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WWF WCW and ECW 2001 - Tri Branded

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WWF WCW and ECW 2001 - Tri Branded

At the end of 2000 the World Wrestling Federation was looking forward to 2001 as the top promotion in the world and the strongest the company had ever been. They had demolished World Championship Wrestling in the ratings for a few years and had taken alot of WCW's star workers. WCW were in bad times the ratings drop was huge compared to the glory days of the N.W.O and backstage politics made it increidbly hard to move up the corporate ladder and the company were closer and closer to going bankrupt. Extreme Championship Wrestling was also in financial difficaulty and were losing money and there top stars to the top 2 companies. WWF Owner Vince McMahon saw an opportunity, to own all 3 major promotions and have them all under 3 seperate brands. This way McMahon would be able to continue the success of the WWF but be able to keep WCW and ECW in business under the WWF name. It would increase profits and would give fans a huge variety without having to turn to other shows. McMahon first met with ECW Owner Paul Heyman, Heyman knew that ECW wouldnt last longer without backing and accepted his offer and was giving the job role as the owner of ECW. Next was WCW Owner Ted Turner,this would end up harder then the purchase of ECW because current WCW workers Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff both wanted to put money together to keep the company from going under. McMahon didnt want to ruffle any feathers and asked both Flair and Bischoff to sit down and discuss the possibility of joining the WWF. After weeks of talks between the two Flair and Bischoff agreed to backdown and McMahon purchased WCW from Ted Turner. McMahon had done it he had control of all 3 promotions and could form them into 3 seperate brands. The plan was then scheduled for January 1st 2001 on the first Raw of the year. McMahon told Bischoff and Heyman to book the remaining WCW and ECW shows before the 3 companies merge to help see which superstars are the right fit to the new regime and help get rid of the dead wood.


1. Vince McMahon
2. Shane McMahon
3. Shawn Michaels
4. Stephanie McMahon
5. Lita
6. Trish Stratus
7. Steve Austin
8. The Rock
9. Undertaker
10. Kurt Angle
11. Triple H
12. Chris Jericho
13. Chris Benoit
14. William Regal
15. Big Show
16. Kane
17. Bradshaw
18. Chyna
19. Faarooq
20. Jeff Hardy
21. Matt Hardy
22. Christian
23. Eddie Guerrero
24. Edge
25. Albert
26. Rikishi
27. Test
28. Billy Gunn
29. Grand Masta Sexay
30. Road Dogg
31. Scotty 2 Hotty
32. K Kwik
33. Goodfarther
34. X Pac
35. Val Venis

WWF Championship
1. Kurt Angle
WWF Intercontinental Championship
1. Chris Benoit
WWF Tag Championship
1. Edge and Christian
WWF Women's Championship
1. Ivory
WWF European Championship
1. William Regal


1. Eric Bischoff
2. Stacy Keibler
3. Booker T
4. Goldberg
5. Sid
6. Sting
7. Ric Flair
8. Scott Steiner
9. DDP
10. Dustin Rhodes
11. Kevin Nash
12. Jeff Jarrett
13. Lex Luger
14. Mike Sanders
15. Rick Steiner
16. Billy Kidman
17. General Rection
18. Jim Duggan
19. Konnan
20. Rey Mysterio
21. Alex Wright
22. Bryan Adams
23. Bryan Clarke
24. Chris Kanyon
25. Chuck Palumbo
26. David Flair
27. Sean O'Haire
28. Shawn Stasiak
29. Shane Helms
30. Terry Funk
31. Chavo Guerrero
32. Mark Jindrak
33. Dean Malenko

WCW Championship
1. Scott Steiner
WCW United States Championship
1. General Rection
WCW Tag Championship
1. DDP and Kevin Nash (The Insiders)
WCW Cruiserweight Championship
1. Chavo Guerrero
WWF Lightheavyweight Championship
1. Dean Malenko
WCW Hardcore Championship
1. Terry Funk


1. Paul Heyman
2. Sandman
3. Bill Alfonso
4. Dawn Marie
5. Francine
6. Tajiri
7. Rhino
8. Justin Credible
9. Steve Corino
10. Rob Van Dam
11. Tommy Dreamer
12. CW Anderson
13. Jerry Lynn
14. Danny Doring
15. Kid Kash
16. Super Crazy
17. Spike Dudley
18. Roadkill
19. Tony Mamaluke
20. Balls Mahoney
21. Jazz
22. Mikey Whipwreck
23. Perry Saturn
24. Raven

ECW Championship
1. Steve Corino
ECW Television Championship
1. Rhino
WWF Hardcore Championship
1. Raven
ECW Tag Championship
1. Danny Doring and Roadkill
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thank you for replying glad you have taken an interest in my booker. I will be putting up a short roster of people who will be on the brands such as champions and top stars. People will be put onto other brands to make the shows stronger so I will keep updating it after every show.

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WWF Raw is War Results
January 1st, 2001
From: Austin, Texas

Highlights are shown of WWF, WCW and ECW clips. Owners Vince McMahon,Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman are introducing their brands. All 3 men then stand together and say together "Tonight the wrestling world changes....forever.

We are shown to Mr. Mcmahon's office where the chairman is sitting by his desk. He welcomes the WWF fans and tells them that tonight the wrestling world changes forever. He introduces the new WWF Commishiner the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels. HBK looks into the camera and addresses tonight's main event. 11 men have been hand picked by Michaels for the Royal Rumble but 1 of these men will not be involved in the match. There will be a 11 man battle royal with the winner facing WWF Champion Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble. Michaels then tells the fans to sit back and enjoy the ride.

J.R and King welcome us to the show. J.R reminds us that tonight will be a 11 man battle royal with the WWF superstars chosen for the Royal Rumble with the exeption of the battle royal winner who will face WWF Champion Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble for the WWF Championship.

Match 1
Ivory vs. Lita

The first match of the night is WWF Women's Champion Ivory going one on one against Lita. These two start the show off with a great display. Lita starts the match on top using her unique offence to catch Ivory off guard. Ivory manages to use her veteran instincts and hits Lita while she is climbing the top rope. Ivory then starts to keep Lita grounded and slows the pace of the match working on her legs. Ivory stays in control for the majority of this match untill Lita starts to makes a comeback hitting Ivory with a hurricarana out of nowhere. Lita continues the offence and manages to hit Ivory with a twist of fate. Lita sees victory and goes to the top. She looks set to do a swanton but Ivory moves in the last second and Lita hits the ground hard. Ivory goes for the pin and picks up the victory.

Winner: Ivory by pinfall

Backstage we see WWF Hardcore Champion Raven walking about with caution. Someone taps him on the back and Raven jumps only to discover its Michael Cole. Raven shouts at Cole and says he has had it with the 24/7 rule on his Hardcore championship and he wants to talk to Commishiner Michaels immediatly to get the rule removed. Raven then walks to Michaels's office and walks in. Michaels asks what he can do for Raven and he explains that he is fed up of the 24/7 rule. Michaels responds by saying that he was going to tell him later that he already removed the 24/7 rule from the championship. Raven jumps with joy untill Michaels explains that the reason was that Raven had been drafted back to his old stomping grounds at ECW. Raven looks on in shock as Michaels smiles.

Next up we see WWF Tag Champions Edge and Christian talking about how it sucks to be in Texas. The Hardy Boyz walk up to them and challenge them for their spots in the Royal Rumble. Edge and Christian are hesitant but decide to accept their offer. Matt walks off but Jeff stays and tells them that the earth and the moon are coliding and it will lead to their demise. Jeff walks off and Edge and Christian stand around and ask what the hell he was talking about.

Match 2
Radicalz vs A.P.A

Tag team action as the A.P.A go up against The Radicals consisting of members Perry Saturn and Lightheavyweight Champion Dean Malenko. The match starts off well for the A.P.A as Bradshaw dominates the smaller of the two Malenko. They work on Malenko and easily overpower him. Malenko manages to rake the eye of Faarooq and works on the legs of the former World Champion. Saturn gets in on the action and both Radicalz work over Faarooq isolating him from his partner. This keeps up for the majority of the match before Farrooq finally overpowers Malenko and tags in the big Texan. Bradshaw cleans house and gives shots to both Malenko and Saturn. Malenko looks dazed and Bradshaw gets ready for the clothesline from hell. Bradhsaw runs into the ropes but out of nowhere Eddie Guerrero pulls Bradshaw's legs. Chris Benoit joins in and all 4 members of The Radicalz beat down on the A.P.A. The Referee has no choice but to ring the bell and call off the match

No Contest

HBK's music hits and out comes the commishiner of the WWF. Michaels tells The Radicalz that he is glad there out here because he has 2 announcments. Perry Saturn has been drafted to ECW and Dean Malenko has been drafted to WCW. The Radicalz are irate and shout at Michaels. All exept Malenko who has a little smile on his face.

A video is shown Advertising ECW on TNN on wednesday 3rd January

Match 3
Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz

Both teams put on a great showing and show what the tag division has to offer. The match starts off with the teams brawling with each other. The Hardy Boyz start to pick up steam and Edge and Christian retreat out to ringside. This doesnt help as both Hardy Boyz dive to the outside. The teams finally get back in the ring and Edge and Christian get the advantage working on Matt Hardy. Matt eventually makes a tag but the Referee never saw it. They keep working on Matt distracting the Ref and double teaming the bigger Hardy. Towards the end of the match the tables turn as Christian goes to the top but Matt out of desperation hits the ropes causing Christian to hit the turnbuckle. Jeff is tagged in and the place goes electric. Jeff is on fire and hits a dropkick on Edge and then dropkicks Christian to the outside. Matt manages to get back on his feet and goes to the outside after Christian while Jeff and Edge are battling inside the ring. Jeff and Matt both get the upperhand against the Tag Champions untill Kurt Angle makes his way down hitting Matt behind the Referee's back. Jeff and the Ref notice and go up towards the ropes where Angle is. Angle distracts the Ref for Christian to nail Jeff with the Tag Championship belt. Christian covers Jeff and picks up the win for his team.

Winners : Edge and Christian by pinfall

Back in the locker room Edge and Christian are talking about their victory. Angle walks in and Edge asks him why he got involved in the match. Angle tells him its because he needs them to be in the main event tonight to stop the likes of Austin HHH and Rock of winning. The Tag Champions reply by telling Angle that there going to show the 9 other superstars and the ******** in Texas that they reek of awesomeness. Angle looks on with a menacing smile.

A video is shown advertising the debut of WCW Friday Night Nitro on the 5th January

Match 4
Kurt Angle vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

WWF Champion Kurt Angle put out a dominant display in a one sided contest with the Too Cool member. Angle starts off viciously attacking scott with uppercuts to the head knocking Scotty to the ground. Angle then started to choke out Scotty with the middle rope. Scotty is down and out and Angle connects with an Angle Slam. Angle covers Scotty but breaks the count and hits Scotty with another Angle Slam. Angle thinks about covering the motionless Scotty but hits him with a third Angle Slam. Angle covers Scotty for the win.

Winner : Kurt Angle by pinfall

WWF European Champion William Regal is backstage moaning about not bieng a participant in the battle royal tonight. He quickly stops complaining when Commishiner Shawn Michaels walks up behind him. Michaels asks Regal what his problem is and Regal demands an answer to why he wasn't given a spot in the Rumble. Michaels responds by saying that if he has a problem with it he can do something about it. Regal starts to walks away but Michaels stops him and tells him that if we wants a match so much he can defend his European Championship next.

Match 5
WWF European Championship
William Regal (C) vs. Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn is announced as the challenger for Regal's European Championship and starts off the match on top. Regal finds it hard to retaliate due to the strength of Billy Gunn. For the opening part of the match Billy looks on form untill Regal sees an opening and irish whips Gunn into the turnbuckle. Regal uses his technical ability and uses a variety of holds to wear down Gunn's arm removing the strength factor. Regal keeps down Gunn penting out some aggression due to the fact he was not given a spot into the Rumble match. Gunn suprisingly makes a little comeback overpowering Regal before his arm gives way and gives Regal the uppergand again. Regal has everything under control and has Gunn in a headlock. The Ref puts his hands down for 2 but Gunn finds the will to fight out and shows a quick forray of big impact moves. Gunn sets him up for the famouser but Regal moves out of harms way out of the ring. He grabs his belt and tries to use it as a weapon. The official grabs it off him and puts it out of the ring unaware that Regal has striked Gunn with brass knuckles. Gunn is out cold and Regal picks up the victory.

Winner : William Regal by pinfall

After the match Regal makes a challenge to anyone in the back that next week he will put up his European Championship against a superstars Royal Rumble spot. Austin music hits and out comes Stone Cold. Austin stares down Regal and hits the english man with a stunner. Regal is left out cold as Austin climbs the turnbuckle and starts to give his fans the one finger salute.

Match 6
11 Man Battle Royal
Steve Austin vs. Triple H vs. The Rock vs. Edge vs. Christian vs. Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho vs. The Big Show vs. Undertaker vs. Kane vs. Eddy Guerrero

The match starts off with all men going straight after the biggest man in the match the Big Show. Big Show manages to hold is own for awhile but the numbers are too much and Big Show is the first man eliminated (Elimination 1 : The Big Show by Everyone).

We see superstars pairing off trying to eliminate the other. We see Guerrero and Edge battling and Edge hits Guerrero over the top rope but Guerrero stays on. Out of nowhere Jericho jumps of the turnbuckle and dropkicks Guerrero to the floor (Elimination 2 : Eddie Guerrero by Chris Jericho).

Kane and Undertaker start to look dominant together untill the other 7 men notice and gang up on the brothers. All 7 men hit their respective finishers on Kane and Undertaker all exept Jericho who is quickly thrown over by Intercontinental Champion Chris Benoit. (Elimination 3 : Chris Jericho by Chris Benoit).

Kane and Undertaker are both out. Rock, Triple H and Austin pick up Undertaker while Edge, Christian and Benoit pick up Kane. Both groups of men manage to successfully thrown over both destructive brothers (Elimination 4 and 5 : Kane and The Undertaker by Everyone).

The superstars are paired up again with Edge and The Rock in the left bottom corner of the ring Benoit and Austin at the right top corner of the ring and Christian and Triple H in the middle. Benoit looks like he has austin where he wants him but foolishly tries to go to the top rope. Austin grabbs him on the apron and hits him with a Stunner (Elimination 6 : Chris Benoit by Steve Austin)

Edge,Christian and Triple H then work together and dominate Austin and The Rock, Austin and Rock manage to fight their way back and Austin is slugging it out with Triple H and Rock is nailing shots at both Tag Champions. Triple H throws Austin over but he hangs onto the ropes. Austin then runs behind the game and throws him over (Elimination 7 : Triple H by Steve Austin)

We are down to the final 4 but it doesnt last long as Triple H quickly runs back into the ring and throws Austin over. Both superstars just brawl all around ringside with security trying to restrain them (Elimination 8 : Steve Austin by Triple H)

We are down to The Rock up against WWF Tag Champions Edge and Christian. The champs unsuprisingly work together taking down The Rock. Rock fights valiantly to bring in some offence but the Champs keep him at bay. Rock seems to be out of it and christian pulls him up, Edge goes for a spear but Rock moves nailing Christian instead. Edge goes to the aid of his partner and this gives The Rock time to get his second wind. Rock then throws Edge over the top rope. (Elimination 9 : Edge by The Rock)

The Rock is on form and hits Christian with a Rock Bottom. Rock is set for the peoples elbow and connects one to the down and out Christian. Rock then picks Christian up and throws him over the top rope. (Elimination 10 : Christian by The Rock)

Winner and new number one contender : The Rock

After the match Kurt Angle stands up from the commentary table and stares at the new number one contender The Rock. The Rock climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and looks down at the WWF Champion. The show ends with both superstars having a staredown knowing that at the Royal Rumble the two will meet at the Royal Rumble.

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I have been Inactive since January because after starting this btb due to certain events i stopped because i felt like i didn't have time and effort to continue. Lately However i have thought of some great ideas for the btb to make it as enjoyable as ever so please read and i will post the next show asap which will be ECW's Debut show. Happy Reading :)
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