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Why does the belt exist in the storyline sense? Without there being a weight limit it really just a belt based on in-ring style?

Why not tweak it to have different rules to separate it from the HW title that it would favor smaller wrestlers - some easy changes would be no closed fist striking (HW's are more brawlers, this would put focus on more diverse striking arsenals) and then ban top rope moves from the hw division (how many really come off the top? Still could come off second rope). Other changes like 20 seconds outside and no rope break for submissions could also separate it. Another idea would be that pinfalls/submissions can happen outside the ring in the x-division, but in the hw division it needs to be in the ring. So if you lock a sub on in an x-division match on the outside the drama would be does the person tap in the 20 seconds or does the person give the sub up to get back into the ring.

X-Division -
1.Closed fist striking is instant DQ
2.Top Rope moves allowed
3.20-seconds outside of ring before countout
4.No rope breaks for submissions
5.Pinfall/submission finishes allowed outside the ring (20-seconds only)

HW division -
1.Closed fist striking allowed
2.Top rope moves illegal
3.10-second allowed outside of ring
4.Rope breaks for submissions
5.Pinfalls/Subs must happen in the ring

The idea being that X-Division wrestlers would be at advantage under x-division rules over the bigger guys, HW division wrestlers would be at an advantage when wrestling under their rules and once in awhile you could have "unified rule" matches. This would give x-division it's own niche and reason to exist for storyline purposes. Having a weight limited belt like 225 and under is basically saying that said champion and said division is somehow lesser and can't hang with the heavyweights so need the protection of a weight limited division - but if you have a division with a different set of rules it takes away that possible stigma.
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