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This is the thread of the best damn fan fic federation in the biz.

World Wrestling League Roster

- Heavyweights -
Bret “The Hitman” Hart
“The Macho Man” Randy Savage
“The Franchise” Shane Douglas
Mike Awesome
Sid Vicious
Diamond Dallas Page
“Bad Ass” Billy Gunn
Scott Hall
Steve Corino
Ken Shamrock
Rick Steiner
Buff Bagwell
Tank Abbott
Justin Credible

- Tag-Teams -
Lex Luger & Vader
Nasty Boys(Knobbs/Saggs)
Doring & Roadkill
Christian York & Joey Matthews
The Baldies(Angel/Devito)
Chirs Chetti & Nova

- Lightweights -
Jushin Liger
Chris Candido
Evan Karagous
Mikey Whipwreck
Super Crazy
Juvitude Guerrera
Kid Kaos
Brian Lawler
Air Parris

Ryan Shamrock
Miss Elizabeth
Tammy Lynn Sytch
Pamela Palshock
Stacy Carter

Current Champions

World Wrestling League Champion: Bret Hart(2/2/03)

WWL International Champion: Diamond Dallas Page(2/3/03)

WWL North American Champion: Ken Shamrock(2/2/03)

WWL Lightweight Champion: X-Pac(2/2/03)

WWL Tag-Team Champions: Kronik(2/2/03)

Check back every Tuesday for the results to the Monday Explosion show. Also the first few results posted will be the results from over the past couple of weeks to get you the fans caught up with the WWL.
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WWL Explosion

Pyro goes off and "Boom" by POD hits. Tony Shavanie and Bobby Heenan are the announcers and welcome us to the first broadcast of Explosion, which will be live every week at 8 P.M. et.

Ring announcer David Penser tells everyone to welcome the WWL commissioner, "Wreck" hits and out comes wrestling legend MICK FOLEY! He grabs the mic and says its great to be here in Miami, FL. He announces the matches for the card tonight and the matches for the ppv. He says that the finals of the WWL title tournament will be decided in an IRON MAN MATCH! He says enjoy the show, and HAVE A NICE DAY!

Match 1
Qualifying Match for Triple Threat Match for WWL North American Championship
Rick Steiner vs. Buff Bagwell

Finish- Rick Steiner went for the DVD, but Buff reversed it into a roll-up for a suprise 3 count!

Winner: Buff Bagwell by pinfall

Match 2
Qualifying Match for Triple Threat Match for WWL North American Championship
Ken Shamrock vs. Tank Abbott

Finish- After the ref was accidentally knocked out by Abbott, a masked man ran out and hit Tank with a stiff kick. The ref came to and declared Shamrock winner after Abbott could not respond as Ken had the ankle lock on.

Winner: Ken Shamrock by submission

Match 3
Qualifying Match for Triple Threat Match for WWL North American Championship
Steve Corino vs. Justin Credible

Finish- As the ref was trying to get rid of Corino's partner Candido, Credible's partner X-Pac ran in and hit Corino with an X-Factor. Credible then hit Thats Incredible on Corino for the 3 count!

Winner: Justin Credible by pinfall

Match 4
WWL Tag-Team Championship Tournament
Sting and The Ultimate Warrior vs. The Nasty Boys

Finish- Jerry Saggs hit Warrior with a fire extinguisher as the ref was trying to break up a fight between Sting and Knobbs. The ref came in and made the 3 count before Sting could make the save.

Winners: The Nasty Boys

Match 5
WWL Tag-Team Championship Tournament
Kronik vs. Lex Luger & Vader

Finish- Vader grabbed a chair but Bryan Clarke speared Vader as he held the chair allowing Kronik to get the victory as the distracted ref came back in to make the 3 count.

Winners: Kronik by pinfall

Match 6
WWL Championship Tournament Match
Goldberg vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Finish- After kicking out of the Elbow Drop, Goldberg hit Savage with a spear and jackhammer for the victory. After the match, Savage tried to attack Goldberg with a chair but Goldberg super kicked it right into the Macho Man's face.

Winner: Goldberg by pinfall

Match 7
WWL Championship Tournament Match
Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. The Franchise” Shane Douglas

Finish- After kicking out of the Pittsburgh Plunge, Hart reversed a second attempt into the sharpshooter to make the Franchise tap!

Winner: Bret Hart by submission

--End Show--

Card for WWL Ultimate Beginning

WWL Lightweight Championship Ladder Match
Jushin Liger vs. X-Pac vs. Kaos vs. Super Crazy vs. Mikey Whipwreck vs. Chris Candido

WWL North American Championship
Buff Bagwell vs. Ken Shamrock vs. Justin Credible

WWL Tag-Team Championship Tournament Finals Kronik vs. The Nasty Boyz

Six-Pack Challenge WWL International Championship Match
Mike Awesome vs. Sid Vicious vs. Billy Gunn vs. Scott Hall vs. Sabu vs. Diamond Dallas Page

WWL Championship Tournament Finals
30 Minute Iron Man Match
Goldberg vs. Bret Hart

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WWL Ultimate Beginning
Atlanta, Ga

The show opens with a video montage of the WWL main event.
Pyro goes off as the crowd erupts. "Headstrong" by Taproot plays as the WWL announcers Scott Hudson and Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan welcome everybody.

Vacant WWL Tag-Team Championship
Kronik vs. The Nasty Boys

Finish- Knobbs grabbed a chair and went to hit Adams with it, but Adams kicked it into his face, knocking him out. This allowed Kronik to hit the High Times on Jerry Saggs to win the vacant titles.

Winners and new WWL Tag-Team Champions: Kronik by pinfall

Vacant WWL North American Championship
Ken Shamrock vs. Buff Bagwell vs. Justin Credible

Finish- After hitting Buff with That’s Incredible, Credible went for a superkick on Shamrock, but Shamrock reversed into the ankle lock, which Credible had no choice but to tap out to.

Winner and New WWL North American Champion: Ken Shamrock by submission

Vacant WWL Lightweight Championship Ladder Match
Jushin Liger vs. X-Pac vs. Kid Kaos vs. Super Crazy vs. Mikey Whipwreck vs. Chris Candido

Finish- After Liger and Whipwreck were taken out by Candido chair shots, X-Pac hit Candido with a spin wheel kick that sent Hard Knox into the ladder that Kaos and Super Crazy were on, sending them flying over the top rope and to the arena floor. Candido then bounced off the ladder into a waiting X-Pac, who hit the X-Factor! X-Pac then climbed the ladder and grabbed the belt to become champion.

Winner and new WWL Lightweight Champion: X-Pac

Six-Pac Challenge for the Vacant WWL International Championship(Elimination Rules)
Mike Awesome vs. Sid Vicious vs. Billy Gunn vs. Scott Hall vs. Sabu vs. Diamond Dallas Page

Order of Elimination:
Awesome by count out
Gunn by Vicious after a chokeslam
Sabu by Page after a Diamond Cutter
Page by Hall after a Razor’s Edge
Hall by Vicious after a Sid Powerbomb

Winner and new WWL International Champion: Sid Vicious

Iron Man Match
Vacant WWL Championship
Bret Hart vs. Goldberg

Order of falls:
Goldberg by pinfall after Jackhammer
Hart by submission w/ Sharpshooter
Goldberg by submission w/ leg lock
Goldberg by pinfall after spear
Hart by pinfall w/ a roll-up
Hart by submission w/ cross arm breaker(he applied this after Goldberg speared the ring post)
{time ran out, so the ref ordered the match into overtime}
Hart by submission w/ Sharpshooter

Winner and new WWL Champion: Bret Hart

Goldberg and Hart shake hands as the show ends.

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WWL Explosion
Columbia, South Carolina

Show opens with a video clip from last night’s matches.
WWL intro airs and then the pyro goes off and the show begins. “Boom” by Pod plays as Scott Hudson and Bobby Heenan welcome us to the second edition of WWL Explosion. “Wreck” hits and Mick Foley comes out to a great ovation. He grabs the mic and talks.

Mick Foley: “ Man, it sure does feel great to be right here in Columbia, South Carolina (Crowd Cheers).

He then goes on to say that he was happy with last night’s pay per view, but that he was upset with how the WWL title match went down. He says that because of the interference of Savage, that Goldberg would be receiving a rematch tonight against new champ Bret Hart! He then says that Savage would be barred from ring side. He says that in addition to that match, the Lightweight, North American, and International title would all be on the line. He also says that there would be a #1 contenders match for the Tag-Titles between Luger/Vader and Sting/Warrior. He then says for every to have a nice day.

--Commercial Break—

Match 1
WWL Lightweight Championship
X-Pac (c) vs. Brian Lawler

Finish: Lawler went for the hip-hop drop, but X-Pac moved and then hit the X-Factor for the win.

Winner and still champion: X-Pac

After the match, Chris Candido ran down and laid out X-Pac with a chair.


Match 2
#1 Contenders Match
Ultimate Warrior & Sting vs. Lex Luger & Vader

Finish: Sting hit Luger with the Scorpion Death Drop and had it won when Buff Bagwell ran down and hit Vader in the head with a lex flexor, getting Sting and Warrior DQed. He then whacked Sting and Warrior with it. He then stared down Luger and left.

Winners by DQ: Luger/Vader


Match 3
WWL North American Championship
Ken Shamrock(c) vs. Buff Bagwell

Finish: Bagwell went for the Blockbuster, but Shamrock moved and then applied the Ankle Lock, making Bagwell tap.

Winner by submission: Ken Shamrock


Match 4
WWL International Championship
Sid Vicious(c) vs. Scott Hall vs. Diamond Dallas Page

Finish: Vicious hit a brutal powerbomb on Hall. He then looked to chokeslam Page, but DDP reversed it into the Diamond Cutter! Cover, 1----2----3! New Champion!

Winner and new Champion: Diamond Dallas Page


Main Event
WWL Championship
Bret Hart(C) vs. Goldberg

Finish: Goldberg hit the spear and looked to hit the Jackhammer, when Shane Douglas ran out and hit Goldberg with a chain, getting Hart DQed. He then beat the hell out of Hart with it.

Winner by DQ: Goldberg

After the match, Douglas grabbed a mic and said that he wanted the first shot. Foley comes out and tell him that he can earn a shot at the belt by beating Goldberg in a #1 contenders match next week. Douglas says that he’ll have to beat the unbeatable to get a shot, but that he would.

--End Show--

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WWL Explosion
Charlotte, North Carolina

Show opens with highlights from last week’s matches. Intro play the pyro goes off with POD playing the background. Hudson and Heenan welcome us to the show. They run down the matches for tonight.

Match 1
#1 Contendership to Tag-Team Titles
Doring and Roadkill vs. Da Baldies

Finish: As the 2 teams battled, several tag-teams, including The Nasty Boys, ran down and attacked the two teams, saying that they wanted the next shot.

Winner: No contest

After the match, Foley comes out and says that at the next PPV, there will be a tag-team turmoil match to determine who will get the next shot at the tag belts.


Match 2
Justin Credible & X-Pac vs. Steve Corino & Chris Candido

Finish: As X-Pac and Candido battled on the outside, Credible looked to have the match won after hitting Corino with That’s Incredible Piledriver, but out of nowhere, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko ran in and laid out Credible.

Winners by DQ: Justin Credible & X-Pac

After the match, Candido threw X-Pac into a waiting Corino, who then hit the Old School Plex. All four men continued to assault Credible and X-Pac until Scott Hall ran out. As soon as he got there, Saturn, Corino, Candido, and Malenko all cleared the ring.


Match 3
Scott Hall vs. Mike Awesome

Finish: Hall hits the Razor’s Edge and goes for the cover, but Saturn, Malenko, Corino, and Candido all come out again and attack Hall, leading to the DQ victory for Hall.

Winner by DQ: Scott Hall

After the match, Credible and X-Pac run down and chase off this stable.


They come back and X-Pac is seen in Foley’s office. He tell Foley that he wants a rematch next week between himself & Credible against Corino & Candido. Foley tells him that that can’t happen because Credible is scheduled in a #1 contenders match for a shot at the North American Championship and that he can’t put Hall in his place because he’s in a match for a shot at the International title. Foley tells him that he can pick a partner and face Malenko and Saturn next week. X-Pac says ok and leaves.

Match 4
WWL Tag-Team Championship
Kronik(c) vs. Lex Luger & Vader

Finish: After the ref was knocked out, Kronik had the match won after hitting Luger with the High Times. Out of nowhere, Buff Bagwell came out and nailed Vader in the arm with the lex flexor. He then knocked out Brian Adams with it. Clarke knocked Bagwell over the top rope and went to battle him on the outside. Luger rolled over onto a laid out Adams and the groggy ref made the count, 1-2-3! New Champions!

Winners and New Tag-Team Champions: Lex Luger & Vader

After the match, Luger celebrated, but Vader looked as if he was severely hurt from that lex flexor shot from the man that helped this tandem win the belts.


Match 5
# 1 Contenders Match
Goldberg vs. Shane Douglas w/ Sable

Finish: Goldberg had it won after hitting the Jack Hammer, but Sable got up on the apron and distracted the ref. Randy Savage ran in and hit Goldberg in the face with a baseball bat. He then pulled Douglas on top of Goldberg and left. The ref turned around and made the count, 1---2---3! Douglas is the #1 contender.

Winner: Shane Douglas


Main Event
Bret Hart & Diamond Dallas Page vs. Sid Vicious & Randy Savage

Finish: DDP and Vicious battled to the back as Savage pulled out a set of brass knux and hit Hart in the head. He then went up top to hit the elbow drop, but Goldberg ran down and shoved him off. Hart then applied the sharpshooter. The ref, who had been distracted by the battle between Page and Vicious, turned around in time to see Savage tapping.

Winners: Bret Hart & Diamond Dallas Page

After the match, Shane Douglas came out and laid out Hart with a chain. He then hit the Pittsburgh Plunge on Hart and made a fake 3 count. He grabbed a mike and said that this is exactly what’s gonna happen at the PPV.

--End of Show--

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WWL Explosion
Richmond, Virginia

Video clip of last weeks happening airs. The WWL intro is showed. Pyro goes off with “Boom” playing in the background. Hudson and Heenan welcome us to the show. Then “Wreck” hits and out comes Mick Foley to a thunderous ovation. He says that the next WWL PPV will be a WWL only PPV, as will the rest of the PPVs. He announces that it will be on Sunday, March 2 and will be called Uprising. He announces 2 matches. Because of Shane Douglas winning the # 1 contendership last week, it will be Bret Hart vs. Shane Douglas at Uprising. Also, because of event between Goldberg and Randy Savage, he says that they will do battle as well. He announces that the main event tonight will be a preview of Uprising, with Bret Hart teaming with Goldberg to meet the team of Shane Douglas and Randy Savage. He tells everyone to enjoy the show and to have a nice day.


They show what went down between Hall/Credible/X-Pac and Candido/Corino/Malenko/Saturn last week.
X-Pac comes out to a great ovation. He announces that his partner is Rush! Rush then comes out to a good ovation.

Match 1
X-Pac & Rush vs. The Radicalz(Malenko/Saturn)

Finish: X-Pac had Malenko beat with the X-Factor, when Corino then ran out and distracted the ref as Candido sneaked in and hit X-Pac with the Lightweight title. Malenko then covered X-Pac for the victory as Rush battle Saturn on the outside.

Winners: The Radicalz

They continued to attack X-Pac and Rush until Credible and Hall ran out and chased them off.


Match 2
# 1 Contendership to North American Championship
Tank Abbott vs. Justin Credible

Finish: Credible hit Abbott with a super kick, but Corino ran out and distracted the ref. Credible grabbed Corino and threw him in the ring. As the ref was trying to get Corino out of the ring, Abbott pulled out brass knuckles and knocked Credible out. Corino left and the ref turned around to make the 3 count.

Winner: Tank Abbott

After the match, Abbott continued to beat the hell out of Credible until the masked man that had attacked Abbott on the first show returned and hit him with another stiff kick.


They come back and Scott Hudson says that because of the attack suffered by Vader last week at the hand of Buff Bagwell, Vader had suffered a broken arm and would not be able to compete for 6 weeks. He said that because of this, Luger and Vader were stripped of their titles and that the Tag-Team Turmoil match announced last week that was going to be for a shot at the titles, will now be for the titles and that Luger was entered in it with the choice of his partner.

Match 4
Buff Bagwell vs. Ultimate Warrior

Finish: Bagwell went for the Blockbuster, but Warrior caught him and hit a brutal press slam. He followed that up with a running splash for the victory and revenge from 2 weeks ago.

Winner: Ultimate Warrior

After the match, Lex Luger and Vader, who was in a sling came down. Luger had a chair and looked as if he was going to hit Bagwell with it, but he turned around and hit Vader with it! He and Buff then kicked at the arm of Vader. They put Vader’s arm in the chair and stomped on it. Luger grabbed a mic and says that since he had a choice of who he could pick for the Tag-Team Turmoil match, he will team with Buff. He said that he was tired of carrying Vader fat ass in that tag-team, so he formed one with Buff. He says that he had Bagwell take out Vader. He was going to defend the titles with Buff, but since Foley stripped him of the titles, they would have to gain them back, which they claimed would be easier than kicking Foley’s big ass.


Foley stops Bagwell and Luger and tell them that since they think so much of the other teams, that they would have no problem being the first team to wrestle in that match. He also says that they will have to defeat 8 teams to beat to gain the title, but for them that should be no trouble. He says that the first team they face will be a team that Luger has had a history with, but that they would have to wait to find out whom. He says that 2 legendary teams will debut at Uprising, but that the whole world would have to wait to find out who.

Match 4
6 way Elimination match for # 1 Contendership to International Championship
Sid Vicious vs. Mike Awesome vs. Scott Hall vs. Sabu vs. Billy Gunn vs. Sting

Sting and Vicious eliminated each other by count out as they brutally battled to the back.
Hall eliminated Sabu with a Razor’s Edge.
Awesome eliminated Gunn with an Awesome Bomb.
Awesome eliminated Hall with an Awesome Bomb after Corino ran out and hit Hall with a super kick.

Winner: Mike Awesome


They come back and Hall, Credible, Rush, and X-Pac are in Foley’s office demanding a match with Malenko, Saturn, Corino, and Candido at Uprising. He said that he would make a 6-Man tag-team match between Hall/Credible/Rush against Corino/Saturn/Malenko. He said that X-Pac would be defending his Lightweight Title at Uprising in a 4-way elimination match. He says that the opponents will be determined next week in a 6-Man tag match, where the winning team becomes the other 3 competitors in the title match.

Main Event
Bret Hart & Goldberg vs. Randy Savage & Shane Douglas w/ Sable

Finish: As Savage and Goldberg battled on the outside, Douglas pulled out a chain and was gonna nail Hart with it, but the Hitman ducked and applied the Sharpshooter to which Douglas had to tap to.

Winners: Bret Hart & Goldberg

After the match, Hart grabbed a mic and said that Douglas would not pin him at Uprising. He says that he will be in the middle of the ring tapping his damn guts out.

---End Show---

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WWL Explosion
Charleston, West Virginia

Video of what all happened last week is aired. The intro is shown then the pyro go off and “Boom” hits.
Hudson and Heenan welcome us to the show and say that there have been 6 matches signed for this Sunday, but that at least one more is gonna be signed tonight.

Match 1
6-Man Tag match (winning team becomes the other 3 competitors in the 4-Way elimination match for Lightweight Championship at Uprising)
Chris Candido, Jushin Liger, & Kaos vs. Mikey Whipwreck, Super Crazy, & Juvitude Guerrera

Finish: Candido pulled out a chain and knocked out Whipwreck with it. He then pins him to move on to the elimination match.

Winners: Chris Candido, Jushin Liger, Kaos vs. Juvitude, Super Crazy, Mikey Whipwreck

After the match, Candido knocked out Kaos and Liger with the chain.


X-Pac & Justin Credible vs. The Radicalz(Saturn/Malenko)

Finish: Justin Credible hit Saturn with That’s Incredible but Corino ran out and hit Credible with a superkick, as the ref was distracted trying to break up a fight between X-Pac and Dean Malenko on the outside. Saturn then covered Credible for the victory.

Winners: The Radicalz


Match 3
Kronik vs. Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell

Finish: Bagwell nailed Brian Adams with the lex flexor as Kronik had Luger set up for the High Times. This gave Kronik a DQ victory.

Winners by DQ: Kronik

After the match, Luger and Bagwell continued to assault Kronik. Then other teams involved in the Tag-Team Turmoil match ran out and an all out brawl began.


Sting is shown with Mick Foley in the back. He says that he wants Sid Vicious tonight. Foley says that he will give Sting that match, but would rather save it for Uprising. He says that they’ll have a preview of that match tonight. He says that they will have a 6-man tag-team match between the team of Bret Hart, Goldberg, and Sting against the team of Shane Douglas, Randy Savage, and Sid Vicious.

Match 4
Scott Hall & Diamond Dallas Page vs. Steve Corino & Mike Awesome

Finish: Mike Awesome looked to powerbomb Hall but DDP kicked Awesome and hit the Diamond Cutter! Hall then covered Awesome to gain the victory as Page held back Corino.

Winners: Scott Hall & Diamond Dallas Page

After the match, Corino attacked Hall, prompting X-Pac, Credible and Rush to all come out. They were followed by Malenko, Saturn, and Candido. This became an all out brawl as they all battled to the back. This left Page and Awesome at ringside. Awesome grabbed the mic and told Page to come in the ring. He said that he wanted to congratulate DDP on the victory. As Page comes in, Awesome attacks him. He bashes Page over the head with the mic and then goes outside and gets a table. He sets it up and went to powerbomb Page through it, but Kimberly, DDP’s wife, comes out and begs Awesome not to do it. He lets Page go and tells her that he won’t put Page through the table. Awesome went to leave as Kimberly checked on DDP, but Awesome come back in and Powerbombed Kimberly through the table! As Awesome left Page, hurried to his wife’s aid.


As they come back, Kimberly is being put on a stretcher, as Page looks on concerned. Awesome is shown backstage. Mick Foley comes up to him and tells him that it takes a real asshole to put a woman through a table. He tells Awesome that because of what he just did, he’s gonna give DDP any match that he wants for this Sunday. He’s says that Awesome won’t know until Sunday.

Main Event
Bret Hart, Sting, & Goldberg vs. Shane Douglas (w/Sable), Sid Vicious, & Randy Savage

Finish: Goldberg and Savage battled to the back. As Vicious and Sting battled on the outside, Sable slid a led pipe to Douglas. She then got up on the apron to distract the ref. Hart then tripped up Douglas and went to apply the sharpshooter, but Douglas hit Hart with the pipe. He then hit the Franchiser and covered Hart for the 123!

Winners: Shane Douglas, Sid Vicious, & Randy Savage

After the match, Douglas grabs a mic and says that he will win the WWL title this Sunday whether anybody likes it or not.

---End Show---

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WWL Uprising PPV
Washington, D.C

Pyro goes off and the massive crown erupts. "I Disappear" by Metallica plays in the back ground. Scott Hudson and Bobby Hennan are the announcers and welcome us to the show. They talk a little about the main event and then they send to ring announcer David Penzer.

4-Way Elimination Match
~WWL Lightweight Championship~
X-Pac(c) vs. Chris Candido vs. Kaos vs. Jushin Liger

X-Pac comes out to a great ovation. Candido is met with a chorus of boos. Kaos gets a small amount of cheers. Liger is cheered as well. The match stars out with X-Pac going after Candido and Liger and Kaos pairing off. X-Pac fights Candido to the outside and throws him into the barricade. In the ring, Kaos hits Liger with right hand and hits a brutal dropkick. He goes for the cover, but only gets 2. X-Pac continues to beat the hell out of Candido on the outside, throwing him into the announce table. He then X-Factored Candido threw the table! In the ring, Liger fights back with a few kicks and hits a hurricurana for a 2 count on Kaos.
X-Pac comes in and double-teams Kaos with Liger. They hit a double suplex on Kaos and Liger hits a 450 splash! X-Pac then hits the X-Factor on Liger! Cover, 1----2----3! Liger Eliminated.
X-Pac then goes for the cover on Kaos, but only gets 2. Candido starts to move on the outside and X-Pac goes to greet him with a few kicks. He then throws Candido in the ringand goes for the cover, but only gets 2. X-Pac then dropkicks Kaos out of the ring and hits the Bronco Buster on Candido in the corner. He picks Candido up and hits the X-Factor! Cover, 1----2----no, Saturn runs down and pulls out the ref. Steve Corino comes from the crowd and hits a superkick on X-Pac. Candido then covers X-Pac as the ref comes back in, 1---2---3! X-Pac eliminated! There will now definately be a new champion. X-Pac then gets up and goes running after Corino. Candido pulls out a chain and goes to knock out Kaos with it, but Kaos blocked it and hit a snap suplex. He goes up top for a splash, but Saturn, who was still on the outside grabbed his leg. Candido punches him and hits a superplex. Saturn then gets on the apron and distracts the ref as Candido got thje chain and this time connected with a blow across Kaos's face. X-Pac then comes back out and hits Candido with another X-Factor as Saturn still had the ref distracted! X-Pac goes after Saturn as Kaos covers Candido, 1----2----3! Candido eliminated. Kaos is the new champion!

Winner and new WWL Lightweight Champion: Kaos

They then go to the back where Randy Savage is talking with Sid Vicious. Savage tell him that he has his back against Sting and that the Plan (whatever that is) will be inforced tonight.

They take in back to Penzer for the next match

Sid Vicious vs. Sting

"Seek and Destroy" by Metallica hits and out comes Sting to a thunderous ovation. Sid's music hits and he gets booed out of the building. Sting goes right after Sid with right ahnds and hits a dropkick, sending Vicious to the outside. Sting folloes and throw Sid into the barricade. He tries to throw the big man into the steel step, but Sid reversed and sends the Stinger crashing into the steel post. Vicious throw Sting into the ring and goes for a cover, but only gets 2. Vicious the hits several power moves that had the Stinger reeling. Vicious then hit a brutal side slam for a 2 count. he hits a powerslam for another 2. He then applies a camel clutch, trying to make Sting submit. Vicous had him in it for a minute or 2 and it seemed as if the Stinger was out. The ref raises Sting's hand, 1. He raises it again, 2. he raises it a third time but this time Sting keeps his arm up and tries to get up. He tries to pick Vicious up, but Sid lets the hold go and hits Sting in the back, followed by a belly to back suplex. He goes for the cover, but again only gets 2. Sid applies a bear hug to Sting. This, like the camel clutch, seemingly had Sting on the verge of being out. The ref raises his hands 2 times and like before Sting awakes. He hits Sid with an elbow and headbutts the big man. He then begins to battle back. Hitting several right hand. He kicked Sid and hits a face crusher on him. He goes up top for a splash and nails it. Cover, 1---2---no, Sid out at 2. Sting whips Sid into the corner and hits a Stinger Splash! He goes back and hits another! He then hits a third Stinger Splash that knocked the big man down. He then applied the Scorpian Death Lock. Sid then fought his way to the ropes. Sting then went for another Stinger Splash, but Sid caught him by the throat and hit the chokeslam! Cover, 1----2----no! Sting kicked out. Sid then set Sting up for the Powerbomb. Sting reverses it into another Scorpian. He had Sid in the middle of the ring. Sid powered out of it sending Sting into the ref. Sting then hit a Scorpian Death Drop and applied the Death lock again! Ot of nowhere Elizabeth came down and mased Sting in the eyes. Sid got up and hit another chokeslam. Cover, 1-----2-----3! Sid wins thanks to Macho Man's valet.

Winner: Sid Vicious

Macho is shown very happy as he looks on.

They then show the match where Abbott became the number 1 contender to the North American Championship.

They go back to Penzer for Shamrock vs. Abbott.

WWL North American Championship
Ken Shamrock (c) vs. Tank Abbott

This contest, which was a rematch from the North American title tournament, was a relatively short one, but a brutal one, nonetheless. Shamrock comes out to a good ovation. Abbott as always is booed. Shamrock started this match off with rights and lefts, followed by a spin-wheel kick. Shamrock went to work on the arm of Shamrock, first by kicking the arm, then by applying a painful cross arm breaker. Tank managed to get out of it. Shamrock tripped Tank up and went for the ankle lock, but Abbott got to the ropes. Shamrock refused to break it until the ref got to the 5 count. The ref finally got the World’s Most Dangerous Man off of Tank, but this allowed Abbott to recover and nail Shamrock in the back of the head with a brutal right hand. Tank then went for the cover, 1----2---no, Shamrock kicked out, preventing the cheap win for Abbott. Abbott got in a mount position on Shamrock and laid into him with vicious rights. Out of nowhere, though, Shamrock reversed it into an armbar then switched and applied the Ankle Lock! Abbott rolled over and pushed Shamrock into the ref, knocking the official out. As Shamrock attempted to wake the official, Abbott pulled out brass knuckles and hit cheap punch to the back of the head of Shamrock. He then mounted Shamrock again, this time punishing the North American champ with the knux. Then the masked man that has attacked Abbott over the last month ran out with a chair and clobbered Tank with it. He then grabbed the knux and busted Abbott up with them. Shamrock then made it to his feet and the man popped Shamrock with them. the man left the ring and Abbott somehow rolls on top of Shamrock. The ref wakes and counts, 1-------2------3! Abbott win the title!

Winner and new WWL North American Champion: Tank Abbott

After the match, the masked man came back in and hit a stiff kick on Abbott. He then stood over Abbott and Shamrock and took his mask off, revealing that it was Tito Ortiz! The former UFC champion has invaded the WWL and left two of the world’s best fighters laid out.

They then go to the back where Scott Hall, Justin Credible, and Rush are being interviewed by Pamela Palshock. They say that tonight, they are gonna get pay back on those assholes. X-Pac comes up and says that he will watch their backs if Hard Bitch Chris Candido decides to join the party.

Six-Man Tag-Team Match
Scott Hall, Justin Credible, and Rush vs.
Steve Corino, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn

The Clique came out to a great ovation. Scott Hall starts it off with Perry Saturn. Hall kicks Saturn in the gut and then proceeds to jack the jaw of Saturn, he whips Saturn into the ropes and caught him with a brutal clothesline. He covered Saturn but only got 2. He then hit a belly to back suplex on Perry and went and tagged in Justin Credible. Credible worked over Saturn with kicks to the chest. Credible looked as if he was gonna try to put Saturn away early as he set him up for the superkick, but Corino nailed Credible from behind. Saturn used this opportunity to tag in Malenko. Malenko then went to work on the injured ankle of Credible. He applied a leg lock to soften him up even more. Malenko then tagged in Corino, who continued to work on the ankle of Credible. Corino applied a single leg crab. Credible was on the verge of tapping when Hall came in and broke it up. Credible looked to use this chance to make a tag, but Saturn was tagged in and prevented the tag. Saturn then hit the DVD! Cover, 1----2---no, Hall breaks it up. The corners then cleared and we have an all out brawl. Rush and Malenko battle to the outside as Hall clotheslines Corino over the top rope and hit Saturn with the Razor’s Edge! He then went to wait for a tag from Credible. Credible crawls over and makes the tag! Hall comes in and cleans house again. He hits a fallaway slam on Saturn and goes for the cover, but Malenko breaks it up. Hall tags in Rush, who hits Saturn with a cross body off the top. He hits Corino with a big foot, then clotheslines the hell out of Malenko. He then hits Saturn with a powerbomb! 1-----2-----no, Candido came down and pulled Rush off of him. In comes X-Pac who goes after Candido. In all the confusion, Corino hits Rush with the superkick. Malenko then covers Rush, 1----2----3! Malenko, Saturn, and Corino win!

Winners: Steve Corino, Dean Malenko, & Perry Saturn

After the match, Hall, Rush, and Credible attack the winning team. Hall hits the Razor's Edge on Corino. Then Credible superkicks Malenko, then superkicks Saturn into another Rush powerbomb. Hall, Rush, and Credible leave with Malenko, Saturn, and Corino all knocked out. X-Pac is shown chasing Candido backstage. Candido jumps in his car and speeds off. X-Pac looks pissed.

DDP is shown being interviewed by Pamela Palshock backstage. He says that he is gonna beat Mike Awesome's woman beating ass all over. D.C. He then says that since Awesome made it where kimberly had to leave on a stretcher, that he was gonna repay Awesome by sending him to the hospital in a stretcher. He says that the match is gonna be a stretcher match!

They show the clip from Monday where Awesome powerbombed kimberly through the table.

Stretcher match
~WWL International Championship~
Diamond Dallas Page(c) vs. Mike Awesome

The rules of this stretcher match state that whomever gets the fall can legally beat their opponent until they have to be put on a stretcher. DDP lookes to not only defend his conveted International title but to gain some revenge for Kimberly. Page started things of with right hands to Awesome. Page spunaround and nailed the Career killer with a spinning lariat. Page kicked at Awesome, then picked him up and whipped him into the ropes and went for a clothesline. but Awesome ducked and turned around and hit Page with one. Awesome then began to work on the back of page. Awesome hit Page with forarms to the back. He then hit a vicious back breaker on Page, followed by cover for a 2 count. He then hit page with a brutal german sulpex and went for a cover but only got 2. He then hit another and followed it up with a standing splash. He goes up top and hits a big frog splash! Cover, 1-----2----no, Page kicked out. Awesome goes for another, but this time Page rolled out of the way. page went right for the Diamond Cutter, but Awesome hit a low blow. He then dragged Page into the corner and went for the Awesome Bomb, but Page wiggles free and connects with a jawbreaker. He then goes up top and connects with a flying clothesline. He goes for the cover, but only gets 2. He hits a falling powerbomb for another 2. Page signals for the Diamond Cutter, but Awesome gets up and kicks Page in the gut and hits the Awesome Bomb! Cover, 1-----2-----no, kickout. Awesome can't believe it. He goes for another but Page reverses and hits the Diamond Cutter! Cover, 1----2----kickout by Awesome! Then Kimberly come out with a neckbrace on. Page tell her to go to the back, but she says she want to watch Page finish Awesome. Awesome sneaks out and grabbs a chair and swings and misses and almost hits Kimberly. Page fires into Awesome with right hands. Page throws him into the ring and goes to hit another Diamond Cutter, but Awesome reverses it into a back suplex. Kimberly slides in with the chair that Awesome dropped. She had a pissed off look on her fase as she took off the neck brace and looked as if whe was gonna hit Awesome with it as him and page got up, but she turned and hit DDP with it! Awesome then hit the Awesome bomb and covered Page for the 3! Awesome wins the International title! Kimberly then got a table out for Awesome. She set it up. Awesome then threw page from the ring through the table! Awesome then put Page onto the stretcher and the EMT's wheeld him out. Kimberly then kissed Awesome as they headed to the back together.

Macho is back stage talking with Vicious telling hin that it was time for the Plan. Savage then heads to the ring with Elizabeth.

A video clip of how Goldberg and Savage became bitter enemies is aired.

Goldberg vs. Randy Savage

Goldberg out to a thunderous ovation. Nothing but boos for Savage. Savage hit Goldberg from behind, then followed that up with right hands and went for a clothesline but Goldberg ducked and caught Savage with a powerslam. Goldberg completely dominated after that. Goldberg hit Savage with a half-nelson slam, then picked him up and hit a Gorilla Press Slam. Goldberg threw Savage up against the ropes and hit him with a devastating back kick that seemed to have Macho Man knocked out. Out of nowhere, though, Sid Vicious ran out and distracted the ref. Goldberg knocked Vicious off the apron. Svage, though, pulled out a chain and hit Goldberg across the face with it. He goes up top and connects with the Elbow Drop! Cover, 1----2---no! Goldberg kicked out. Vicious tried to intervene again, but Sting ran down and fought off Vicious. Savage goes to hit Goldberg with the chain again, but Goldberg ducks and hits the spear! He picks up Savage and hits the Jackhammer! Cover, 1----2-----3! Goldberg gets his revenge!

Winner: Goldberg

They show a video clip of how the tag-title match came to be.

Tag-Team Turmoil
~Vacant WWL Tag-Team Championship~

Luger and Bagwell come out to booes. Then "Iron Man" by Ozzy Osbourne hits and out comes the Road Warriors!

Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell vs. The Road Warriors

The Road Warrior start it off quickly by attacking their counterparts with right hands. Animal is in the ring with Bagwell and hits several power moves. He then tags in hawk who contiues the power assault on Bagwell. He hits a pumphandle slam for a 2 count. He tags back in Animal who hits a top rope powerslam for a 2 count. They set Bagwell up for the Doomsday Device, but Luger comes in and trips up Animal. Bagwell then get the pin with a roll-up by holding the tights.

Winners: Bagwell & Luger

Then, Doring & Roadkill come out.

Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell vs. Doring & Roadkill

The Road Warriors still wanted more, so they attacked Bagwell. Referees come out to get the Warriors out. Luger used this opporatunity to hit Doring in the head with a chair. Bagwell held back Roadkill as Luger applies the Torcher Rack to Doring who taps.

Winners: Bagwell & Luger

York & Matthews then come out.

Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell vs. Christian York & Joey Matthews

The young highfliers trid their bset in this match, but were just overpowered by Luger and Bagwell. York went for a cross body, but Luger caught him and threw him into the Rack, earning another victory for Luger & Bagwell.

Winners: Luger & Bagwell

Kronik is next.

Buff Bagwell & Lex luger vs. Kronik

Kronik looked to have the match won after hitting the High Times on Buff early on, but Luger ran in and nailed Adams in the head with a tag belt. Bagwell then hit the blockbuster for the pinfall.

Winners: Luger & Bagwell

Da Baldies hit the ring.

Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell vs. Da Baldies

After a short battle, Bagwell threw DeVito over the top rope and hit the Blockbuster on Angel for the pinfall.

Winners: Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell

Nasty Boys come out.

Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell vs. The Nasty Boys

The Nasty Boys gave Luger and Bagwell a huge challenge. After a long battle, Knobbs hits a brutal DDT on Luger but Bagwell ran in and hit a low blow on Knobbs. Luger then applied the Rack to gain the victory.

Winners: Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell

They wait for the last team to come out. Out of the crowd comes Demolition! They attack Luger and Bagwell to start this final fall.

Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell vs. Demolition

Ax and Smash double team Bagwell. Luger brings a chair in but Ax punches it into his face. Smash then roll-up Buff, 1----2----3! Demolition wins Tag-Team Turmoil! They're the new Tag Champs!

Winners and new Tag-Team Champions: Demolition

They then show Bret hart being interviewed by Pam. He says that after tonight, there won't be anything left of Douglas.

They then show a video montage of the fued between Dougas and Hart.

~WWL Championship~
Bret Hart(c) vs. Shane Douglas w/ Sable

Hart comes out to a great ovation. Douglas is booed upon entering the arena. Hart wasted no time in attacking the man that had made his life a living hell over the last few weeks. Hart nailed the Franchise with right hands, then hit a back body drop. Hart hit Douglas with several boots to the chest. As Douglas got up, Hart clotheslines him over the top rope. Hart was quick to follow, tossing Douglas into the barricade. Hart followed that up by whipping Douglas into the steel steps. Hart threw Douglas into the ring and went for a cover, but only got a 2 count. Hart then went to work on the knee of Douglas. Hart put a figure-four on Douglas. Out of nowhere, Chris Candido and Steve Corino ran out and attacked Bret Hart. This got Douglas DQed! Then Mick Foley’s music hit, and out came the commish. He ordered Corino and Candido to the back and told the ref to restart the match! This left Douglas at an advantage, since Corino and Candido had beat hart to a pulp. Douglas hit the Hitman with several brutal suplexes, then went for a cover, but only got 2. Douglas began working on the knee of Hart, then he applied a figure-four. Hart was in a lot of pain. Hart was seemingly out, so the ref got down and began to count, 1----2---no, Hart shot back up and reversed it, forcing Douglas to let it go. Hart then began to battle back with clotheslines. He hit a back breaker on Douglas and went to the second rope and hit a diving elbow. He went for the cover but only got 2. Hart then went for a piledriver, but Douglas caught him with a low blow. Douglas followed that up with a Franchiser! The cover, 1-----2-----kickout by Hart! Douglas couldn’t believe it. He then went for the Pittsburgh Plunge, but Hart reversed it into the Sharpshooter! Douglas tried to get to the rope, but Hart pulled him to the center of the ring. Sable then got up on the apron and distracted the ref as Douglas tapped. Hart was furious and went over to tell Sable to leave, but she slapped him. This gave Douglas enough time to recover and hit the Pittsburgh Plunge! 1-----2-----no! Hart out at 2! Douglas was devistated. Sable then got up on the apron as Douglas got a pipe from under the ring. he swung at Hart but Hart ducked and applied the Sharpshooter! He pulled Douglas to the center of the ring. The ref turned around as Douglas tapped out! Bret Hart retains!

Winner and still WWL Champion: Bret Hart

Hart enjoys the victory as they go off the air,

---End Show---

Thanks to everyone that joined us tonight, We hope you enjoyed the show.
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