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This is my first time doing BTB so I'm rather new to the vB stuff and I just read the handbook and the rules. I haven't read any other threads with other peoples ideas so if I have an idea that someone else used then it was purely coinsidence.

Name of my company is Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment or XWE. It has a mix of WWE superstars and TNA superstars. My roster is as follows:

Main Eventers(XWE Championship Contenders):

Chris Benoit
Shawn Michaels
Kurt Angle
Jeff Jarrett
AJ Styles
Christopher Daniels
Chris Jericho
Monty Brown
John Cena
Bret Hart
Big Show
Mick Foley

X-Division(X-Division Championship):

Shelton Benjamin
Charlies Haas
Paul London
Billy Kidman
Chavo Guerrero
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Kid Kash
Petey Williams
Primetime Elix Skipper
Michael Shane
Chris Sabin
Ron Killings
Amazing Red
Lance Storm
Shane Helms

Tag Team Division(XWE Tag Team Championship):

Bret Hart and Chris Benoit
La Resistance
Kazarian and Michael Shane
The Naturals


Paul Heyman
Teddy Long

GM of the copmany is none other than Eric Bischoff.

Commentators are JR and the King

The weekly show which is on Monday's will be Monday Night Metal.

I'll have a list of PPV's coming up soon. Chances are they'll just be the list of PPV's the WWE has now. May contain some TNA names in there too. I'll probably have the list up either later tonight or tomorrow some time.

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List Of PPV's​

Aftermath - May

Judgement Day - June

King Of The Ring - July

SummerSlam - August

Aftermath - September

No Mercy - October

Survivor Series - November

December - Final Resolution

January - Royal Rumble

February - LockDown

April - Wrestlemania

I'd also like to add that my shows won't be done each day. It may take some time for me to do another show. It may take a day tops. I was thinking of doing it every Monday, but then I thought, that would just take away all the fun of it. There will be 3 shows before each PPV considering that there is a PPV for each month.

I have a couple questions on the vB stuff. How do I have multiple things on one set of things i.e. having something centered, in bold and with a bigger size. I don't know how to do it unless you can only have one thing done at a time. I'm kinda new on how to do that stuff. Thanks for your help.

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Monday Night Metal

Face to Face by Sevendust hits and the show begins with an awesome display of pyro coming from the rafters and hitting the rampway as Monday Night Metal makes its debut.

JR - Welcome everyone to the debut of Monday Night Metal. We are LIVE from Madison Square Garden! I am Good Ol JR and sitting beside me is Jerry "The King" Lawler!

King - That's right JR and I can't remember the last time I've been this excited for anything. This is going to be an unbelievable show and I cannot wait to see what surprises we are in store for tonight.

JR - You're not the only one King. Well ladies and gentlemen, as you all know this is the debut of Xtreme Championship Wrestling so each title is vacant. We are to be addressed by our General Manager, Eric Bischoff.

"I'm Back", GM Eric Bischoffs' music hits as he makes his way to the ring and he has two briefcases in each hand.

Bischoff - Allow me to start off by saying welcome everyone in attendance and the millions of viewers watching on their televisions at home to Monday Night Metal! For those of you who don't know who I am, my name is
Eric Bischoff, General Manager of Xtreme Championship Wrestling. As most of you know, we are a brand new professional wrestling business so our prestigious championships are all vacant and there are
certain rules that go along with each title. Our heavyweight championship, or as I like to call it, the XWE heavyweight title is up for grabs to anyone. You can be part of a tag team or be within the rankings of
The X-Division. I will explain later how our superstars will be competing for the XWE title. Next up is the X-Division championship. There is a list of participants who are the only people who can have the right to
compete for this title. I will explain later how this title will be determined. And then we have our coveted XWE tag team titles. Basically, all you have to do is have a tag team partner and you can go for these
titles. Simple as that. Now on to the how the titles will be eventually won. The tag titles will be determined by a somewhat of a mini tournament. The first match will take place tonight and the next match will
be next week on Metal. These two matches will be 4-team elimination matches. The winners of these two matches will go on to our first ever Pay per View 3 weeks from now at Aftermath. The participants in
tonights first match will be the teams of AMW or also known as Americas Most Wanted, the next team will be MNM, the next team will be La Resistance and finally, the last team will be The Naturals. Next
weeks match will consist of Bret Hart and Chris Benoit, Bubba Ray and D-von the Dudleys, Frankie Kazarian and Michael Shane, and finally the World's Greatest Tag Team.

The X-division title will be decided by a 20 man gauntlet style match. This gauntlet match will be as follows: we will start off with 2 superstars, then every 1:30 seconds another person will enter and so on until
all 20 superstars have entered the ring. The object of the match is not to eliminate your opponent by tossing them over the top rope, but to pin them with in the ring area. You can pin them outside the ring or
inside the ring. You cannot pin them in any backstage areas. Three referees will be appointed to this match as well as a special enforcer whom I will name at a later time. This match will be taking place in 2
months time at our 2nd PPV. The time leading up until this PPV, we will be having matches to help determine the order of entry in this gauntlet match.

Now for the XWE heavyweight title. It took me a long time to devise an ideal situation for this title to be determined. I thought long and hard and this is what I came up with. We will be having a 20 man
tournament which will eventually lead into the King of the Ring and the winner of the King of the Ring will be our new heavyweight champion. There will be two brackets of 10 superstars. The 20 names were
drawn at random and have been divided up into 2 different groups. There will be 10 different singles matches that will span over 10 weeks. Then we will have a major show the Monday before the King of the
Ring where we will have the quarter finals matches taking place all on the show. They will consist of two singles matches and two triple threat matches. Then the four people left will have there respective
final matches for the bracket they are in at the King of the Ring. The two winners will then square off at the end of the night to finally determine a winner of the first ever King of the Ring and our first ever
XWE heavyweight championship. I will announce the two participants in our very first match of the tournament for tonight and then I will show the other matches for each bracket. The two superstars are
AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. We will also have 2 matches to determine who the 29 and 30 spots go to for the time being. The first match will be Kazarian vs. Paul London and Michael Shane vs. Shane Helms. That is our list of matches tonight ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy the show!

JR - King, this is absolutely huge! A mini series to determine who our new tag team champions will be at Aftermath. An X-division 20 man gauntlet match to determine who the X-division champion will be at Judgment
Day. And a 20 man tournament which will take place over the course of the next 12 weeks with the victor finally winning at the King of the Ring. This is unbelievable! What a way to kick off the first ever Monday
Night Metal!

Commercial Break

Paul Heymans’ music hits as he makes his way to the ring. He gets in the ring and asks for a mic.

Heyman – My name is Paul Heyman and you all should be privileged that I am here because this show would be nothing without my presence. Let me start off by saying that tonight is going to be a very busy night for me because I will be scouting out the talent that will be in action and the other superstars over the course of the weeks. I am doing this because I believe that I can help bring the XWE heavyweight title into the arms of the person I will be signing because with my guidance and vast knowledge of the business, he can easily be brought up to main event status and eventually become the XWE champion. So superstars in action tonight and the weeks leading up to Aftermath, bring your A game because I will be watching and taking note.

Teddy Longs’ music hits as he struts to the ring with mic in hand.

Long – So let me get this straight playa. You actually think that any XWE superstar is going to sign with you? Ha ha ha! Don’t make me laugh. The only person anyone is going to join up with around here is me. They’re going to want to follow someone with the flow. Someone with style. Someone who actually knows what it takes to be XWE champion. So allow to put my services out there for anyone who wants to be major playa.

Heyman – Give me a break. No one will join up with you. Anyone who would join with you will never have anything to do with me. Anyone who joins with you is hardly the kind of person who can make any kind of impact around here or become any kind of champion.

Long – Well let me tell you this playa. Someone will join with me and trust me, which ever little punk that signs with you will surely end up at the bottom of the barrel and they will regret having even considered the likes of you to begin with. Holla, holla playa.

Long drops the mic and leaves the ring, strutting his way to the back leaving Paul Heyman in a very, very angry state.

JR – Well ladies and gentlemen, you just heard it. Teddy Long and Paul Heyman have both put there services on the table to anyone who wants to become a true main eventer. King this is huge news!

King – Oh my god JR! This is amazing! I wonder who is actually going to join with either one of these guys. I tell you one thing, who ever it is that joins up with either of them will surely be a big name in the XWE.

JR – I couldn’t agree with you more King. Folks, stay tuned cause we’ll be right back!

Commercial Break

We go backstage where RVD is talking with AJ Styles in the locker room.

RVD – Hey dude! I just wanted to say good luck tonight in your match with Christopher Daniels. He is a tough competitor and I wouldn’t underestimate him.

Styles – Don’t worry Van Dam. I’ve faced Daniels many times and the last thing I’m going to do is underestimate someone of his caliber. But thanks man. I will beat him tonight and move on in the tournament. You can count on that.

The music of Paul London hits as the first match of the night is about to begin. London enters the ring and tries to get the crowd riled up. Kazarians’ music cues up and he walks to the ring in a very arrogant fashion. The crowd boo’s him as he enters the ring. The match is underway

Kazarian vs. Paul London for the #29 spot in the X-Division Championship Match

The match begins with a basic tie up. Both men struggle in an attempt to get the advantage. London applies a headlock. Kazarian shoves him into the ropes and London bounces off to knock Kazarian to the mat. London runs to the ropes again and Kazarian gets back up to get knocked down again. Kazarian scampers away frantically to get to the corner to prevent London from getting anymore momentum. London takes the time to get the crowd excited as they cheer for him valiantly. Kazarian gets to his feet and he and London lock up again. This time Kazarian knees London quickly to get the upper-hand. Kazarian punches London into the corner and begins pounding on him mercilessly until he gets to the mat. The ref counts to 5 and Kazarian forces the ref to back off. Kazarian begins choking London with his foot for a count of 5. He forces the ref away again. He picks London up and whips him to the ropes and gives him a powerslam. He quickly covers him for a count of 2. Kazarian gets on top of London and begins punching him in the face. He gets up and taunts the crowd. London is trying to get to his feet but Kazarian turns around and gives him a suplex. He then sits London up and applies a sleeper hold. London is getting groggy and is beginning to fade out. Kazarian screams for the ref to check and see if he is out for the count. The ref raises his arm once and it drops to the mat. He raises it again and it drops to the mat for a second time. He raises it up again and London keeps his arm in the air and is shaking it wildly to get the crowd behind him. He begins elbowing Kazarian in the stomach till he breaks free, he runs to the ropes only to get a clothesline from Kazarian. Kazarian begins stomping away at London. Kazarian picks him up and sends him to the corner. Kazarian picks up a head of steam and charges at London only to have London boot him in the face. London runs at him and gives him a hurricanrana. Both men are down on the mat and out cold. The ref begins to count. 1…..2…..3…..4…..5…..6…. Kazarian and London are slowly making there way to there feet…7…..8… They make it to there feet. Kazarian throws a punch at London. Blocked, London throws back and connects. Kazarian throws another punch. Blocked, London lands another punch and connects and keeps throwing and hitting him until he grabs him and sends him to the corner. London runs in and gives him a clothesline. Kazarian stumbles out of the corner and London picks him up and gives him a scoop slam. Pins and gets a near fall. London picks up Kazarian and whips him into the ropes and lands a dropsault. Pins him again and gets a near fall. London starts pounding his chest. He drags Kazarian closer to the turnbuckle. London climbs to the top rope and goes for the 450 splash. Kazarian moves and London lands on the mat and is in obvious pain. Kazarian makes his way to his feet, picks up London and nails his finishing move “The Wave of the Future”. Pins London and gets the pin fall. Kazarian celebrates and then begins beating on London mercilessly.

Winner and for the time being is #30 of the Gauntlet match, Kazarian.

JR –
This is not right! Kazarian is ruthless! Why do this to Paul London?

King – I’ll tell you why, to eliminate the competition. He wants to make sure that his way to the X-Division championship is paved out smoothly.

Kazarian stops and makes his way to the back to a loud chorus of boo’s from the New York crowd.

Commercial Break

We go to Eric Bischoffs’ office where he is watching the show so far on his television. There is a knock at the door. He yells for whoever it is to come in. In walks Bret Hart.

Bischoff –
Hello Bret. What brings you to my office?

Hart – I’m not here to make small talk with you Eric. I’m here to discuss this little tournament you have made. I just want to let you know that I better have an easy path to the title Eric. I don’t want you to screw me over. That title and this business will be put on the map in not only America but also in Canada. I can give the exposure this belt needs and I can make it look a hell of a lot better than any of the other people you have involved in this tournament.

Bischoff – Well Bret, I think that you got me all wrong. You see, I don’t take kindly to threats. Your path in this tournament is going to be the same as all the others involved. You won’t have it any easier than any of the other participants. As for this whole making the belt look good thing, we’ll just have to wait and see IF you can actually win it. Now get out of my office. Oh yeah, Bret. Your first match will be next week and it will be against…. KANE!

Bret leaves the room in a very irate mood and he slams the door behind him.

JR –
King that’s huge news! Bret Harts’ very first match in the XWE is against the big red machine Kane!

King – I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes next week. I think Bret bit off more then he can chew.

We go to the ring when Michael Shanes’ music hits as he makes his way to the ring accompanied by Traci.

Shane Helms music hits as he makes his way to the ring and is burning with adrenaline trying to get the crowd psyched up.

Michael Shane w/ Traci vs. Shane Helms for the #29 spot in the 20 man Gauntlet Match

Shane starts out by taunting Helms. Helms doesn’t buy into it and begins getting the crowd behind as they lock up but Michael Shane quickly ducks under and grabs him from behind. He quickly begins elbowing him in the back forcing him to the ground. Helms is on his knees when Shane runs to the ropes and gives him a dropkick to the back. Shane begins stomping away at his back repeatedly and then taunts the crowd. He picks up Helms and gives him a pendulum backbreaker. He quickly covers for a quick kick out by Helms. Shane picks him up and Irish whips him into the corner. Shane walks over and begins to chop Helms. Helms punches Shane quickly after each chop and gains the upper-hand and knocks Shane to the ground. He runs to the ropes only to get knocked down by a clothesline. Shane picks him up and gives him yet another pendulum backbreaker as he continues to work on the back of Helms. He keeps Helms on his knee and begins to apply pressure on his back by forcing down on his face and waist. Helms is fighting valiantly to escape but Shane keeps applying more pressure and starts yelling at him to give up. The crowd begins to cheer for Helms and he starts to shake his arms to get some added momentum. Traci is yelling at the New York crowd, trying to get them to shut up. But it isn’t working as Helms begins to punch at Shane until he is knocked to the mat. They both get up Shane runs at Helms only to get a powerslam. Shane gets up for another bodyslam from Helms and another bodyslam from Helms. Helms then sends Shane to the corner and quickly follows him for a clothesline. Shane stumbles out of the corner and Helms moves to the second rope to give him a diving bulldog. Helms then signals that its over but Traci gets to the top rope to distract the ref. Helms quickly notices and gets in her face. Traci then slaps him and Helms turns and stumbles in shock. Shane is waiting and gives him a superkick and quickly covers him for the pin fall.
Winner and for the time being is #29 in the Gauntlet match, Michael Shane

Michael Shane and Traci raise each others arms in victory as they make there way to the back in a chorus of boo’s from the crowd.

JR –
Shane Helms should’ve won that match King. He was robbed and it was all that damn vixen Traci’s fault. Damn her and damn Michael Shane.

King – Oh come on JR. I think Michael Shane had that match won hands down. And I must add that it was also nice to see Traci and her precious puppies ringside! Oh my, Michael Shane is a lucky guy. I’d like to be in his shoes.

JR – Oh give it a rest King. Folks, up next we have the very important and very crucial tag team elimination match up next. The winner of which will go on to Aftermath to face the winner. This match is going to be huge and it next.

Commercial Break

We go backstage to AMW’s locker room where they get ready to head to the ring. They leave the room only to be greeted by none other than Paul Heyman.

Heyman –
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Paul Heyman and I would just like to say that I have recently watched some tapes of your past matches and I must say gentlemen, I was VERY impressed. The point I am trying to get across is that I will be watching your match tonight and I would just like to offer you my services.

Harris – No need to introduce yourself. We know who you are and let me be the first of many to say this Heyman. No!

Harris and Storm walk away but Heyman is not discouraged or mad in the least as he has an arrogant smirk on his face.

The Naturals music hits as they make there way to the ring and get in the ring that already has La Resistance and MNM. AMW’s music hits and the crowd goes wild.

JR –
You got to believe that after a reaction like that, that the heavy favorite to win this match are Americas Most Wanted.

King – Don’t be so sure JR. There are a lot of good tag teams in this match. I don’t know who to root for on this one.

AMW vs. The Naturals vs. La Resistance vs. MNM

Johnny Nitro and Sylvan Grenier start us out and it begins with a lock up. Nitro gets the advantage and gets him in a headlock. Grenier sends him to the ropes and knocks down Nitro. Grenier runs to the ropes and knocks down Nitro again. Grenier picks him up sends him to the corner. He quickly tags in Chase Stevens of the Naturals. Stevens begins punching Grenier in the face until he reaches the mat. Stevens begins to choke Grenier with his boot until a count of 4 from the ref. Stevens picks up Grenier and gives him a bodyslam in the middle of the ring. He then runs to the ropes and gives him a quick elbow drop. He pins him a gets a count of 2. He picks up Grenier but Grenier quickly breaks free and tags Joey Mercury. Mercury comes in and hammers away at Stevens. Mercury sends him to the ropes and gives him a back body drop. Mercury gets in Andy Douglas’ face which forces his to come in the ring. The ref stops him and Nitro and Mercury start pounding on him. Douglas goes back out to the ring apron as Nitro stays in and Mercury leaves the ring. Nitro gives Stevens a suplex and quickly covers for a two count. Nitro tries to pick Stevens up but Stevens thumbs Nitro in the eye and runs and tags in James Storm. James Storm comes in and tells Nitro to bring it on. Nitro runs at him and Storm punches him. Nitro gets up only to be knocked down again. Storm then picks him up and tags Harris in and they attempt to give Nitro the death sentence but Mercury interrupts them and knocks Harris out of the ring. This prompts Grenier and Rob Conway to come in and and hit there finisher on Nitro. Storm quickly covers Nitro to eliminate MNM.

First elimination: MNM
Harris still lays outside the ring as La Resistance begin to stomp away at Storm. Storm is down and its isn’t looking good for them so Conway and Grenier attempt to give them there finisher when Harris gets back in the ring and nails Grenier and throws him out of the ring. Conway turns and gets hammered with a series of punches to the head from Harris. Harris whips him to the ropes and gives Conway a spinebuster. Storm gets up and they quickly give him the Death Sentence. Harris covers and we have our second elimination of the match.

Second elimination: La Resistance
We are now left with 2 teams, The Naturals and AMW. Andy Douglas quickly runs in and attacks Harris and knocks him out of the ring and Stevens runs in as well to quickly help out Douglas as they lay the beat down on Storm. Storm has been beaten to a pulp throughout the course of this match and is being pounded beyond belief now. They throw him over the top rope and follow him out. They start pounding on him outside the ring, sending him into the steel staircase. They pick him up and give him a double suplex on the outside of the ring. Storm screams in pain as his back takes some a serious thud from the unforgiving hard surface. Harris comes from the other side of the ring and starts pounding on both Stevens and Douglas. He throws Stevens into the barricade and he is knocked out. Harris then starts punching Douglas and sends him back into the ring. Harris sends him to the corner where the ref is standing in the way and gets bowled over by Douglas. Harris then runs over and clotheslines Douglas. Stevens gets to his feet and grabs a steel chair. Harris falls backwards into a roll up pin from Douglas. The ref slowly counts…1….2….3

Winners and the first team involved in the XWE tag title match, The Naturals

JR – King that was one hell of a match! The Naturals had to cheat and win just as Harris was getting the upper-hand! They don’t deserve to go to Aftermath to fight for the tag team titles. Not in the least!

King – I say congratulations to The Naturals. They did what they had to do to get to Aftermath and they did it well. I know who I am rooting for to win the tag titles. What do you think of AMW now JR?

JR – Oh be quiet King. Folks we have a huge match coming up next. It is the very first match of the extended King of the Ring tournament to see who the first ever XWE heavyweight champion will be and that match is coming up next.

Commercial Break

Backstage, in Bischoff’s office, Long and Bischoff are discussing something.

Bischoff – Listen Teddy, I don’t mind that you are offering your services to any XWE superstar but I don’t want you harassing them at all.

Long – You don’t need to worry about me playa. It’s that little weasel Paul Heyman that you need to worry about. I can assure you that he will be hassling the superstars at all costs to get them in to team up with him.

Paul Heyman bursts into the room as he has been listening to every word they were saying.

Heyman – I just heard what you two said and allow me to say that you won’t have to worry about me when it comes to harassing the XWE superstars. The reason for that being I have already have a superstar signed and tonight you will get to see him in action.

Bischoff – What the hell are you talking about? You mean to tell me you have either AJ Styles or Christopher Daniels signed tonight?

Long – I don’t believe that for one second playa and neither should you. We both know that no one would sign with the likes of him. If someone did or does then hell may as well freeze over.

Heyman – Well Teddy and Eric, I guess hell is freezing over because you 2 are in for quite a shock tonight and so will all the XWE fans. I’ll see you at the ring.

Heyman leaves the room and he has succeeded at keeping Long and Bischoff guessing as to who it is that he has actually signed.

Christopher Daniels makes his way to the ring as his music hits. He is followed to the ring to the ring by AJ Styles who’s music quickly hits.

Paul Heyman then makes his way to the ring and Styles and Daniels are both looking at him with a surprised look on their faces. Heyman takes a seat at the ringside area.

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels to see who advances in the King of the Ring Tournament for the XWE title.
Christopher Daniels quickly attacks Styles as Heyman passes by his side of the ring and distracts him. Daniels is pounding on Styles in the corner and continues to pound on him until he is laid out against the bottom turnbuckle. Daniels walks to the other corner and quickly gets a head of steam and goes to knee Styles but he moves out of the way and Daniels hits the turnbuckle hard. Styles then begins to kick Daniels while he is down. Styles picks him up and gives him a northern lights suplex for a quick kick out. Styles grabs Daniels and gets him to his feet. He sends him to the ropes and gives Daniels a dropkick. Styles runs to the ropes and gives him a jumping elbow drop.
He quickly pins him and gets a two count. Styles tries to get Daniels to his feet but Daniels punches him in the stomach twice and gets up and runs to the ropes, Styles goes for a clothesline and Daniels ducks and then gives him a spinning wheel kick. Daniels then mounts Styles and gives him punch after punch to the head. Daniels hauls him up to his feet and sends him to the ropes and gives him a single flapjack. He covers and gets a two count. Daniels gets him to his feet and puts him in the corner. He punches him a couple of times and then puts him up on the top ropes. Daniels quickly climbs up and tries to give him a superplex but Styles throws him down to the mat. Styles gets down to the outside ring apron and hops to the top rope and gives Daniels the flying fist to the face. Styles gets him up and sends him to the ropes and follows up with a running dropkick. Daniels falls face first into the mat. Styles then picks him up and sends him into the ropes when both men clothesline each other. Both men are knocked down to the mat and are out for the count. 1……2……3…….4……5…..6…. Van Dam runs down to the ring and climbs to the top rope. Heyman gets up to the ring apron and is infuriated at the ref because Van Dam is on the top rope. Van Damn looks to the crowd and then jumps up for the five star frog splash and lands it on Styles. He rolls out of the ring and Heyman hops down from the ring apron with a big grin on his face. Daniels slowly covers Styles. 1…..2…..3

Winner and advances in the King of the Ring tournament, Christopher Daniels

JR – What the hell was that about!? God damn it! What was RVD thinking?

Heyman grabs a mic and gets in the ring and RVD gets in from the other side of the ring.

Heyman – Allow me to introduce the superstar that I have signed. Mr. Pay per View, ROB VAN DAM!


King – I did JR and I don’t like it at all.

Christopher Daniels slowly makes his way to his feet. Heyman and RVD both look at the battered Daniels.

Heyman – I would like to be the first to say congratulations Chris! You advanced in the King of the Ring tournament. You beat the Phenomenal One AJ Styles in one grueling match. You did it with the help of RVD and myself. If it wasn’t for the both of us you wouldn’t even have your hand raised in victory tonight. So I think it would be wise for you to join us because if you do you will have unlimited success in the XWE.

Daniels snatches the mic out of Heyman’s hand and is in a foul mood.

Daniels – You make a pretty good case Heyman. And whether you like it or not, I could’ve beaten Styles without you or Rob Van Dam’s help. So I think you better quit with the threats or else you’l have some trouble on your hands.

Daniels makes a move towards Heyman but RVD steps in front of him. The two have a stare down.

Heyman takes the mic back from Daniels.

Heyman – I tell you what Chris, I’ll give you a week to make your decision. If you don’t make the right decision then RVD will have to make an example out of you. It’s on your shoulders Chris. Your either with us or against us. If your against us, then prepare to suffer the consequences!

JR – I can’t believe this. Heyman just gave Daniels an ultimatum. Either your with us or against us. What will he do? What’s his answer?

King – I don’t know JR, but I sure hope he makes the right decision or else someone better mark out his tombstone now.

The camera fades out on Daniels as he stands in the ring with a tough decision to make. Will he join with Paul Heyman and RVD? Or will he go against the two and suffer the consequences? Find out next week on Metal!

Camera Fades to the XWE logo

End Show

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Im sorry, Danomac but For a beginner.......

IT KICKED ASS! You typed like a pro. The X Divison matches were awesome and good job making the right people win. The Tag Match was better than what the WWE will ever serve right now. Eric in the beginning was in full character and it looked like he would really say that. The main event was all I needed to tell you that this thread will be a sucess. RVD joing Heymen was unexpected. Daniels has a decision. Even I don't know what it is. 10/10 for a beginner because it looked like you are a pro. I will be reading.

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Wow man, thanks a lot. It would've been here quicker but my computer is screwing up on me. And putting in the bold thing for all that stuff is a bit of a pain in the ass but its worth it. I'll have the next episode up very soon.

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Monday Night Metal

The pyro hits the entrance ramp as Metal's theme music hits

HHH's music hits as he makes his way to the ring

HHH - I recently found out that our GM, Eric Bischoff, has decided to hold an extended version of the King of the Ring tournament to see who will become the very first XWE champion. Quick frankly, I think its a stupid idea. The thought of 20 other men going after something that is rightfully mine is ridiculous. I mean c'mon. I know there are talented people in the XWE but to think that they can all hold a candle to me in the ring is crazy. I mean, Bischoff should just go ahead and give me the title. He's better off doing that in the long run. He's delaying the inevitable by having this tournament. All those jokes you and Bischoff call wrestlers in the back are wasting there time with this thing. So I hope they realize after me saying it that they'll all respectfully bow out and allow me to take what is mine or if they decide to go ahead and stay in the tournament then they can just end up getting embarrassed when they step in the ring with me. I will destroy anyone in my path and I will take that XWE title because I am that damn good! No one, and I mean no one, can stop me.

Kurt Angle's music hits as he makes his way to the ring

Angle - I beg to differ with you on this one HHH because I know and everyone else in the back knows that I am the true XWE champion and you and your silly little claims are laughable. Need I remind you that I am an Olympic Gold Medalist. If anyone around here should be the champion right now, it should be me. I will give the title the prestige it deserves unlike you. You would just make a mockery of it. As for your stupid little idea of thinking no one can hold a candle to you in the ring, I spit on that thought. You and I both know that if you stepped in the ring with me, I would snap your ankle in two. Oh it’s true, it’s DAMN true.

The two stare each other down in the ring. Bischoff’s music hits as he stands at the entrance way.

Bischoff – What’s the matter with you two? I can’t have two of my top performers on the verge of destroying each other. Get a hold of yourselves. You two will get a piece of each other, but in due time. As for your matches, Kurt, your first match will be next week on Raw and it will be against Mick Foley. HHH your first match will be at Aftermath and it will be one of two matches to be held at Aftermath. Your opponent will be… The Big Show. The other two competitors will be joining you tonight in a tag match later on tonight. The match will be the team of Kurt Angle and Christian vs. HHH and Jeff Jarrett.

Bischoff leaves as Angle and HHH look on in disbelief and anger.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Christopher Daniels is sitting in his locker room looking like he has a lot on his mind when he is joined by HBK.

HBK – How’s it going kid?

Daniels – Not good. Not good at all. Did you see what happened last week? I got to make my decision this week and I don’t know what I’m going to do and what's going to happen tonight.

HBK – Well as long as you keep in mind that Paul Heyman is a dirty rat and will do whatever it takes to make himself look good in the long run. I’ve seen people brought down by him before and it can easily happen to you too. Think about all of this before you make your final decision. I got to go and get ready for my match tonight with RVD in the main event. Good luck kid.

Daniels – Thanks for the advice Shawn. I’ll see you out there I guess.

Back to at the ring we have the start of the match for the #28 spot in the 20 man gauntlet match for the X-Division title. Lance Storm is waiting in the ring for his opponent. Petey Williams music hits as he makes his way to the ring.

Lance Storm vs. Petey Williams for the #28 spot in the 20 man Gauntlet match

The two Canadians circle each other as the lock up with Storm quickly rolling him into a wristlock. Williams reverses and applies a wristlock of his own. Williams shoves Storm all the way into the corner and gets a break up from the ref and then slaps Storm in the back of the head in a show of arrogance. They lock up again and this time Storm spins around and takes Williams down by the legs. Storm then gets Williams in an armbar.
Williams struggles to get out of it but Storm keeps applying pressure. Williams slowly gets to his feet with Storm still twisting at his arm. He punches Storm in the face repeatedly until Storm lets go and then Williams runs at him and lands a clothesline. Williams then begins stomping away at Storm. He then picks up Storm and gives him a snap suplex and follows up with a cover for a count of two. Williams picks him up and punches him into the corner. He irish whips him into the corner and then follows him up with a clothesline. Storm then staggers out of the corner and Williams grabs him and gives him a spinning belly to belly suplex and follows up with a cover up for another count of two. Williams then turns him over and gets him in a neckwrench. Storm isn’t fighting too hard because he has been worn down quite a bit. Williams keeps grinding it in and wrenches at his neck. Storm is beginning to look out of it but suddenly he gets a second wind and makes his way to his feet slowly. Storm then throws elbows at the stomach of Williams. After three solid elbows, he runs to the ropes and gives Williams a jumping calf kick. Storm gets up and then chops Williams repeatedly until he whips him into the ropes and then gives him a drop toe hold. Williams face smacks hard into the mat. Storm gets on the second turnbuckle and lands a leg drop to the head of Williams. Storm turns him over and covers him up for a count of two. Storm then picks him up and lands a pendulum back breaker on Williams. Storm picks him up but Williams gives him and eye rake. Storm makes an advance at him but Williams kicks him in the stomach and lands the Canadian Destroyer and covers up for the pin fall.

Winner and the #28 spot in the Gauntlet match, Petey Williams

Williams celebrates in victory.

JR – My god that move is absolutely devastating. How can anyone even think about kicking out of that. Petey Williams is a phenomenal athlete. King I simply cannot wait for this 20 man gauntlet match. It’s going to be a slobberknocker to say the least.

King – Neither can I JR, and by the looks of it, we had a lot of great competitors involved and the best will be coming in last so far. This match is going to be great. I don’t know who to root for on this one.

JR – Me neither King. Folks we have a lot more to come. We have our final tag team elimination match to see who will be facing The Naturals for the tag team titles at Aftermath. The next match in the extended King of the Ring tournament involving Bret Hart and Kane. The must see tag match with the teams of Kurt Angle and Christian vs. HHH and Jeff Jarrett. And the awesome main event match of RVD w/ Heyman vs. HBK Shawn Michaels. And also, what will Chris Daniels decision be? Will he team with the likes of Paul Heyman and RVD or will he defy them and stay on his own? Stay tuned and find out what is going to happen.

Commercial Break

We are back and following Bishcoff back to his office. He enters and finds Edge sitting on his couch.

Bischoff – And just what exactly is it that you want?

Edge – Oh nothing. I’m just here to make sure that you don’t mess things up for me with this little tournament of yours Eric. Quite frankly, I think it’s a stupid idea. I don’t care what HHH or Angle say, they don’t deserve to be champ. I DO!

Bischoff – Well Edge, you’re just going to have to prove yourself worthy just like everyone else. And if you should be champ like you say you should, then maybe you should go ahead and make an impact. Get people and myself to thinking that what you say is true.

Edge – Well since there isn’t enough brains inside that big ass head of yours to understand, then I guess I’ll have to make an impact.

Back at the ring, Bret Harts’ music hits as he makes his way to the ring. Kanes’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Bret looks nervous as he is about to face the big red machine.

JR – Bret Hart is about to go through hell tonight. He has to do double duty tonight. First he is against Kane and then he has the tag team elimination match.

King – Bret Hart asked for it and that’s what he’s going to get for it. I don’t think Bret is going to be walking out of here tonight with any wins in his column.

Bret Hart vs. Kane to see who will advance in the extended King of the Ring tournament

Kane stands in the middle of the ring waiting for Kane but Bret won’t leave his corner. Kane quickly makes an advance towards Hart but he dodges and sends Kane into the turnbuckle. Kane shakes it off and turns and looks at Hart then throws him into the turnbuckle. Hart takes shot after shot from Kane until he is left sitting on the mat in the corner. Kane walks away then turns with a head of steam and gives him a knee to the face. Kane picks up Hart and gives him a hard scoop slam. He runs to the ropes and gives him a leg drop. He covers and gets a count of two. Kane picks him up and sends him to the ropes, he goes for a clothesline but Hart ducks and Hart gives Kane a chopblock. Kane is down and holding his knee in agony. Hart begins to work on the leg of the big red machine. He stomps on his leg and gives him falling elbow drops on his knee. Kane is screaming in pain as Hart lays his leg on the bottom rope, jumps up and lands on his knee. Hart drags him out into the center of the ring and then quickly applies the figure four leg lock on Kane. Kane is now in serious pain as he is moving frantically trying to not give in to the pain. Kane lays back and the ref counts for the pin but he lifts back up.
Hart is grabbing the ropes now for leverage on Kane. He starts screaming in pain and the ref takes notice of what Hart is doing and begins the five count. Kane is now laid out and the ref begins to count 1…2…Kane sits up. Hart is in shock as Kane grabs Hart by the throat. He releases the hold and they slowly get to there feet but Hart kicks Kane’s knee. Hart runs at Kane but he lifts the big boot up and nails him right in the face. Kane is struggling to stand on his two feet. Bret clings to the ropes to get up but Kane is limping towards him. He pushes Hart into the corner and begins punching him repeatedly. He irish whips him into the corner and slowly runs over and clotheslines him. Kane pulls Hart from the corner and gives him a sidewalk slam. He covers for a two count. Kane gets up to the top turnbuckle and waits for Hart to get to his feet. He launches off the top rope and gives Bret the flying clothesline. Kane gets up and raises his arm to signal the chokeslam. Hart gets up and turns around and Kane slaps his hand right around his neck. Hart is struggling and then he kicks Kane in the knee over and over until he releases his grip. Hart runs to the ropes and gives Kane a dropkick to the knee taking down the big red machine. Hart then grabs Kane’s legs and slaps on the sharpshooter. Kane is screaming as Bret sits into position. Hart is screaming for Kane to tap but he is not going down without a fight. Kane is slowly making his way towards the ropes and then gets the ropes. Hart is forced to release the hold. Kane gets up using the ropes Hart is about to irish whip Kane but he reverses it and hauls him into the Tombstone Piledriver. Hart wiggles free and rolls Kane up and holds the ropes so Kane can’t kick out and scores the pin fall.

Winner and advances on in the extended King of the Ring tournament, Bret Hart

JR – What a rotten cheater. Bret Hart doesn’t deserve to advance in the tournament. Kane had that match won.

King – Bret Hart did what he had to do JR. If you were in his shoes, you’d do the same thing. I know I would.

JR – Well folks. So far we have two people who have advanced in the extended King of the Ring tournament. Bret Hart and the man with the decision on his shoulders tonight, Christopher Daniels and King, I for one hope that he doesn’t join up with Heyman and RVD.

King – If he is smart and wants to get ahead in the tournament then he’ll make the right decision tonight and join Heyman and RVD.

JR – Well King, that’s your choice. I know I would never side with scum like Paul Heyman. Folks we have to take a short commercial break. We’ll be right back.

Commercial Break

We go to the ring as the music of Kurt Angle hits. He is followed by Christian. HHH’s music hits and he is followed by Jeff Jarrett

Kurt Angle and Christian vs. HHH and Jeff Jarrett
Angle and Jarrett start things off as they lock up. Angle quickly gets behind Jarrett and brings him down with a belly to back take down. Angle then begins to mat wrestle Jarrett but Jarrett quickly scurries over to the ropes and ties up Angle lets go but Jarrett elbows him in the jaw and gains the upper hand. Angle staggers backwards and Jarrett follows up and gives him a bulldog. Jarrett then starts stomping away on Angle. He picks him up and then lands a scoop slam. Jarrett covers him and quickly gets thrown off. Jarrett tags in HHH and they pick up Angle send him to the ropes and give him a double clothesline. HHH sends Angle to the ropes and gives him a powerslam and covers up for a count of two. HHH picks him up and sends him to the corner. He then picks him up and sets him up to the top rope he is about to give him a superplex but Angle fights him off and knocks him off. Angle climbs down and goes to tag Christian but HHH runs over and clobbers him. HHH then gives Angle a stalling suplex. Angle is now in big trouble as HHH tags in Jarrett and he and Jarrett begin stomping on him. Jarrett sends Angle to the ropes and Jarrett goes for a clothesline but Angle ducks. Angle then runs and grabs Jarrett and gives him a spinning belly to belly suplex. Both men are down for the count. They slowly crawl to each persons corner Angle gets there first and Christian is in Jarrett gets up and gets knocked down and HHH comes in and gets taken down by Christian as well. Christian then sends Jarrett to the corner. He follows up with a clothesline. Jarrett stumbles out of the corner Christian grabs him and gives him a modified back breaker. Christian then gets into his own corner but Angle slaps him on the back and tags in as Christian has a confused look on his face. Angle runs over and clotheslines Jarrett outside the ring. Christian goes over towards Jarrett outside the ring and begins beating on Jarrett and then sends him into the steel steps. Angle and HHH are left in the ring and then Angle goes for the Olympic slam and nails it on HHH. But then from out of the crowd, Edge slides in the ring and waits for Angle to turn and then spears him. The ref calls for the bell as Christian and Jarrett battle all the way to the back area. Edge is then waiting for HHH to get up. HHH gets to his feet and turns and then gets nailed with a spear from Edge. Edge then looks at both of them with a sinister look on his face.

No winner due to outside interference

JR – What the hell is Edge doing? He’s sticking his nose in business where it doesn’t belong.

King – I’ll tell you what Edge is doing. He’s making an impact that’s what he’s doing. Bischoff told him to go out there and make an impact and prove that he really does have what it takes to be the XWE champion and thats exactly what he did.

JR – Well I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all King. Folks we’ll be right back.

Commercial Break

Backstage, the camera goes into the locker room of Benoit and Bret Hart.

Benoit – Are you sure you’re going to be able to wrestle tonight Bret? I mean you just had a brutal match just a while ago against Kane.

Hart – I’ll be fine. We just need to concentrate on taking out the other teams and getting a shot and the title against those punks, The Naturals.

They leave there locker room and run into the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

Benjamin – We happened to hear what you two just said and if you think that you fossils are going to beat the two of us then you must be going senile too. I case you didn’t notice, we’re the world’s greatest tag team and there ain’t no way we’re going to let a couple of grandpa’s like you guys get one over on us.

Benoit – We’ll see about that. See you two in the ring.

Benoit and Hart head to the ring as WGTT look on in disgust.

The teams of Benoit and Bret Hart, The Dudley’s, Kazarian and Michael Shane, and WGTT all make there way to the ring.

Benoit and Hart vs. Dudley’s vs. Kazarian and Shane vs. WGTT to see who will go on to Aftermath to fight for the tag team titles
Haas and Shane start us off as Haas gets Shane in a headlock. Haas grinds it in but Shane sends him to the ropes and Shane knocks him down. Shane runs to the ropes and hops over Haas, Haas gets up and leap frogs over Shane, Shane then runs into an armdrag from Haas. He gets up and gets another armdrag from Haas and then Haas holds his arm and applies an armbar. Haas then hauls him over to the corner and tags in D-von. D-von hammers down on Shane’s arm and gives Shane a scoop slam and follows up with a falling elbowdrop. He picks up Shane and puts him in the corner. He turns him around and picks him up to place him on the top turnbuckle. D-von then gives him a falling neckbreaker from the top rope. He pins and gets a two count. D-von picks him up only to get a thumb to the eye from Shane. Shane runs over and tags in Benoit. Benoit comes in and starts chopping away on D-von in the corner. The crowd yells woo with every chop he lands. Benoit sends D-von into the corner with great velocity. D-von stumbles out to get a knock down from Benoit. Benoit tags in Kazarian. Kazarian comes in and begins stomping on D-von. He picks him up and sends him to the ropes and lands a dropkick. He quickly covers him up and gets a two count. D-von gets a chance to get to his feet when Kazarian mocks the crowd. He gets up and tags in Hart. Hart runs in and gives him a reverse suplex and covers him up. Shane tries to break the count but D-von clotheslines him. Hart scores the pin fall and we have our first elimination.

First elimination: Kazarian and Michael Shane

Hart gets up but Benjamin runs in and gives him a belly to back suplex. Benjamin then begins stomping on Hart picking up where Kane left off. Benjamin picks up Bret and sends him to the corner. Benjamin quickly follows up for a stinger splash. Bret stumbles out of the corner and Benjamin follows up with a facecrusher. Benjamin pins him for a two count. Benjamin tags in Haas. Haas puts Bret against the ropes and holds him up. Benjamin then runs and leap frogs over Haas and onto the back of Hart. Hart is holding his back in pain. Haas begins to prey upon Hart’s pain and applies a boston crab. Hart is in serious pain. He is slow making his way towards the ropes and grabs a hold. Haas then runs over and punches Benoit. Benoit tries to get in the ring but the ref is holding him back. This allows Benjamin and Haas to take advantage. Haas gets down on one knee while Benjamin gives Hart a body slam on to the knee of Haas. Hart screams in pain from this devastating move. Benjamin then runs over and clotheslines Benoit outside the ring. The two battle it out, outside the ring and the Dudley’s join them in the brawl. Haas takes advantage of the situation and applies the Haas of Pain to Bret Hart. Hart is in incredible pain now as Haas wrenches it in harder. Hart has no choice but to tap out and gives us our second elimination.

Second elimination: Chris Benoit and Bret Hart

Haas lets go of the hold and Hart rolls out of the ring Benoit gives Benjamin a snap suplex outside the ring and takes out Benjamin for the time being. Benoit goes over and helps Hart to his feet. Haas is mocking the two now as Hart gets to his feet. What Haas doesn’t know is that the Dudley’s slide into the ring and are waiting to give Haas the 3D. Benoit points and Haas loses the cocky expression on his face as it turns into a worried one. He turns around and walks into a 3D from the Dudley’s. Bubba Ray covers him up as D-von jumps up and down and counts with the ref, 1…..2…..3

Winners and in the tag team title match at Aftermath, The Dudley Boys

JR – Thank God the Dudley’s won that. I’m glad the WGTT didn’t win this match. Those two are too arrogant for there own good.

King – Are you kidding me? Those two were robbed. Benoit and Hart screwed them out of it. If they just kept there noses out of it after they were eliminated then the WGTT would be in the finals, not the stupid Dudley’s.

JR – Well folks, coming up next we have the main event. A match involving HBK Shawn Michaels and the man who decided to join forces with the diabolical Paul Heyman and that man is RVD.

King – Finally the match I’ve been waiting all night to see. And we also get to find out what Christopher Daniels decision will be. I hope he makes the right one.

JR – So do I King, and that choice is to say no. Folks, stay with us, we’ll be right back.

Commercial Break
The camera follows Heyman and RVD as they make there way to the ring. Heyman seems to be giving RVD a pep talk before the match.

Heyman – Listen Rob. This match is important to us. We need to show everyone that we mean business. Especially to Eric Bischoff but especially to Chris Daniels. Once you beat his ass, I want you to make sure that Shawn Michaels leaves in a stretcher tonight. Make sure that if Chris Daniels says no, he’ll know what’s in store for him tonight.

RVD – Don’t worry Paul. I’ll make sure that Shawn Michaels doesn’t wrestle anymore and I’ll also make sure that Chris Daniels knows what he’s up against.

Back at the ring, HBK’s music hits and he comes out to the ring getting the crowd psyched beyond belief. RVD’s music hits and we hear a chorus of boo’s from the crowd.

Main Event
HBK Shawn Michaels vs. Rob Van Dam w/ Paul Heyman

RVD and HBK meet in the center of the ring and begin sharing words back and forth. RVD then puts his arms up and says “You’ll never be as good as Rob Van D…”, HBK shuts his mouth before he can finish by slapping him in the face. RVD doesn’t like this and then he gives HBK a quick cheap shot forearm to the jaw. RVD keeps them going and then sends HBK into the ropes. HBK pounces RVD and begins throwing punch after punch to the head of RVD. HBK gets up and then picks RVD up and chops him into the corner. HBK continues chopping as the crowd chants woo with each one he throws. HBK hauls him out a bit and then lands a body slam on him. HBK gets up to the second turnbuckle and lands a legdrop to the head. HBK quickly covers to get a count of two. He then picks up RVD and sends him to the ropes and gives him a one man flapjack. HBK then gives him a falling elbowdrop. He picks up RVD and sends him to the turnbuckle. He runs after him and RVD hops over and runs to the other side of the ring and gives HBK a flipping body press off of the second turnbuckle and covers up for a two count. RVD then leg sweeps HBK and runs to the ropes and does a cartwheel into a moonsault on the laid out HBK for a two count. RVD begins landing forearm shots to HBK’s face, sending him into the corner. He whips him into the other corner and follows up by rolling and then jumping into a monkey flip. HBK gets up and then RVD is waiting for him. HBK runs and RVD springboards off of the second rope and gives him a Van Daminator kick to the head which lays out HBK. RVD quickly covers up for a count of two. RVD then picks up HBK and sends him to the ropes but HBK reverses and sends RVD to the ropes. RVD wraps his arms around the ropes and then taunts HBK by doing his signature taunt towards him. HBK gets pissed and runs at him only to have RVD haul the tope rope down forcing HBK to crash to the outside of the ring.

JR – Oh my God! HBK is passed out outside of the ring. Folks we have to take our last commercial break. We’ll be right back!

Commercial Break

JR – Folks we are back and this is what you just missed.

King – Some unbelievable carnage just took place during the break. These two are going to kill each other.

During the commercial break, RVD ran to the ropes and did a flip over the top ropes onto HBK. Both men are laid out but RVD is the first to his feet. He takes HBK by the arm and whips him into the steel staircase and then we come back from commercial break.

RVD now has HBK in a rear naked chokehold. HBK is looking like he is about to be completely out of it. The ref raises his arm once and it drops to the mat. RVD screams at HBK to just give up. The ref raises his arm again and it drops once more. The ref raises his arm for the last time. Just as it is about to hit the mat for the third time, HBK quickly raises it up and begins shaking his fist emphatically to get the crowd behind him. He makes his way to his feet and begins elbowing RVD repeatedly in the stomach until the hold breaks free. He runs to the ropes and lands a flying forearm to the head. Both men are laid out on the mat. The ref begins his count to ten. 1…..2…..3…..4…..5…..6…..7…..8… HBK springs to his feet and begins going crazy pumping the crowd up. RVD gets up and gets punched and chopped into the ropes and HBK picks him up for a back body drop. RVD gets up again and walks into a Manhattan drop from HBK. HBK is on fire and then gives RVD a body slam and sets him up. He climbs to the top rope and lands the top rope elbowdrop on RVD. He pins and gets a two count near fall on RVD. HBK begins shaking and getting the crowd fired up as he sets up for sweet chin music. Heyman is distracting the ref but HBK comes over and grabs him by the collar. This gives RVD ample time to slide outside of the ring and get a chair. He comes back in and HBK turns around right into a shot to the head from the steel chair. He slides the chair back outside the ring and hops to the top rope. He looks to either side of the crowd and then jumps into a five star frogsplash and lands it on HBK. He rolls around in pain from then landing and then crawls over and covers HBK and scores the victory.

Winner, RVD w/ Paul Heyman

Heyman grabs the chair that RVD used on HBK and gets in the ring. Heyman hands the chair to RVD and tells him to take out HBK. RVD proceeds to beat down on the already injured HBK. He picks up RVD and gives Heyman the chair to hold in front of HBK’s face. He gets to the top rope and lands the Van Terminator on HBK. HBK falls backwards and lands hard on the mat.

JR – This is absolutely ridiculous! Damn Paul Heyman and damn RVD! They are going to end the career of HBK if they don’t stop!

King – This was there whole goal tonight JR. To make a statement to Daniels and the rest of the XWE. I’m willing to bet that there message is getting through to not only the XWE but also to the whole world.

JR – This has got to stop! Someone has to stop these two sons of bitches!

Christopher Daniels music hits and he makes his way to the ring slowly. RVD and Heyman stop and look on as the man they are waiting on is making his way to the ring. Christopher Daniels slides in the ring and looks to RVD and Heyman and gives them both hugs. The crowd begins booing the three of them beyond belief. Daniels takes the chair from RVD and then looks to HBK. He raises the chair over his head to hammer into the already knocked out HBK but he turns and nails RVD on the head. RVD falls backwards to the mat. Heyman’s happy look instantly turns to a shocked and worried look. Daniels raises the chair again but Heyman quickly gets out of the ring. He reaches in and grabs RVD and hauls him out of the ring. Daniels grabs a mic.

Daniels – Paul Heyman! Rob Van Dam! I have an answer! You both can take that little offer and shove it up your asses! Daniels sells out to no one especially not to the likes of you two!

The crowd erupts when they hear this. Daniels stares down the two as they back up the ramp. Heyman is screaming at Daniels, calling him a moron and telling him he just made the biggest mistake of his life.

EMT’s make there ring to attend to the bloody and beaten Shawn Michaels.

JR – Oh my God! I can’t believe this! Daniels has chosen to go against Paul Heyman and RVD! By God, we have someone with a brain around here!

King – Ooooh! What a stupid decision! Daniels would have been better off if he went with Heyman and RVD. I think Daniels days are numbered in the XWE now that he has Heyman and RVD on his bad side.

JR – Daniels couldn’t have made a better choice. I can’t wait to see what will transpire on next weeks Metal!

We close out with Daniels staring down Paul Heyman and RVD at the entrance way.

Camera fades with the XWE logo

End Show

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Monday Night Metal
Metal’ theme music hits as the pyro goes off and hits the ramp way as Metal is about to kick off and we are live from Jacksonville, Florida.

RVD’s music hits as he and Paul Heyman make there way to the ring. They both look like they are ready to rip someone apart. Heyman reaches down and grabs the mic.

Heyman –
What transpired last week was absolutely ridiculous. How Christopher Daniels cam to such a ridiculous decision, I don’t know. It was a simple decision to make. Join with us or suffer the consequences. And unfortunately, the Fallen Angel made the worst decision of his life when he decided to go ahead and attacked RVD and chose to oppose us. Just so you know Chris, you will not be getting away with this. We will exact our revenge. And we will do it tonight if we have to.

RVD – That’s right Daniels, you little punk. You can’t even lace my boots so there’s no need to try and make a stand. Since you want to fight dirty, you want to use chairs and try to take me out huh? Well how about you bring your ass out here right now and we can settle this right here, right now in Jacksonville, Florida.

The crowd goes nuts when they hear this. Suddenly, Daniels music hits as he makes his way to the ring but stops just before the ring, with mic in hand.

Daniels –
If you two are going to come out here and challenge me out then don’t think I won’t come out here. If you want a fight, then you got one.

Daniels slides in the ring and is stomped on immediately by RVD. Daniels gets to his feet and RVD throws punches at him but Daniels blocks them and retaliates. He begins beating the crap out RVD when refs run down the ramp way to break up this all out brawl. The refs have a hard time separating the two as they continue to get blows in despite the refs clinging to them trying to get them to stop. Daniels breaks free and jumps RVD as they both fall out of the ring. They begin assaulting one another outside the ring but the refs are quick to break up the battle as it continues outside the ring.

Bischoff comes out and is yelling at the two when the refs have them secured.

Bischoff –
Alright you two. Alright. If you two want to mangle each other so badly, then you can have at each other. Just not tonight. Something this good needs to be saved for something special. This is what I’m thinking. This Sunday, at Aftermath, it will be Chris Daniels vs. Rob Van Dam in a no disqualification match.

JR – Oh my God King! Did you just hear that? A no disqualification match this Sunday at Aftermath between these two heated rivals. This match is going to be absolutely awesome.

King – Oh my JR! I can’t wait for this one or this PPV. Its going to be an amazing debut PPV for the XWE and I for one cannot wait for this one.

JR – Folks coming up next we will have a match involving two of the competitors from last week’s tag team elimination match. It will be Chris Benoit vs. Shelton Benjamin and folks, its coming up next!

Commercial Break

Bischoff walks into his office backstage and is quickly followed by HHH.

HHH – Bischoff, did you see what happened last week in my tag match last week? I was attacked by Edge for no reason. If that little jerk wants to make a name for himself at my expense, then he’s bit off more than he can chew. I don’t care how you do it but I want Edge and I want him right now.

Bischoff – Hold on, hold on, HHH. I’m sure there’s something I can mix up. Give me some time to think about it. I mean, a match of that magnitude would be just too good for Jacksonville. So you know what? I’m going to hold off on this for awhile. In the meantime, don’t you have a match on Sunday you should be getting prepared for that is much more important than a match with Edge?

HHH – So be it Eric. But as soon as my match is over with Big Show and I advance in the tournament, I will be back and you better have thought of something or I’ll not only be kicking Edge’s ass, I’ll also be kicking yours. So don’t bite your tongue for too long on this one, it just might…

HHH is quickly interrupted by a hot headed Kurt Angle who walks in with a pissed off look on his face.

Angle – What the hell is going on around here Bischoff? You put me in a bogus tag match last week and then that wise guy Edge tries to take me out for no apparent reason? You need to get a hold on things around here mister and give me a match with that punk. What the hell are you doing here HHH?

HHH – I’m here for the same reason you are Angle. I want a piece of Edge just as much as you do.

Angle – Well then, its about time we can agree on something. We both want that piece of crap taken care of and I think it needs to be done now.

Bischoff – Like I was telling HHH, a match of that magnitude needs to be done on a much higher scale than this. You know what? I just thought of something that you guys might like. You three are all next to each other in the tournament so if all three of you guys win your matches, you will all be facing each other in the tournament to see who advances. You can all beat the hell out of each other or you can have your way with Edge. It doesn’t really matter to me. It’s on your shoulders to win your matches in the tournament and advance to face each other.

Angle – You push a hard bargain Bischoff. Since its pretty much a shoe in that I’m getting to kick Mick Foley’s butt tonight and move on, its down to whether or not HHH can get in. And let me tell you, it’s not looking to good for you buddy.

HHH – How about you get out of my face or I’ll just have to shut that little mouth of yours Jack. I’m out of here. Good luck tonight Kurt. You’re going to need it. And by the way, I’ll see you in the second round if you make it.

HHH leaves the room leaving Angle looking even more pissed of then what he was when he came in.

JR – King, if those three all make it into the second round its going to mean big trouble for Edge.

King – I don’t know JR. From what I just saw, it looks as if HHH and Angle aren’t just going to focus on Edge but they’ll be looking to tear each other apart as well.

Whatever by Our Lady Peace hits as Benoit makes his way to the ring. Benjamin’ music hits and both he and Haas follow and the match is about to begin.

Chris Benoit vs. Shelton Benjamin
JR – I think Benoit has his money cut out for him tonight. Bret Hart isn’t in the building and he has to deal with both Benjamin and Haas.

The two walk around the ring but Haas begins talking smack to Benoit from outside the ring. Benjamin quickly takes advantage and attacks Benoit while he isn’t looking. Benjamin hammers on Benoit in the corner as he falls to the mat and is sitting in the corner. Benjamin picks him up and gives him a snapmare takedown and runs to the ropes and flips over Benoit while grabbing his head and snaps it forward, wrenching the neck of Benoit. Benjamin begins working on the neck of Benoit as he spots the early weakness. Benjamin runs to the ropes and gives him a legdrop to the neck. He covers and gets a count of two. Benjamin picks up Benoit and gives him a spinning neckbreaker. Benoit grabs his neck in pain as Benjamin begins stomping at his neck. He hauls Benoit into a sitting position and begins wrenching at his neck. Benoit gets to his feet and breaks free of Benjamin’s grasp and runs to the ropes and runs into a belly to belly suplex. Benjamin crawls over quickly and covers up for a two count. Benjamin gets up throws him into the turnbuckle. He starts distracting the ref so Haas can start choking out Benoit. He lets go and gets down from the apron as Benjamin takes Benoit by the head and gives him a suplex. Benjamin then gets up and taunts the crowd. Benjamin is slow getting to the top turnbuckle and Benoit gets to his feet and knocks his feet off and Benjamin lands badly on the turnbuckle. Benoit gets up to the top rope and makes an attempt to give Benjamin a superplex but Benjamin punches Benoit but he shakes it off and starts headbutting Benjamin repeatedly and then lands the superplex and both are now knocked out cold. The ref starts the ten count and makes it to seven when both athletes make it to there feet. Benoit starts chopping at Benjamin and the crowds yells woo with each chop he lands. He backs him into the corner as he keeps throwing chops. He moves Benjamin to the middle of the ropes and sends him to the other side and he follows up with a knockdown. Benjamin gets up and throws a clothesline at Benoit but Benoit ducks and wraps his arms around his waist and lands a German suplex. He and Benjamin get up and he lands another. He quickly lands two more and he gets up and does the throat slash gesture to the crowd signaling its time for the flying headbutt. He climbs to the top rope but Haas climbs up too and tries to stop him but Benoit lands headbutt after headbutt on him until he falls to the outside of the ring. Benoit gets up and flies to land the headbutt on Benjamin. Benoit covers but gets a count of two. He gets up and so does Benjamin but Benjamin quickly lands a couple of punches and tries to whip Benoit to the ropes but he reverses and Benjamin comes off the ropes and tries to clothesline Benoit but Benoit grabs his arm and tries to apply the crippler crossface and gets it. Benjamin is screaming in pain. Haas gets to the apron and yells at the ref. The ref goes over to Haas and starts yelling back at him. This prompts Benjamin to come over and knock Haas off the ring apron. Benjamin gets to his feet and runs at Benoit and lands the stinger splash while Benoit is in the corner. Haas slides the ring bell in the ring as the ref is checking on Benoit. Haas gets up and distracts the ref yet again and this allows Benjamin to get the bell and make a swing at Benoit. He ducks and gives Benjamin a dropkick to the back. Benjamin drops the bell and lands in the turnbuckle. Benoit runs at him and knocks him down again. The ref turns and Benoit follows. Haas picks up the bell and yells at Benoit to turn around. Benoit turns and Haas nails him in the head. Benoit falls on his back and Benjamin quickly covers him and scores the pin fall.

Winner Shelton Benjamin

Shelton gets to his feet and Haas gets in the ring. They begin stomping on Benoit and don’t stop for the ref. The refs come out and break it up. They force WGTT outside of the ring. They slowly back up the ramp way and have huge smiles on there faces as the refs attend to Benoit.

JR –
Damn those two for doing that to Chris Benoit! It’s unnecessary and they should be punished for this!

King – They were teaching Benoit a lesson for costing them the match last week. If Benoit had just gone to the back when he and Bret were put out last week, then this would have never happened. Its his own fault JR.

JR – You can’t seriously believe that King. Folks, we have to take a quick commercial break but we’ll be right back!

Commercial Break
Raven’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring. He has shopping cart with him and its filled with all cans of things that can break a person down. He throws all the stuff in the ring and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic from the ring announcer.

Raven – XWE stands for three simple words. Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment. I haven’t seen anything remotely extreme yet. I think it’s high time it gets a little extreme in here. So this is what I’m proposing. An open challenge to anyone in the X-Division who wants face me. And I just asked Eric Bischoff and this match will see who will be in the #27 spot in the Gauntlet Match at the next PPV. So who’s it going to be huh? Anyone at all. I’m sure some has the…

Primetime’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring. Raven looks on and seems to both rather pleased.

“Primetime” Elix Skipper vs. Raven in a hardcore match for the #28 spot

Raven begins booting Skipper as he slides in the ring. Raven sends him to the ropes and gives him a drop toe hold into a garbage can. Skipper holds his face after a devastating blow to the head. Raven picks up a trash can lid and waits for Skipper to get to his feet. He gets up and is greeted by a trash can lid to the head. It wraps around his skull as it was thrown with earth shattering force. Raven covers up and gets a near fall. Raven picks him up and punches him into the corner. He whips him into the other corner with great force and Skipper bounces off and falls to the mat. Raven gets the broomstick and places it around the neck of Skipper and gets him in a modified camel clutch. Skipper is being choked out as he reaches for the ropes. Raven screams at him telling him you’re not going to reach. Skipper keeps moving forward and finally reaches and breaks out of the hold. Raven picks him up and throws him to the ropes. Skipper reverses and sends Raven to the ropes but Raven stops himself. Skipper runs at him and jumps but Raven hauls the top rope down and Skipper flies out and smacks his head off the barricade. Raven rolls out and begins stomping on the head of Skipper. He picks up Skipper and drops him on the barricade. Skipper his clutching at his chest as the blow knocked the wind out of him. Raven picks Skipper up and whips him into the steel staircase. The steps detach and Skipper is laid out. Raven walks towards him and picks up the top half of the steel staircase. He puts it over his head and drops it but Skipper moves out of the way. Skipper gets up by using the barricade and slowly walks away. Raven runs at him but Skipper back body drops him over the barricade and into the crowd. Skipper follows him and he starts punching him. He grabs a chair out from under a fan and nails Raven in the head. Raven falls backwards but is stopped by the barricade. Skipper helps him out by clotheslining him over the barricade. Skipper throws Raven back into the ring and then sets up the trash can in the turnbuckle. He whips Raven hard into the trash can and Raven falls down to his knees. Skipper follows up and dropkicks Raven and he falls backwards into the trash can again. Skipper lays out a stop sign in the middle of the ring and puts Raven on the top turnbuckle. He climbs up and gives Raven a belly to belly on the stop sign. Raven is knocked out from this and Skipper takes advantage and covers Raven and scores the pin fall.

Winner and #27 in the Gauntlet match, “Primetime” Elix Skipper

JR – What a grueling match that was King. Both men had a lot taken out of them in that one and my hat is off to both of them.

King – That was a great match JR but both of them seem to be really beaten badly. Let’s hope they are both okay for the gauntlet match next month.

JR – We’ll be right back after these messages.

Commercial Break

Skipper walks into his locker room and is greeted by a waiting Teddy Long

Long – Let me holla at ya playa. I just watched your match and I have to say I was most impressed with what I saw. I wanted to see if you needed a manager, someone to help you out along the way. I know I can benefit from this arrangement and so can you. It’s your decision to make son.

Skipper – You know what. I don’t trust too many people around here. But you seem to be someone I can trust. So you know what? You got yourself a deal Mr. Long.

Long – Well alright playa. Don’t worry. Since you decided to side with me, I can assure you that you will win the X-Division title.

Back at the ring, the table is set up in the ring for the contract signing for the tag title match. Bischoff is waiting in the ring when The Naturals music hits and they make their way to the ring. The Dudleys quickly follow. The two teams stand on either side of the table with Bischoff in the middle.

Bischoff – Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the contract signing for the first ever XWE tag team title match. That match of course will be taking place this Sunday at Aftermath. I’d like to congratulate both teams on there respective wins to get here. I’d like the Naturals to go ahead and sign the contract.

The Naturals sign the contract but Chase Stevens takes the mic from Bischoff’s hand.

Stevens – Allow me to also congratulate the Dudleys. You guys beat to old goons, two egomaniacs and a couple of jackasses. We had to work our asses off to get into this match but you two clods had a free pass. So as far as this Sunday goes, you two better hit the gym and get ready cause we are going to beat your brains out. You know it, Bischoff knows it and all these morons know it.

As he turns around, Bubba clotheslines Andy Douglas and throws him out of the ring. Stevens turns and the Dudleys are waiting for him. Bischoff is yelling no but they go ahead and 3D Stevens through to the table set up in the ring. Bubba picks up the contract and signs it. He then hands it to D-von and he too signs it. He slaps it on Bischoff’s chest and Bubba picks up the mic.

Bubba – This Sunday at Aftermath, we are going to kick your asses and trust me. We are more than ready to fight a couple of little punks like you two. Welcome to Dudleyville, where anyone who gets in our way gets put through a table. See you at the PPV.

D-von does the crucifix with his hand over Stevens as they leave the ring. Bischoff is angry at the Dudleys as they walk up the ramp having left the Naturals in a broken state in the ring.

JR – I can’t believe what just happened! The Dudleys put Chase Stevens through the table! They heard enough of there crap and did something about it! I can’t wait to see these two battle it out for the tag team titles this weekend!

Before the Dudleys leave to go backstage, Bischoff stops them.

Bischoff –
Woah, woah, woah, woah! Not so fast Bubba Ray and D-von. Since you two love tables so damn much, you two can use them all you want on Sunday because your match is now going to be… A TAG TEAM TABLES MATCH for the XWE tag titles!

Bubba and D-von get smiles on there face as they hear this from Bischoff.

King – I don’t know why Bischoff made this into a tables match. He’s just giving the Dudleys what they want. The Naturals are not going to like this when they hear it.

JR – This makes the match all the more exciting to watch. Folks we have to take a commercial break but we’ll be right back.

Commercial Break
The door to Bischoff’ office snaps open hard as Shawn Michaels walks in. He has a bandage on his arm and stitches on his forehead and he doesn’t seem very happy.

HBK – Damn it Bischoff! Did you see what happened last week? I want him Bischoff! I want them both!

Bischoff – I can understand where you are coming from Shawn but my hands are tied. I can’t give him to you tonight because these fans don’t deserve to see a rematch from last week and he is already scheduled to face Daniels at the PPV.

HBK – Well if you’re not going to give me clearance to face him tonight or on Sunday, then I’m just going to take matters into my own hands. And I promise you, you’ll have to find someone to fill in RVD’s spot in the XWE roster because when I am through with him, he won’t even make it to Aftermath.

Bischoff – Since you’re going to be such a pain with this situation Shawn, you leave me no choice but to ban you from the building. And if you so much as lay a hand on him on the way out of the building, I’ll suspend you.

HBK leaves very angry and Bischoff looks concerned with the state HBK is in.

JR – I would not want to be in RVD’s shoes, King. He better check behind his back before he goes anywhere. Shawn Michaels will have no remorse for what he does to him when he gets his hands on him.

King – HBK doesn’t even deserve to be in the same arena as RVD. HBK should pray that RVD doesn’t get to him first.

JR – I beg to differ with you on that one King.

Edge’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring. Edge heads over to get a mic.

Edge – Well it seems that after my actions last week, I’ve gotten a couple of people wanting to kick my ass. The first being HHH. The man with a bigger ego than the whole XWE roster combined. And then the second is Kurt Angle. The guy with to chocolate coins hooked to ribbons around his neck and can’t seem to stop bragging about them. I’m sure these two as well as the rest of the world are wondering why it is I attacked them during there boring tag team match last week. I’m out here to tell you all why. Last week, our oh so beloved GM, Eric Bischoff, told me to make an impact. I figured what better way to do that than to take out a guy so full of himself he probably likes the smell of his own crap and another guy who is so respected by many that people would never think anyone would want to take him out. I’m going to sit here at ringside for this next match which just so happens to be the next qualifying match for the extended King of the Ring tournament. So Kurt if you decide to touch me in any way, don’t even think about it because I just talked with Easy E backstage and he said if either you or HHH so much as lay a finger on me then you will be both ejected from the tournament and your opponents will get a bye. Let’s get these two out here. I want to see Kurt get his ass handed to him.

Edge leaves the ring and heads up to the announce table. Mick Foley’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring.

Edge gets his headphones on and King is quick to welcome him while JR doesn’t want him here at all.

King –
Welcome to the announce team Edge. And I must say what a great way to make an impact last week. I couldn’t have done it better myself.

Edge – Yeah well King no one could’ve done it better than me. I did what I had to do and I did for myself. No one else. What’s the matter JR? You don’t look too pleased.

JR – No I’m not pleased because I thought you shouldn’t have done what you did last week. I thought it was absolutely uncalled for and you should be punished. Instead we get to see Bischoff force HHH and Angle from laying a hand on you or else they’ll be eliminated from the tournament. It’s just wrong damn it and I don’t like it.

Edge – Well JR, you don’t have to like it all. Bischoff told those two not to touch me because he realizes that I am too much of a good thing to afford losing because to hotheads like Angle and HHH wouldn’t be able to hold back there aggression if they got a hold of me.

King – I would’ve done the same thing if I were in Bischoff’s shoes. We need Edge on Metal. If we didn’t have Edge, it would be boring and useless.

Edge – Finally someone who sees it my way.

JR – Well I’d like to think otherwise. Folks we have to take another commercial break but we’ll be right back.

Commercial Break

Angle’s music hits as he leaves the entrance way and then turns and looks at Edge.

Edge –
Keep on moving pal. You don’t want to come over here.

Angle finishes talking trash and makes his way to the ring.

Angle vs. Mick Foley to see who moves on in the extended King of the Ring tournament
Angle and Foley make things quick and lock up almost instantly. Angle spins around to Foley’s back and takes him down to the mat. Angle is now forcing Foley to mat wrestle with him. Foley quickly scatters out and gets Angle in a headlock. Angle stands to his feet and moves to the ropes he then shoves Foley into the ropes. Foley bounces off and knocks down Angle. Foley runs to the other ropes and Angle lays on his stomach. Foley hops over, bounces off the ropes only to knock down Angle yet again. Foley then gets on top of Angle and begins punching him in the head. Foley gets up and raises his hand in the air and gets the crowd to its feet.

Edge – Look at that! Angle can’t even take on a big piece of crap like Mick Foley. What chance does he think he has against me?

JR – Don’t be so sure of yourself Edge. Mick Foley is a great wrestler.

Edge – Oh give me a break JR! You and I both know Foley is useless and the fact that he is torching Angle lets me know that I have no worries about Angle and what he is “going to do to me”.

Foley picks Angle up and pushes him to the corner. Foley begins punching Angle. He starts throwing knees to his stomach. He hauls him out a bit and turns him upside down and puts him in the tree of woe. Foley walks to the other side of the ring and runs full force and knees Angle in the face. Angle’s feet unlock from the top turnbuckle and he falls to the mat. Foley covers and gets a count of two. He picks up Angle and sends him to the ropes. Angle ducks under Foley’s clothesline attempt and Angle chopblocks the leg of Foley. Foley falls hard to the mat and grabs at his foot in pain. Angle takes immediate advantage and goes for the foot. Angle begins stomping on the foot and picks up his leg and falls on it with his elbow twice in a row. He picks the leg up again and drives his knee into it. He keeps his knee on Foley’s knee and is applying pressure by hauling up on his leg. Foley is in serious pain as he is screaming loudly. Angle gets him up and puts him in the corner. He walks over and grabs his leg from around the second rope and hauls up on it applying pressure to the leg once again. Foley starts clubbing on the back of Angle to get him off and succeeds in doing so. Angle stumbles off while Foley is checking out his leg. He walks towards Angle only to get a kick to the leg and the gets a shinbreaker for his troubles. Angle quickly covers and gets a count of two. Angle gets his leg up and slaps on a leg lock on Foley. Foley is in pain now as he starts screaming in pain once again. Angle is steadily grinding it in. Angle grabs the ropes to get some added leverage on him. Foley really starts yelling and this forces the ref to turn his head towards Angle. He quickly lets go of the ropes and gets a warning from the ref. The ref turns his head back towards Foley to see if he is ready to tap. Angle takes advantage once again and grabs the ropes. Foley screams out again and the ref turns and this time catches him. He gets up and kicks the arm of Angle off the rope. Foley manages to get out of the hold as Angle gets up and begins pounding on his leg once again.

Edge – Pathetic. If your going to cheat, you may as well do it right. Angle just can’t seem to do anything right.

JR – Oh would you just be quiet and watch the match.

Edge – Keep your mouth closed JR or I will make an example of you just like I did with HHH and Angle.

JR - Folks, we have to take our last commercial break. We'll be right back with this non stop action!

Commercial Break
During the commercial break, Angle continued working on Foley's leg very hard and applied another leg lock and Foley managed to break free just as the show comes back from commercial.

Angle picks up Foley and sends him to the corner. He quickly follows only to get a foot in the face. Angle stumbles back but Foley doesn’t have the juice to mount any offence. Angle turns and runs at Foley once again. Foley raises his foot up again. This time, Foley runs out of the corner and gives a back on Angle a bulldog. Foley picks him up and sends him to the ropes and follows up with a clothesline. Foley starts throwing punch after punch at him until he falls to the mat. Foley turns and walks away with his hand raised. He turns and runs at Angle and gives him a knee to the face. Foley walks out of the corner and hauls his pants out and removes Socko. He puts it on his hand an keeps his hand raised waiting for Angle to get up. Angle gets up and turns right into Socko and gets a mouth full of sock. Angle is struggling trying to get free. He grabs the ref and the ref is yelling at Angle telling him to let go right now. Angle takes the opportunity and gives Foley a low blow. Foley holds his parts in pain and Angle then gives him the Angle slam.
He covers up Foley and quickly scores a pin fall.

Winner and advances in the extended King of the Ring tournament, Kurt Angle

Edge gets up from his seat at the announce table and makes his way to the ring.

JR – Where does he think he’s going?

King – I think he’s going to go and give Angle a piece of his mind.

Edge runs down the ring and slides in. He stands right behind Angle waiting for him to turn around. Angle turns and is face to face with Edge. Edge begins talking trash to Angle and starts taunting him, telling him to hit him. Angle would love to but instead he decides to walk outside the ring and back to the locker room. Edge is standing in the ring and walks to the ropes and is still yelling at Angle.

JR – What an amazing match that was folks! What is Angle going do about Edge and his arrogance and what is going to happen this Sunday at Aftermath?!

King – I don’t know JR, but I for one cannot wait to see it. This is going to be great!

JR – We are all out of time! Tune in this Sunday for Aftermath!

We fade to black as the XWE logo flashes across the screen​

End Show

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Final Card

Amazing Red vs. Rey Mysterio for the #26 spot in the 20 man Gauntlet Match for the X-Division Title

Christian vs. Jeff Jarret Extended King of the Ring Tournament Match

Triple H vs. Big Show Extended King of the Ring Tournament Match

The Naturals vs. The Dudley Boys in a Tables Match for the XWE Tag Team Titles

RVD w/ Paul Heyman vs. Christopher Daniels in a No Disqualification Match

Theme song for Aftermath is Breaking Benjamin - Sooner or Later

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its the first time I have read your shows, and Im was not disapointed, you have great talent in BTB, you'll go far. Your Aftermath card is a little small, only 5 matches....but still I think you can make it good. I will be a regualr reader now. Quickscore for Metal- 8.5/10
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