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Your experiences of wrestlers on social media

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Hi everyone,

Just this past weekend I've managed to be lucky enough to get a retweet from Kurt Angle and a private message from Mick Foley about his next stand up show in London. Both Fokey and Angle are in my Top 10 of all time.

Just thought it'd be quite interesting to hear everyone's experiences with professional wrestlers on social media, good or bad.
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From what i've seen some non-wrestlers are very obnoxius, almost in a creepy way. I get that there is some hang-ups.

Samuel Shaw btw has the best, funny as hell all the time.
I won't go into some of the wrestlers that act like dicks but they really do come across as being self-absorbed. I'm not buying the "they get tired of fans constantly bothering them" excuse as there are a number of wrestlers that don't tweet. If these high profile athletes don't want to be bothered by fans then don't tweet or tweet under an alias.
Yeah i get that.

But also, i've seen some just throwing every social rule out of the window just because they contact a famous person. It's still people you know, doesn't mean you can act like a creepy shit. I wouldn't even reply to you if you come off like that.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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