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The points I dont agree with...

"2. The Finger that Killed the Company...and The Voice that Helped One"

That Nitro and the one after got its highest ratings since the previous October. In fact if you look at the month before the FPOD/"that'll put asses in seats" Nitro the ratings were 4.2,4.2,4 and 4.6, while the 4 Nitros after it got 5, 4.4, 5 and 4.7. If anything the FPOD actually increased fan interest for a little while.

"4. Celebrities: Main Eventers"

I guess hes overlooking the fact that two Wrestlemanias have featured celebs in the main event...

Anyway, Malone and Rodman were both big, relevant names and were also fairly believable due to their size and athleticism. Lenos involvement would have been okay had Hogan not actually sold for the guy.

"7. Ratings: 4.8 Buyrates: 0.0"

Again, hes overlooking the WWF and the fact they gave away tons of big matches on Raw during the AE and it didnt really hurt them. A Goldberg/Hogan rematch on ppv would still have done one of their best buyrates for the year, especially if they added a stipulation like a cage.

"8. The End of the Tag Team Division"

Lol @ Harlem Heat being the only good tag team in WCW!! for one, did he forget The Steiners?

"10 The Starrcade Fiasco"

Yeah, clearly Starrcade 97 was so damaging to the company that the following year ratings, buyrates and attendances all saw a significant increase. Dont get me wrong, Hogan/Sting didnt live up to expectations, but it didnt really harm the company in the eyes of casual fans either.

"13 From Hero to Zero"

Lol, if WCW hadnt signed Hogan they would never have been competitive with the WWF. Politics or no politics, he was the companys biggest draw and the biggest star in wrestling until Austin hit his stride in 98/99.

"18 The Ultimate Bust"

The Warrior/Hogan face to face on Nitro was one of the highest rated segments in MNW history. That Nitro got the highest ratings for 4 months, and beat Raw. The following weeks Nitro was the highest rated ever up to that point and beat Raw once again. Again, much like the FPOD, it suggests there was actually an intitial increase in fan interest. Granted, it fizzled out pretty quick and HH's buy rate wasnt too great (not terrible either though)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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