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PATRIOT is very proud to present:

“Inside this six-sided ring, men become legends, icons become heroes, superstars rise and fall, and the wrestling world is changed forever.”Shane McMahon

Chief Executive Officer:
Vince McMahon

Vice-President of Operations:

Shane McMahon

Board of Directors:
Stephanie McMahon, Linda McMahon, Paul Heyman, Elliot Avery & Hulk Hogan

Executive Assistant:
Jonathan Coachman

Raw General Manager:
Eric Bischoff

Smackdown General Manager:
Jim Cornette

Raw Commentary Team:
Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Smackdown Commentary Team:
Michael Cole, Don West & Tazz

Raw Backstage Reporters:
Todd Gresham & Stacy Keibler

Smackdown Backstage Reporter:
Jeremy Borash

Raw Roster:
The Big Show
Brian Kendrick
Bubba-Ray Dudley
Chris Jericho
D-Von Dudley
Gunner Scott
The Hurricane
Jeff Hardy
Kurt Angle
Mark Jindrak
Matt Bentley
Matt Hardy
Molly Holly
Monty Brown
Paul London
Randy Orton
Renee Dupree
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
The Rock
Shawn Michaels
Sylvan Grenier
Tommy Dreamer
Torrie Wilson
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Val Venis

Tag-Teams / Stables:
The Dudley Boys: Bubba Ray-Dudley & D-Von Dudley
Evolution: Triple H, Randy Orton, Ric Flair & Batista
The Hardy Boys: Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy
The Hooligans: Paul London & Brian Kendrick
La Resistance: Renee Dupree, Rob Conway & Sylvan Grenier
The Love Machines: Val Venis & Viscera
The Super Heroes: The Hurricane & Rosey

Triple H

Randy Orton

Batista & Ric Flair

WWL Women's Champion:
Trish Stratus

Smackdown Roster:
A.J. Styles
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Brock Lesnar
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guererro
Christopher Daniels
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Eddie Guererro
Edge w/Lita
Eric Young
Hardcore Holly
Hiroshi Tanahashi
Jamie Noble
Jay Lethal
Jerry Lynn
John "Bradshaw" Layfield
Kenzo Suzuki
Kevin Nash
Lance Cade
Mark Henry w/Teddy Long
Orlando Jordan
Petey Williams w/Scott D’Amore
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon Moore
Shark Boy
Shelton Benjamin
Steven Richards
Super Crazy
Trevor Murdoch
Tyson Tomko
Ultimo Dragon
The Undertaker
William Regal

Tag-Teams / Stables:
The Cabinet: JBL & Orlando Jordan & Doug Basham & Danny Basham
The Dixieland Rebels: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Edge, Christian, Tyson Tomko & Lita
Team Canada: Petey Williams, Eric Young & Scott D’Amore
The World’s Greatest Tag-Team: Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin

Rob Van Dam

Booker T

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

Petey Williams


Backlash / 4/11/2004 / Nashville, Tennessee
Judgment Day / 5/9/2004 / Seattle, Washington
Vengeance / 6/6/2004 / Kansas City, Missouri
Great American Bash / 7/4/2004 / Detroit, Michigan
Saturday Night’s Main Event / 7/17/2004 / Portland, Oregon
Summerslam / 8/8/2004 / Miami, Florida
Unforgiven / 8/29/2004 / Baltimore, Maryland
Lockdown / 9/26/2004 / Phoenix, Arizona
King of the Ring / 10/24/2004 / Dallas, Texas
Starrcade / 11/28/2004 / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Holiday Bash / 12/26/2005 / San Francisco, California
Royal Rumble / 1/23/2005 / Boston, Massachusetts
Glory Road / 2/20/2005 / Atlanta, Georgia
Saturday Night’s Main Event / 3/5/2005 / Buffalo, New York
WrestleMania 21 / 4/3/2005 / Las Angeles, California

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-This is a "dream federation" combining elements of WWE and TNA.

-My shows will only be an hour long and in summary form. This means they will likely be shorter than the usual product produced here, but very easy to write, read, and follow.

WrestleMania 20 Results:

-Triple H defeated Kurt Angle to win the World Heavyweight Championship and his tenth world championship.

-Rob Van Dam defeated Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship and his first world championship.

-Shawn Michaels defeated Sting in the Battle of the Icons. This was Sting’s farewell match.

-The Undertaker defeated Mark Henry to remain undefeated at WrestleMania. (12-0)

-Trish Stratus defeated Victoria to retain the Women’s Championship.

-Randy Orton defeated legend Mick Foley in a Hardcore Match to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

-The Rock defeated Monty Brown.

-Petey Williams defeated Chavo Guererro and Rey Mysterio to retain his X-Division Championship.

-Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas defeated Christian and Edge, The Basham Brothers, and Dixieland Rebels to win the WWE Tag-Team Championships and their third world tag-team championship.

-Batista and Ric Flair defeated The Hooligans, The Dudley Boys, and the Love Machines to retain their WWE World Tag-Team Championships.

-John “Bradshaw” Layfield defeated A.J. Styles, Chris Jericho, The Big Show, Jeff Hardy, and Christopher Daniels to win the first Money in the Bank Briefcase.

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World Wrestling League Presents: Raw
March 15, 2004
From Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York

The four members of Evolution enter the ring in suits to begin the show. They show off their championships and Triple H speaks about defeating Kurt Angle, their cumulative success at WrestleMania 20, how great each member of the group is, and the fact they own every possible championship on Raw.

Flair again sings the praises of the group members and touts they are the past, present, and future before saying they will dominate Raw and that no one can stop them.

Orton talks about what being the future means and becoming a legend himself. He praises his mentors and says for now he is a Legend Killer and the best Intercontinental Champion in history. Orton then says Kurt Angle never stood a chance and begins to insult Mick Foley as the group laughs.

The Rock enters and from the entrance ramp he exchanges wits and insults with the group before saying they need to show some respect. Rock compares Orton and Foley and says Orton can't hold a candle. He then compares Orton and Monty Brown, calling them both punks and ass clowns. The Rock has been watching Evolution's rise and sees everything but now there is nowhere to go but down. The Rock and the group exchange more unpleasantries before The Rock says he's taken many an ass whooping and isn't scared to come down to the ring and take on all their candy asses.

Kurt Angle enters, joining The Rock and says for once they agree. Angle insults Evolution and Orton. Angle and Triple H exchange words and Angle insists he will have a rematch and The Rock will have help if he goes down to the ring.

Angle and Rock head for the ring but are interrupted by Coachman who says he will set everything straight. Coachman talks about how incredible WrestleMania 20 was before scheduling the main event of the evening tonight which will be Triple H and Randy Orton against Kurt Angle and Batista. Coachman adds that Flair and Batista will be banned from ringside and Evolution is furious.

Eric Bischoff is in his office where Chris Jericho is talking about MITB, how Raw didn't get the job done, and lobbying for an opportunity to face Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship. Bischoff says the WWE owes Jericho for his idea but any opportunity will have to be earned.

Elliot Avery enters the office as Jericho leaves. Avery and Bischoff greet one another, celebrate the success of WrestleMania and Avery describes his history in marketing and finance to Bischoff. Avery says he's proud to be a new board member and will always be available.

Avery then introduces Bischoff to his daughter Alexis Avery. Bischoff is obviously impressed with her and the three begin to make small talk. Alexis says she's excited to learn the business.

In their locker room Evolution is preparing for the main event. Flair and Batista are joking about the women last night and then Flair calls Alexis Avery smoking and Batista wishes she had been at the WrestleMania celebration.

Triple H and Orton are more serious. They pump each other up and Triple H gives Orton advice about being ruthless and taking the match seriously. Orton says Foley watching from a hospital bed will see The Rock and Angle lose.

Batista joins in and says they won't stand for the kind of disrespect Angle and The Rock showed earlier tonight and that Coachman can’t control what happens after the match.

After a break Goldust makes an entrance and golden shards fall all over Madison Square Garden. His opponent is Monty Brown.

Singles Match
Goldust vs. Monty Brown

Goldust wrestles an intelligent and valiant match but Brown overcomes him with physicality and brutality. The contest turns when Brown catches Goldust in midair, ramming his spine with tremendous velocity into the turnbuckle. Brown commences a slow and physical assault after this, dismantling Goldust and eventually putting him away with a Pounce followed by an Alpha Bomb.

Winner: Monty Brown (6:52)

Brown taunts Goldust and the fans as he exits the ring and another commercial break begins.

Shawn Michaels makes a celebrated entrance accompanied by Matt Bentley. HBK talks about his victory over Sting and praises The Icon for a legendary career. HBK then says his excitement tonight will be better than WrestleMania, introducing and welcoming his nephew home from Iraq and to the wrestling business. The fans stand for Matt Bentley as Michaels leads an ovation.

Bentley thanks them and talks about the privilege and task of following in HBK's footsteps but the two men are interrupted by La Resistance.

All three men to the ring carrying the French flag. Dupree talks about earning a way in the wrestling business and how heritage doesn't matter. He and Conway talk about soldiers being overrated and the hero complex. Conway calls HBK and Bentley narcissists.

HBK asks them to leave and Grenier slaps him. Conway knocks Bentley out with the flag while Grenier and Dupree jump Michaels. It's three on one on HBK before they throw him out of the ring and wave the French flag.

Bentley from the top nails a dropkick to send Grenier and the flag flying but he's overwhelmed by Conway and Dupree. HBK charges back in and takes down Dupree and Conway. Dupree ducks out of Sweet Chin Music before retreating. All three members of La Resistance retreat up the entrance ramp as HBK and Bentley hold the ring. Bentley has a streak of blood from the flag shot.

After a break, Bentley against Dupree is announced for next week.

Big Show makes his entrance and highlights from MITB are shown with JBL's victory. Show comes to the ring taped around his ribs and a bandage over his forehead. A healthy Kane follows.

Singles Match
Big Show vs. Kane

Big Show fights valiantly and holds his own but is obviously exhausted and injured. Kane begins to physically overmatch him in ruthless fashion. Kane sends Show into the steel steps twice and draws blood soon thereafter with straight rights. The referee accosts Kane as the match wears on but to no avail. Kane draws more and more blood. After landing eight straight big blows on a fallen Big Show, the official has no choice but to stop the match.

Winner: Big Show via DQ (8:26)

Kane ignores the bell and keeps throwing rights. Show is busted open and bleeding. Kane retrieves a share and comes back to crack Show twice over the head with it. Kane continues the assault with stomps and chair shots. The chair is bent and Kane throws it into the stands. Show is a bloody mess.

Kane gets a mic and says while walking back up the entrance ramp that tonight was his WrestleMania and he inflicted pain. The biggest man in wrestling is no match for him and he will hurt any man who crosses his path. Show slowly begins to move again in the ring but is bleeding profusely from the forehead and can't rise above one knee before falling down again.

Three trainers make haste to the ring but Kane scares them away.

Back from the break and Show is finally receiving attention in the ring. Four men help him to stand.

Stacy Keibler is backstage with Trish Stratus and interviews her about defeating Victoria at WrestleMania 20 to retain the Women’s Championship. Stratus says she proved she is the best women’s wrestler in the world and the best diva in the WWE. She talks about thanking the fans and New York but when she enters her locker room, it is trashed with debris everywhere and a broken mirror. In large red paint on the wall is written “Bad Bitch.” Stratus stands silently but is obviously very angry.

Triple H and Orton enter together followed by Kurt Angle and then The Rock. Batista and Flair are shown watching backstage.

Main Event - Tag-Team Match
Triple H(c) & Randy Orton v. Kurt Angle & The Rock

The match is an intense, physical main event that is supremely competitive and evenly matched. In the ring, Orton attempts an RKO but Angle pushes him away. Orton off the ropes tries a clothesline but Angle ducks underneath and pulls the trigger on an Angle Slam. On his side of the ring, Angle covers Orton before Triple H can make the save.

Winners: Kurt Angle & The Rock (14:27)

Triple H furiously assaults Angle. The Rock rushes the ring and tackles Triple H to the outside. Batista and Flair rush down the ramp and jump Angle in the ring while The Rock and Triple H go at it on the outside. The Rock into the steel steps. It's three on one in the ring now as Flair, Batista and Triple H physically dissect Angle with right hands.

Suddenly, Goldberg's music hits to thunderous ovation. Goldberg marches to the ring as Evolution looks stunned. Ross recalls Batista's injuring of Goldberg's shoulder five months ago.

Goldberg enters the ring and The Rock soon follows. The two fight back Evolution and Angle joins them. Orton and Flair are thrown out of the ring. The Rock takes Batista down to one knee with a chop block and Goldberg nails a ferocious Spear. Angle nails Triple H with an Angle Slam that sends The World Heavyweight Champion sprawling to the outside.

Flair, Orton and Triple H retreat up the entrance ramp while Goldberg, The Rock and Angle stand over a fallen Batista in the ring. The show comes to a close.

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World Wrestling League Presents: Smackdown
March 19, 2004
From T.D. Waterhouse Center, Orlando, Florida

The show opens and in the midst of welcoming everyone, it is announced that the new WWE Champion Rob Van Dam will wrestle new WWE Tag-Team Champion Shelton Benjamin in the main event.

Brock Lesnar makes an entrance. Lesnar is obviously angry and says that as everyone can see, he is no longer the WWE Champion. Lesnar talks about his accolades and accomplishments before calling Lesnar a fake and a fraud. Lesnar says WrestleMania was a fluke and Van Dam will never be a credible champion. Lesnar says he will embarrass the WWE and Smackdown.

RVD has heard enough and comes to the ring to a huge ovation. RVD says he's always been an underdog and doesn't mind Lesnar's criticism. RVD says he may not be a poster child but will be a fighting champion who will give everything he has.

Lesnar says there will be a fight soon enough because he is guaranteed a rematch and he will destroy RVD. The two stare one another down but JBL makes an entrance.

From the entrance ramp, JBL talks about WrestleMania 20, becoming the first Mr. Money in the Bank and what the briefcase means. He says RVD and Lesnar are just placeholders because sooner or later the title will be on a truly deserving champion. JBL says he is already the most intelligent and charismatic superstar in the business and it is only a matter of time before he takes what he deserves.

Lesnar calls JBL out and says he will destroy any man who gets in his way. JBL doesn't deserve anything because he's never been the WWE Champion.

RVD says that the man who deserves the title is the one who fought for it and won it. RVD says JBL is hiding behind his briefcase and won't come down and fight.

Cornette appears and says there won't be a fight, at least not yet and says Lesnar will get his rematch and that will be just over three weeks from now at Backlash. Cornette says that as for JBL, he will be in the main event next week against one of the participants he defeated at WrestleMania, AJ Styles. Cornette orders the men out of his ring as a commercial break begins.

After the break, the first match of the evening begins. The first entrant is Scotty 2 Hotty followed by Jamie Noble, Shark Boy, Billy Kidman, Jay Lethal and lastly Ultimo Dragon. Cole and West explain the elimination style rules of the match.

X-Division Showcase Match
Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Jamie Noble vs. Shark Boy vs. Billy Kidman vs. Jay Lethal vs. Ultimo Dragon

The first few minutes are fast paced and chaotic X-Division wrestling. Kidman is eliminated @ 3:11 when Noble rolls him up Kidman presumed the two were working together. Lethal is the next to go @ 5:02 when Noble pins him after hitting his Paydirt finisher. A flying Hurricarrana from Shark Boy followed by a Cancun Tornado from Ultimo Dragon eliminates Noble @ 7:49. Dragon is eliminated @ 8:12 when Shark Boy counters his Asai DDT into a pinning predicament. Scotty seems poised to win the match with The Worm, but Shark Boy avoids him and quickly thereafter hits a Facebuster followed by a Dead Sea Drop for the victory.

Winner: Shark Boy (10:02)

Shark Boy celebrates his victory by going into the crowd. JBL, Orlando Jordan, and The Bashams are walking backstage and JBL has his briefcase in hand. The Cabinet laughs about RVD and mocks Lesnar and Cornette. They run into AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Rhino. Styles says he's looking forward to next week and beating JBL. JBL says Styles couldn't do it at WrestleMania and won't get it done next week. JBL says he is going to dominate Smackdown this year and what he builds with the Cabinet will dwarf anything Evolution is doing on Raw. Styles says while Triple H is a ten time champion JBL hasn't done anything and Rhino says JBL is more talk than action. JBL says neither of them have won world championships and calls Rhino a washed up has been who wrestled in basements and Styles a scrawny punk. JBL says the best thing both of them can do is stay out of his way and that applies to Daniels as well.

Back from the break, Borash is standing by with former tag champions Edge and Christian along with Tomko and Lita. Asked about losing the titles at WrestleMania and how they will respond, Christian talks about their WrestleMania accomplishments, including two TLC victories and how they're not only the best tag-team on Smackdown but two of the greatest wrestlers in the world. Christian says it took three teams in the ring with them to take the championships.

Edge says Benjamin and Haas aren't the world's greatest anything and it's only a matter of time before they're back on top. Tonight, he and Christian and Tomko are going to destroy Rikishi, Holly and Tatanka and show the world what they're talking about.

Jim Cornette is busily working when he is approached by William Regal. Regal asks where Booker T is and Cornette says he is doing charitable work with the March of Dimes and Make A Wish Foundation and has been excused. Regal says there is time to do that when Booker isn't the United States Champion and a champion should be present. Regal says next week, he's going to call Booker out and make sure his priorities are where they should be.

Back from the break, Edge, Christian, Tomko and Lita enter together followed by Tatanka, Holly, and then Rikishi.

3-3 Tag-Team Match
Edge & Christian & Tyson Tomko v. Tatanka & Hardcore Holly & Rikishi

Expert teamwork and strategy by Edge, Christian and Tomko opens the match. They constantly keep their makeshift opponents harassed and off balanced. Rikishi, Holly and Tatanka are able to fight back and seize momentum on occasion as the match matures. Edge and Rikishi go back and forth until Edge nails a big Missile Dropkick. Edge stalks Rikishi for a Spear. Holly hits the ring and Tomko charges, just as Edge prepares to strike. Tomko tries to get a boot up to nail Holly, but accidentally lays out an incoming Edge instead. Holly sends an absolutely stunned Tomko to the outside while Rikishi covers Edge for the victory.

Winners: Rikishi & Hardcore Holly & Tatanka (11:37)

Edge is motionless in the ring as a stunned Lita rushes to check on him. Christian consoles Tomko on the outside before checking on Edge. After several minutes, Edge stirs and rises. When he finds his feet, Edge is furious and frustrated. He shoves Tomko and then angrily leaves the ring with Lita behind him. The fans boo the group as a break begins.

RVD is preparing to leave his lockeroom for the main event. He runs into Eddie Guererro who enthusiastically congratulates him and tells him he is a proud champion. Eddie says that RVD can't let Lesnar in his head and has to remember what got him the championship in the first place. Be true to yourself and never doubt in your abilities. RVD tells Eddie thank you and departs the ring.

Borash is standing by with X-Division Champion Petey Williams and Scott D’Amore. Borash interviews Williams about retaining the X-Division Championship against Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guererro and says he is the greatest champion in X-Division history. D’Amore says Williams is certainly the most dangerous with the most dangerous move. D’Amore says the Canadian Destroyer is going to dominate the X-Division for years to come.

Shelton Benjamin makes his entrance accompanied by Charlie Haas. The WWE Champion follows.

Main Event - Singles Match
Rob Van Dam(c) v. Shelton Benjamin

Two of Smackdown's perennial athletes do not disappoint in the main event. Benjamin isn't intimidated and Van Dam is in peak conditions. The finale comes when Benjamin hurdles the WWE Champion but Van Dam comes off the ropes again and hits him with a spinning heel kick. Unfortunately for Van Dam, Brock Lesnar sneaks into the ring from the stands, steel chair in hand. Lesnar clobbers Van Dam from behind before cracking a rising Benjamin in the skull.

Winner: No Contest (8:55)

Charlie Haas hits the ring but gets nailed by Lesnar in the gut and then the back with the chair. Benjamin receives another chair shot and Lesnar then presses Benjamin to the outside before hitting Haas with an F5 and hurling him out of the ring.

Lesnar picks up the chair and stalks RVD, hitting him again and again until the chair is bent. Lesnar nails the F5 and stands over RVD triumphantly.

Suddenly, Lesnar is assaulted from behind by The Basham Brothers and Jordan. They beat Lesnar down and tie him in the ring ropes and JBL walks down the entrance ramp, briefcase in hand.

JBL gives the briefcase to the official, demanding the bell be rung, but then Styles, Daniels and Rhino charge down the entrance ramp and into the ring. Rhino is able to Gore both Basham Brothers while Styles and Jordan tumble over the ropes in a brawl. Rhino heads to the outside after JBL but Mr. Money in the Bank is able to quickly snatch his briefcase back from the official before retreating into the stands.

Styles and Rhino hold the ring to end the show as Lesnar looks on furiously, still tied in the ropes. The WWE Champion slowly rises, retrieving his championship belt. JBL exchange words with Styles from the crowd while the rest of the Cabinet retreats up the entrance ramp. With blood on his face, RVD holds the WWE Championship high and stares down Lesnar.

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World Wrestling League Presents: Raw
March 22, 2004
From Continental Airlines Center, East Rutherford, New Jersey

A video package opens the show, highlighting Batista’s injury to Goldberg’s shoulder at the end of 2003 and Goldberg’s return last week to help Kurt Angle and The Rock fight off Evolution. Jim Ross announces that following the events of last week, Ric Flair will go one on one with The Rock in tonight’s main event, and once again Evolution is banned from ringside.

As Goldberg makes his entrance, Gunner Scott is already in the ring. This is Goldberg’s “return match”.

Singles Match
Gunner Scott vs. Goldberg

Scott is completely outmatched and physically dissected. Goldberg devastates him with offense on top of offense. Following a Delayed Vertical Suplex, Goldberg finishes Scott with a Jackhammer.

Winner: Goldberg (2:20)

Goldberg doesn’t waste time asking for a mic. He talks about his shoulder injury courtesy of Evolution and says it feels good to be back. Goldberg says it looks like the numbers are turning against Evolution and he will be glad to help take them down. Goldberg says there’s one man who’s next, and that’s Batista. The challenge is issued and Goldberg wants to go one on one with Evolution’s Animal next week.

Backstage, The Rock looks fired up in front of a monitor. Kurt Angle approaches and says they haven’t always agreed but maybe they can be on the same page to take down Evolution. The Rock talks about being a competitor and not relying on any man but yourself. The Rock says he can respect that about Angle and Goldberg and any superstar. The Rock says wrestling is about beating the man across from you and working your way up from the bottom with the sweat off your back. The Rock talks about his own early days trying to get by. That’s why the disrespect and arrogance of Evolution bother him so much because those tactics aren’t what sports entertainment should be. Angle says they can work together and with Goldberg to take Evolution down, and the two shake hands.

After the break, The Hardy Brothers make an entrance, followed by The Hooligans, set for tag-team action.

Tag-Team Match
Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

This is a superb tag-team match between two exceptionally talented and athletic tag-teams. The contest goes back and forth for the most part, with neither team able to secure momentum. Paul London puts his body on the line at one point and takes out the Hardy Brothers on the outside with a Swanton Dive. The finale comes after Brian Kendrick rolls away to avoid a Swanton Bomb from Jeff Hardy. Both wrestlers reach their feet and Kendrick executes a sunset flip into a rollup for a victory.

Winners: Paul London & Brian Kendrick (13:29)

Triple H storms into Eric Bischoff’s office and complains about Evolution once again being barred from ringside for the main event. Triple H says it’s a disgrace that a veteran like Ric Flair is vulnerable to Angle, Rock and Goldberg because all of them are jealous. Triple H tells Bischoff that he knows they want to take down Evolution and not everyone can be at the top. Bischoff tells Triple H that he’s aware people want to take down Evolution, and he’s thinking about giving them that opportunity. Bischoff says that at Backlash, there will be a massive tag-team main event, a four on four elimination match between Evolution and a team led by The Rock and Kurt Angle. Bischoff says he will allow The Rock and Angle to choose any partners they desire. Triple H says they will destroy anyone who crosses their path and that includes Kurt Angle as he storms away. From down the hallway, Chris Jericho looks on.

A video is seen, showcasing events from earlier in the day. As Trish Stratus arrives at the arena, she walks down a corridor to her locker room. In large letters show observes the words, “Bad Bitch” painted in red. Stratus scoffs and walks on. The broadcasters recall her locker room being defaced last week with the same language.

After the break, La Resistance enters together followed by Matt Bentley who is joined by Shawn Michaels. The broadcast team recalls events from last week that saw La Resistance attack HBK and Bentley.

Singles Match
Renee Dupree vs. Matt Bentley

Dupree has a size and strength advantage so he is able to out wrestle Bentley at times but the rookie fights back with grit and resilience. Bentley knows his way around a wrestling ring, showing shades of Shawn Michaels as he tests Dupree often. Bentley goes up top to attempt an elbow drop but Conway and Grenier distract him at ringside. Shawn Michaels intervenes, chasing the two off, but Dupree takes advantage and delivers a Superplex to Bentley. Dupree taunts Michaels before hitting a Dupree Driver on Bentley for the victory.

Winner: Renee Dupree (8:48)

Michaels helps Bentley to his feet in the ring as La Resistance taunts them from the entrance ramp. Conway mockingly yells “USA” while waving the French flag.

In a dimly lit room, there is only the silhouette of a face visible. It is the Big Red Machine, Kane. Kane says that last week, he hurt the Big Show. Next week, his mission of causing pain continues. Kane says we can expect one or many to be hurt very badly next week.

Following a break, Ric Flair makes his entrance and The Rock follows. The announcers confirm the Raw main event at Backlash will be a four on four tag-team elimination match between Evolution and Kurt Angle, The Rock, and two partners of their choosing.

Main Event - Singles Match
Ric Flair vs. The Rock

A great deal of showmanship and theatrics permeates this match but The Rock is able to keep Flair generally on the defensive. The Nature Boy fights back from time to time with dirty tactics and thumbs to the eye but is never able to muster much of an offensive. The Rock taunts Flair on several occasions and even connects with a thumb to the eye of his own. Flair shields himself with the referee and The Rock accidentally sends the official tumbling to the outside. Flair then delivers a low blow long enough to lock in the Figure Four Leg-Lock. The official eventually reenters and The Rock reaches the ropes. The Rock surges back, hitting big rights followed by a Spinebuster, Rock Bottom, and People’s Elbow for the victory.

Winner: The Rock (11:52)

The Rock celebrates his victory and is soon joined by Kurt Angle but also Goldberg. The three men are clearly poised for a fight with Evolution at Backlash and it is quite apparent Goldberg will be the third member of the opposing team. Only the fourth member remains to be determined.

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World Wrestling League Presents: Smackdown
March 26, 2004
From Phillips, Arena, Atlanta, Georgia

The show opens with a quick welcome and a video package recapping the chaos that ensued at the end of the previous Smackdown. Tonight, AJ Styles and JBL will battle in the Main Event, and Rob Van Dam will issue a challenge to Brock Lesnar.

Mark Henry makes an entrance, joining Hiroshi Tanahashi who is already in the ring.

Singles Match
Mark Henry vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

It becomes apparent early that Tanahashi’s unorthodox style and powerful kicks will ask questions of the strongest man in the world, Mark Henry. However, Henry powerfully dominates the match from time to time, decimating Tanahashi. The sensation from Japan refuses to quit, and this is frustrating to Henry. The end comes after Tanahashi nails a particularly deadly barrage of kicks. Henry is angered, gripping him around the throat and choking him in the corner. The official is forced to disqualify a deranged Henry who will not break the choke.

Winner via DQ: Hiroshi Tanahashi (7:15)

Henry throws him by the neck out of the ring and pursues him up the entrance ramp. Tanahashi fights back with kicks and fists, doing all he can to stave off the giant. Henry finally slams him on the ground and immobilizes him. Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam on the entrance ramp steel before exiting confidently. There is a commercial break.

We see video of both JBL arriving at the arena in his stretch limousine, joined by Orlando Jordan and The Basham Brothers, and A.J. Styles backstage with Christopher Daniels and Rhino, getting pumped for the main event tonight.

William Regal enters the ring and says he has been embarrassed by Booker T because the United States Champion doesn’t represent Smackdown well. Regal accuses him of avoiding challengers and using charity as an excuse not to wrestle. Regal says he wants to issue a challenge tonight and if the United States Champion has any character he will answer it. Regal says he wants to wrestle Booker for the United States Championship at Backlash.

Booker appears and looks fired up. In the ring, Booker says he will address the fans first and Regal later. Booker says the work he does means a lot to him, as does being the United States Champion. Booker says he is at a point in his career where it is good to give back. Booker says that as for Regal, he’ll receive an answer to his challenge soon. Regal asks when that will be, and Booker immediately kicks him in the gut before scoring with a big Book End.

With Regal down in the ring, Booker says, “Challenge accepted, sucker.” Before leaving, his United States Championship in toe.

Backstage, RVD is standing by with Jeremy Borash. RVD says that he knows what Lesnar thinks about him and his reign as the World Heavyweight Champion. Lesnar wanted to fight and ended up tied up in the ring ropes like a jackass, but that still hasn’t kept him from criticizing and belittling all week. RVD says that what he needs at Backlash isn’t a victory, but a statement. RVD says he is going to prove at Backlash the type of competitor that he is and leave no doubt in Lesnar’s mind or anyone else’s that WrestleMania 20 was not a fluke. So not only will there be a rematch, but it will be under the most grueling and competitive of circumstances. His challenge is a match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash, only this time, there will be No Holds Barred.

As commercial break begins, the announcing trio erupts in speculation as to how the match would unfold.

Jerry Lynn and Nunzio are already in the ring, and upon returning from the break, Petey Williams and Eric Young make their entrance as well.

X-Division Tag-Team Match
Petey Williams(c) & Eric Young vs. Jerry Lynn & Nunzio

The match sees an experienced tag-team wrestle an impromptu combination in Lynn and Nunzio, but the action is still very fast paced and competitive. The finale comes when Lynn springboards off the top towards Young who steps aside. Young makes a quick tag to Williams before nailing Lynn with a running dropkick off the ropes. Lynn staggers backwards, and Williams pulls the trigger on the Canadian Destroyer.

Winners: Petey Williams(c) & Eric Young (7:10)

Backstage, Brock Lesnar is standing in a press conference like area, with three to four reporters, including Jeremy Borash listening in. Lesnar says he heard the World Heavyweight Champion’s challenge, and he has a response. Lesnar doesn’t think RVD truly knows what he asked for. Lesnar says he has destroyed and crippled Kurt Angle, left the Undertaker a bloody mess and put The Rock through a table. Lesnar says he won’t forget about last week, being attacked from behind by “Layfield’s bitches” but for now he has more important matters to address. Lesnar says he doesn’t fear the hardcore gimmicks and RVD is in over his head. Lesnar says the champion won’t be making a statement but will be ending his world title reign and possible his career. Lesnar says he will do everything in his power not only to beat RVD, but to hurt RVD. At Backlash, people will see why Brock Lesnar is the Next Big Thing.

The announcers speculate about the Smackdown Backlash main event when Edge is seen backstage with Lita. Edge seems frustrated and says things are not looking good but Christian and Tomko walk in. Tomko apologizes about the boot and Edge says he should aim for the other team next time. Christian says he knows things haven’t been the smoothest lately but the two of them are going to make things right at Backlash. Not only will there be a rematch for the WWE Championship, but there will be a rematch for the WWE Tag-Team Championships as well. Christian says word is down from Jim Cornette, and at Backlash, they are going to deal with Benjamin and Haas once and for all. Edge says that once Backlash is over, there will be a brighter day and they will be headed in the right direction. Christian leaves, obviously pleased with himself as a commercial break begins.

JBL makes his entrance, as the announcers remind us that Jordan and The Bashams have been banned from ringside and there is to be no interference by any party in the match tonight.

Main Event – Singles Match
JBL vs. AJ Styles

The two slap one another to begin the match and this sets the tone for a very vicious, aggressive contest. JBL draws blood from The Phenominal One when he sends Styles into the ring post on the outside. The finale comes after Styles ducks a Clothesline From Hell and comes back with a Pele Kick. He tries a Styles Clash but JBL gets a boot up. Both men recover and JBL sends Styles into the referee. JBL sees an opportunity and heads to the outside to grab his briefcase. JBL swings it at Styles outside of the ring, but Styles ducks and connects with another Pele Kick. He rolls JBL into the ring, heads to the top, and this time is able to deliver the Styles Clash for the victory.

Winner: AJ Styles (14:32)

Styles celebrates in the ring, as JBL clutches his briefcase while furiously pacing up the entrance ramp. Styles gets a mic and says the wrong man won that briefcase at WrestleMania and that JBL isn’t a champion anyone could be proud of. Styles says he pinned JBL tonight and will do it again at Backlash except this time his pin will win him the Money in the Bank briefcase from JBL.
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