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WWF Roster

Owner-Vince Mcmahon

Stone Cold Steve Austin-Injured
The Rock
Triple H-WWF Champion
The Undertaker-Injured
Big Show
Mick Foley
Chris Jericho-WWF Intercontinental Champion
Hardcore Holly
Crash Holly
Road Dogg-WWF Tag Champion
Billy Gunn-WWF Tag Champion
Steve Blackman
D-Lo Brown
Mark Henry
The Godfather
Test-WWF Hardcore Champion
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Kurt Angle
Pete Gas
Joey Abs
Taka Michinoku
Al Snow
Prince Albert
The Kat-WWF Womens Champion
Scotty 2 Hotty
Gillberg-Lightweight Champion
Val Venis-European Champion
Shane Mcmahon
Stephanie Mcmahon
Big Boss Man
Al Snow

DX-Triple H, Road Dogg, X-Pac, Billy Gunn

Mcmahon-Helmsley Era-Triple H, Stephanie Mcmahon

Too Cool-Scotty 2 Hotty, Grandmaster Sexay, Rikishi

Mean Street Possey-Joey Abs, Pete Gas, Rodney

Tag Teams
The Holly's- Hardcore and Crash Holly
The Hardyz-Matt and Jeff Hardy
The Dudleys-Buh Buh Ray and D-Von Dudley
E and C-Edge and Christian
The New Age Outlaws-Road Dogg and Billy Gunn
Too Cool- Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay
The Headbangers- Mosh and Thrasher

Royal Rumble 2000 results

Tazz defeated Kurt Angle by Submission

The Hardy Boyz defeated The Dudley Boyz in a Tag-Team Table Match

Mae Young defeated Terri, The Kat, Luna Vachon, Ivory, Barbara Bush & Jacqueline to win the 2001 WWF Royal Rumble Swimsuit Competition

Chris Jericho defeated Chyna & Hardcore Holly in a Triple Threat Match to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship

The New Age Outlaws defeated the Acolytes to retain the WWF Tag-Team Championship

Triple H pinned Cactus Jack in a Street Fight Match to retain the WWF Championship

The Rock last eliminated The Big Show to win the 2000 Royal Rumble

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Looking good. I loved this era so i'm excited. Not sure about starting with Gillberg as Lightweight Champion. Hopefully he will lose it quickly to Taka Michinoku.

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Just so you know, Gillberg was the lightweight champion back then and Triple H was with Dx ans married to Stephanie, I wanted to separate Mcmahon-Helmsley and DX because I never considered Steph part of DX

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Looks good Crimson even though I wasn't the biggest fan of this era. I'll be reading and will try my best to post a review for your first show. I've never actually read your writing before so I'll be looking forward to it, goodluck man.

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this is the greatest era of WWF wrestling, great to see a booker on it.

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January 24, 2000
Rochester, New York​

Pyro goes off and Raw kicks off in Rochester, New York as the crowd stands on their feet cheering for this jam-packed night of excitement

*One Step hits* and Triple H with Stephanie Mcmahon comes out to a mixed reaction, he slowly walks down to the ring with his wife following

JR: Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw, I’m JR along with Jerry “The King” Lawler and right now before anything else we are joined by the reigning World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H, and last night despite all the blood and sweat in that match, Triple H with help from Stephanie Mcmahon Helmsley-

King: Hold on, Hold on, I know what your gonna say “Stephanie helped Triple H keep the title, well let me ask you this, didnt The Rock also interfere earlier in the match as well? Its just Stephanie and Triple H were smarter than The Rock and Mick Foley, Cactus Jack, whatever his name is these days

JR: Yeah well I guess your right there, Triple H defeated Cactus after a hell of an effort last night, my het goes off to both men, but right now Triple H is in the ring, and he “just like always” has something to say.......

After the water routine, Triple H gets in the ring and gets a microphone from the outside, and begins to speak

Triple H: You know, wasnt it just a few weeks ago, that I destroyed Mankind? (crowd boo’s) Yeah, Yeah I think it was. Wasnt it just a few weeks ago that I beat the ever loving hell out of Mankind, I made a fool of him, I made him bleed, I made him pay the price, and ultimately he walked away. THEN, a few weeks later, Mankind returns, only this time, he wasnt here as Mankind, he was here as Cactus Jack,(large Cactus chant starts) and Ill admit, I was scared(crowd cheers) Hell, I wasnt just scared, I feared for my life, I feared that when I stepped into the ring with that man, I would never be the same again. Then comes Royal Rumble, and despit all efforts, chairs, barbed wire, 2x4’s, and everything else, the true man, Mick Foley couldnt get it done, and you know why?( Because Mick Foley is not the man he once was, he wasnt ready to play the game, and ultimately in the end he did what what everyone does when they face me, he choked(large boo’s, followed by “Foley” chants) You people can chant his name, you people can cheer for him, because ultimately he is what he always has been, A WASHED UP, FAT PIECE OF GARBAGE! So Foley, if your listening, you will NEVER get a shot at this world title again, because-

*If ya Smellllllllllllll hits* and The Rock comes out to a huge pop from the crowd, the people get to their feet and cheer him on as he comes out with a microphone already in hand

Crowd: Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky.........

The Rock: Finallllllllly, The Rock has come back, to Rochester, now The Rock was sittin’ out back listening to you run your mouth, talking about playing the game, talking about you whoopin’ Mick Foley’s ass last night and you know what? Yes, you did beat Mick Foley, but there is one thing you vowed that you could not due, after all the pedigrees, after all the barbedwire, you could not keep Mick Foley down! So The Rock wants to know, you think Mick Foley is gone? Is that what you think?

Triple H: Well-

The Rock: IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!..........Because later tonight, live from Rochester, Mick Foley’s gonna be here to whoop your candy ass, BIATCH

Triple H looks nervous but then smiles and begins to speak again

Triple H: You know Rock, you had me there for a minute. I know, you know and all these people know that after last night, Mick Foley wouldnt show his face in this arena. Mick Foley should be ashamed of himself because last night, he continued his long line of failure!(Crowd boo’s) You see deep down you and all these people knew that I was gonna walk out of Royal Rumble, still World Wresling Federation Champion!

The Rock: Whoa, Whoa hold it there, everyone knows, the people, me, you!; That Mick Foley would of kicked your monkey ass if it wasnt for your little 2 dollar princess over there(crowd laughs) thats right, right now we would have a New world heavyweight champion, and speaking of World Heavyweight Champions, come Wrestlemania, me and you, we’re gonna do something, you love to do, we’re gonna play a game, oh yeah, its called Triple H gets his monkey ass kicked all over Anaheim!(Crowd cheers and chants “Rocky, Rocky”)

Stephanie Mcmahon: (Grabs the microphone from Triple H) Thats enough! You think you can-

The Rock: Stephanie, Stephanie, chill. Now thew Rock just wants you to do one thing, just SHUT YOUR MOUTH! (Stephanie gets pissed as the crowd cheers) Now as for tonight, here in this ring, ordered by someone very important, someone who hasnt been around in a long time, MR. VINCE MCMAHON HIMSELF!!!! (Crowd goes wild) Its gonna be Triple H and The Dudley Boys vs The Hardys and The Great One!

The Crowd cheers as The Rock drops his microphone and does the peoples eyebrow, Triple H yells at him and holds his title pointing to it as The Rock stands on the entrance way telling him to “Just Bring it” and motioning toward him

JR: OH MY GAWD!! Later tonight, 6 man tag and Triple H does not look too happy about it, ladies and gentlemen we’ll be right back after this commercial break, just hang on.........


We come back as Test is in the ring, ready to defend his Hardcore Championship, he has the crowd behind him, cheering him on

JR: Welcome back to Raw, what a blockbuster announcement only moments ago, huge 6 man tag match later tonight, Triple H and those damn Dudeys vs The Rock and The Hardy Boys!

King: Yeah, yeah but what about this, Vince Mcmahon is back! Thats a shame because I liked Triple H and Stephanie running the company, but its still surprising.

JR: Your right it is, but Mr. Mcmahon has yet to be seen-

*Big Bossman’s music hits* and he comes out with his nightstick and a trashcan, he comes down to the ring and throws the trashcan in, before sliding in as well

Hardcore Championship
Test vs Big Bossman
The Finish:
A back and fourth match that see’s alot of weapon use, one high spot see’s Test throw a trashcan lid up in the air and Big Boot it into Bossman’s face, the end however comes when Test uses Bossman’s own nightstick, smacking him across the back of the head and covering 1.......2.........3
Winner and still Hardcore Champion: Test

We immediately cut backstage where Kevin Kelly is with Chris Jericho

Kevin Kelly: Chris Jericho, last night you defeated Chyna and Hardcore Holly to become sole owner of the intercontinental championship, now tonight as per Stephanie Mcmahon’s request, you must defend that title against Chyna in a rematch, what are your-

Chris Jericho: Hold it right there Junior, you know I know how Stephanie and Triple H work, they would like nothing more then to see Chris Jericho, the highlight of the night, lose the Intercontinental Championship, and you know why? Because Im a threat to them, they know that when I get bored with this belt, I may just decide to play the game.
Triple H knows that I can have his little title, that he holds so dear, whenever I want it, and it’s just a matter of time before he and that little million dollar hoe-

Kevin Kelly: Chris, your getting off subject, what about your Intercontinental title defense tonight against Chyna?

Chris Jericho: Chyna? I can beat Chyna where the hell were you last night? Partying with the other pillsbury dough boy? Where were you when I wiped the Madisonb Square Garden floor with Chyna, and Hardcore Holly? Huh? Yeah thats what I thought, Hit the bricks Junior!

Kevin Kelly: No,wait......Chris.......I.........

Chris Jericho walks away just ignoring Kevin Kelly

We then cut to the APA walking to the ring, each drinking a beer on the way, as Bradshaw laughs seemingly telling Farooq a story of some sort

JR: Well when we come back, The APA get another shot at the tag team titles against the New Age Outlaws, all that and more, hang on to your seat!

King: Didnt The Outlaws already beat these guys?


JR: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw ladies and Gentlemen, as you can see the Tag Team Champions are already in the ring and here come the APA

King: Gosh I hate these guys, their useless, all they do is sit around and drink beer all day

JR: Yeah well there also two of the toughest superstars in the WWF, and could kick anyones ass, excuse my language, if the time called for it

*APA hits* and Bradshaw and Farooq come out to a nice pop from the crowd, they sprint to the ring and get up on the tunrbuckles as The Outlaws bail, finally everyone gets back in the ring and the bell rings

Tag Team Championship
APA vs The New Age Outlaws
The Finish:
The Match see’s alot of dominance from the APA and a refeeree bump, in the end Bradshaw hits a clothesline from hell to Billy Gunn, but goes over with him. Farooq gets attacked from behind by Road Dogg, Road Dogg whips Farooq into the ropes but gets a big boot on the way back. Farooq goes to make the cover but the referees out, Xpac runs down to the ring and gets in behind Farroq, Farooq turns around into an X factor! Xpac throws Road Dogg onto Farooq and revives the referee, who slowly counts as X Pac bails 1..........2...........3
Winners and still Tag Team Champions: The New Age Oulaws

Bradshaw gets in the ring and checkes on Farooq as Xpac pulls Road Dogg out of the ring, DX goes up the ramp and laugh as Bradshaw challenges them to come back into the ring

JR: Dammit, the APA had the match won, Road Dogg was out cold, damn X Pac!

King: Well the better men won here tonight, JR

JR: Thats bull, you saw Xpac help The New Age Outlaws pick up the win

King: Hold on, Hold on, Its not cheating if the referee doesnt see it

JR: Thats a questionable statement, anyways ladies and gentlemen we’ll be right back

King: What do you mean questionable?

JR: Just what I said.................anyways stay tuned


We come back as we see a limo arriving at the arena, the limo driver gets out and walks over to the passenger side, he opens the door and out steps........Vince Mcmahon!!!!

We automatically cut to the DX lockerroom where Triple H and Stephanie sit with the rest of DX watching a monitor in complete shock

JR: Oh my gawd! Vince Mcmahon has returned tonight, and you gotta believe that he’s gonna try to take his company back

King: I cant believe this, what are Triple H and Stephanie gonna do?!

We cut back to Vince Mcmahon as he walks up to two security guards, who guard the entrance to backstage, standing in front of the door

Vince Mmcahon: Excuse me Gentlemen(Tries to step past the guards)

Security Guard: Sorry sir, by order of Mr. Helmsley, we’re not allowed to let you in the building, or anyone else for that matter

Vince Mcmahon: Do you know just who the hell your talking to? IM VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON DAMMIT!!!!!!!!

Security Guard:
Im sorry sir, your gonna have to leave

Voice: Thats right officers, do your job

Out from behind the guards comes Triple H, who smiles at Vince

Triple H: How you doin’ Vince? Sorry but uh, no fans allowed backstage, and unfortunately that means everyone that doesnt contribute, people like you, but then again, you’ve never really done anything but bitched-

Vince attacks Triple H until the security guards pull him off

Vince Mcmahon: You son of a bitch! Im taking my company back, you hear me?! Im taking my company back!

Triple H: Get him the hell out of here! I dont wanna see his face again tonight or ever for that matter(walks back inside)

We see Mcmahon with anger in his eyes and the security holding him back, saying “Just come on” as he finally gets escorted out of the area and we go to a commercial


JR: Welcome back to Raw ladies and Gentlemen, shocking moments ago as Vince Mcmahon tried to get into the building, the true owner is or should I say was here tonight. I just cant believe Mr. Mcmahon is trying to take back his company from the evil clutches of Stephanie Mcmahon, his own daughter and the WWF champion, Triple H

King: Yeah, well I’ll be nice and not tell Triple H and Stephanie that you just called them evil, and as far as Mr. Mcmahon goes, Triple H and Stephanie are the true owners of this company

JR: Well I think we both know thats not true, however thats your opinion and if you wanna stick with it, go ahead and do so

*5 4 3 2 1 BOOM* hits and Chris Jericho does his usual pose on the stage before turning around and strutting to the ring in cocky fashion, he slides in and poses with the Intercontinental title

*Dont treat me like a woman* hits and Chyna comes out as the crowd cheers her on, she walks to the ring and gets in as Jericho kisses the title to taunt her

Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho vs Chyna
The Finish:
A nice match that see’s offense from both sides, in the end Jericho counters a ddt attempt into the Walls of Jericho and Chyna taps out, having no fight left in her at all after a hell of a performance
Winner and Still Interconinental Champion: Chris Jericho

JR: Jericho retains the title here tonight but you gotta give credit where credit is due and Chyna put up a hell of a fight

King: Yeah, Chris Jericho’s a great athlete but I dont agree with what he said about Triple H earlier tonight, that was out of hand

JR: Oh but the Game taking over WWF by force isnt?! Think about what you say before you say it, your just as sadistic as Mcmahon and Helmsley!

King: Gosh calm down JR.........

JR: No im not gonna calm down, you talk way too much some time and half of it is garbage anyways

We cut backstage where we see Vince Mcmahon still outside arguing with the security guards about letting him inside, they still refuse and he finally gets in limo, telling them that when he’s boss again “they’re Fired”

We then cut Kevin Kelly who’s standing by with Kurt Angle

Kevin Kelly: Kurt Angle-

Kurt Angle: What Kevin Kelly? You wanna know if I can beat Kane? Of course I can beat Kane, that match against Tazz last night was a minor setback, but tonight Im making the big red monster guy tap out!; And you know what? Im gonna enjoy that ALMOST as much as when I finally someday soon get revenge on Tazz for performing what is considered an illegal hold in wrestling standards, a choke, to steal victory from me last night. Let me just say this, Tazz if your listening, enjoy your little victory from last night, because when we get in the ring again, you will tap out.

Kurt Angle walks away as Kevin Kelly looks on

JR: Well for those of you that didnt know, its Kane vs Kurt Angle and its next..........


*Pyro hits* and Kane comes out to a huge pop with Tori behind him, he gets to the ring and rolls in before holding the ropes open for Tori, he then lifts his arms slowly and brings them down hard to set the turnbuckles ablaze

*Medal hits* and Kurt Angle comes out more focused then ever he slides in the ring squats down, in an amateur pose, telling Kane to rush him

Kane w/Tori vs Kurt Angle
The Finish:
A good match that see’s Kane dominate, Angle at one point gets Kane in the ankle lock but Kane gets to the ropes. Later on Angle tries for an ange slam but cant pick Kane up! Angle staggers back and Kane grabs him for a chokeslam but Angle hits a lowblow as the referee argues with Tori. Angle starts to walk away from the match until Tazz runs out and attacks him, he finally puts him in the tazzmission on the entrance ramp
Winner: No Contest

Tazz finally lets go as Angle is completely out cold, Tazz walks up the ramp as Kane and Tori leave, tepping over Angle on the way

JR: Tazz knocks out Angle again! I cant believe this, Tazz is a tough son of a bitch

King: Oh Ive only nown Tazz for two days and I dont like him, he knocked Kurt Angle with a choke, thats an illegal wrestling move, you know that

[Graphic-Next week, Sit down Interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin]

JR: Well there you have it, we have just found out that next week, live from his home in Victoria, Texas we are gonna see a sit down interview with the Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin, I cant wait but right now, hang on as we take our last commercial break before Main Event time here on Monday Night Raw, we’ll be right back.................


JR: Welcome back everyone, to Monday Night Raw and it’s just about main event time here in Rochester, The Rock and The Hradys set to take on Triple H and The Dudleys

King: You know, The Rock had no buisness coming out here and running his mouth off earlier tonight, I really hope he gets whats coming to him from Triple H

JR: Well I guess that we’ll just have to wait and see, I personally would like to see Triple H get whats coming to him from The Great One

King: Yeah well thats not gonna happen, theres a reason why Triple H is the champion, he’s the game, and tonight he’ll prove it again

*One step hits* and Triple H along with Stephanie Mcmahon come out to the entrance way, Triple H spits water and keeps walking, rolling into the ring as Stephanie claps from the outside

*3D hits* and The Dudleys come out to mixed reactions from the crowd, they walk to the ring carrying a table, they set it up on the outside and get in the ring

*Hardys music hits* and The Hardys come out to a nice ovation from the crowd, they sprint to the ring and slide in, taunting the Dudleys

*If ya Smellllllll hits* and The Rock comes out, he does his usual walking around looking at the crowd, before coming to the ring. He gets in and gets on the turnbuckle raising his fist in the air before getting down as the bell rings

6 Man Tag
Triple H and the Dudleys vs The Rock and The Hardy boys
The Finish:
A great match that at one point see’s The Rock and Triple H take it to the outside as The Dudleys knock Matt Hardy out of the ring, Jeff is down as Buh Buh tells D-Von to get the tables!! Dvon goes to the outside and grabs the table but Matt attacks him.

Buh Buh’s distracted as Jeff dropkicks him to the outside, The Hardys brawl with the Dudleys as Triple H and The Rock make their way back into the ring, brawling the whole time. Triple H gets the advantage and goes off the ropes but right into a spinebuster!

The Rock sets up for the peoples elbow, throws his turnbuckle to the crowd and goes off the ropes, but Stephanie gets on the apron, Rock stops and grabs her by the hair arguing with her as Triple H gets up. Triple H turns Rock around for a pedigree and NAILS IT!! All of a Sudden Mick Foleys music hits and he runs to the ring!!

Triple H falls back and pleads with Foley as the referee warns him not to touch Triple H, Stephanie gets in the ring and slaps Foley across the face. Triple H quickly takes advantage and turns Foley around putting him in position for a pedigree but Foley backdrops him! Foley themn attacks Triple H punching away at him as the bell rings
Winners by dq: Triple H and The Dudleys

Foley continues the beating and eventually gets up and pulls out Socko! He then grabs Triple H and locks in the mandible claw as Triple screams in pain. Finally, DX make the save and Foley bails as all four members tend to Triple H, Foley walks up the ramp and holds up Socko as the crowd cheers and JR and King close out the show and we get one last show of Triple in pain, staring endlessly at the sky and Mick Foley on the entrance way smiling a sadistic smile, as he has gotten the better of Triple H on this night.

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HHH/Rock promo - very good start with both parts well written

Test vs Bossman - test retaining is good, as he was half decent at this time

Y2J promo - very good and well written, but wasn't y2j a heel still at the rumble or had he turned face, as he comes across as a face here?

APA vs Outlaws - continuing the feud between them here, and i see the outlaws winning the title at some point.

Vince entrance - very good, i can imagine something like that happening

y2j vs chyna - right decision to let y2j win, as he is above chyna

angle vs kane - decent contest and tazz and angle continuing their feud.

hhh/dudleyz vs rock/hardyz - nice to see you are giving the hardyz and the dudleyz main event exposure. I guess the hhh/foley feud continues, but where does the rock go?

overall, and pretty good show and start to this thread.

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WWE Smackdown
Albany, New York
January 27, 2000​

Pyro goes off and Smackdown kicks off in the New York capitol, Albany! The crowd is on their feet waving signs around that say things like “Triple H<Cactus” and “Choke you out” with a picture of Tazz on it, Michael Cole and Jerry “The King”Lawler welcome us

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone, to Smackdown and Im joined as always by my broadcast partner, Jerry “The King” Lawler and King what a night we have tonight!

King: Oh yeah, Triple H and Mick Foley are in the house here tonight and you gotta believe after what happened a few days ago, Triple H is gonna want revenge

Michael Cole: Well Mick Foley got the better of Triple H on Raw this week and the Game is probably not too happy about that, but in other action, in a rematch from Royal Rumble, The Hardys are gonna take on The Dudleys in a tables match and this time the number 1 contendership to the tag team titles is on the line, the winners to face The New Age Outlaws at No Way Out

King: The Dudleys are finally gonna get revenge for that loss at the Rumble when they make the Hardys eat wood, hahahahaha

Michael Cole:
Well that remains to be see but King, why dont you tell them what else is gonna happen here tonight, on Smackdown

King: Well, tonight Val Venis defends the European Championship against a mystery opponent and I cant wait to find out who it is, I mean it could be any-

*Mean Street Possey’s music hits* and all 3 members comes out to the ring, they walk down cocky as ever and get in as the crowd boo’s them non stop

*Too Cool’s music hits*and Too Cool comes out to a huge pop from the crowd, they dance to the ring except for Rikishi who walks slowly behind them, they slide in and the mean street possey bail as Too Cool continues to dance until the Possey gets back in the ring and the match starts

6 man tag
Mean Street Possey vs Too Cool
The Finish:
An above average match, in the end Rikishi nails the Rikishi driver on Pete Gas and Scotty 2 Hotty follows up with a worm for the pinfall and the win
Winners: Too Cool

Too Cool dance away as Rikishi joins them with his hat on and we cut to backstage where the APA office is, inside Bradshaw and Farooq are sitting down playing cards with The Kat, Edge and Christian

Edge: 4 of a kind, haha
(lays his cards down)

Christian: Ha, looks like the APA just got beat at their own game(highfives Edge) Man, we are awesome, you know, I have no idea why we’re not tag team champions, I think-

Bradshaw: Whoa, whoa hold on their boy, the game aint over yet, well actually it is, full house
(lays his cards down)

Edge: Thats crap! You cheated, you-

The APA stand up and get in Edge’s face as Christian comes to back him up, The Kat leaves the scene quickly as things look like they’re about to get ugly

Bradshaw: You wanna recite what you just said again!? You do not accuse us of cheating, we kicked your ass fair and square, now you gonna pay up? Or do we have to make you?

Oh yeah, I bet you think your tough, well you know what? E and C could kick your ass anyday of the week, we’re tougher then you Acolytes!

Edge: Yeah and unlike you, if we had a tag team title shot at a big pay per view like the royal rumble we wouldnt choke, and thats exactly what-

Bradshaw nails Edge with a hard right and Farooq throws Christian into a wall, Bradshaw stomps at Edge until hew gets up and bails, Christian follows

Farooq: DAMN

We cut back to ringside where Michael Cole and Jerry “The King”Lawler are sitting

Michael Cole: Wow, things got heated in that cardgam between the APA and Edge and Christian pretty quickly, if I do say

King: Thats the difference between E and C and the APA, E and C are chilled back, they’re totally reeking of awesomeness and the APA are drunk, violent and totally reeking period

Michael Cole: Well anyways when we return its Val Venis against a mystery opponent for the WWF European title, all that and more, hang on!


*Hello Ladies hits* and Val Venis comes out to a big ovation from the crowd, he comes out, stop on the entrance way, dances, and throws his towel in the crowd, before running to the ring and getting in with the European title around his waist awaiting his mystery opponent

*English music hits* and The British Bulldog, in his classic attire comes out, he has regrown his hair somewhat. Bulldog waves to the crowd as he goes to the ring, he gets in and gets on the turnbuckles before getting down, and starting the match

European Championship
British Bulldog vs Val Venis
The Finish:
A back and fourth match, in the end Venis climbs to the top for the Money Shot and nails it, he slowly covers as the referee counts 1...............2...............Kickout! The crowd cant believe it as Bulldog kicks out, Venis is in shock and argues with the referee, he picks Bulldog up and throws him into the ropes but Bulldog ducks a clothesline attempt and gets Venis into a schoolboy 1..................2...............3! New Champion!!
Winner and New European Champion: British Bulldog

We cut backstage where Triple H is standing by with Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly: Triple H, last week before your 6 man tag match against Mick Foley, Vince Mcmahon, CEO and owner-

Triple H: Hey, hold on a second. Kevin Kelly, in case you havent noticed Stephanie and I run this company, and if you ask me we’re doing a pretty damn good job! Dont you think so? You know what, dont answer that, because regardless of Vince Mcmahon, or Mick Foley or everything else I have going on at the minute, I’m feeling great, I’ve got the WWF title around my waist and I feel great, so great that tonight even though I took that beating last week, Im making a match. Tonight, in non title action, its gonna be me, the WWF Champion against one of the greatest guys in our buisness, you, Kevin Kelly, haha, better get ready cuz I dont want you to beat me too bad out there(smiles)

Triple H walks with Kevin Kelly looking on in fear and confusion

Kevin Kelly: Wha......what?


Michael Cole: Oh my, moments ago ladies and gentlemen, Kevin Kelly forced into a match against WWF champion, Triple H, by the game himself and if you ask me, thats a despicable act by our champion

King: I dont know, all I know is that I would not want to be Kevin Kelly right now, no sir. The game is gonna beat the crap out of him, its almost sad haha

Michael Cole: How can you say thins like that, thats terrible and if you ask me-

King: Well I didnt ask you, so shut up Michael Cole, damn you talk too much..........

*Hardcore Holly’s music hits* and he comes out to a nice pop, he walks to the ring, all buisness as usual and slides in

*Gangrels music hits* and he comes to the ring smiling with his glass of blood, he gets to the ring steps and takes a drink before spitting it into the air and getting in

Hardcore Holly vs Gangrel
The Finish:
Gangrel gets the upset after countering a schoolboy by Holly into his won for the 1................2............3
Winner: Gangrel

We cut backstage where The Dudleys are getting ready for their tables match against the Hardys

D-Von: You ready Buh Buh, tonight we get revenge on those piece of crap Hardy Boys for what they did to us at the Royal Rumble, and then go on to Wrestlemania and win the tag team championship, like we were always meant to, you hear me?!

Buh Buh Ray: Y-Y-Y-Y-YEAH! I hate the Hardys and tonight we’re gonna kick the ever loving hell out of the-the-the-the-the(D-Von smack him) THEM!!

D-Von: Oh testify!

Michael Cole: Well the Dudleys are ready for The Hardys later tonight but up next, Triple H, the WWF Champion, takes on Kevin Kelly, our backstage interviewer, I still cant believe this

A shot of Triple H walking to the ring by himself and Kevin Kelly on a split screen, extremely nervous about the next match as we cut to a commercial break


No music plays as Kevin Kelly walks to the ring, he gets in and looks around, nervous as ever as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction

*One Step plays* and Triple H comes out to the ring, he spits water on the way and walks up the steps looking at Kevin Kelly the whole time smiling as the bell rings

Triple H vs Kevin Kelly
The bell rings and Kevin Kelly looks at Triple H, who cockishly motions for a lockup; Kelly looks scared as Triple H tells him not to worry about it, Kelly pleads with Triple H not to have this match and Triple H finally obliges, asking Kelly to shake his hand. Kelly, like the idiot he is, does so and Triple H laughs before nailing a cheap shot and getting serious. Kelly falls and tries to crawl away but Triple H steps on his back and bends down, slapping him across the back of the head. Triple H then slowly picks up Kelly, WHO PUNCHES TRIPLE H IN THE FACE! Triple H doesnt even move in pure shock of what just happened. Triple H finally gets a pissed look in his eyes and kicks Kelly in the shin before grabbing him and putting him in position for the pedigree but all of a sudden *If ya Smelllllll* hits and The Rock comes out, Triple H lets go of Kelly.
The Rock gets in the ring and Triple H goes for a clothesline, Rock ducks; Triple H turns around as Rock puts him in position for a Rock Bottom and nails it!
Winner by dq: Triple H

The Rock looks around to everyone and takes off his armpad signifying the Peoples Elbow by throwing it into the crowd, he goes off the ropes but stops on the way back and looks at Kevin Kelly. Rock tells Kelly to do the peoples elbow but at first he refuses, finally after a debate Kelly gets in position and takes off his shoe, throwing it into the crowd, he goes off the ropes and nails the “Kevin Kelly” elbow on Triple H as The Rock gives him the peoples eyebrow, before gettinf out of the ring and walking up the ramp with Kelly following, Triple H clenches his chest in pain and gives The Rock a look of hate as The Rock signals for him to Just Bring It

Michael Cole:
The Rock saving Kevin Kelly here tonight from Triple H, I cant believe this I didnt even know The Rock was here!

King: What the heck?! Did Kevin Kelly throw his shoe, was that the worst peoples elbow you’ve ever seen, oh man!

Michael Cole:
Well he’s no Rock but I’ll tell you who is, that man, the man that just saved him from certain humiliation at the hands of the Game, ladies and Gentlemen still to come tonight, The Dudleys vs The Hardy Boys, a rematch from Royal Rumble, but its not just any match, its a tables match

King: Well the Dudleys are gonna finally beat The Hardys, I cant wait!

Michael Cole: We’ll be right back!


Michael Cole:
Welcome back to Smackdown everyone, and lets take you back to what just transpired moments ago(clips of Triple H-Kevin Kelly)

King: I cant believe this, The Rock had no right being out here, and haha after that elbow I think Kevin Kelly can handle himself

Michael Cole:
Oh please, Triple H had no right putting Kevin Kelly in a match against him, how can you even say-

King: Your an idiot, your lucky Triple H hasnt fired you yet, because when he does Im gonna get a real broadcast partner

We cut backstage to the DX lockerroom, where Xpac, and The New Age Outlaws are sitting when all of a sudden Triple H storms in

Triple H: Did you see what just happened out there?! Where the hell were you?! Huh! We’re supposed to be looking out for each others back, or dont you remember that?

X-pac: Chill man, we were getting a cup of coffee, no monitors in there-

Triple H: Hold on, Hold on, did you just tell me to chill, let me tell you something, I just got humiliated by a freaking backstage interviewer and you want me to chill?! Stephanies taking care of some things right now but let me tell you that this better not happen again, and if it does-

The Camera pans out to reveal The Big Show standing behind Triple H, DX have a scared look on their face as Triple H turns around

Triple H: What.....the hell do you....want?

Big Show: You know Triple H, I still havent forgotten about you humiliating me to win the title last year, and if I remember right, I never got my rematch, so what I want-

Triple H: Hold on big guy, I know where this is going, you want a rematch for the title, you got it!(Big Show smiles) as soon as you beat The Rock at No Way Out in a steel cage match, and if memory serves me right, didnt the Rock kick eliminate you from the Royal Rumble, heck if I were you, I’d want revenge for that, having come so close and having it all taken away.

Big Show: Hmph, fine you want me to beat The Rock in a steel cage, you got it. It would be a pleasure to kick the Rock’s ass for eliminating me from the Royal Rumble and then go to California and win back MY title, I’ll see you girls later.

Big Show walks out as all of DX look on, with Triple H looking especially mad about what just transpired there.

Michael Cole: Wow, Triple H dpes not look happy about that at all, but what about this The Rock vs Triple H in a steel cage match for the number 1 contendership at No Way Out!

King: I dont care how good the Rock is, he cant beat a giant in close quarters, he has to have room to move around and he does not have any of that

Michael Cole: Well sadly I’ll have to agree with you there, its gonna be hard for The Rock to keep his number contendership, as all the odds are stacked against him

*Heartbeat hits* and Tazz comes out to a nice pop from the crowd, he walks to the ring with his usual towel over his head and walks up the steps into the ring

*Viscera music hits* and Viscera comes out to boo’s from the crowd, he gets in the ring slowly and stares down Tazz as the bell rings

Tazz vs Viscera
The Finish:
Viscera dominates in the beggining because of size but endurance wins out in the end, Tazz gets Viscera down on one knee and locks in the Tazzmission, after a few moments, Viscera passes out and the referee rings the bell
Winner: Tazz

Tazz celebrates but doesnt notice Kurt Angle come through the crowd, Angle slides in the ring and waits for Tazz to turn around, Tazz does and Angle clotheslines him. Angle waits for Tazz to get up and then nails an Olympic Slam, Angle stands over Tazz and raises his hands in victory before getting out of the ring and heading up the ramp.

King: Ha, Kurt Angle got revenge for what happened on Raw this week, Tazz deserved everything he got, and at least Angle had the decensy to wait till after the match was over

Michael Cole: Well I guess Angle’s attack was somewhat justified although from behind, anyways when we come back its what everyone’s been waiting for, The Hardy-Dudleys rematch from the royal rumble, and its a one of a kind tables match, hang on we’ll be right back


We come back as *Hardys music hits* and The Hardy Boys come out to a huge pop, they do their usual posing on the way to the ring before sprinting in

*3D hits* and Buh Buh Ray and Dvon come out to mixed reactions from the crowd, holding tables as usual and roll into the ring, getting up on the turnbuckle before the bell rings

Tables Match
Hardys vs Dudleys
The Finish:
A classic Dudley-Hardy match, Jeff Gets taken out first when Buh Buh and Dvon subdue Matt on the outside and hit Jeff with a 3D through a table to eliminate him. The Dudleys throw Matt into the ring and get in as well.

Matt fights back, taking it to both Buh Buh and Dvon, Buh Buh misses a clothesline on Matt and hits Dvon, Matt then follows up by catching Buh Buh with a Twist of Fate. Matt goes to the outside and gets a table, throwing it into the ring.

Matt gets in the ring and Dvon attacks him, Dvon hits Matt with hard lefts and right and finally throws him into the ropes and picks him up for a spinebuster but Matt counter into a ddt! Matt gets up and Buh Buh hits him from behind, Buh Buh kicks Matt in the midsection and sets up a the table that Hardy brought into the ring earlier. Dvon rolls to the outside and Jeff Hardy attacks him.

Buh Buh grabs Matt and climbs the turnbuckle, he gets to the top, picking Matt up into position and NAILS A HUGE POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE TO CLAIM THE VICTORY as Dvon holds Jeff’s leg so he cant get in the ring.
Winners and New Number 1 contenders for the Tag Team Championship: The Dudleys Boys

After the match all four men slowly recover from their wounds, Jeff checks on Matt Hrady who’s completely out after that powerbomb. Dvon and Buh Buh look at Jeff, who helps Matt up. Buh Buh and Dvon stick out their hands, and The Hardys and Dudleys shake in a show of great sportsmanship, with The Dudleys simply being the better men on this night.

Michael Cole: What a show of respect from Dudleys and Hardys, now the Dudleys will go on to No Wat Out and meet the Tag Team Champions, The New Age Outlaws! Once again everybody, I’m Michael Cole, alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler saying goodnight........

End of Show; Replies would be appreciated for both Raw and Smackdown

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Mean Street Posse vs Too Cool - decent start, give too cool a victory.

E+C/APA promo - seems like the kind of thing that would happen, e+c vs apa at no way out perhaps.

Val vs Bulldog - Bulldog as new champ. Interesting decision as he only had lost the title a month previous.

Gangrel vs Holly - just seemed like a filler

HHH vs Kevin Kelly - very typical HHH, in him fighting announcers. The rock attacking continues their semi-feud.

Tazz vs Viscera - Tazz winning by Tazzmission makes him look very strong. Angle's attack keeps their feud going.

Hardyz vs Dudleyz - Good tag team main event. Not sure where the hardyz go from here though.

Another good show here.

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wow, really surprised that only Forever-Delayed replied after all the replies when this first started, but thats ok. As for Forever-Delayed, expect a reply for next week in your btb as I wanna catch up on the thread.

Replies are still welcome if you will........

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Found a mistake at the beginning... you said Raw was kicking off instead of Smackdown...

I did find a lot of grammar/spelling mistakes... You tend to not use appostrophes (sp?) in your don'ts and can'ts. I also found some common typing mistakes like he was spelled hew... (probably because the w key is so close to the e key ;))

I don't really remember Farooq saying Damn like a catchphrase back then... but I guess you're making it his trademark before anyone else could steal it... ;)

The Venis/Bulldog match was okay... it would've been nice to see Bulldog hit his finisher instead of a simple school boy. I hope Val gets into a feud with him... and doesn't drop off the face of the planet.

I don't think you are using King in character. For instance, I didn't think the conversation King and Cole had after HHH challenged Kevin Kelly was realistic.
Michael Cole: Oh my, moments ago ladies and gentlemen, Kevin Kelly forced into a match against WWF champion, Triple H, by the game himself and if you ask me, thats a despicable act by our champion

King: I dont know, all I know is that I would not want to be Kevin Kelly right now, no sir. The game is gonna beat the crap out of him, its almost sad haha

Michael Cole: How can you say thins like that, thats terrible and if you ask me-

King: Well I didnt ask you, so shut up Michael Cole, damn you talk too much........
I didn't like the Gangrel/Hardcore Holly Match... for the one sentence finish... it didn't even make sense.
Hardcore Holly vs Gangrel
The Finish: Gangrel gets the upset after countering a schoolboy by Holly into his won for the 1................2............3
Winner: Gangrel
I do realize it is a common mistake... but you should've caught the error.

The Kevin Kelly match was kind of funny... (when he punched HHH/throwing shoe/People's elbow)... I guess it sets up Rock/HHH pretty well.

I liked X-Pac's lines in the HHH/Big Show confrontation.(just chill) The announcing of the Show/Rock match seemed rushed though.

I didn't really enjoy the main event... seemed too normal... nothing really new or original.

Anyways I think you have some promise... and you'll likely improve.

The main lowpoint of your show is that I'm not really that interested in any of the feuds going on. It just seems like it's just random matches... with no point as of now. And when the matches are supposed to mean something big (like the table match) it disappoints.

I hope Val gets a rematch with the Bulldog, and I look forward to more APA/Edge & Christian segments. You should build up the Rock/Show feud to warrant the cage match. Sure Rock and Show had that Royal Rumble incident... but nothing is following up from it except from Rock/Show turning their attention to Triple H.

Anyways... good luck...

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So did you like it or not? Dont tell someone all their faults, and leave it at that. A review is for positives and negatives, and if all the matches seem like nothing, gee it's my first week of show show's for this thread, can I have 2 weeks to make them mean something?

Anyways, I felt a certain "talking down to" in that reply like I'm some n00b or something, incase you did'nt know, I had to change my username because of complications while back

Meh, Im getting ahead of myself, not trying to be a prick but whatever.....Thanks for the reply......I guess.....
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