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So I just finished watching this segment WWE just put up, the Raw where everybody walked out on Triple H when he was COO.

It prompted me to ask what are your favourite unusual or non-standard ways they've executed Raws in the past?

We've seen a thousand "Title Celebrations", we've seen the Diva's use "Battle Royal" as their number one contenders method a billion times. Contract Signings? Seen 'em. Hell, Kofi Kingston's most memorable Raw was when he totalled Orton's car and that was done a bunch of times before and less than a few years after, to the same fucking guy. A lot of Raw's stumble by as if all they have is a dry erase board and half the stuff stays on it from the week before (Big Show cries, Shield attack a guy, Wyatt's kill someone, Punk talks shit to Heyman). As good as some of that stuff CAN be, a friend of mine went abroad for a few weeks and asked me to catch him up on Raw and nothing happened.

What I'm talking about are situations like Raw Roulette. The episode where CM Punk took over Nexus and gave them all challenges to keep their place was excellent TV in a way that they didn't usually do it. DX invading WCW. The Roulette one has been repeated afterwards due to it's success but it makes the episode seem special and not like they're just "going through the motions".

These aren't just "big moments", it's them restructuring the way they handle Raw.

The COO Walk-Out peaked my interest because the show didn't start with pyro and music, it started with the crowd and then a shot of three empty announce seats. Then it cuts to HHH backstage and the whole area is empty. It gives the show an eery feel it doesn't normally have.

So yeah, your favourites? Thoughts?
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