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You can't deny it. It's time to bring the cruiserweight championship back.

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There are many guys who are just being wasted away right now with no hope of getting over enough to to chase the ic or us title. I think we need the title back to put over guys enough to get them to that solid midcard level. In this age of smaller wrestlers I think it would work better than ever. Just look at this list of people that could be in the cruiserweight division.

Curt Hawkins
Evan Bourne
Heath Slater
Justin Gabriel
Sin Cara
Trent Baretta
Yoshi Tatsu

that's a respectable amount of people who are talents but aren't really getting anywhere. They could greatly benefit from the tv time. and with a cruiserweight roster like that you could do all the gimmick matches from Ladder Matches to Battle Royals. Anyone agree?
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Not unless they seriously overhaul the roster. WWE don't have a handle on anything but the main event, and even that's debatable. All you have to do is look at the direction of any given belt in the company to see where the Cruiserweight title would end up. In fact, I'd wager anything that it would primarily be defended on Superstars given the current state of the roster.

There's no doubt that a Cruiserweight division headed by Evan Bourne and Sin Cara could become entertaining, but much like with the rest of the roster, the depth isn't there at the moment. If you start including guys like Heath Slater and Curt Hawkins, the concept is completely lost. Those guys aren't Cruiserweights in size or style. JTG is probably the worst wrestler on the roster, so including him would get the division off to a horrible start. Yoshi Tatsu, Justin Gabriel and Trent Barretta would be fantastic additions, but they're largely irrelevant, and with the possible exception of Justin Gabriel, I don't see that ever changing.

Hunico and Kidd, on the other hand, would be absolutely ideal. Hunico is just unique enough to stay relevant in limbo, and Kidd is one of the best wrestler on the roster. Those two guys feuding over the CW title would probably work.

But for a Cruiserweight division to truly take off, the WWE would need to bring in new and old talent alike to focus the division and bring something unique to the product. Signing a couple of veterans like Brian Kendrick and Paul London (of which, I'm sure the latter will never happen) would be a great start.
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