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Royal Rumbles are always fun to watch, no matter what. Who would be in your dream Royal Rumble if you could pick any 30 WWE/F wrestlers: past and present and who would be the winner?

This is not entrance order.

1. Shawn Michaels
2. Kurt Angle (heel)
3. The Rock
4. Stone Cold
5. Hulk Hogan
6. Ultimate Warrior
7. John Cena
8. Undertaker
9. Kane (heel)
10. Macho Man Randy Savage
11. Big Show
12. Jake The Snake Roberts (heel)
13. Randy Orton (heel)
14. Brock Lesnar (heel)
15. CM Punk
16. HHH
17. Bret Hart
18. Ted Dibiase (heel)
19. Chris Jericho (heel)
20. Ric Flair (heel)
21. Batista
22. Daniel Bryan (heel)
23. Razor Ramon
24. Diesel (heel)
25. Owen Hart (heel)
26. Eddie Guerrero (heel)
27. Rey Mysterio
28. Edge (heel)
29. Roddy Piper (heel)
30. Mick Foley

Now, realistically, booking this match would be impossible due to the large amount of stars and egos. People would eventually have to be eliminated, so I threw in some of the guys with their heel personas.

Entrant #1 would be HBK and he would make a strong showing, but not to the final 4.
Entrant #2 would be Randy Savage

Final Eight: Rock, Hogan, Taker, Stone Cold, HBK, Savage, Cena, HHH

Final Four: The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin

Rock is eliminated first, then Taker. It comes down to Stone Cold and Hulk Hogan...

Winner: Hulk Hogan after a long, contested battle with the Rattlesnake.

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LOL @ Hogan coming in at 5 and winning. I can't think of any matches he had that were anywhere close to that long.

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1.2009 Orton
2.Sin Cara
3.John Cena
4.Alberto Del Rio
5.Paul London
6.Jeff Hardy
7.2008 Chris Jericho
8.Mr Kennedy
9.2006 Gregory Helms
10.Shelton Benjamin
11.Kurt Angle
12.Jamie Noble
13.2011 Orton
15.John Morrison
16.Legend Killer Orton
17.Brock Lesnar
18.Hollywood Hogan
19.Chris Benoit
21.William Regal
22.Booker T
23.Pre 2008 Chris Jericho
24.90's Rey Mysterio
25.Eddie Guerrero
26.Shane Mcmahon
28.Big Show
29.Celebrity Entrant:the Shaq

-Shaq and Show have a big confrontation
-Cena is first to be eliminated
-Sin Cara,Rey,Del Rio,2009 Orton are the final four
-Sin Cara wins it by eliminating rey mysterio!

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That list isn't the order or entrance...although I probably should have made it so it was.

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3MB announces 27 new members into their group and they battle it out to see who is the greatest rock star ever (a title currently held by Jinder Mahal)

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Probably similar to yours for all that star-power but I'd want Andre as well as Big Show in it. In the first third Andre's fighting off 6 or 7 other men, Big Show enters, the two of them clean house and then have an epic clash of the giants face-off in the middle of the ring.

Later on have Hogan, Warrior, Savage, Austin, Rock and Triple H be the only six in the ring at one point (or at least the only six standing) and they naturally align as the crowd go mental for a Golden Era versus Attitude Era face-off and six-man brawl. Next guy to enter is WCW-made Sting and Bobby Heenan on commentary screams 'BUT WHO'S SIDE IS HE ON?!'

Shawn eliminates Bret and (now that they're on good terms) the two share respectful glances of acknowledgement. Shawn puts his hands up, Bret nods his head dejectedly and walks towards the back. However Bret does a U-turn, runs back to the ring and pulls HBK out over the top in some sweet retribution for '97. They brawl all over the place for another couple of minutes as old rivalries die hard.

Final Four would be the Mount Rushmore of WWE - Austin, Rock, Hogan and Cena(or Undertaker).

Final Two would be Hogan versus Austin. Have McMahon dramatically come down to the ring as he watches over the two 2 biggest stars in his created 'Universe'. Added suspense of will he screw one for the other. Will it be Hulkamania or the Austin Era?

Can't pick a winner, but there's my little Fantasy Royal Rumble :avit:

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Gimmick Royal Rumble (only using gimmicks that never made it past the midcard, except for Shockmaster)

1. Papa Shango
2. Godfather (after Shango is eliminated
3. Repo Man
4. Shockmaster (fucks up his entrance)
5. Doink
6. Mantaur
7. Duke "Dumpster" Droese
8. Fandango
9. Grandmaster Sexay
10. Val Venis
11. Goldust
12. TL Hopper
13. Bastion Booger
14. Mountie
15. Koko B Ware
16. I.R.S.
17. Typhoon (after Shockmaster is eliminated)
18. Hurricane
19. Simon Dean
20. Berzerker
21. Skinner
22. Bob "Spark Plug" Holly
23. Oscar (of Men on a Mission)
24. Issac Yankem
25. Red Rooster
26. The Genius
27. Chris Nowinski
28. JTG (using Cryme Tyme gimmick)
29. Blue Blazer (98-99 version)
30. "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry

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Justin Credible, The Rock, Punk and HHH are the final four. The booking is for the Rock to win by effortlessly throwing Credible over the top just as Punk and HHH simultaneously eliminate each other for an abrupt finish. However, Justin trips as Rock is throwing him over and Rock ends up falling over the top instead, leaving Justin alone in the ring as the winner of the Royal Rumble. Everyone, including Justin has a look of "What the fuck just happened and how are we ever going to fix this?"

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1. Shawn Michaels.(Face)
2. Daniel Bryan (Face)
3. John Cena (Face)
4. Rey Mysterio (Face)
5. Mark Henry (Heel)
6. Jeff Hardy (Face)
7. Chris Jericho (Heel)
8. Mr Kennedy (Heel)
9. Big Show (Heel)
10. Kane (Heel)
11. Kurt Angle (Heel)
12. Big E Langston (Face)
13. Antonio Cesaro (Face)
14. Triple H (Heel)
15. John Morrison (Face)
16. CM Punk (Face)
17. Brock Lesnar (Heel)
18. Hollywood Hogan (Heel)
19. Chris Benoit (Face)
20. Randy Orton (Heel)
21. Batista (Face)
22. Booker T (Face)
23. Ken Shamrock (Face )
24. Alberto Del Rio (Heel)
25. Eddie Guerrero (Heel)
26. The Miz (Heel)
27. Edge (Heel)
28. Stone Cold (Face)
29. Goldberg (Face)
30. The Rock (Heel)

Face Offs:
Shawn Michaels vs. Daniel Bryan
Mark Henry vs. Big E Langston
Triple H vs. Randy Orton vs. Batista
Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero
The Rock vs. Stone Cold

First Eliminated: Rey Mysterio by Mark Henry
Longest Time: Kurt Angle
Shortest Time: Alberto Del Rio
Most Eliminations: Chris Jericho (7)
Final Four: Stone Cold, The Rock, Kurt Angle & Batista
Winner: Stone Cold eliminating The Rock
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They should do the 40 man rumble again and go all out with surprise entrees and when I say surprise I mean big names.


You can have an Austin/Punk altercation in the rumble, Rock/Lesnar, Lesnar/Taker, Rock/Cena, Bryan/HHH, HHH/HBK, HBK/Bryan, Batista/HHH, Batista/Cena, Rock/Austin, Rock/HHH, Austin/HHH, Austin/HBK, Taker/Cena. etc etc. So many scenario's can take place in a rumble like this.The WWE title match can be Orton vs Big Show since nobody cares about the championship match when it comes to Royal Rumble PPV.

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1.Dolph Ziggler
2.Jeff Hardy
3.Matt Hardy
4.Chris Benoit
5.The Rock
6.The Hurricane
9.Rey Mysterio
13.William Regal
14.Super Crazy
16.AJ Styles
18.Chris Jericho
19.Kurt Angle
20.Shane McMahon
22.Shelton Benjamin
23.Road Dogg
24.Billy Gunn
27.Sin Cara
28.Ultimo Dragon
29.Zack Ryder
30.Hulk Hogan

No particular order, but that's who I'd have.

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A royal rumble where some mid carder wins.

Honestly. Don't put 30 people in there when only 2 have a shot in winning.

I want a true underdog story. Would of been Rey's if there weren't certain circumstances that basically guaranteed his win.

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In order

1. CM Punk (heel)
2. Macho Man Randy Savage (face)
3. Chris Jericho (heel)
4. Edge (heel)
5. Batista (heel)
6. Chris Benoit (face)
7. Goldberg (face)
8. Rey Mysterio (face)
9. Kevin Nash (heel)
10. JBL (heel)
11. Triple H (heel)
12. Randy Orton (face)
13. Eddie Guerrero (face)
14. Kurt Angle (heel)
15. Bret Hart (face)
16. John Cena (face)
17. Hulk Hogan (face)
18. Ric Flair (heel)
19. Big Show (face)
20. Brock Lesnar (heel)
21. Shawn Michaels (heel)
22. The Rock (face)
23. Diamond Dallas Page (face)
24. Stone Cold (face)
25. Kane (heel)
26. The Undertaker (face)
27. Daniel Bryan (face)
28. Booker T (heel)
29. Mankind (face)
30. Sting (face)

First elimination: Edge by Triple H
Longest time: CM Punk
Shortest time: Kane
Most eliminations: Kurt Angle (8: Orton, Batista, Cena, The Rock, Booker T, Kane, Daniel Bryan, DDP)
Top 8: CM Punk, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Sting
Top 4: Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Sting
Top 2: The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels

Winner: Shawn Michaels

Biggest face offs
CM Punk vs Randy Savage
Sting vs Undertaker
Angle vs. Orton
Rock vs. Stone Cold
Cena vs. Hogan
Hart vs. Bryan
Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

You have all of the biggest names in WWE history with a surprise entry of Sting at #30.

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If Sting shows up at the Rumble I will mark all over the place.
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