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Your thoughts on the Stone Cold and The Rock interview together with Jim Ross.

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(Yep another good ol Austin/Rock thread :) but this one will be different from the rest hopefully)

Majority of the time, we see the same threads of who is better between the two, who was more over, who is the better wrestler etc. etc. but I’ve never witness people bring up their phenomenal interview together (well atleast imo) with Jim Ross on Smackdown when they was headed towards Wrestlemania 17. It’s also rare to see The Rock in serious mode for the entire time on-screen and I was very pleased that the greatest commentator in his time-Jim Ross was the man who conduct this interview with these two legends.

Did you enjoyed it? did it get you pumped to really order WM 17 at the time? did you think it was lame? did you think it wasn't needed in their feud?

What is your thoughts/imput after watching this?

PS: You know the Austin and The Rock marks can keep going at it all they want but I don’t think some of us really understand how lucky/thankful we were to have these two around at the same time.
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The Rock comes off as intellectually superior while Stone Cold sounds like an angry lunk. Such a great clash of characters. There's something to be said for a calm interview where they sound like competitors instead of cartoons. I'M PRETTY RICKY. PRETTY RICKY.
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