNA's key players.
7. Christian Cage - Former World Champion. Put on some great matches during his time there.
8. Jeff Hardy - One of wrestling's household names and a HUGE acquisition.
9. Christopher Daniels - Put on some classics, was one of TNA's homegrown stars.
10. Raven - One of the best talkers ever. And was one of the "big" stars to join TNA.
11. Hulk Hogan - Wrestlings biggest star ever. Period. Him working for TNA is a huge deal.
12. Ric Flair - Sure he's 60 years old, but he is definitely a great addition to any company.
13. Mick Foley - Former World Champion and like Flair, a great addition to any company.
14. Rob Van Dam - Former World Champion and a pretty big signing for them.
15. Motor City Machine Guns - Probably their best tag team ever. Also two of TNA's homegrown stars.
16. Americas Most Wanted - One of the best tag teams in TNA history.
17. Gail Kim - She is to TNA what Trish Stratus was to WWE. She put on a classic series of matches with Kong, can't ignore.
18. Ken Anderson - He would be much higher on the list if this was current stars, he is definitely one of the key players atm.
19. Kevin Nash - Pretty big acquisition to the company, I feel that he needs to be on here.
20. Kazarian - Again, one of TNA's homegrown stars. Put on some of great matches in the company.

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1. AJ Styles

2. Jeff Jarrett
3. Kurt Angle
4. Sting
5. Christian Cage
6. Samoa Joe
7. Christopher Daniels
8. Abyss
9. Jerry Lynn
10. Raven

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1) Jeff Jarrett
2) AJ Styles
3) Samoa Joe
4) Christopher Daniels
5) The Beautiful People
6) LAX
7) Awesome Kong
8) Gail Kim
9) Kurt Angle
10) Abyss/Beer Money

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1. Angle
2. Styles
3. Joe
4. Daniels
5. Cage
6. Jarrett
7. Roode
8. Storm
9. Gail Kim
10. Kong

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1. AJ Styles
2. Jeff Jarret
3. Christopher Dainels
4. Samoa Joe.
5. Booker T
6. Christian Cage
7. Sting
8. Scott Steiner
9. Kurt Angle
10. Suicide :)cuss: Shut the fuck up)


11. Kevin Nash
12. Alex Shelley
13 Chris Sabin
14. Abyss
15. Homicide
16. Austin Aries
17. Monty Brown
18. Jay Lethal
19. Don West
20. Mike Tenay

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1. Jeff Jarrett he started TNA plus drew more heat then anyone for years.
2. A.J. Styles is Mr TNA, he should be the number one star TNA has in a few years.
3. Sting The Icon, Sting has a following like no other and he always has the highest ratings
4. Kurt Angle Biggest signing TNA made.
5. Samoa Joe shows what TNA is all about and truly makes them different from the WWE
6. Beer Money Best Tag team all around great heels faces mic work comedy act and wrestlers
7. Mr. Anderson what you get when the Rock and Stone Colds DNA mix
8. Motor City Machine Guns once again proves whats TNA is about and what makes them different
9. Jeff Hardy Could really help take TNA to the next stage if he comments to TNA for the long run
10.The Pope came out of no where to become a star showing his true skills he always had

honorable mention
Desmond Wolfe
Big Poppa Pump
Christian Cage
Mick the God Foley

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1 Kurt Angle
2 Sting
3 Samoa Joe
4 AJ Styles
5 Jeff Hardy
6 Jeff Jarrett
7 Kevin Nash
8 Ken Anderson
9 Booker T
10 RVD
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