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This will be my first fed. I have seen some of the other people's and thought that i would like to do that to. I am not good at describing matches so i will just post the finishing moments of the match.:)

here is my current roster
1) Stone Cold Steve Austin
2) Hollywood Hulk Hogan
3) Randy Savage
4) Ultimate Warrior
5) Triple H
6) Randy Orton
7) Batista
8) Ric Flair
9) Kevin Nash
10) Scott Hall
11) Jeff Jarrett
12) Mordecai
13) Jeff Hardy
14) A.J Styles
15) Road Warrior Hawk
16) Road Warrior Animal
17) Sylvian Granier
18) Rene Dupree
19) Bubba-ray Dudley
20) D-von Dudley
21) John Cena
22) Edge
23) Eugene
24) John Bradshaw Layfeild
25) Kurt Angle
26) Sabu
27) Rob Van Dam
28) Luther Reigns
29) Mark Jindrak
30) Rhyno
31) Raven
32) Billy Kidman
33) Juventude Guerrera
34) Paul London
35) Eddie Guerrero
36) Rey Mysterio
37) Simon Dean
38) William Regal
39) Tajiri
40) Roaddogg
41) Konnan
42) Billy Gunn
43) Psychosis
44) K-Kwik
45) Diamond Dallas Page
46) Kane
47) Undertaker
48) Goldberg
49) Brock Lesnar
50) Zack Gowen

Tag Teams
Legion of Doom: Hawk &Animal
Dudley Boyz: Bubba-ray Dudley & D-von Dudley
La Resistance: Slvian Granier & Rene Dupree
New age Outlaws: Roaddogg, Billy Gunn, Konnan & K-kwik
nWo: Randy Savage, Kevin Nash, The Rock, Jeff Jarrett & Scott Hall
Evolution: Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista & Ric Flair
New Ministry: Undertaker & Kane

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Show #1
Wrestlemania XX live from Madison Square Garden
Theme song: Prayer by Disturbed

Show starts off with a video that shows how each match was made.

Preformance by Disturbed

Camra shows J.R & King talking about tonight's matches including three title matches.
Fatal-4-way Elimination match for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship.
Steve Austin vs Triple H vs Randy Savage vs The Rock
8-man Tournement for the vacant Television Championship
4-team Tag Team turmoil match for the vacant World Tag Team Championship
Grudge Match Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar, and Mordecai vs Kane

Match #1
Quarter final match of the Television Championship tournement.
Ultimate Warrior vs Mark Jindrak
Finishing moments: Warrior was basically dominating the match. Kurt Angle Distracted the ref while Luther ran into the ring and gave Warrior his swining neckbreaker and left the ring. Jindrak covered Warrior when the ref turned around. 1...2..kickout. Jindrak couldn't believe it. He started arguing with the ref. The Warrior got up press slamed him and gave him the Ultimate Splash. 1...2...3
Winner: The Ultimate Warrior

J.R and King talk about the previous match

Match #2
Quarter final match of the Television Championship tournement
Diamond Dallas Page vs Tajiri
Finishing moments: The match was going both ways. Tajiri went ready to use his mist but when he spat it Page ducked and he hit the ref. With the ref blinded and out Page pulled brass knuckles and swung at Tajiri. Tajiri moved and spat a red mist to Page's face and than used the buzzsaw kick. A new ref had came down to the ring. 1...2...3
Winner: Tajiri

J.R and King talk about the previous match

Match #3
Mordecai vs Kane
Finishing Moments: Kane had chokeslamed Mordecai and went for the pin when "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels ran down and hit the ref down. Kane turned and looked at him and gave him a thrust to the throat and a chokeslam. Mordecai stood up and attacked Kane from behind. Mordecai went for the crucifix powerbomb but Kane countered it. Kane went for the tombstone piledriver but Mordecai reversed it and tombstoned him. 1...2...3
Winner: Mordecai
Mordecai: Do you people know why I won? It's not because i am a better wrestler, it is because I am God's righthand man and Kane is like the son of the Devil.
Just after that Undertaker appeared on the titan tron.
Undertaker: Mordecai. You claim you can't lose? Well you're in my yard now.
The lights go out and when they come back on there is Morecai's symbol hanging from the rafters and it was on fire.

J.R and King talk about the previous match

Match #4
Quarter final match of the Television Championship tournement
Raven vs Jeff Hardy
Finishing Moments: Raven grabed Hardy and attempted a raven effect but Jeff fought out of it. Jeff went for a twist of fate but Raven fought of that. Jeff Hardy had knocked Raven down and climbed to the top rope. Luther Reigns ran down to the ring and knocked Hardy off the top rope :confused: . This got Raven disqualified.
Winner: Jeff Hardy
After the match Luther kept beating on Jeff Hardy when Raven grabbed a chair and went back into the ring. When Raven got back in he gave Jeff a reven effect on to the chair. After he picked up the chair and hit Luther with it. Luther was in the next match with Rhyno, and Rhyno wasted no time. He ran to the ring.

Match #5
Quarter final match of the Television Championship tournement
Rhyno vs Luther Reigns
Finishing Moments: This match didn't last that long. When Rhyno got into the ring he Luther was just recovering and Rhyno ran through him with a gore and a pin. 1...2...3
Winner: Rhyno

J.R and King talk about the previous 2 matches.

Match #6
Tag Team turmoil match for the vacant World Tag Team Championship
Dudley Boyz vs La Resistance
Finishing moments: Both teams were evenly matched as far as strategey goes. Bubba-ray Dudley bubba-bombed Dupree and went for a pin. 1...2.. Slvian broke up the pin but paid for it when D-von attacked him and sent him to the arena floor. Dupree got up and walked right into a 3D curtesy of the Dudleys. 1...2...3
Eliminated: La Resistance.
Dudley Boyz vs The New Age Outlaws
Finishing moments: The New Age Outlaws took full advantage of the tired Dudleys. Roaddogg and Billy Gunnwere not alone, at ringside they had K-kwik by there corner. D-von was able to aviod a famasser by Billy Gunn, but he walked right into an attack by Roaddogg. K-Kwik threw a baton into the ring than he distracted the ref. D-von caught it and hit Billy Gunn with it. Bubba pulled
K-kwik from the ref. the ref saw D-von hit a Saving Grace onto Gunn followed by a pin. 1...2...3
Eliminated: New Age Outlaws
Dudley Boyz vs The Legion of Doom
Finishing moments: This would have been the tag team equal to the Rock and Hogan match at WM18 but the Dudleys just came out of 2 matches. Hawk was easily pushing Bubba around without Bubba fighting back much. Hawk knocked
D-von off the apron and The L.O.D hit Bubba with a dooms day device. 1...2...3
Eliminated: The Dudly Boyz
The Legion of Doom vs The Outsiders
Winners become the first World Tag Team Champions.
Finishing moments: The Match kept going both ways untill Kevin Nash hit Animal with a Jacknife Powerbomb and a pin. 1...2...3
Winners and new World Tag Team Champions: The Outsiders

J.R and King talk about the last match

Match #7
Semi final match in the Television Championship tournement.
The Ultimate Warrior vs Tajiri
Finishing moments: Ultimate Warrior basically dominated the whole match until he got some green mist to the face courtesy of Tajiri. This didn't give Tajiri the win but it did give him the edge. Tajiri brought the Warrior down with a barrage of kicks. Warrior finally cought Tajiri and gave him a press slam and an Ultimate splash accompanied by the pin. 1...2...3
Winner: The Ultimate Warrior
After the match The Warrior is told not to leave the ring. Because of the earlier attack from Luther and Raven to Jeff Hardy, Jeff could not compete therefore they woul just have the finals now.
While Rhyno was slowly walking to the ring Tajiri got up and sprayed black mist in the face of the Ultimate Warrior.

Match #8
Final match in the Television Championship tournement.
The Ultimate Warrior vs Rhyno
Finishing moments: Once again an effort less victory for Rhyno as he Gores the Ultimate Warrior right away.
Winner and the new Television Champion Rhyno

J.R and King talk about the previous match.

Match #9
Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar
Finishing Moments: This match had almost hit the one hour spot. Both men were tired and were fight more carefully. Each man never thought that it would be this hard. Goldberg attepted a spear but Lesnar picked him up and F-5ed him and went for the cover. 1...2.. Kickout. Brock started getting mad. He put Goldbergs head between his legs for a powerbowb but Goldberg fliped him over. Later Goldberg grabbed Lesnar for a jackhammer and hit it perfectly. 1...2.. Kickout. Goldberg and Brock fought for about 10 more minutes when Goldberg hit another Jackhammer. 1...2...3
Winner: Goldberg
After the match they both shake hands

J.R and King talk about the last match.

Main Event
Fatal-4-way elimination match for the World Heavyweight Championship.
Steve Austin vs Triple H vs Randy Savage vs The Rock
Finishing Momets for loser #1: Early on it was truly every man for himself when a pedigree from Triple H eliminated The Rock.
Finishing Moments for loser #2: A Stone Cold Stunner by Austin and a flying elbow from Savage eliminated Trips.
Finishing moments: Both men had never met in the ring before and used completely different ring styles. Savage just counterd a stunner than gave Austin a stunner of his own. After that Savage climbed to the top rope and deliverd a perfect flying elbow. 1...2...3
Winner and the new World Heavyweight Champion Randy Savage
Savage Celabrates his win untill the camras fade out.

End Show
pls give your sugggestions, ratings and add to my rep

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Here is what is instore for raw.
The Ultimate Warrior seeks revenge on Tajiri
Raven, Jeff Hardy, Luther Reigns and Rhyno Confrontation
Mordecai and the Fallen Angel take somebody from the roster to join there little team.
Undertaker and Kane talk about Wrestlemania
The Dudley boyz vs The Outsiders
Randy Savage meets with Steve Austin.
Evolution will be in the house

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Show #2
RAW Live from Ashville Civic Center

Video shows highlights from Wrestlemania XX.
A limo pulls up and Evolution walks out.

Opening Video

Camera zooms on J.R and King talking about the events from last night and the main event for tonight. Tag Team Championship match between the new champions The Outsiders and the challengers the Dudley Boyz.

*Undertaker’s Music plays*
Undertaker walks down to the ring with a microphone in hand. He starts talking about how Kane is a disgrace to there family for losing last night.
*Kane’s music plays*
Kane starts staring at the Undertaker. Undertaker starts telling Kane that he should’ve beat Mordecai at Wrestlemania.
*Mordecai’s music plays*
Mordecai grabbed a microphone when Evolution came up on the titan tron.
Triple H: Hey dead man do you know who this is behind us? It’s Sara your wife.
Undertaker and Kane start making there way to the back. Mordecai stands in the ring for a bit than he goes to join them.

*In the back*
Undertaker, Kane and Mordecai start looking for Evolution. They step into the parking lot where Evolution came out. They all stood there until Kane hit Mordecai. All six of them started ganging up on Mordecai. Has Kane and The Undertaker teamed up with Evolution?

* Commercial*

Match #1
A.J Styles vs. Simon Dean
Finishing Moments: Styles used his high-flying technique to his advantage. Using missile dropkicks, flying hurricanranas and a shooting styles press. Simon finally caught him and gave him a German suplex, it to a modified choke hold. A.J was just about to tap when he reached the rope. When styles got up Dean gave him the kryptonite krunch (ECW finisher). 1…2…3
Winner: Simon Dean.


Camera shows J.R and King talking about the previous match and the main event later.

* Jeff Hardy’s music plays*
Jeff: You last night I was screwed out of the Television Championship, so I think I should get a title shot tonight.
* Raven’s music plays *
Raven: You think you where the only one screwed out of the Television Championship last night?
Jeff: No the Ultimate Warrior was also screwed last night.
Raven: Maybe your memory is a little bad after I DDTed you onto a chair because Luther screwed me before you.
* Luther Reigns’s music plays*
Luther: Hey I was screwed to…
Jeff: ya after you screwed us.
* Rhyno’s music plays*
Rhyno: You guys are all so jealous that I won the title.
Raven: If you’re so good than defend the title against me right here right now.
Rhyno: I am not defending the title against you Raven. I am not defending the title against you Luther. And I’m sure as hell not defending against you Jeff.
* Bischoff’s music play*
Eric: Tell you what were going to do. We are going to hold a vote over the internet. The winner will get a shot at the Television Championship at Backlash. The fan’s choices are the four guys who were screwed at Wrestlemania.

* Commercial*

J.R and King just talk about what happened.

Match #2
Konnan vs. John Cena
Finishing Moments: Having K-kwik and the New Age Outlaws by ringside gave Konnan a huge advantage. Whenever Cena would get the upper hand one the three people at ringside would interfere. Sabu and RVD ran down to ringside and pulled the New Age Outlaws away from ringside. Cena noticed now was the right time. He picked up Konnan up on his shoulders and delivered an F-U. 1…2…3
Winner: John Cena

* Commercial*

J.R & King bring up the highlights of the last match.

Match #4
Randy Savage & Steve Austin vs. The Rock & Mystery partner
Finishing Moments: The Rock’s mystery partner had not shown up yet and the Rock was left in a 2-1 handicap match. Austin attempted a stunner but the Rock countered it. Savage was knocked off the apron by Austin (when the Rock countered the stunner). When he got back on Jeff Jarrett attacked Savage. He grabbed his guitar and hit Austin with it. This earned Austin & Savage the win
Winners: Randy Savage & Steve Austin via disqualification

* Commercial*

J.R & King talk about the last match.

Main Event
Tag Team Championship match
The Outsiders© vs. the Dudley Boyz
Finishing moments: It seemed that the Dudleys had the match won when the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Savage ran down. With the ref out Savage told D-von to "get the tables". While D-von was out getting the tables, Savage took off his Championship belt and hit Bubba with it. D-von tried to attack Randy but he was intercepted by Nash. Savage set up two tables in the ring. Nash jackknife power bombed Bubba through one table and Hall gave the outsider’s edge to D-von through the other table. After the nWo :confused: music plays.
Winners: No contest.

End Show

pls add to rep, rate show and vote for who you want to face the Television Champion at Backlash

a) Jeff Hardy
b) Raven
c) Luther Reigns
d) The Ultimate Warrior

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Show #3
Smack Down Live from Cricket Arena

Opening Video

The show starts off with Tazz and Michael Cole talking about RAW and the main event tonight. World Heavyweight Championship title match between champion Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan. Plus a sixteen man tournament for the North American Championship starts tonight.

Match #1
Qualifying match of the North American Championship tournament
Edge vs. William Regal
Finishing moments: Regal just lost the upper hand to Edge after huge DDT. William pulled out a pair of brass knuckles and hit Edge with them. 1…2.kickout. Edge slowly recovered while Regal was arguing with the ref. Edge signalled for a spear while Regal’s back was turned. Just then Eugene came down and grabbed Edge’s foot. Regal took advantage by giving Edge the Regal cutter. 1…2…3
Winner: William Regal

* Commercial*

Tazz & Cole talk about the last match and the next match.

Match #2
Qualifying match for the North American Championship tournament
John Cena vs. Billy Kidman
Finishing moments: The match was all one sided as Cena used his size and weight advantage over Kidman. While Kidman was recovering he hit Cena with a low blow at an angle that the ref couldn’t see it. Kidman picked up Cena and hit him with a kid krusher.
While Cena was down Kidman climbed to the top rope and went for a shooting star press.
Cena was just able to role out of the way. When both men got back up to there feet Cena picked Kidman up on his shoulders and hit him with an F-U. 1…2…3
Winner: John Cena

* Commercial*

Tazz & Cole talk about the previous match.
An old western song started playing. Then it says on the titan tron “we are coming…” the whole stadium starts booing.

The camera shows Tazz & Cole who are talking about what just happened and the next match.

Match #3
Tag Team Championship Match
nWo (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall) © vs. The Legion of Doom
Finishing Moments: The Legion of Doom had Hall set up for a Doomsday device when Nash gave a big boot to Animal. Hawk jumped off the top rope with a flying clothesline at Hall. Nash picked up Hawk before he could get up and gave him a sidewalk slam. The ref told Nash to get back on the apron. While the ref was arguing with Nash, Hawk rolled out of the ring and gave Animal a chair. Animal hit Scott with the chair and pinned him. Hawk knocked Nash off the apron to get the ref’s attention back on the match. The ref counts. 1…2…3
Winners and new World tag team champions The Legion of Doom.
After the match Randy Savage, The Rock and Double J run down to the ring and start attacking Animal and Hawk.
Savage: you to think this is over? You just made the worst mistake of your lives. You took gold from the now.
All the members of the nWo leave the ring.

* Commercial*

The camera shows Cle & Tazz talking about the last match and what happened after.

Match #4
Qualifying match for the North American championship tournament
Eugene vs. Batista
Finishing moments: Batista was surprised that Eugene put up such a good fight. Batista quickly put an end to that by hitting Eugene with a huge clothesline. Batista attempted to give Eugene a Batista bomb put Eugene countered it. When Batista got back up on his feet he walked right into a Rock bottom from Eugene. 1…2. Kick out. Eugene waited for Batista to get back up, than hit him with a stunner. 1…2. Kick out. Batista was still on the ground so Eugene hit him with a running leg drop. 1…2…3.
Winner: Eugene

Michael Cole and Tazz talk about the last match and the next match.

Match #6
The Ultimate Warrior vs. Tajiri
Finishing moments: The Warrior made this a quick match by giving Tajiri a press slam and an Ultimate splash. 1…2…3
Winner: The Ultimate Warrior
Warrior: That is what I will do to Rhyno if I am picked to fight him at backlash.

* Commercial*

Michael Cole & Tazz talk about the next match

Match #5
Qualifying match for the North American championship tournament
A.J Styles vs. Randy Orton
Finishing moments: Having Evolution by ringside proved to be Orton’s advantage when they would get involved every time Styles got some momentum. Mordecai, Eugene and William Regal ran down and started attacking Evolution pulling them away from ringside. Orton was distracted by what was going on and when he turned around he walked right into a Styles clash. 1…2…3
Winner: A.J Styles
After the match the six men made there way back to ringside. All eight of them were going at it in the middle of the ring.
* Eric Bischoff’s music plays*
Eric: Hold on just a second you guys these people don’t want to see you 8 fight here they want you to fight next week in an eight man tag team elimination match. On one team it will be A.J Styles, Mordecai, Eugene & William Regal and they will face Evolution.

* Commercial*

Cole and Tazz talk about what just happened and match just made for Backlash. A fatal-4-way match for the World Tag Team Championship Match. The Legion of Doom © vs. the nWo Scott Hall and Jeff Jarrett vs. The new age Outlaws RoadDogg and K-kwik vs. Sabu & RVD. They also talk about the main event for tonight Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage for the World Heavyweight Championship.
Main Event
World Heavyweight Championship title match
Randy Savage© vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan
Finishing moments: This was a match that would defiantly be a memorable match. They both have been fighting for a little more than an hour. Both men had also kicked out of each other’s finisher twice. Savage decided that it would be better to get counted out and keep the belt and fight on with the title another day. Hogan started to complain to the ref. Before the ref started counting he announced that if Savage got counted out he would lose the title. Savage walked back into the ring. Both Savage and Hogan started exchanging blows hit for hit. Hogan managed to knock Savage down and hit the running leg drop. 1…2. Kick out. The nWo ran down to the ring. Hall distracted the ref for the nWo to team up on Hogan. Nash delivered the jackknife power bomb, Jarrett gave him the stroke, and the Rock gave him a people’s elbow while he was down. The now left ringside for savage to get the win. Savage climbed to the top rope and delivered a flying elbow. 1…2…3
Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion Randy Savage.

The nWo came back down to the ring. The five of them celebrated Savage’s win in the ring with Savage on Nash’s Shoulder’s.

What is in store for RAW this Monday?

End Show.

Pls add to my rep, rate my show and vote for who you want to go for the Television Championship
Jeff Hardy, Raven, the Ultimate Warrior or Luther Reigns.
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