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Favorite Wrestling 'ERA' of the 90s

Your favorite 90s Era in Wrestling

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i'm not going to get too technical, just going to keep it to four options with a fifth for anyone who disagrees with the four. term era is used loosely as obviously the 'eras' overlap. question is, of the following, which period of wrestling was your favorite in the 90s?

*(Late 80s to) Early 90s WWF (with hulk hogan, ultimate warrior, macho man randy savage, ric flair, roddy piper, mr. perfect, razor ramon (aka scott hall), undertaker etc. being the centerpieces following the mid 80s launch & major success of wrestlemania)

* Mid to Late 90s WCW "Eric Bischoff / NWO Era" (featuring the 'defection' of scott hall, kevin nash & bret hart to WCW, hulk hogan's heel turn, the NWO vs. nwo wolfpac, Sting & his return as a darker, crusader/vigilante (almost batmanish) archetype, Monday night wars, goldberg's streak, ric flair & the four horsemen's face turn etc.)

* Late 90s WWF Attitude Era (featuring stone cold, the rock, mick foley/mankind, triple h, hbk shawn michaels, degeneration x, kurt angle, kane, edge, christian, the hardy boyz, the brothers of destruction & the ministry of darkness (taker, kane, paul bearer), the mcmahons, the acolytes, defection of the giant/big show, chris jericho/y2j, eddie guerrero, chris benoit to wwf)

* Mid to Late 90s ECW revolution (paul heyman helping to raise the bar in terms of hardcore edgier wrestling, provocative storylines & promos, high flying high risk stunts with tables, ladders, chairs etc., no holes barred blood & chaos)

anyone who thought there was a more significant period which you hold dearest and are most fond of that is not mentioned above can select other and state what period and with which wrestling corporation.
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I actually think WWE losing so many headliners to WCW really allowed for some lesser talent to grow so that was cool. Also WCW vs WWE(F) made both companies work very hard.. which made for some stressful times for the heads i'm sure but for fans.. some sweet entertainment!
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