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I used to be nick golio but when there was problems with this website i got deleted so now i am going to start all over again here is all you need to know


face maineventers
john cena
chris jericho
Jeff hardy
Randy Orton
Shawn Michaels

heel maineventers
Kurt angle
triple h
jeff jarret
montie Brown

face midcarders
Eddie guerrero
razor ramon
charlie haas
rey mysterio
matt hardy
booker t
big show
shelton benjamin

heel midcarders
ric flair
orlando jordan
luther reigns
tyson tomko

paul london
william regal
derek cruz
random jobbers

gail kim

here is my ppv schedule
no mercy
taboo tuesday
survivor series
new years revolution
royal rumble
no way out
wrestlemania 22
judgement day
bad blood
great american bash

this is one brand

wednsday night fights

here's a preview of raw
two huge mainevents set for the first show jeff jarret vs shawn michaels and jeff hardy vs hhh
also jericho highlight reel, mr. McMahon major announcement , and much more

here is a times table of when things should be up

raw -tuesday

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Video shows past history of the wwe and shows new superstars such as Montie Brown, Jeff Hardy and Sabu. It also shows returning guys such as triple h John Cena and Kurt Angle. It also hypes Vince’s announcement about the vacant undisputed title.
And now live from Madison Square Garden .... WWWF presents Raw

pyro goes off

jr- Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the debut of wwwf raw we have so much going on here tonight

king- Yeah this is a pay per view quality show. There is so much going on but you no what I am most happy about here tonight we have a bra and panties match

jr- indeed it will be Trish taking on Christy Hemme but king that is not what this is about , the card here tonight is amazing along with that bra and panties we have Jeff Hardy taking on the Game Triple H

king- Jeff Hardy doesn’t stand a chance the game will destroy him

jr- I don’t know about that also in our other main event it will be Jeff Jarret vs HBK Shawn Michaels

king- that will be a wrestling clinic or as you would say a slobber knocker

jr- also much more but right now it is time for the first highlight reel of the wwwf but who is the guest

break down the walls hit to a huge pop as the first superstar of the night comes out
Jericho- Welcome to Raw is Jericho and here tonight on the debut of wwwf I had to get a big time guest the biggest guest I could possibly find because we are here in New York City

crowd pops
Jericho- You guys know this guy very well from ecw he is th..

Interrupted by ECW chants

Jericho- the craziest man on the face of the earth and I know im the king of the world and the iatolla of rock and rolla but this man is the king of ECW ladies and gentleman I give you SABU!

Crowd pops hearing sabu’s name

Im back hits to major major heat as the crowd was expecting Sabu

bishoff- listen to me I am the general manager of Raw and I say what goes not you Chris

crowd starts asshole chants

bishoff- Now as I was saying I run Raw and as long as I do there will be NO SABU!

Major heat
Bishoff- I refuse to hire old washed up hasbeens from ecw I all ready have you especially since I am the man who put ECW out of business

heat given
Jericho- two things one you may have put ecw out of business but what happened to WCW and second would you please shut the hell up

crowd pops!

Bishoff- I don’t have time for this no Sabu and NO ECW this is wwwf now I have to go I have a lot to do

bishoff leaves

jr- welcome back and that highlight reel was one hell of a way to start off the show but bishoff is such a son of..

King - aaay who do you work for, and besides ecw is dead and so is Sabu, what a hasbeen

match 1

Kazarian, Michael Shane and the tag champions the Bashams vs RVD, Eddie Guerrero and the Dudleys
decent match with the heels dominating dvon in there corner the majority of the match when dvon knocks into Danny Basham and both men are down and Danny tags kazarian and dvon tags RVD. All hell breaks lose and all eight tag team title contenders are inthe dudleys battle with Shane and kazarian on the outside on the other side Danny whips rvd into the steps and in the ring Eddie hits the three amigos and goes for the from slash but the bashams do the switcharonni and Danny ( the fresh one) moves rolls up Eddie and wins

Here are your winners Michael Shane, Kazarian, and the wwwf tag team champions the Bashams 8:29

jr the bashams stole it

king what do you expect they work for JBL

jr- well that tag team division is really heating up and speaking of heating up things are about to get hot cause king

king- that’s right cause next is trish vs Christy in a bra and panties match

jr- it’s next

Trish’s theme hits to a decent pop
Christy’s song hits to no reaction at all

king -I can’t wait I love bra an......
The Right to Censors music hits with Steven Richards , Goodfather ,bull Buchanan, and Ivory come to the ring to major heatSteven Richards- the right to censor has been gone for nearly 3 years and since we have been gone so many things that are inappropriate have occurred especially occurrences with women. Such as numerous women posing for playboy, hla, lingerie pillow fights and other things that shouldn’t be in wwwf but should be I porno
Ivory- women shouldn’t have to strip to get attention around here so on behalf of the right to censor I here by am cancelling the bra and panties match
king -what not if I could help it ( he leaves announce position and goes to the ring)king- hey, we had enough of you guys 3 years ago and since you have been gone we’ve been fine so I think you should leave before I make you
crowd pops
Steven Richards- You can’t tell the right to censor what to do you pervert
king- maybe this will help
king punches Richards in the mouth and continues to punch him in a mount position before goodfather and Buchanan kick king in the back and throw him into the corner. Goodfather nails him with successive right hands. Buchanan kicks him also. Steven Richards goes to the outsides and gets a chair and brings it into the ring. Goodfather and Buchanan hold king as Steven Richards hits him in the head with the chair. King is busted open as the RTC song hits and they stand over the kings fallen body jr- this is uncalled for the RTC just destroyed the king and now that the RTC is back that is bad for everybody that is in or watches the wwwf.
jr -welcome back and it is now time for our first of two main events Jeff hardy vs the game hhh
coaches song hits to heat
coach-jr I saw you were lonely so I decided to come out here and give you company.
Jr -thanks well coach what do you expect from this next match coming up next
coach -well I’m expecting a total squash because the game is way beyond Jeff hardy’s league and tonight the game is going to take hardy to school
Jeff’s tna theme hits to a huge pop
jr-well Jeff is making his return back to wwwf and what bigger way to make an impact than to go one on one with the game here in his debut
time to play the game hits to a mixed reaction
match 2-Jeff hardy vs hhh
This was a fast pace match with the end having triple h nail a high knee to the face of hardy . Triple h then continues with straight right hands to the face of Jeff. A reverse suplex then covers 1...2.. Jeff gets a shoulder up. The game then pick him up a tries a right hand but Jeff blocks it and nails three consecutive right hands. A drop kick then hits a corkscrew off the top rope . Then goes to the top tries a swanton bomb but triple h moves . Picks up Jeff a nails a pedigree 1.....2.... he kicked out the game was in shock then picked up Jeff and nailed another pedigree 1.......2...... he kicked out again now the game was furious he then goes to the outside and grabs a steel chair brings it in the ring and is about to hit Jeff when the ref grabs the chair and they have a tug of war Jeff then goes behind the game and rolls him up 1......................2..............................3
Jr- Jeff wins , Jeff wins what an upset
coach- that’s not fair the ref should be sued he had no business arguing with the game
winner- Jeff Hardy @ 15:48
JBL- Bashams great victory out there tonight now come on OJ we have some business to take care of I am getting back the undisputed title back and I don’t care what I have to do
Jordan- Well let’s win your match tonight and then no body can make any excuses
JBL- let’s go
Funaki’s music hits to a mini pophe grabs a mike
Funaki- this is Funaki WWWF’s #1 announcer and tonight I will beat JBL and show you jbl sucks
jbl sucks chants start
longhorn hits as jbl comes out with Jordan

Match 3- the bell rings and jbl nails funaki with a right hand . Throws him into the corner and nails him with 4 knees to the gut . Throws him off the rope and catches him an throws funaki over his head then nails a clothesline from hell 1............2............3.
Winner- [email protected] 1:12
jbl grabs a mike
jbl -there I have just proved why I should be # 1 contender for the vacant undisputed title. So right no....
no chance hits as Vince comes out to the biggest pop of the night
Vince- Shut up.
Jbl- i...i..im sorry
Vince-stop kissing my ass or your fired now JBL you said you want the undisputed well you got it
crowd boos
jbl - thank you when will I get the title you won’t regret this I will make a great champion will be th...
Vince- shhhhhhhut UUPPPPPPPP! Now your not going to get the title that easily because on January 12 at the pay per view that will return it will be Deadly game featuring a 24 man tournament were the winner is the new undisputed champion the tournament will begin on Wednesday night fights at deadly game well be down to eight until there is only1
crowd pops
jbl is furious
jr-what an announcement by the chairman Vince
coach- well that is huge but I think jbl should be champ
match 4- montie brown vs big show
in the end of the match big show chops brown repeatly then nails a head butt then signals for the choke slam he gets brown up but brown counters and nails the pounce 1......2.......3
Winner- montie brown @ 4:32
jr- an impressive debut for the alpha male montie brown and now backstage Todd Grisham is standing by with the former wwwf champion John Cena
Todd- John you are in the Deadly game tournament and on Wednesday Night Fights you will be in a Qualifying match against Snitsky what are your thoughts.
Cena- the Champ is here and he may not be the champ now but in 3 weeks time I will win back what is rightfully mine
a voice says “ No your not “
Angle- I am going to win the undisputed title cause I have the 3 i’s
( cena cuts in)
cena -idiot , imbassal and, I suck
Angle- very funny I guarantee I get farther then you in this tournament because I am plain better.
(Security holds them back as we fade to commercial
backstagejbl -I can’t believe the audassidy of Vince I deserve the title
Jordan- we know you do and come here I got a plan
back to ringside
jr- what could that mean he has a plan
coach -well with the cabinet it could be anything
jr- well make sure you tune in to Wednesday Night Fights with the start of the tournament
Jarret’s tna music hits to heat
jr- well be back with the main event after the last break
hbk comes out to a big pop
match 5- michaels vs Jarret
this was a long grueling match jarret goes for the stroke and Michaels countered and jarret goes shoulder goes shoulder first into the post. And hbk nailed a sweet chin music then jbl and the cabinet come down and nail michaels
DQ @ 23:53
JR- what are they doing here this is not right

oj and the bashams held up hbk and jbl went to the outside and got a lead pipe and hit michaels in the spine with it.
Jericho comes out right hands Jordan and the bashams but turns around and gets hit in the gut with the pipe.
Bishoff -that is how you make an impact your looking at the nex....
Lights go out ( huge pop)
lights go back on and bishoff and the cabinet laugh standing over y2j and hbk
show ends
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