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You have three wishes (first post important)...

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Your three wishes relate to wrestling, of course...but there's a catch.

Wish #1 has to do with adding something (a wrestler, match, storyline, anything) to the current era.

Wish #2 is similar, but you have to remove something from the current era (a current wrestler, match, storyline, rival company, etc).

Wish #3, you are asked to make a change (add/remove/modify) something in past eras. Remove the NWO altogether? HBK never splits from The Rockers? Never wanted the Crow Sting? It's all up to you.

Keep in mind that everything has to make sense. All three wishes have to be spent. For example, you can't say Vince hands the company over to HHH in Wish #1, but then say that HHH ceases to exist in Wish #3.

The more details, the better. You didn't want Vince to buy out WCW? What for? Cena would be a heel right now? Well, who would he feud with?

Should be interesting. :)
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1. ADD A storyline where a monster heel wrestler has an angle of harrassing/scaring one of the divas, preferably one that the crowd give a crap about, over a long story lasting several months. The heel would smash through a couple of different "bodyguard" wrestlers that the diva tries to protect herself with, before she finally goes to the current champion (this works really well if the champ is Cena at the time. They end up facing off with the title on the line against the rule that the heel has to leave the diva alone completely if he loses the match. At the match, the diva then turns heel herself by low-blowing the champ to cost him the title, revealing the whole thing to be a cunning plan between the two of them.

2. REMOVE the PG rating, because otherwise storylines like the above just wouldnt be allowed.

3. I'd go back in time and find some way to train Kevin Fertig to be an effective wrestler who can get over with the crowd with one of his supernatural type gimmicks, because the Kevin Thorn character would have been ideal for the above storyline.
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