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*UPDATES 1/31/18 Starting this over as I feel I have rushed this and have not gave 100%

SO for years I have always wanted to do a "Be the Booker" thread and have always started to do it, but never actually really got it going, but after really getting in a wrestling kick again I have decided to sit down and actually do this

I plan on doing booking for WWF, WCW, and ECW.

I'm going to start off with WWF and WCW first then as I progress, I will then start up the ECW part to sort of match timelines.

I'm sure at first this will be really Raw so any feed back will be terrific

Tag Team-Heart Foundation


My WWF roster to start will be

Dino Bravo-
red Rooster-
Don Murraco
Shawn Michaels (The Rockers)
Marty Janetty (the Rockers)
Rick Rude
Curt Henning
Barbarian (Powers of Pain)
Warlord (Powers of Pain)
Bret Hart (Hart Foundation)
Jim Neidhart)Hart Foundation)
Davy Boy(British bulldogs)
Dynamite Kid (British Bulldogs)
Ted Dibase
Koko B Ware
Honky Tonk Man
Tito Santana (Strike Force)
Rick Martel (Strike Force)
Greg Valentine
Ron Bass
Rougeaue Brothers
Killer Bees
One Man Gang
Junkyard Dog
Big John Studd
Ricky Steamboat
Roddy Piper
King Kong Bundy
Ken Patera
Hillbilly Jim
Danny Spivey
Harley Race
George Steel
Jim Duggan
Sam Houston
Hillbilly Jim
Sgt Slaughter


Tom Zenk
Butch Reed
S.D. Jones
Jerrys Saggs (Nasty Boys)
Brian Knobbs (Nasty Boys)
Scott Steiner )Steiners)
Rick Steiner (Steiners)
Arn Anderson
Tully Blachard
Dusty Rhodes
Barry WIndham
Kevin Sullivan
Free Birds
Bam Bam
Eddie Gilbert
Mike Rotuna
Ron Simmons
Sid Justice
Steve Williams
Midnight Express
Terry Funk
Cactus Jack
Shane Douglas
Tommy Rich
Barry Horowitz
Tracy Smothers
Paul Ordnorff
Paul Roma

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Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura

(show opens with a voice over by Vince Mcmahon naming all 30 entrants that will be in the Royal Rumble)

(Camera cuts to Gorilla and Jesse as they talk about the upcoming matches. Jesse says he feels Ted Dibase will be walking out the winner of the Royal Rumble, while Gorilla then announces that the winner of the Royal Rumble will face Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania for the world title)

(Cuts to Howard Finkle who announces the first match)

Match 1: Strike Force vs The Heart Foundation (With Jimmy Hart)
--Heart Foundation wins in 13:42

(backstage with Mean Gene who is with Honky Tonk man who will defend his IC title tonight against MACHO man Randy Savage)

Match 2:Hillbilly Jim vs Danny Spivey---Hillbilly Jim wins in 8:43

(Backstage with Sean Mooney who is with Demolition as they get ready to defend their tag titles)

Match 3: Tag Champs Demolition (with Mr fuji) vs Powers of Pain
--Powers of pain win the titles in 14:54 after Mr Fuji hits Smash with his cane. Powers of Pain leave with Mr Fuji

(Mene Gene interviews Macho Man)

Match 4: IC champ Honky Tonk Man vs Macho Man (With Miss Elizabeth)
---Macho Man wins the title in 20:43

(Gorilla and Jesse talk about upcoming match)

(Back stage as Mean Gene is interviewing Macho Man, Jake the snake roberts comes out and attacks Macho Man and grabs Elizabeth and takes her with him)

(Gorilla and Jesse cant believe what they just saw)

ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH--Winner faces Hogan at Wrestlemania

Order of Eliminations
2)Dynamite Kid
3)Big John Studd
4)Shawn Michaels
5)Killer bee 1
6)Koko B Ware
7)Ricky Steamboat
8)Ron Bass
9)Ken Patera
10)Don Murraco
11)George Steele
12)Junkyard Dog
13)Harley Race
14)King Kong BUndy
15)Dino Bravo
16)Sam Houston
18)Sgt Slaughter
19)Red Rooster
20)Killer bee #2
21)Davy Boy Smith
23)Greg Valentine
24)Marty Janetty
25)One Man Gang
28)Rick Rude
29)Roddey Piper

(Show ends with Dibase grabing the mic and saying after Wrestlemania the heavyweight title will be his)

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January WCW Saturday Night

Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross

(Show starts with Ric Flair in teh ring with J.J. Dillon. Flair announces that at next months Superbrawl Sting think he will be walking out champion when Sting will actually NEVER be champion. Flair calls Sting a loser)

(Tony and Jim Ross talk about the Superbrawl ppv)

Match 1:Eddie Gilbert (with Missy Hyatt) vs Steve Williams
--Eddie Gilbert in 7:41

(Sting is backstage with Eric Bischoff and says he doesnt care what Flair calls him becuase words are just words and he will use his match tonight as practice)

Match 2:The Nasty Boys vs The Brainbusters
--Brainbusters by dq in 14:21 after The Free Birds interfere

Match 3: US champ Dusty Rhodes vs Mike Rotunda
--Dusty Rhodes in 12:43

Match 4:Sting vs Paul Roma
--Sting by dq in 9:23 (Flair Dillon, ad The Brainbusters come out and interfere beating on Sting. Lex Luger comes out and chases them off and helps Sting up.)

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Announcers: Vince Mcmahon and Jesse Ventura

(Show opens with Royal Rumble recap)

Match 1:The Fabulous Rougeau Bros (with Jimmy Hart) vs The British Bulldogs
--Bulldogs win in 12:45

(Recap of Randy Savage getting attacked by Jake the Snake backstage at Royal Rumble, Vince announces Randy is still in teh hospital recovering and that last they heard Jake still had Miss Elizabeth against her will)

Match 2: Dino Bravo (with Jimmy Valliant) vs Ken Patera
---Bravo in 6:43

Match 3:Demolition vs Killer Bees
---Demolition win in 10:43
(after the match Demolition says they want Powers of Pain and mR FUJI IN THEIR HANDS AT wRESTLEMANIA)

Match 4:Rick Rude(with Bobby Heenan) vs Red Rooster
--Rude wins in 8:45

(Vince announces that Hogan and Dibase will be signing the contract at next months Saturday NIght Main Event)

Match 5:Beefcake and Roddy Piper vs Dibase and Virgil
---Beefcake and Piper by countout in 13:21 after Dibase and Virgil walk out

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February WCW Superbrawl

Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross

(opening into and preview)

Match 1:paul Roma and Tommy Rich vs Cactus Jack and Terry funk
---Roma and Rich by dq in 12:mad:3 after Jack and funk start using chair, Then Cactus Jack and Funk start hitting each other with chairs

(Tony and Jim Ross cant believe what they just saw as Funk and Cactus were laughing as they were hitting each other)

(Eric Bischoff interview with Sting who faces Flair tonight for the title)

Match 2:US Champ Dusty Rhodes vs Paul Ordonoff
---Dusty wins in 16:43

(Eric Bischoff interviews Cactus Jack and Terry Funk who are still betaing one on another)

Match 3: Ron SImmons with Teddy Long vs Steve Williams
--Ron Simmons wins in 11:43

(Flair promo with .J.J Dillon)

Match 4: Tag Champs Road Warriors vs Steiners
---Steiners win in 23:41 after Brainbusters trip up Hawk

Match 5:Eddie Gilbert with missy Hyatt vs S.J. Jones
--Gilber in 8:43

Match 6: Brainbusters with J.J. Dillon vs Free Birds
---Freebirds n 18:43 after Road Warriors interfere

Match 7)Champ Flair vs Sting
---Flair retains in 25:10 after Luger comes out and hits Sting with chair. Luger , Flair and Brainbusters celebrate with J.J. Dillon

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Announcers: Vince Mcmahon and Jesse Ventura

(Preview of contract signing between Hogan and Dibase)

Match 1)Dino Bravo (With Jimmy Valiant) vs Jim Duggan
---Duggan in 7:43

(powers of Pain with Mr Fuji accepts Demolitions challenge at Wrestlemania)

Match 2: Strike Force and The British Bulldogs vs The Rougeau Bros and The Heart Foundation(With Jimmy Heart)
---Strike Force and Bulldogs win in 18:45
(after the match The Rougeau Bros and The Heart Foundation fight as Jimmy Heart tries to stop them)

(Dibase interview with Mean Gene)

(Vince announces that due to Macho Mans injuries he will have to vacate the IC title and there will be a 10 man royal rumble at Wrestlemania and the last 2 will have a match and whoever pins who, will win the title)

Match 3: Beefcake vs Greg Valentine
---Beefcake in 9:45

(Hogan promo with Mean Gene)

Match 4: Rick Rude (with Bobby Heenan ) vs Red Rooster
---Rude in 9:45

(Vince and Jesse talk the contract singing)

(Hogan and Dibase (With Virgil) come out to sign contract, after they sign, Hogan gets attacked by BiG joHN Studd from the back. Dibase grabs Hogans belt and poses with it. Piper runs out and runs off Dibase and the gang and helps Hogan up)

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MARCH WCW Saturday Night

Announcers: Tony Schiavine and Jim Ross

(recap of SuperBrawl)

(Flair, Luger, Brainbusters and J.J. Dillon come out, Flair announces they are the 4 horseman. Luger says he put himself with Flair and the brainbusters because they are winners unlike Sting. Sting comes out and says Luger just showed what he truly is. Scum. He challenges Luger and Flair to a tag match and that he will have a surpise tag partner. Flair and luger agree)

Match 1:Road Warriors vs Brainbusters (with J.J. Dillon)
---Brainbusters in 16:32 after Dillon interferes

Match 2:Sid Viscous (with Paul Dangerously) vs Tom Zenk
--Sid wins in 2:43

(Eric Bischoff interviews Eddie Gilbert)

Match 3: Eddie Gilbert (with Missy Hyatt) vs Tommy Rich
--Gilbert in 6:32

Match 4:Bam Ba vs Mike Rotunda
--Bam Bam wins in 8:32

Match 5: Luger and Flair (with J.J. Dillon) vs Sting and his surpise partner Dusty Rhodes
--Sting and Rhodes in 13:43
(Flair tries to use chair on sting, misses, Sting hits Flair with chair, and Dusty pins him)

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Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura

(Preview of matches)

Match 1:the Rougeau Bros vs The Hart Foundation (Jimmy Hart in neutral corner)
---Rougeau Bros in 11:23 after Jimmy Hart uses his Microphone on Bret Hart, Jimmy puts on a Rougeau Bros jacket and leaves with them

(Recap of Jake Roberts attacking Macho man at Royal Rumble, Macho Man has to vacant the title tonight, Gorilla updates his condition saying Macho Man will be going home within the next couple of days)

Match 2:King Kong Bundy vs George Steele
--King Kong in 4:54

(Mene Gene interviews Jake The Snake about upcoming battle royal)

(Gorilla announces the 10 competitors for the IC royal rumble: Jake teh Snake, Honky Tonk Man, Jim Duggan,Sgt Slaughter, Virgil,Hercules, Dino Bravo,Haku, Koko B Ware, Greg Valentine)

Match 3: 10 man Battle Royal for IC title. Last 2 men remaining will fight a pinfall/submission match
Order of eliminations:
1)Koko B Ware
2)Jim Duggan
3)Sgt Slaughter
6)Honky Tonk Man
8)Dino Bravo
--Last 2 are Jake The SNake vs Greg Valentine
--Jake The Snake pins Greg Valentine to win IC title, then sicks Damien on him

(Gorilla and Jesse talk about what they just saw)

(Mean Gene interviews Demolition)

Match 4:Tag Champs Powers of Pain (With Mr Fuji) vs Demolition
--Demolition win tag titles in 17:43

(Jake the Snake celebrates Ic title with Mean Gene, and says he will be waiting for Macho Man. Mean Gene asks where Elizabeth is and Jake the Snake says it doesnt matter but she is being watched by his "Friends" (meaning snakes)

Match 5: Rick Rude (with Bobby Hennan) vs Beefcake
--Beefcake by countout in 12:24 after rude walks out of ring

Match 6: The British Bulldogs vs Killer bees
--Bulldogs win in 7:43

(Mean Gene interviews Hogan)

Match 7: Roddy Piper vs Big John Studd
--Piper wins in 9:43

(Sean Mooney interviews Dibase)

Match 8: Champion Hogan vs Dibase
--Hogan wins in 19:43 after Big John Studd hits Dibase with briefcase by accident. Piper knocks down Virgil and Studd and celebrates with Hogan

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APRIL WCW Saturday NIght

ANnouncers: Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross

Match 1: Paul Roma vs Steve Williams
--Pual Roma in 8:43

(Promo with Sting and Dusty Rhodes together as they face teh brainbusters tonight)

Match 2-Terry Funk vs Mike Rotunda
--Mike by countout in 7:32 afetr Cactus jack comes out and starts hitting Funk with char, then funk grabs a chair and starts hitting Cactus

Match 3:Nasty Boys vs Freebirds
--Freebirds in 11:45

Match 4: Ron Simmons with terry Long vs Sid
--Double countout in 6:45

Match 5: Sting and Dusty vs The Brainbusters with J.J. Dillon
--Sting and dusty win in 10:43

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(recap of Wrestlemania with Vine and Jesse)

Match 1: Strike Force vs Powers of Pain
---Power sof Pain in 7:43

Match 2:The British Bulldogs vs Killer Bees
---Bulldogs in 9:43

(recap of Hogan vs Dibase)

Match 3: Ted Dibase and Virgil vs Beefcake and Piper
--Beefcake and Piper in 12:32

Match 4: IC champ Jake Roberts vs Honky Tonk Man
--Jake Roberts in 8:43 and after the match he kisses Miss Elizabeth

(Vince acts digusted)

Match 5:Rick Rude (with Bobby Hennan) vs Duggam
--Rude in 8:43

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Announcers: Tony Schoavone and Jim Ross

Match 1: Eddie Gilbert (woth Missy Hyatt) vs Kevin Sullivan
---Gilbert in 11:23

(Flair promo)

(Sid Viscious promo)

Match 2: Sid Viscious vs S.D. Jones
--Sid in 4:32

Match 3:Tag Champs Steiners vs Road Warriors
---No contest in 12:32 after The Freebirds invavded the ring

Match 4:paul Roma vs Luger
--Lugerin 8:33

Match 5: Non title Flair vs Ron Simmons (With Teddy Long)
--Flair in 11:43 after The Brainbusters attacked Simmons

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Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura

Match 1: The Rougeau Bros (with Jimmy Hart) vs Strike Force
--Strike Force in 12:45 after The Heart Foundation comes out and distrects the Rougeau Bros

Match 2: Haku vs Jim Duggan
--Haku in 7:43

(Gorilla announces that at Julys Saturday Night Main Event there will eb an interview with macho Man, first time he has been heard from since the Royal Rumble and also Hogan will answers Big John Studd's challenge for SummerslaM)

Match 3: Rick Ride (With Bobby Heenan) vs Beefcake
--Beefcake by dq in 10:43 after Heenan hit Beefcake with the clippers

Match 4:Earthquake (with Jimmy Hart) vs Hillbilly Jim
---Earthquake in 2:43

Match 5: Ted Dibase(with Virgil) vs Roddy Piper
--Piper by countout in 11:23 after Dibase leaves the ring

WCW Saturday NIght

ANnouncers: Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross

Match 1:Us Champ Dusty Rhodes vs Eddie Gilbert (with Missy Hyatt(
--Gilbert wins title in 9:45 after Flair cones out and hits Dusty with chair

Match 2:Kevin Sullivan (with Woman) vs Cactus Jack
---Cactus Jack by dq in 7:45 after Funk comes out with a board wrapped in barb wire and hits Cactus

(Tony announces Funk and Cactus will afce off in a no dq match at Bash at the Beach in July)

(Flair promo about how he cant stand the sight of Dusty)

Match 3: Steiners and Road Warriors vs Nasty Boys and Brainbusters
--No contest in 11:03 after all the teams turn on one another

(Dusty challenges Flair for title at Bash at Beach)

(Luger promo about how he will take out Sting at Bash at Beach)

Match 4: Sid(with paul E Dangerously vs S.D Jones
--Sid in 1:43

(Sting promo about facing his former best friend Luger)

(Flair accepts Dustys Cahllenge)

Match 5: Bam Bam vs Mike Rotunda
--Bam Bam in 7:43

Match 6: Sting and Ron Simmons (with Teddy Long) vs FreeBirds
---No contest, as The 4 Horseman attack Sting and Simmons but The FreeBirds also attack teh 4 horseman.

Sting and Ron Simmons stand tall in teh ring next to the Freebirds, As Flair is backing out Dusty comes out and hits Flair with a chair and is joined in by The Road Warriors

Tony is screaming at the top of his lungs as teh show goes off teh air

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ANNOUNCERS: Vince Mcmahon and Jesse Ventura

(Preview of the show)

Match 1: Tag champs Demolitions and The Rockers vs Powers of Pain (with Mr Fuji) and the Killer bees
---Demolition and The Rockers win in 9:54

(Interview preview of Macho Man)

Match 2: Hercules and Jim Duggan vs Dino Bravo and Haku
---Dino Bravo and Haku in 7:43

(Macho Man interview runs from his house. Macho Man says he expects to be back for teh Royal Rumble, says hes gonna get his hands on Jake. When Vince talks about how Jake has captured Miss Elizabeth Macho Man starts throwing things and goes crazy and says he will kill Jake the Snake)

(Vince and Jesse talk about teh interview

Match 3: Ic champ Jake the Snake with Miss Elizabeth vs Greg Valentine
--Jake wins in 8:45

Match 4: British Bulldogs vs The Rougeau Bros (With Jimmy Hart)
--Bulldogs in 13:43

(Hogan comes out to say if he will accept Big John Studds challenge for next month. Mean Gene asks him, Hogan says y"uye sbrother". Dibase, Virgil and big John Studd all come out. Piper and beefcake come out by Hogan. They all face off)

Match 5: Andre (with Bobby Heenan) vs Koko B Ware
-Andre in 1:43

(sHOW Ends)

JULY WCW Bash at The Beach

Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross

(preview of show)
Match 1:Tah Champs Steiners vs brainbusters
---Brainbusters win titles in 16:43

Match 2:Steve Williams vs Kevin Sullivan (with Woman)
---Kevin Sullivan in 9:43

(Brainbusters promo celebrating)

Match 3: Road Warriors (with paul Elling) vs Nasty Boys
---Road Warriors in 13:43

(Steiners promo upset about losing titles)

Match 4: US champ Eddie Gilbert (with Missy Hyatt) vs Shane Douglas
--Eddie Gilbert in 12:32

(STing promo with Eric Bischoff)

(Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk preview)

Match 5: No DQ match Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk
--No contest in 22:33 after both men ar ebloddied and cant get up for 10 count

(Tony and Jim Ross review what they just saw

Match 6: Sid (withPaul Dangerously) vs Ron Bass
---Sid wins in 6:43

(Flair promo with Eric bischoff)

Match 7: Ron SImmons (With Teddy Long) vs Mike Rotuna
--Simmons in 7:43

Match 8: Sting vs Luger(with J.J. Dillon) (no hold barred)
---Luger in 18:43 after Brainbusters attack Sting

(Dusty promo)

Match 9: Non title match Flair(with J.J. Diillon) vs Dusty
--Dusty wins in 17:43 after Ron Simmons comes out and hits Flair with chair

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Announcers: Gorilla MOnsoon and Jesse Ventura

(Preview of show)

Match 1: Andre )with Bobby Heenan) vs hIllbilly Jim
--ANdre in 3:23

Match 2:The Rougeau Bros (with Jimmy Hart) vs The Rockers
--The Rockers in 12:23 after Heart Foundtaion interfere

Match 3: IC champ Jake the Snake Roberts with Miss Elizabeth vs Red Rooster
--Jake the snake wins in 8:43 and after match kisses miss elizabeth

(Rougeau Bros interview with Mean Gene)

Match 4: Haku vs Greg Valentine
---Haku in 9:43

Match 5: Tag champs Demolition vs Hart Foundation
--Hart Foundation by dq in 15:43 after Rougeau Bros interfere

(Hogan promo)

(Big John Studd and Dibase promo)

Match 6: Piper and Beefvake ve Dibase and Virgil
--Piper and beefcake in 18:$3

(piper and beefcake celebrate)

Match 7: Rock Rude (with Bobby Heenan) and Dino Bravo vs Greg Valentine and Jim Duggan
--Rude and bravo in 12:23

Match 8: Earthquake (With Jimmy Hart) vs Ken Patera
--Earthquake in 7:43

Match 9: Champ Hogan vs Big John Studd (with Dibase and Virgil)
--Hogan in 17:43

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AnnouncerS: Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross

(recap of bash at the beach)
(Flair comes out calls Ron Simmons a piece of garbage, says he wants him tonight!, Dusty Rhodes comes out and says he beat Flair and he wants a title match at Starrcade, Flair says No because you won with help from Simmons, Dusty says if Simmons beats you tonight then I want the title match, Flair says you got it pal)

Match 1:The Brainbusters and Luger(With J.J. Dillon) vs The Steiners and Tom Zenk
---Brainbusters and luger in 14:31

Match 2: Vader vs Bam Bam
--Double count out in 6:43

(Tony Schiavone says Cactus Jacks and Terry Funk are recovering and will be back at next months Saturday Night)

(Sting promo who is recivering from injuries handed to him by Luger and Brainbusters from Bash at the beach)

(MATCH 3: Flair (with J.J. Dillon)vs Ron Simmons(with Teddy Long) (non title)
--Ron Simmons in 19:45 after Dusty comes out and hits Flair with chair.

Flair throws a fit, Brainbusters and Luger are nowhere to be found, camera finds them backstage getting beat up by Road Warriors

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ANnouncers: Vince Mcmahon and Jesse Ventura

Match 1: The Britsh Bulldogs vs The Rougeau Bros )with Jimmy Hart)
---Bulldogs in 12:23

Match 2: Earthquake vs Jim Duggan
--Earthquake in 7:42

(Brutus the barber beefcake promo)

Match 3: Beefcake vs Dino Bravo (With Jimmy Valliant)
---Beefcake in 11:32

(Summerslam recap)

Match 4: Andre(With Bobby Heenan) vs ron bass
--ANdre in 2:23

Match 5: The Rockers vs The Powers of Pain (With Mr Fuji)
--The Rockers in 11:23 after Demolition interferes

Match 6: Rock Ride(With Bobby Heenan) vs Roddy Piper
--Piper by dq in 12:32

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September WCW Saturday Night

ANnoncers: Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross

(Recap of last month's Saturday Night)

(Dusty Rhodes in in the ring saying he cant wait till December when he takes the title from Flair, Flair comes out and asks Dusty if hes so tough why doesnt he face Luger right here tonight. Dusty asks the fansif he should , and they cheer, and Dusty accepts)

Match 1: Freebirds vs Nasty Boys
--Freebirds in 12:23

Match 2: US champ Eddie gilbert (with Missy Hyatt) vs Mike Rotunda
-Gilbert in 9:43

Match 3:Sid Justice (With Paul Heyman) vs Tom Zank
--Sid IN 6:43

(Cactus Jack comes out with a 2x4 and says he wants Terry Funk right now. Funk come sout but Vader comes out from behind and attacks Funk. Jack and Vader beat on Funk with the 2x4)

Match 4: Dusty Rhodes vs Luger (with Flair and J.J. Dillon)
Dusty Rhodes by dq in 11:23. Luger ,Flair and J.J. dillon beat Dusty to a bloody pulp, Sting and Ron SImmons comes out to help. Brainbusters interfere and then out comes the Road Warriors as the show ends

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October WWF Superstars

Announcers: Vince Mcmahon and Jesse Ventura

(Preview of Survivor Series)

Match 1: Earthquake (with Jimmy Hart) vs King Kong Bundy
--Earthquake by countout in 7:43

Match 2: The Rockers and Strike Force vs The Powers of Pain(with Mr Fuji) and Hercules and Dino Bravo (With Jimy Valliant)
---Rockers and Strike Force in 18:43

(Hogan promo about Thanksgiving)

Match 3: IC champ Jake the Snake (With Miss Elizabeth) vs Jim Duggan
--Jake in 7:43 (Jake gets on Mic and says Macho Man i want you to see your wife fall in love with me, as jake and elizabeth kiss against her will)

Match 4: Andre (with heenan) vs Red Rooster
--ANdre wins in 3:43

Match 5: The British Bulldogs vs Demolition (non title match)
Bulldogs win in 17:43

WCW October Saturday Night
Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross

Ttony announces Dusty is hurt and is expected to be out 3-4 months and will miss Starrcade)

Match 1: Sting and SImmons vs Brainbusters(with J.J. Dillon)
--Sting and Simmons by dq in 12:23 after J.J Dillon interferes

Match 2: Sid Justice (With Paul Heyman) vs Tommy Rich
--Sid in 6:43

(Luger cuts a promo about how Eddie Gilbert is not "hot stuff" and Lex is "the total package"

Match 3: Debut of Midnight Express (with Jim Cornette) vs Nasty Boys
--Midnight express in 12:32

Match 4: Flair (with J.J dillion) vs Kevin Sullivan (non title match)
Flair in 11:23

Match 5: Vader (With Jim Cornette and Cactus Jack) vs terry Funk
--No contest in 12:52 after Cactus Jack enters the ring and starts beating on Funk
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