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Shows - Wednesday Night Blazed, Sunday Night Blood Rise

Blood Rise GM: Shane Mcmahan

Commenters - Tazz and Cole

Blood Rise Roster:
Billy Kidman
Brock Lesnar
Matt Hardy V1
Big Show
Jeff Hardy
Rey Mysterio
Jamie Noble
Chris Benoit
Dean Malenko
Scott Steiner
Steven Richards
Shannon Moore
Bam Bam Bigalow
Jeff Jerret
Bubba Ray
Mike Awesome
Lance Storm
Spike Dudley
Scott Hall

Champions -
XWA Blood Rise Champion - Chris Benoit
XWA Blood Rise TV Champion - Matt Hardy V1
XWA Blood Rise Tag Team Champions - Rhyno and Test
XWA Blood Rise European Champion - A-Train
XWA Blood Rise Crusierweight Champion - Rey Mysterio

Blazed GM: Stephanie Mcmahan

Commenters - King n JR

Blazed Roster:
Rob Van Dam
Triple H
Stone Cold
The Rock
Booker T
Chris Jericho
Trish Stratus
Tommy Dreamer
Randy Orten
The Undertaker
Kevin Nash
Scotty 2 Hotty
Molly Holly
Chained (high flyer l made up)


XWA Blazed World Champion: Stone Cold
XWA Blazed Xtreme Champion: Rob Van Dam
XWA Blazed Tag Team Champions: Batista and Randy Orten
XWA Blazed Womans Champion: Jazz
XWA Blazed Light-Heavyweight Champion: Psychosis


Jan: Royal Rumble
Feb: Hell of Wrestling
Mar: Blood Havoc
April: Deathrise
May: Pain
June: Revenge
July: Hellraiser
August: King of Hardcore
September: Warth
October: New Blood
Novembder: WrestleZone
December: Shocker

Better Than You
14,206 Posts
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Heres Bloodrise

Shane Mcmahan's music hits and he walks down to the ring

Shane: Tonight..the first XWA Show..has come!

Fans Cheer

Shane: We'll start Bloodrise with a non-title match..Billy Kidman will go one on one against Rey Mysterio

Fans Scream

Shane leaves

1st Match Rey Mysterio v Billy Kidman(non-title match)
Great Crusierweight Match..Billy runs towards Rey and trys to clothesline him but Rey ducks and kicks Billy in the guy and plants a DDT and then he covers..1..2.no!! kickout Rey pulls Billy up by the hair but Billy slides under Reys legs and then he pulls him leg and Rey falls right on his face and then Billy cover 1..2 Kickout then Billy pulls Rey up and throws Rey to the ropes and then Billy lifts him up and throws him out of the ring and then Billy runs towards to ropes and Jumps on the ropes and flips onto Rey and they both are out..the ref counts 1..2..3..4..5..6..7, Rey and Billy stagger to their feet 8,9 Mysterio gets in and Billy trys to get up but Rey kicks him down then Rey runs to the ropes and jumps on the turnbuckle and he Moonsaults Billy but Billy moves and Rey gets hurt but then Nidia and Jamie Noble run down the ramp and Nidia distracts the ref as Noble nails Rey with a chair and then he Tiger bombs Rey on it then he throws Rey in the ring then he does it to Billy and then Jamie and Nidia go ringside to watch the match, Billy gets up and then he picks up Mysterio and throws him to the turnbuckle and Billy lifts him up and then Billy climbs up with Rey and then Billy gets thrown off by Mysterio and then Rey jumps off with a Springboard and covers Billy for a 2 count but then Jamie gets on the apron and distracts the ref while Nidia comes in and trys to nail Billy Kidman with a chair but he Grabs it off her and Nails Nidia with the chair and then Rey nails Jamie off the apron and Rey distracts the ref while Bill pulls Nidia near the Turnbuckle and He climbs and fans cheer and scream and then Billy Kidman Shooting Star presses Nidia and she is in pain and then Jamie pulls Nidia out and sees if shes allright but then Rey sets up Billy for the 619 and he does it but then Rey goes up for the West Coast Pop but Billy reverses it into a Powerbomb and then he grabs Rey for behinde and sets Rey of for the Unprettier and then he nails i and covers Rey..1..2..3 DING DING DING!
Winner Billy Kidman via pinfall

Kidman then picks up the mic
Kidman: Next week Rey..me verse you for the Crusierweight Championship!

Jr: Billy has guts
King: Like you don't!

Billy Leaves

2nd Match Tag Team: Jeff Hardy and Hurricane v Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore
Good Match..Jeff starts off with Shannon and Jeff does a quick dropkick to Shannon and then he kicks Shannon in the gut and Tornado DDTs SHannon and then covers him 1..2 Matt makes the save but then Jeff kicks Matt in the gut and delivers the Twist of Faite to Matt!!! and then Moore attacks Hardy from behind and then Hurricane comes in and beats on Shannon and then Jeff tells Hurricane to get on the apronn and he does and Jeff tags in Hurricane then Jeff gets down and Pulls matt Hardy out of the ring and Jeff punches him and throws him up the ramp and they fight to backstage but Hurricane is stomping the crap oout of Shannon but Hurricane then sets up Shannon with the Eye of Hurricane but Shannon then reverses it and Suplexes Hurricane then Moore Twist of Faites Hurricane and covers him for the 3 count.
Winners: Matt Hardy abd Shannon Moore via Pinfall

3rd Match: (Number 1 contender for Blood Rise World Title)Brock Lesnar v Steven Richards
Very Very Quick match Richards get scared and try to run away but then Brock grabs Steven and nails him with an F-5 and covers him for the 1..2..3
Winner: Brock Lesnar via Pinfall

4th Match: DDP v Kanyon
Nice Match here DDP runs to Kanyon and trys to throw some punches but Kanyon blocks them and gives him punches but then DDP kicks him in the gut and trys to nail the Diamond Cutter but gets thrown off into the ropes and Kanyon Clotheslines him then Picks DDP up into a Suplex and covers him..1..2.kickout but DDP rolls out of the ring and tryd to recover but Kanyon rolls out and attacks him from behind and throws him into and Steal Steps and then into the barricade and Kanyon climbs up the top turnbuckle while DDP is on the barricade and he trys a Dropkick to DDP but he moves and Kanyon goes flying in the barricade then DDP picks Kanyon up and rolls him in the ring and stomps on him but then DDP picks up Kanyon and plants a DDT on Kanyon then covers him..1..2..kickout but then Kanyon goes up for a Kanyon Cutter but gets Reverses into a Diamond Cutter but then Kanyon throws DDP off but DDP throws Kanyon in the turnbuckle and lifts Kanyon up and then DDP runs towards Kanyon and Diamond Cutters him off then he covers..1..2..3
{B]Winner: Diamond Dallas Page via pinfall[/B]

Main Event: Sting v A-Train (European CHampionship Match)
Nice Match here A-Train attacks Sting from behind when Stings Woos but then Sting elbows A-Train in the stomach and clotheslines him and then Sting Clotheslines him and coves him for a 2 count but then A-Train grabs Sting and tosses him around the ring and then A-Train tosses him to the turnbuckle but its reversed and then Sting goes for a Stinger Splash and plants it on him then does a Jumping DDT then Sting covers A-Train again and then he gets another 2 count but then A-Train rolls out and grabs a chair and Accidently wacks the ref but then A-Train sees if the refs ok but Sting then wacks his bat in A-Trains face with the chair then he throws the bat out of the ring and the ref is up and then Sting plants a Scorpion Deathlock and he taps
Winner: Sting via Submission

then GOldberg comes down and attacks A-Train and then Goldberg spears A-Train then he spears him scene ends with STing celebratig with his Title and scene ends

hope you liked my Bloodrise
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