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Favorite Wrestling 'ERA' of the 90s

Your favorite 90s Era in Wrestling

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i'm not going to get too technical, just going to keep it to four options with a fifth for anyone who disagrees with the four. term era is used loosely as obviously the 'eras' overlap. question is, of the following, which period of wrestling was your favorite in the 90s?

*(Late 80s to) Early 90s WWF (with hulk hogan, ultimate warrior, macho man randy savage, ric flair, roddy piper, mr. perfect, razor ramon (aka scott hall), undertaker etc. being the centerpieces following the mid 80s launch & major success of wrestlemania)

* Mid to Late 90s WCW "Eric Bischoff / NWO Era" (featuring the 'defection' of scott hall, kevin nash & bret hart to WCW, hulk hogan's heel turn, the NWO vs. nwo wolfpac, Sting & his return as a darker, crusader/vigilante (almost batmanish) archetype, Monday night wars, goldberg's streak, ric flair & the four horsemen's face turn etc.)

* Late 90s WWF Attitude Era (featuring stone cold, the rock, mick foley/mankind, triple h, hbk shawn michaels, degeneration x, kurt angle, kane, edge, christian, the hardy boyz, the brothers of destruction & the ministry of darkness (taker, kane, paul bearer), the mcmahons, the acolytes, defection of the giant/big show, chris jericho/y2j, eddie guerrero, chris benoit to wwf)

* Mid to Late 90s ECW revolution (paul heyman helping to raise the bar in terms of hardcore edgier wrestling, provocative storylines & promos, high flying high risk stunts with tables, ladders, chairs etc., no holes barred blood & chaos)

anyone who thought there was a more significant period which you hold dearest and are most fond of that is not mentioned above can select other and state what period and with which wrestling corporation.
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i grow up on wcw so i went with that though attitude era was probably the best of the 4

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I actually think WWE losing so many headliners to WCW really allowed for some lesser talent to grow so that was cool. Also WCW vs WWE(F) made both companies work very hard.. which made for some stressful times for the heads i'm sure but for fans.. some sweet entertainment!
NWO era.

That was the lift-off and beginning of the Attitude Era.
i agree man, wcw's nwo era and later on the ecw hardcore era definitely pushed wwe to have to rethink and reinvent themselves. it makes perfect sense that now that there's no real competition, the wwe has drifted from creativity and is now focused on being kid friendly to sell merchandise. we need another promotion (or tna) to actually threaten wwe (very unlikely to happen but...) for them to reconsider adding more edge to their product

Late 80's - Early 90's, well actually I'd go as far as saying late 80's - mid 90's to be honest (before it got stale at this point), simply because the gimmicks, the storylines, the talent, the promo's, shows, things they'd do, the PPV's the lot was all completely stacked, there was never a dull moment and always something going on, all the talents were being showcased and it was just a good, good period for wrestling history.

All the larger than life characters, the persona's and the talent was just on a whole other level back then, not that it isn't now (we have some immense talent in the WWE right now!) ... but back then it was just unreal, most of those mid carders would be main event now.

Attitude Era was great! But it didn't have much substance behind the rawness and edginess it brought, not as opposed to previous era's really though the AE did bring us some of the greatest talents also!!!
great point. the characters and promos back then were like no other!
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fuck I can't even choose. well actually I can but it's a tie between EVERYTHING LATE 90'S.... From WCW ECW AND WWF..... Holy fuck I wish I could go back in time and wrestling was still as good as it was in the late 90's
wrestling will never be as good as it was back then
I absolutely love the New Generation. 1993 - 1996. Especially 1994. Bret was the fucking man.
true, i think wwf really ushered in the use of gimmicks, cutting brilliant promos and working the mic. whatever happened i the mid to late 90s was a culmination of the revolution wwf started in the late 80s to early 90s

1995-2000 Revolutionary years in wrestling history!
true, though one could argue the revolution began as far back as late 80s but the mid 90s to late 90s took it and ran with it and ushered the sport into a new generation. shame we will likely never see that again, the PG era absolutely blows
Absolutely, I think that's without doubt the best period, a lot of people here haven't watched previous to the AE really in enough depth I don't think and this is why this era gets slightly overlooked.

I'd say around 91/92 time it became at it's best, but definitely those era's you mentioned were absolutely on point!
^ yup. appreciation of the late 80s and early 90s seems a bit lost on some of the fans nowadays
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