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No one knew what had become of them. In one moment everything they ever thought they knew, every experience they believed to be real seemed naught but a dream. A black cloud hovered over the city, coverings its edges. They were without escape.

Something had bound them to this realm, a force too great to understand had summoned these heroes (and villains) to this doomsday plot. Who will survive and what will be left of them? One thing was for sure, how ever much they knew about their situation, it certainly wasn't enough.

You are the World​

Sign up. Also in the market for a co-host, Politically Incorrect if still interested.

1. Bruce Klee
2. The Fourth Wall
3. Luck
4. AwSmash
5. Darth Cock
6. Dark Stark
7. Cotmas
8. Gambit
9. ManureTheBear
10. Christo
11. Jameson
12. Best for Business
13. CamillePunk
14. Alim
15. Big Man
16. TaylorFitz
17. Randumo - Replaced by Bullseye
18. That Guy - Replaced by Gambit
19. Kensenberg
20. Anark - Replaced/Hydra'd by Jameson
22. Leeroy
The trapped, they ran and ran and ran but everywhere they went, the watchful black cloud followed them. No one in the city knew what'd caused this or what could end it. The secret was somewhere, surely, but at what cost would it reveal itself?

The night lifted, or so said the clocktower. Little choice had they but to believe the pointy hands. Like echoes in their head, a monstrous voice spoke into the visible atmosphere, "Welcome to Earthpoint. Approximately one million people live on this once upon a peaceful city. Today, those lives rest in the hands of 23 individuals. They walk among you, they breathe the same poison as you."

They listened to the echo along with the helpless million.

"Who survives is up to you. If you know yourself to be one of the 23, gather in New Harbour."

And so they did, half the city with them. Crushed in the broken levees was a giant suit of armour.

Alphonse Elric

1-Shot Bodyguard: On any one night during the game, you may protect a player.
"What is the meaning of this?" shouted one of the 23. "Why have you brought us here?"

"It's a game," reasoned another of the chosen, calm as the clustered fog around them. "Look closely. The armour has a message on it."

You win when you know who your enemies are. No one can live if none of you dies.

Let the games begin!

You have two tasks today:

1. Discover your enemies. They hide in plain sight, among the very 23 of you. If you think you've discovered them, band together and lynch them. The more days it takes, the more severe will be the consequences.

2. Choose a location to spend the night. Your options are (a) Refugee Camp (b) City Ruins (c) S.S. Helena, a ship off shore (d) Edge Tower (e) Hunter's Crossing (f) Down Tunnel. Each location has its own advantages and disadvantages. PM me a location before day ends (approximately 30 hours).

Game Over

Dead: Jameson/Pikachu, Gambit/Yagami Light, TaylorFitz/Sosuke Aizen, Leeroy/Vash the Stampede, Christo/Vegeta, Big Man/Alucard, AwSmash/Astro Boy, ManureTheBear/Toguro, CamillePunk/Johan, IMPULSE/Griffith, Cotmas/Motoko Kusanagi, Gambit again/Arsene Lupin III, TheFourthWall/Shishio Makoto, DarkStark/Hohenheim of Light, Bullseye/Shinji Ikari, Darth Cock/Spike Speigel, AwSmash/L, Luck/Goku, Alim/Lelouch vi Britannia, Bruce Klee/Jimmy Kudo, McQueen/Gutts, Jameson/Himura Kenshin

Survivor: Kensenburg/The Millennium Earl

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Town this time so I shall gather in New Harbor please join me... thanks

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Seriously though... I'm always asleep when mafia games start, so this is a nice change.

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Being around when the game starts sucks.

I really have no idea how to move the game away from fluff when there isn't even the smallest amount to go on.

I don't suppose a scum player is willing to lurk again to make this easy.

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So are you asking me if this is a situation where Kenta Kobashi would use the Burning Hammer?

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Ugh at this activity.

Vote taylor

Town Taylor wouldnt care to move this game away from fluff as thats a pro town move and he has said himself he only plays protown as scum.

Totally looking forward to sleeping with lc at night...so I can murk her in her dreams. :mark
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