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This is my final attempt at a Being The Booker thread and i came up with a conceptof only using young wrestlers hince the name Young Blood Wrestling.But here is all the background information and first show should be up today or tommorrow.

General Manager:Shane McMahon


AJ Styles
John Cena
Randy Orton
Tyson Tomko
Christopher Daniels
"Primetime" Elix Skipper
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Haas
Rene Dupree
Petey Williams
Bobby Roode
Eric Young
Johnny Devine
Sean O' Haire
Shawn Stasiak
Mark Jindrak
Chuck Palumbo
Johny Stamboli
Chris Harris
James Storm
Johny Nitro
Joey Mercury
Andy Douglas
Chase Stevens
Rob Conway
Sylvain Greiner
Sonny Siaki
Matt Morgan
Luther Reigns

Billy Kidman
Paul London
Michael Shane
Chris Sabin
Jarelle Clark
The Hurricane
Sonjay Dutt
Shannon Moore

Tag Teams/Stables:
Team Canada (Petey Williams,Bobby Roode,A-1,Eric Young,Johnny Devine w/ Coach Scott D'Amore)
Americas Most Wanted (Chris Harris,James Storm)
The Hardy Boys (Matt Hardy,Jeff Hardy)
The Naturals (Andy Douglas,Chase Stevens)
La Resistance (Rob Conway,Sylvain Greiner)
MNM (Joey Mercury,Johnny Nitro,Melina)
F.B.I (Johny Stamboli,Chuck Palumbo)
Natural Born Thrillers (Sean O' Haire,Shawn Stasiak)


Paul Heyman and Josh Mathews

YBW Heavyweight Championship
YBW United States Championship
YBW Tag Team Championships
YBW Cruiserweight Championship


PPV Schedule:
Feburary 13,2005-YBW Genesis (Los Angeles,CA/Staples Center)
March 13,2005-YBW Evolution (Hartford,CN/Hartford Civic Center)
April 10,2005-YBW Betrayel (Oklahoma City,OK/Ford Center)
June 12,2005-YBW Scars And Stripes (Washington D.C./MCI Center)
August 14,2005-YBW HeatWave (Orlando,FL/T.D. Waterhouse Centre)
September 11,2005-YBW One Night Only (Detroit,MI/Joe Louis Arena)
October 16,2005-YBW Final Conflict (Calgary,Alberta,CA/Saddledome)
December 18,2005-YBW Day of Destiny (New York City,NY/MSG)

Weekly Show:
YBW New Blood-Fridays on FX at 8:00 p.m.

First Show set on January 7,2005 (Uniondale,NY/Nassau Coliseum)
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