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Your King of the Ring 2012 bracket?

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Hey guys,

It's 2012. If the 8-man King of the Ring tournament was to return tomorrow, who would be your 8 guys to compete in the tournament, and how would your bracket fill out?

Here's mine (with the aim being to make a future main event, top-tier superstar)...

1st Round
Damien Sandow def. Sin Cara
Wade Barrett def. Jack Swagger
Cody Rhodes def. Ted DiBiase Jr
Antonio Cesaro def. Tyson Kidd

Damien Sandow def. Antonio Cesaro
Wade Barrett def. Cody Rhodes

KOTR Final
Damien Sandow def. Wade Brrett

Winner = KING SANDOW!!!
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Sandow beats Ryback in the final. I left out inactive guys and current main eventers.
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