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Hey, all. This is my and my friend's (who does not go on this website) federation. It is the World Wide Wrestling Enterprise. The WWWE is made up of our own guys. No one is a real wrestler (at least not in WWE or TNA. I don't watch ROH or any other indy wrestling so if I have a real guy it is coincidence and not that guy). I only have one show, Monday Night Mayhem that usually have about 4 to 5 matches. I do not normally read other Be the Booker Threads, so if I have anything that already exists, again, it is purely a coincidence. I have, however, looked around, and it seems that I am really the only one who is doing a completely 100% original fed. So, if it is new, bear with me for the first month. I am starting on Monday, May 30th, 2005 (due to travelling conflicts, this was the only way I could put on my first month without stopping). So, sorry about that. Anyway, some of these guys are based on characters I made in games. The roster is:

Colossus Rhodes

"Tenacious" T.K.

The Behemoth

“The God of the Pacific” Kamehameha


Ivan Viskhoff Bonokovich

“The Spartan” Jason Kostas

Godzilla Barbados

Steven Raige



Pedro Miguel

Hirohito Mori

The Highwayman

Bourne Wilde


War Pig

Bill Dogg

Juventus Gonzales



The Romans (Julian {5'9 and 180 lbs.} and Hadrian Roman {6'4 and 255 lbs.)
Murder Inc. - Crow and Vulture - They both were based after Raven
Bright Light and Real American - They both look like Hardcore Holly/Billy Gunn




"Vuluptuous" Veronica (don't have too many women yet...)

Chairman - Michael Wheeler (me)

Commentators - Alex Ghantous and Teg

Referees - James Chapel and Mark Grady

Ok, that is the roster. I hope you have somewhat of an idea of who they are. I hope you enjoy my first attempt at btb ever! I'll be posting the next show in two days, because as I said before, I am travelling soon and I am trying to fill in the whole month. Thank you.


Alex Ghantous – Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the first World Wide Wrestling Enterprise Monday night TV show in history. Welcome to Monday Night Mayhem! We come to your homes live, from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, home of the Mavericks and Stars, with a capacity crowd of 20,150 screaming fans! Folks, you will not believe the night that is ahead of you tonight! Alex Ghantous and Teg at ringside! Teg, what say you, partner?

Teg – Oh, man, A.G! I cannot wait to witness this historic event! Every title of the WWWE is at this moment completely vacant! And tonight, we will see five newly crowned champions!

Alex Ghantous – Ladies and gentlemen, the WWWE Championship will be decided later tonight in an twenty-man over-the-top-rope Battle Royal! Twenty men will begin in the ring and the only way to win is to be the last man standing after everyone else has been tossed over the top rope.


Byron Alvarez’s music hits the stadium

Alex Ghantous – What a way to kick off the first ever Monday Night Mayhem! The International Championship is on the line!

Teg – And don’t forget, the International Championship is second only to the WWWE Championship. Whoever is the International champion could be a very big threat to the man on the top of the mountain. And no matter what, the very first International champion will be a Latino!

Byron Alvarez grabs a microphone and walks into the ring. As his music dies down, the crowd does not. Byron looks around the arena frowning.

“Let me get this straight…we are at the first ever Monday Night Mayhem?

The crowd cheers

“Wait, wait, wait, no, I just can’t seem to understand. If this is the first show, then why in God’s name am I supposed to be wrestling for the second-place title? There is no one in that Battle Royal who deserves the top belt more than me!”

Byron Alvarez is hit with 20,150 boos and jeers.

“Not only are we in some dump called Dallas, I’m not even getting a shot at a decent title??”

The crowd boos even more.

“Ok, then, if I have to fight for a piece of garbage, so be it! Carlos, get your Texan carcass out from the back and step in to fight Iron Byron Alvarez!”

Alex Ghantous – Oh, for cryin’ out loud! Show a little respect, will ya?

Marvelose Carlos’s music hits as the crowd goes wild, knowing that he is from El Paso. Carlos comes out running and looking furious. He runs into the ring.

Teg – Oh, here we go!!

Carlos runs into the ring and begins exchanging punches with Byron Alvarez. After about 10 punches back and forth from both sides, the bell finally rings to signal the beginning of the match. They continue to exchange punches. Carlos kicks Byron in the stomach and gives him a suplex. Byron gets up quickly as Carlos runs to the ropes. When Byron turns to Carlos, he is hit with a flying crossbody which knocks him back to the mat once again. Carlos goes for the cover:

Byron kicks out. Carlos gets on top of him for 10 extremely fast mounted punches. He picks up Byron and sends him to the corner. After Byron hits the corner, Carlos runs at him with a giant splash. He backs away as Byron reels and then falls on his stomach.

Alex Ghantous – A lot of loud cheers from the crowd supporting a fellow Texan!

Carlos again picks up Byron. He gives him three slow punches to the face followed by a dropkick. Carlos goes to the ropes and shows off for the thousands of cheering fans. Byron rolls out of the ring, exhausted. He manages to get back up to his feet. Byron begins to walk up the walkway backstage. Carlos, noticing this, runs after him and attempts to hit him from behind. Byron manages to get a back elbow at Carlos’s face.
Byron grabs Carlos and throws him into the barrier. He grabs Carlos by the head, lifts him up to his feet, and takes him back to the ring. James Chapel is at the count of 6 now. Byron slides Carlos into the ring. Byron then goes up to the top turnbuckle. He waits for Carlos to get up fully. When he does, Byron jumps off the turnbuckle for a successful missile dropkick. Carlos is on the ground. Byron goes to the turnbuckle he just jumped off of and unties the padding from it. He picks up Carlos, and Irish Whip’s him into the corner. With no padding, Carlos hits the corner hard. He stumbles backwards, and Byron goes for a schoolboy pin.


Carlos manages to kick out.

Teg – Oh! And a near fall by Byron!

Alex Ghantous – That was a nasty hit Carlos just took!

Frustrated, Byron goes for the count again.


Carlos lifts his shoulder before the three-count again.

Byron screams in frustration and anger. He grabs Carlos by the head and again sends him into the un-padded turnbuckle. Byron follows over and puts him on the top. Byron goes up with him and put Carlos into a superplex position. Carlos punches at Byron’s ribs.
Byron whacks him on the head with his forearm twice. Carlos once again hits Byron in the ribs. He does it again, and again, and again, after the fourth hit, Byron lets go and is now standing in front of Carlos with his feet on the second turnbuckle. Carlos picks him up, while sitting down on the third turnbuckle, and delivers a scoopslam. Byron lands on the mat, and holds his back, where he has just landed. Carlos stands on the top turnbuckle and gives Byron a flying leg drop. Slowly, Carlos goes for the pin:


Byron kicks out, much to the chagrin of the Dallas fans. Carlos picks up Byron and delivers another scoopslam. After Byron has landed, Carlos runs to the ropes and give him an elbow drop. Carlos turns Byron around onto his stomach and puts him into the Camel-Clutch. Referee James Chapel starts asking Byron for his submission:

“Do you give up?”
“Aaagh! No!”
“If you give up, you lose this match! Whaddaya say, you gonna quit? Tap the mat and it’s over!”
“Ugh! No!”

Byron tries desperately to crawl to the ropes using only his legs. He crawls a few inches and then stops as Carlos applies more pressure on Byron’s head. After an excruciating two minutes, Byron finally makes it to the bottom rope. Carlos picks up Byron and attempts to send him to the ropes, but Byron counters into a DDT. Both men are out. The referee begins to count:




Both men get up slowly after the referee gets to three. Byron goes to punch Carlos, but Carlos punches him in the stomach first.
Again, Byron goes over to punch Carlos, but Carlos gets him again. Byron then runs to the rope, and back at Carlos with an Enziguri. With Carlos on the mat, Byron walks over to his legs and locks in a Boston Crab. Screaming, Carlos tries to go for the ropes, just as Byron had earlier. He gets to the rope, but Byron walks with Carlos still in the crab back to the middle of the mat. Carlos’s hand rises up and shakes.

Teg – Is he gonna tap? Is this match gonna be over??

In a sudden and maybe last blast of energy, Carlos makes it to the bottom rope and grabs in firm grip. Byron lets go. He puts his arms around Carlos and gives him a hard German suplex. He goes for the cover:


Carlos manages to kick out again. He sends Carlos back to the ropes and ducks, in an attempt to deliver a back-drop, but Carlos kicks Byron’s face. Byron looks up and Carlos gives him a double-arm DDT. He goes for the win:



The crowd cheers madly as the man from their home state rolls over to his feet and holds the impressive looking title.

Alex Ghantous – The first champion in the Enterprise’s history has just been crowned! Marvelose Carlos has just won the International Championship! What a match!

Teg – This is a huge victory for Carlos! The first match of the first Monday Night Mayhem, and he wins a big title!

Alex Ghantous – Ladies, and gentlemen, the mayhem continues, after this short break!

*Commercial Break*

*Replay of what happened*

Alex Ghantous – Folks, welcome back on Mayhem! Moments ago, we witnessed history in the making when Marvelose Carlos won the International championship! Congratulations to Carlos!

Women’s Championship

Bess’s theme music hits the arena as she starts to walk down with the Highwayman, her husband. The Highwayman is a tall figure dressed in a black tuxedo with white gloves. He has long blow-dried blonde hair, no facial hair, and is wearing sunglasses. Bess has tied back black hair and is wearing a tight black top with black hot pants. She is also wearing black boots.

Teg – Oh, I’ve heard a lot of things about these two! Especially the Highwayman! He lies, he cheats, he steals, and he does anything to get what he wants.

Alex Ghantous – He’s also in the battle royal coming up later tonight!

Bess enters the ring while the Highwayman stays outside clapping. Bess goes to all four sides of the ring raising her arms.

Kimberly’s music hits. A blonde woman dressed in a purple shirt and skirt with black boots walks onto the ramp.

Teg – Whoa, who is this lovely tomato??

Alex Ghantous – Teg, get a grip on yourself!

Kimberly enters the ring and stares at Bess. After the Mark Grady holds the Women’s belt up in the air, the bell rings and the match begins.

Kimberly and Bess circle around the ring for a few seconds, and then they lock up. They struggle for a few more seconds and then Kimberly pushes Bess into the corner. She holds her there and the referee beings counting to the point where Kimberly must let go of Bess.


Kimberly lets go of Bess and gives her a chop. Kimberly stands her up straight again and gives her another chop. She sends her to the other side of the ring into the other turnbuckle and runs after her and follows up with a clothesline. As Bess stumbles forward, Kimberly gives her a scoopslam immediately followed with an elbow drop. Kimberly goes for the win.

Bess kicks out.

Kimberly picks up Bess and Irish whips her to the ropes. Kimberly bends down waiting to give Bess a backdrop, but Bess kicks her in the stomach and gives her a suplex. Kimberly gets back to her feet and is met with a clothesline from Bess. Bess goes to Kimberly and stands on her long blonde hair. She grabs Kimberly’s hands and pulls up. With Kimberly yelling, the referee tells deals with her.

“Hey! Hey! Get off her! Lay off the hair! 1! 2! 3!”

Bess gets off.

“Knock it off! Stay off her hair!”

Bess picks up Kimberly and sends her to the ropes. As Kimberly comes back, Bess gives her an arm drag. The Highwayman continues to cheer on his wife. Bess gets down to Kimberly and begins punching at her face. After 5 punches, Bess gets behind Kimberly and waits for her to get up. After Kimberly stands up, Bess gives her a German suplex.

Alex Ghantous – And a thundering German to Kimberly! She’s going to have a hard time getting up from that one.

Bess goes to Kimberly and picks her up. With Kimberly standing, Bess runs to the ropes and gives Kimberly a neck-breaker. Kimberly sits up grabbing her head, and Bess goes for the cover.


Kimberly kicks out. Bess picks up a worn-out Kimberly and puts her in suplex position. But, Kimberly begins to elbow at Bess’s ribs. With the suplex hold broken, Kimberly takes both of Bess’s arms and gives her a tiger suplex. The Highwayman starts slamming the ring with both of his hands.
Kimberly manages to get up. She takes Bess and takes her outside. She then rams her into the barricade that separates the fans from the wrestlers. The Highwayman then sneaks up behind Kimberly and throws her into the steel steps that go up to the ring. Mark Grady is furious with him and begins shouting at him. The Highwayman gives him the typical “It wasn’t me!” act. Bess gets up, and picks up Kimberly and sends her back into the ring. She picks her up and gives her a kick. Kimberly grabs her leg and gives her a dragon-whip.
Kimberly picks up Bess and throws her into the corner. She begins punching her, then kicking her, and then elbowing her. She gives her two chops and then turns around. She picks up her head and hits it on the padding. She turns her around and stretches her leg on her head. She sends Bess to the ropes. Bess runs back to get a Samoan-drop from Kimberly.

Kimberly pins Bess.


But Bess manages to kick out again. Kimberly picks up Bess and begins to walk again toward the turnbuckle, but Bess trips her and Kimberly ends up with her face hitting the second corner. Bess goes up behind her, and gives her a German suplex. She picks up Kimberly again and gives her one more German suplex. With Kimberly on the ground, rolling around holding onto her elbow, Bess begins to untie the padding on the top turnbuckle. Before she unties it, Mark catches her. Meanwhile, Kimberly is attempting to cross over to the ropes for leverage to get up.

The referee sees what Bess is doing and begins to yell at her, not noticing Kimberly. All of a sudden, the Highwayman throws a handful of salt into Kimberly’s eyes.

Alex Ghantous – Oh my God!! Did…did you see that??? That jerk just threw salt into a woman’s eyes!

Teg – I don’t believe it! It’s like he just pulled it out from his sleeve!

Bess notices that Kimberly is stumbling. Kimberly turns around to face Bess, and Bess executes a roundhouse kick straight to Kimberly’s head. With Kimberly down, Bess goes for the win:



The Highwayman runs into the ring to quickly escort Bess out of the ring. Kimberly finally has gotten her sight back and is screaming at the Highwayman and Bess from the ring as they are leaving up the ramp. Bess looks exhausted as the Highwayman continues to rush Bess backstage.
Alex Ghantous – Despicable! I don’t believe this! The first women’s champion is a dirty bit…

Teg – Whoa, whoa, whao! Take it easy! I’m sure Mr. Highwayman had his reasons!

Alex Ghantous – Reasons?? Like what?! He got involved in this match twice at Kimberly’s expense! Appalling! And the Highwayman could be our first WWWE champion! Hmph!

*Commercial Break*


Woman Interviewer – Carlos, you have just come out of a grueling match with Byron Alvarez. What are you feeling now?

Carlos – What am I feeling now? Heh, heh! I’m the first International champion! How do you think I’m feeling? I beat off this loud-mouthed punk for this beautiful piece of gold, and I’m feeling great! I’m here in my home state of Texas…

The crowd cheers

and I’m holding this amazing belt. Oh, by the way, (checks out the interviewer by looking up and down,) that’s not the only thing that looks incredible. He smiles and winks. Carlos walks off. The interviewer smiles wide and starts to walk off when an arm is seen grabbing hers. She looks down, confused and then looks up. Colossus Rhodes walks forward looking angry.

Rhodes – Ok, tell me something here. You interview that stupid Latino freak but you completely forget about the first champion of the WWWE?

A black man walks on

Rhodes looks up at the man confused.

Rhodes – And who the hell are you?

Man is chewing gum. He smiles at Rhodes and chuckles.

Man – I’m the “Tenacious One” T.K. But you can call me “Champ.” Heh! Heh!

T.K. walks off

Rhodes – Hmph! (looks down at interviewer) This is not the last time you’ll be seeing me.


Light-Heavyweight Championship

Nayef’s music hits the arena.

Announcer – The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Athens, weighing in at 210 pounds, Nayef!

As Nayef enters the ring, the music for Chavo Cortez booms loudly. Chavo is the cousin of Byron Alvarez.

Announcer – And his opponent, weighing in at 214 pounds, please welcome Chavo Cortez!

Nayef has short brown hair and a short pointy beard. He is wearing a tight jersey and sweat pants. Chavo Cortez is wearing yellow tights with the Mexican eagle on the sides of his legs.

The bell rings. Nayef and Chavo Cortez circle around the ring getting ready. They lock up. They struggle for a little while, and Nayef forces Chavo Cortez to the corner turnbuckle. After pressing against Chavo for a few seconds, Chavo ducks under the first ropes and yells to the referee, “Get him away! Keep him away!” with his right hand out. Referee James Chapel forces Nayef to back off. As Nayef begins to talk with the referee, Chavo leaps out from the turnbuckle and delivers a clothesline.

Chavo looks at Nayef as Nayef gets up. Nayef makes it to his feet but is met with a strong right hand from Chavo. Nayef stumbles and then is Irish Whipped to the ropes. Chavo greets Nayef back with a missile dropkick. Chavo goes for the pin:


Nayef kicks out. Chavo goes on top of Nayef and gives him 10 mounted punches. Chavo then throws Nayef out of the ring. As Nayef is outside, trying to get up, Chavo goes on the top turnbuckle. Nayef stumbles, turns around, and then Chavo gives Nayef a giant crossbody.

Teg – And that is the sign of the great athleticism of Chavo Cortez!

Chavo Cortez picks up Nayef by the head. He looks around at the crowd and slaps his chest three times and screams “Chavo!” After, he gives another left hand to Nayef. He picks up Nayef again and sends him to the barricade. He lifts up Nayef, and sends Nayef down onto the hard metal of the punishing barricade. He sends Nayef (who is holding his stomach in agony) back into the ring. Chavo comes in and stomps at Nayef. As Nayef is on the ground, Chavo goes and unties the padding for of the turnbuckle. He goes to Nayef and sends him to the bare steel, but Nayef counters and sends Chavo into it instead.
Nayef is still on the ground, but Chavo is hurt at his back. He is still standing up, and goes and picks up Nayef. Nayef breaks it and starts punching at Chavo’s face. After, Nayef sends Chavo back to the steel turnbuckle and performs a running dropkick to Chavo. Chavo walks (almost falling down) as Nayef delivers a T-Bone suplex. He goes for the win:

But Chavo kicks out.

Nayef goes up onto the turnbuckle. He looks down at Chavo, who is on the ground. Chavo jumps and gives Chavo a 450 splash, but Chavo moves out of the way.

Chavo gets up and sends Nayef into the exposed turnbuckle. He turns him around, and proceeds to smash his face into the corner 10 times. He turns Nayef around (who is now cut open) and sets him on the top turnbuckle to give him a superplex. Nayef is on the ground, lifeless. Chavo picks him up, Irish Whips him and gives him a massive flapjack. Nayef slams hard onto the mat and turns over on his back. Chavo hooks his leg:


Teg – Wow, what a massacre!

As Chavo receives his new belt from the referee, he looks at the bloodied Nayef. He picks him up. Nayef is on his feet and stumbles back to grab onto the ropes. He looks at Chavo in disbelief. Chavo looks at him and then decides to smash Nayef’s head with the belt, which sends Nayef flying out of the ring.

Alex Ghantous – Oh my God! What the hell is his problem?? That was totally uncalled for! Since when is winning not enough, Chavo?

Teg – Hey, take a chill pill, Alex. He’s sending a message, and a very powerful one at that, that no one messes with Chavo Cortez. Congratulations, champ!

*Commercial Break*


Tag-Team Championship

Teg: Yo, this next match is gonna be a doozy, three teams, tag titles on the line, a triple threat elimination tag team match.

Alex Ghantous: I can’t wait for this, the tag team division is gonna be unbelievable and it all starts now!

The music hits of the Romans

Teg: this young team is composed of Julian and Hadrian Roman.

Alex Ghantous: I had a chance to talk to these guys today and they promised me that they would be the champs.

Next, Murder Inc. appears.

Alex Ghantous: Oh this team just scares, there names are Crow, on the right, and Vulture, on the left.

Teg: Yeah, I heard about these guys, tough, proud, and as brutal as hell.

Real American and Bright Light enter.

Teg: Now this is my kind of team, Real American and Bright Light are two amazing competitors that have wrestled all around the world. These guys are making their debut in the triple WE.

Alex Ghantous: This match is about to start and it looks like Real American and Hadrian Roman are gonna start it out.

The bell rings and the match begins. Real American and Hadrian Roman start it off with a grapple. Hadrian gets American into a headlock. American whips him off into the ropes and gets knocked down with a shoulder block by Hadrian.
They grapple again but American throws off Hadrian and Hadrian tags in Julian. Julian launches himself off the tope rope knocking down American. He runs to the ropes and delivers a springboard cross body and gets a two count on American. He goes to the ropes again ducks a boot but gets nailed with a clothesline by American. American tags in Bright light.
Light grabs Julian and delivers a short arm clothesline. He launches Julian to the ropes and follows up with a spinebuster but gets a close two. He puts Julian into a headlock for around two minutes. Julian battles out and tags in Hadrian who comes in and clotheslines both American and Light. Back body drops to both men followed up by Samoan drops. He calls for his move “The Dominator”. He sets up Light but he reverses and sends him to American who hits a bit boot and a huge leg drop. Bright Light hits the Silver Lining but the cover is broken up by Julian. Julian knocks American to the outside and hangs Light on the second rope. He runs and uses Light as the launch pad as he jumps on Light’s back and over the top onto American.
Hadrian hits the Dominator on Bright Light but he kicks out just barely. Hadrian calls for a tag from Murder Inc. but they don’t comply. He slaps Vulture and Murder Inc. both enter the ring. They beat down Hadrian and hit their move “Jacked up” which totally knocks out Hadrian. Light goes for a cover but is broken up by Julian. Julian gets knocked down by Vulture who throws him out of the ring. Light than hits the Silver Lining. He pins:


Hadrian still kicks out. Crow hits Light in the head with a shuffle kick and tags himself in. He goes after Hadrian who tags Julian.
Julian hits a Springboard corkscrew hurricanrana and goes for the pin. He gets a 2 count. All the men run in and it’s an all out war. American, Vulture, and Light fight on the outside. The Romans hit Bright light with the Chariot. Murder Inc. returns into the ring and throw out the Romans. They hit their move “Jacked up”. Crow covers for the count and Eliminates Bright Light and Real American.
Two teams are left: The Romans and Murder Inc. The battle rages on as Hadrian gets the tag and clears the ring. He hits the Dominator on Vulture but gets a piledriver from Crow but Hadrian kicks out. All four men are in the ring and are fighting it out. Hadrian gets “Jacked up” but is saved by Julian. Vulture falls to the outside thanks to Julian who is then caught with a powerbomb from Crow. He kicks out at two. Murder Inc. goes for the “Jacked up’ but Julian reverses into a double DDT. Hadrian then clotheslines Vulture out of the ring. Hadrian hoists Crow on his shoulders and runs around while Julian climbs to the top rope and jumps off onto Crow which is called “The Chariot.” Julian pins:





Julian and Hadrian Roman are the new WWWE Tag Team Champions!!
They hug and celebrate in the ring and are awarded the belts.
Murder Inc. rushes the ring and attack The Romans. Bright Light and Real American rush to the rescue hitting the “True Star” on Vulture and sending Murder Inc. limping to the back.
Real American and Bright Light help the Tag Champions up and the two teams shake hands and Real American and Bright Light leave to the back as the Romans celebrate.

Alex Ghantous – What a win for the young and talented Romans!

Teg – You know that both the Romans and Bright Light and Real American will be on Crow and Vulture’s hit list! I don’t think those birds are going to be too happy about what just went on.

*Commericial Break*

WWWE Championship

All the participants make their way to the ring one by one. The wrestlers involved are:

Colossus Rhodes – 6 foot 4, 335 lbs.
T.K. – 6 foot 3, 325 lbs.
The Behemoth – 6 foot 6, 425 lbs.
“The God of the Pacific” Kamehameha – 7 foot 3, 504 lbs.
Fury – 6 foot 9, 332 lbs.
Ivan Viskhoff Bonokovich – 6 foot 5,
“The Spartan” Jason Kostas – 6 foot 2, 244 lbs.
Godzilla Barbados – 6 foot 6, 365 lbs.
Steven Raige – 6 foot 9, 334 lbs. Fury’s older brother
Pike – 5 foot 9, 200 lbs.
Emperor – 6 foot 6, 298 lbs.
Pedro Miguel – 6 feet tall, 230 lbs.
Hirohito Mori – 6 foot 2, 265 lbs.
The Highwayman – 5 foot 10, 233 lbs.
Bourne Wilde – 5 foot 7, 179 lbs.
Gavin – 5 foot 6, 220 lbs.
War-Pig – 6 foot 3, 400 lbs.
Bill Dogg – 6 foot 3, 250 lbs.
Juventus Gonzales – 5 foot 9, 245 lbs.
Lester – 6 foot 8, 350 lbs.

Every man is inside the ring. Just before the bell rings, the chairman and owner of WWWE, Michael Wheeler, shows up on the titantron.

Michael Wheeler – Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Monday Night Mayhem! I am Michael Wheeler, owner of the WWWE.

The crowd cheers

Michael Wheeler – To the men in the ring, (pulls out a table) I have the top prize veiled under this veil. (He takes the veil off) Here you are, everyone; The WWWE Championship. As soon as the winner is announced, I will personally come and award it to you. And now… let the battle begin!

The crowd cheers

The bell rings. All the men stand still looking at each other.

Teg – And the game is on!

Alex Ghantous – Who will be the first WWWE champion?

Immediately, everyone rushes into each other, brawling. Steven Raige goes to the corner of the ring and sits down, cross-legged. Lester is in a personal confrontation with the Highwayman, while Colossus Rhodes is battling both Jason Kostas and Fury. The Behemoth and Kamehameha are double-teaming T.K. Ivan throws Pike out, who was just wrestling Bourne. As soon as Johan throws Pike out, he looks over the ropes at him, laughing. Bourne goes and dropkicks Ivan and Ivan is eliminated.

Teg – And two men are gone!

Alex Ghantous – Just like that!

Juventus Gonzales sends Hirohito Mori to the turnbuckle. Juventus goes up to punch him and attempts to do it ten times. Gavin runs up behind him and pushes him off the turnbuckle. Juventus is the third man eliminated. Kamehameha and The Behemoth continue to beat down on T.K. They attempt to throw him out, but T.K. lands on the apron. The Behemoth turns around and notices that T.K. is not out and
leaps out at him, but T.K. pulls the top rope down and The Behemoth flies out. T.K. enters the ring and charges after Kamehameha, who is unaware of Behemoth’s elimination.

Men eliminated: 4

T.K. and Kamehameha begin to brawl again. Simultaneously, Hirohito Mori and Fury are thrown out by a double clothesline from Godzilla Barbados. He turns around and notices Steven Raige still sitting at the turnbuckle, with no expression on his face. Godzilla goes and slaps Raige, at the same time cursing at him. Raige looks up at Godzilla, starts shaking and throws up his right hand to Godzilla’s throat. He stands up, still choking Godzilla, and puts his left hand on his throat as well. He picks him up and tosses Godzilla Barbados sideways over the top rope. However, afterward, Raige goes over the top rope by himself and continues to beat up Godzilla all the way to the backstage.

Alex Ghantous – What? Why did Steven Raige just eliminate himself?

Teg – I’ve heard nasty things about that man. Apparently, he’s a crazy man with a really short temper! That slap really did not do any good for Godzilla

Emperor throws out Pedro Miguel, who is the 8th man out. There are 12 people left. Colossus Rhodes is now fighting the Highwayman. Lester is getting mauled by Bill Dogg. Bourne Wilde and Emperor are brawling. Emperor goes to Colossus Rhodes and helps him throw out the Highwayman. Emperor laughs with Rhodes until Rhodes tosses out Emperor.

Teg – And a sneaky elimination by the fierce Colossus Rhodes!

Gavin and Bourne Wilde are duking it out with high-flying and fast moves. Bourne Wilde locks Gavin in a hurricanrana and flips Gavin over the top rope. Gavin is the 11th man gone. Lester runs at Bourne and knocks him down. He picks up Bourne over his head and throws him out onto Gavin, who has just stood up. T.K. walks around, dazed. Seeing this, Kamehameha runs at him in a charge. T.K. ducks
and pulls the rope down, eliminating Kamehameha the same way he eliminated the
Behemoth. Juventus Gonzales, Bill Dogg, and War-Pig are all three trying to eliminate Lester, while Colossus Rhodes is wrestling Jason Kostas. The three men succeed in throwing out Lester. War-Pig, Bill Dogg, Juventus Gonzales, Jason Kostas, T.K., and Colossus Rhodes are all who remain in the ring.
War-Pig and Bill Dogg lock horns while Juventus Gonzales goes to Jason Kostas. T.K. and Colossus Rhodes are battling. Jason knocks Juventus down with a suplex. He slides under the third rope and goes to the ring and grabs an iron shot-put. He goes to back into the ring. Juventus is trying to get up and is using the ropes for leverage. Jason whacks Juventus in the head with the shot-put and Juventus goes flying out, bloodied. War-Pig, who has just eliminated Bill Dogg, kicks Kostas in the stomach and throws him out, but Kostas resists. He holds onto the ropes with his hands, and even goes to the point of biting it. Steele looks up, pokes Kostas in the eyes. Kostas lifts his hands and covers his eyes, but falls. Kostas is eliminated.

Men eliminated: 17

T.K. is mopping the floor with Colossus Rhodes. War-Pig marches over to T.K. but T.K. ducks and sends Steele out with a back-drop. T.K. and Colossus Rhodes are the only men left in the ring.
T.K. picks up Colossus Rhodes and sends him to the turnbuckle, where he does a running clothesline. He tries to put Rhodes’s arms and legs over the top rope, but Colossus Rhodes fights back. He begins punching at T.K’s head. T.K. stumbles and Colossus Rhodes comes back. He throws out T.K. Colossus Rhodes is victorious. Or so he thinks. He does not notice T.K. landing on the apron and coming back. Colossus Rhodes turns around only to be hit by a clothesline from T.K. Colossus Rhodes flies out of the ring but manages to grab onto the top rope with his feet dangling above the floor. T.K. turns around and starts celebrating, thinking he has won the WWWE championship. Colossus Rhodes comes back, turns around T.K. and delivers a chokeslam.

Alex Ghantous – And a ground-shaking chokeslam by Colossus Rhodes!

Teg – It’s really hard to tell who’s gonna win this one!

Colossus Rhodes picks up T.K., but T.K. delivers a low-blow. Colossus Rhodes goes down. Out of nowhere, the Behemoth and Kamehameha run back into the ring and begin to double-team T.K. They rush him into the turnbuckle while pounding at him. Colossus Rhodes slides to the other turnbuckle and gets up with the ropes. The
Behemoth and Kamehameha give T.K. a double suplex. After the suplex,
Kamehameha gives T.K. a running splash.

Teg – Oh my God! Did you see what just happened?

Alex Ghantous – I don’t believe my eyes!

With T.K. out, Colossus Rhodes goes to the Behemoth and Kamehameha and stares at them. They all start laughing. Colossus signals up with his thumb, and then he, Behemoth, and Kamehameha, pick up T.K. with their hands, like fans at a rock concert picking up a singing superstar, and throw him out of the ring. T.K. falls on the floor, unconscious.


Teg – New champion! We have a new champion! Amazing!

Alex Ghantous – What? Did you see how he won?! What kind of dirty champion is this guy?

Teg – Hey, a lot is on the line! He did what he had to do! My hat’s off to Colossus Rhodes!



I'll be posting the next one in two days, but it will take place a week later, on June 6th. I hope you enjoyed the show.
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