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People always harm on about the 02-07 years of the X-Division but what about 09, That was a fun year for the X-Division with a nice Steel Asylum Match at Hard Justice, and lots of characters with colorful gimmicks:

Samoa Joe
Jay Lethal
Consequences Creed
Amazing Red
D'Angelo Dinero
Shark Boy
Sheik Abdul Bashir

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TNA X Division in 2009 was all about one thing ... Sabin vs Shelley at Genesis.

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the matches were mostly sub par compared to previous years

Suicide casted a very distracting shadow over it,

Kiyoshi wasn't bad but they never gave him much of a chance and was only there to use tna asa an experiment ground for the njpw

Creed was also more of an experiment than much else

i can't rememeber much else from that year but who would want to, 2008-2011 was a dark time for tna

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2009 was good for multi-man matches.

Ultimate X at Destination X
Opening bout at Sacrifice
X Division KOTM
Hard Justice Steel Asylum

Apart from Sabin/Shelley no singles matches really stand out. I'd say that it went downhill though when Amazing Red won the title. He's nowhere near good enough to carry the division.

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I really liked that King of the Mountain with the X guys and Ultimate X from Bound For Glory 2009. Apart from multiman matches and Sabin/Shelley, like somebody said above, everything was average. Joe/Homicide and Joe/Daniels for the X Title should have been tremendous, but it sucked.
But I think the hottest year for the x division was right around 2006
NOTHING can top TNA 2005, even the WCW or NJPW Jr. Heavyweights at their prime. 2005 was full of phenomenal single matches (like Joe/Styles from Sacrifice and Turning Point or Styles/Daniels 30 minute iron man matches) and multiman matches (best Ultimate X ever from Final Resolution, legendary Unbreakable 3 way, amazing 4 way match from BFG preshow, etc).

I'm not a fan of X-Division in 2006. The first three months were good (continuation of AJ/Daniels/Joe angle), but the rest was meh. Low Ki is great, but in my opinion his title reign sucked and the rest of 2006 with the belt changing hands few times around AJ, Daniels and Sabin wasn't that good either.
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